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by Shopify API on Apr 07, 2021

best budget soundbar

We’re all spending a lot more time at home now than ever before – thanks in no small part to the quarantines being set around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic – and while the home used to just be a place of rest, recreation, and relaxation, the modern 2021 household is also an office, a classroom, and everything else you need it to be. One way to make sure your home has everything you need in these trying times is by stepping up your entertainment game. After all, there’s no better way to kick back and relax than watching your favorite shows and movies on a big screen with a superb and immersive sound system.

When it comes to getting the best home entertainment experience that modern technology can afford you, getting a soundbar is absolutely essential. While today’s TVs are getting thinner and thinner as companies make better and bigger advancements in technology – brighter, flashier screens, higher resolutions, and thinner profiles abound – that also means that TVs nowadays have less and less room for robust built-in sound systems. Sure, you can get big speakers that might take up even more space than your TV, but in the 21st Century, you have a modern option that does justice to your modern display: soundbars.

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Soundbars are pretty much speakers – or rather, they’re a full speaker system condensed into a small, elongated bar instead of coming in a big box-type setup that you usually see in traditional sound systems. Soundbars come in different shapes, sizes, and specifications, so no matter your purpose, need or budget, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you – with a little help.

Soundbars vs Traditional Speakers: Which is better?

Traditional speakers and home theater systems have been around a long time, which means companies around the world have had a long time to improve and innovate on decades-old technology. While soundbars are a relatively newer type of audio device, modern technology has allowed them to make bigger leaps in a shorter period of time. Today, soundbars are slowly becoming the standard for home entertainment system around the world, and here’s why:

Soundbars take up less space.

It’s a visible trend in the 21st Century that we like our tech small and compact. Computers are getting lighter and thinner, smartphones are always trying to squeeze in every bit of power and performance in small, portable packages, and even speaker systems now take up much less space thanks to the availability of soundbars.

Soundbars are easier to setup.

Since they’re lighter, smaller, and more compact, Soundbars are much easier to setup than their traditional counterparts. There’s no need to get lost in a dizzying array of cables and connections – most soundbars connect via a single cable, and some even connect to your devices wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Soundbars offer a complete sound system.

One of the coolest things about soundbars is that they’re an entire speaker system in a small package. No need to have multiple-speaker setups at home taking up way more space than necessary. Goodbye woofers and subwoofers – a soundbar is a complete sound system for the modern age.

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Top 5 Best AliExpress Cheap Soundbar

If you’re looking for the best soundbar for your home entertainment system, one of the best places to shop is AliExpress. With a massive selection of consumer tech, great deals and wholesale prices, not to mention a comprehensive buyer protection policy to help make sure you always get what you paid for, AliExpress is a top online destination for all of your consumer tech needs.

Looking for a soundbar might mean having to sift through hundreds of good – and some not-so-good – options on the AliExpress catalog, but we’ve taken the labor out of the equation by providing you with this list of the Best AliExpress Soundbar you can buy right now. Read on to find out more:

IRONGEER 2021 12.8in Home Theater Surround Sound TV Soundbar

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IRONGEER is a very popular brand for wireless audio and computer peripherals, and their latest soundbar sits at the top of this list for its sheer value, performance, and plethora of modern features. Released just this year, the IRONGEER 2021 12.8in Home Theater Surround Sound TV Soundbar is our top recommendation for anyone looking for a versatile soundbar for any purpose.

With both wired and wireless interfaces, the IROGNEER 2021 12.8in Home Theater Surround Sound TV Soundbar connects with a variety of devices – smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops, computers, and more – via Bluetooth, AUX, USB, and even TF storage via a built-in card slot. In terms of sound quality, this soundbar does not disappoint. Its dual 3W speakers provides plenty of dynamic audio range, while its built-in subwoofer offers excellent bass, and even with a Bluetooth connection, you’re getting great sound that’s ideal for small environments like a home entertainment center.

While sound quality and functionality are all well and good, the IRONGEER 2021 12.8in Home Theater Surround Sound TV Soundbar also offers great aesthetics with accent lightings and a smaller form-factor than most soundbars, making it a great addition to any home theater, PC, or portable speaker setup, too.

Get the IRONGEER 2021 12.8in Home Theater Surround Sound TV Soundbar now on AliExpress.

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MOUZYUAN Home Theater Sound System TV Soundbar

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While other soundbars are designed to be as versatile as possible, the MOUZYUAN Home Theater Sound System TV Soundbar takes things in another direction by offering one of the best home theater sound systems you can buy on AliExpress. Sure, you can use it for other devices like your PC, your smartphone, etc., but where it truly shines is with your TV as part of your home theater system.

It’s simple, minimalistic design makes sure it fits right in no matter what kind of setup you have at home, and its slim, portable form-factor keeps everything lightweight without compromising on audio quality thank to the four built-in 5W speakers. It connects to your devices via a number of interfaces, including Bluetooth 4.2, AUX, TF card, and RCA. It also comes with FM Radio functionality.

Get the MOUZYUAN Home Theater Sound System TV Soundbar now on AliExpress.

ROSEER D6 Wired/Wireless Surround Sound TV Soundbar

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One of the latest soundbars to come from the popular audio device manufacturer ROSEER, the D6 Wired/Wireless Surround Sound TV Soundbar offers the latest in terms of modern features, all the while offering a superb audio experience for your home theater system.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one sound solution for all of your home entertainment needs, the ROSEER D6 is the way to go. It comes with Dual Horns for a spacious sound experience, dual air outlets for fuller sound quality overall, and even DSP Noise Cancelling for a super, multi-purpose speaker that you can use for all kinds of audio needs. It supports Bluetooth – and the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version, too, making for better connectivity and more stable transmitting throughout – as well as USB and 3.5mm AUX. Plus, it comes with a built-in 2,200mAh battery so you can expect long-lasting performance even when you’re unplugged and on-the-go.

Get the ROSEER D6 Wired/Wireless Surround Sound TV Soundbar now on AliExpress.

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ELE ELEOPTION 20W Wired/Wireless Home Theater TV Soundbar

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For a riveting cinematic home entertainment experience with ‘private cinema’ vibes courtesy of compelling and immersive audio, we highly recommend the ELE ELEOPTION 20W Wired/Wireless Home Theater TV Soundbar. While other sound systems make use of conventional speakers beefed up with software and hardware tweaks, this ELE ELEOPTION Soundbar kicks things up a notch with heavy-duty audio hardware like the built-in 20W speaker system.

With four 550mm speakers, the ELE ELEOPTION 20W Wired/Wireless Home Theater TV Soundbar packs one hell of a punch. Featuring 3D stereo sound and radio functionality, this soundbar offers plenty of dynamic range and audio quality in addition to having a plethora of modern features. It connects wirelessly to your devices via Bluetooth 4.2, or wired through USB or 3.5mm AUX. It also supports TF card through the built-in card slot. You can even take it with you on-the-go thanks to the built-in 2,000mAh battery which promises up to 2.5 hours of playback time.

Get the ELE ELEOPTION 20W Wired/Wireless Home Theater TV Soundbar now on AliExpress.

SH39 3D Stereo Game Speaker Soundbar

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Home entertainment isn’t all about watching TV and listening to music. If you’re more into interactive entertainment experiences like gaming, then you’ll no doubt want a soundbar that offers the same level of features and excitement to help you level up your game. To that end, we recommend the SH39 3D Stereo Game Speaker Soundbar.

Just as much at home in front of a PC as it is beside your TV – whether you want to watch videos or play on your home gaming console – this soundbar is as versatile as it is powerful. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0, and comes with a large 3,600mAh battery if you ever need to take it with you on the go. Sound quality is top-notch thanks to the Surround Sound software – ideal for immersive gaming experiences.

Get the SH39 3D Stereo Game Speaker Soundbar now on AliExpress.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re shopping for your very first soundbar to be the proverbial cherry on top of your home entertainment Sunday, or you’re looking for an affordable but effective upgrade to your current sound system, then we hope you found what you were looking for right here with us. For whatever need, purpose, or budget, we’ve curated this list of the Best AliExpress Soundbar to help you find the perfect soundbar for you.

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