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xiaomi ecosystem

With a 2020 revenue of more than $37 billion, Xiaomi is considered one of the fastest-rising multinational electronics companies in China and worldwide. Back in 2010, despite the lack of an actual phone product, the company entered the competitive smartphone market with nothing but an Android-based operating system in its sleeves.

Who would have thought that Xiaomi's name would be synonymous with smartphones and PCs in just seven years and that it would get as big as it is today?

What is the Xiaomi Ecosystem?

A Promising Hub for Chinese Startups, a Go-To Community for the World

From its humble beginnings, Xiaomi had undoubtedly come a long way. Aside from being the largest producer of smartphones globally, it has also established an IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem that caters to the technological needs of consumers from more than 90 countries. At first, it might seem an impossible feat for a single company ‚Äďbut Xiaomi did it. But how?

With the primary goal of contributing to the rapid development of various technologies, Xiaomi used its resources to fund local startups in China and help aspiring entrepreneurs with promising ideas, products, and services. In the first three years since the company became a financial investor, 89 startups had successfully established their businesses across different industries. One company even managed to get a valuation of $1 billion and reached the international market. 

The establishment of the Xiaomi Ecosystem had fired up the tremendous growth of this multinational electronics company. Not everyone knows it, but the minority investments of Xiaomi to various sub-brands and satellite companies are the main reason it is now considered a Chinese giant. In 2020, Xiaomi Corporation landed the 422nd spot on the list of Fortune Global 500. Today, it isn't surprising that its ecosystem is hot stuff for new and established businesses alike. 

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Top Brands that Fire up the Xiaomi Ecosystem

From smartphones to laptops, television devices, speakers, wearables, and lifestyle products, the Xiaomi ecosystem offers various products for people from all walks of life and ages. Thanks to its grassroots approach, it is now a famous global brand that caters to the needs of business people and consumers alike. 

In this post, we will talk about the core brand categories and the leading local startups that make up the Xiaomi ecosystem. But first, let's find out more about Xiaomi's community.

1. Community

MIUI Global

MIUI Global is Xiaomi's Android operating system. This technology is pre-installed in all of the company's devices, particularly those marketed and sold outside of the country. It's also worth noting that Xiaomi relies heavily on MIUI Global for software development and even maintenance and customizes the customers' experience for various markets such as Europe, Russia, India, and Indonesia.

Mi Community

Mi Community is Xiaomi's official community forum. It is coined as the ultimate playground for fans and consumers alike. Aside from serving as a channel where every question and query about the products gets answered, this community also releases news about the latest happenings and other things concerning Xiaomi's products, services, and brands. 

2. Smartphones


Established as a Xiaomi subsidiary in 2011, 2KE specializes in manufacturing basic phones that run on Care OS. According to market experts, the phone products of this company carry the same look as Nokia products. Notably, the operating system aims to give users an optimized, carefree experience. 

Black Shark

Black Shark prides itself as a manufacturer of smartphones equipped with impeccable features for an extra gaming experience. With the world's first liquid-cooled gaming phone, gamers can enjoy the ultimate experience without worrying about lagging.  

The other notable brands under the smartphone category are SUNMI, QIN, and Pocophone.

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3. Smart Home 


According to the company's tagline, Mijia is created to create. It is famous for its roster of high-tech smart home gadgets such as cameras and sensors that aim to provide consumers with a safer and more secure home vibe. The company's products are not limited to smart home technology, though. 


Viomi is a unique IoT smart home platform that provides high-tech and futuristic home designs and products. It also encourages its consumers to create intelligent bonds between IoT home products and their humane lifestyles. With a high level of expertise in IoT, this company promises to transform simple homes into extraordinary ones with their affordable yet innovative setups. 

For related smart home products and services, you can also check out Yunmai, iCHUNMi, and WURO.

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4. Appliance


SWDK is a Ningbo-founded company that was established in 2017 as an internet enterprise. It started as an eco-chain manufacturer of Xiaomi way back in 2013. The products mainly focus on innovative household appliances that aim to provide consumers with more manageable and more convenient ways of living. Most of the company's products boast many patents and various recognitions in several countries. 

MiiiW Technology 

MiiiW Technology is a technology product company focused on personal productivity tools. It is best known for its PC peripherals and other efficiency tools, such as a mouse. Established in December 2015, MiiiW Technology is one of the earliest appliance companies under the Xiaomi eco chain. The company's mission is to improve relationships between people and improve the quality of life of humankind. Patents have been awarded to this organization for quality inventions in regards to computer peripherals and desktop offices.

For related or similar products, you can also rely on other Xiaomi smart appliance subsidiaries such as Dreame, Deerma, MiniJ, SmartMi, VH, Aller, XPrint, TINYMU, and Roborock. 

5. Security


Vima offers a Smart Door Lock technology for every homeowner. As per the company's promotional materials, its products boast is the perfect combination of security and the innovative design of lock core cylinders. The products are available at excellent prices, which make them bestsellers even for consumers with average lifestyles. 


LUMi is one of the largest manufacturers of Smart Home appliances not only in China but in Asia. With its penchant for outstanding market research and technologies, this brand creates products that boast the latest tech trends and designs. The company even boasts strong partnerships with tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, and Google. 

6. Personal Care


Soocas brands itself as a protective fashion technology company within the Xiaomi ecosystem. It is best known for its personal care and beauty products such as hair dryers, electric shaver, electric toothbrush, and water flosser. Notably, the company name means "plain and elegant," and its primary mission is to help consumers enhance their image and quality of life. 

Doctor B

The 2016 Xiaomi crowdfunding project for this brand is considered one of the most successful in the history of the Xiaomi ecosystem. It is not surprising since the main product of this company, an electric toothbrush, was designed by Zhang Jun, a famous Chinese specialist who also designed the 2018's Olympic torch. The main advantages of the company's electric toothbrushes include relaxing gum massage and intense plaque removal. 

The other notable Xiaomi brands under this product category are Miaomiaoce, Oclean, iHealth, Yueli, HANDX (ZHIBAI), Leravan, SMATE, Vivinevo, inFace, AirPop, Senthmetic, and Yuwell. 

7. Smart Watches 


HuaMi is a cloud-based company that manufactures smart wearable products such as smart watches, smart bands, and smart scales. It is also popular for its fitness equipment that goes by the product label AMAZFIT. Aside from fitness and health equipment, this company also boasts products under various industries such as mobile payments, sports, and social networks. 


Weloop is a promising Chinese company that specializes in the production of smart wearable devices. Its most popular product is the Hey Series smartwatches, smart bracelets, and smart helmets. Founded in 2014, Weloop is dedicated to developing convenient and exciting products for people on the go. 

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8. Smart Lighting


Founded by Eric Jiang in 2008, Yeelight is a company that designs and manufactures smart LED lighting products. Its in-depth exploration of several technologies makes it the world's leader in producing wireless smart lighting products. The list includes LED ceiling lights, LED desk lamps, and LED bulbs. Currently, Yeelight's total funding amount within the Xiaomi ecosystem sits at around $28 million. 


Established in 2014, COOWOO is one of the world's leading manufacturers of household and commercial LED lighting products. The company boasts its dedication in terms of improving lighting technology. Most of the company's products can be accessed from giant e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. 

9. Cameras


Xiaoyi is a company known for its cameras and various computer vision technologies. It is based in Shanghai, China, and is known in the international market as Yi Technology Inc. Some of this brand's most popular products are the YI Outdoor Security Camera and the YI 1080p Home Camera. 


Headquartered in Haidian, Beijing, China, MADV specializes in software development and panoramic imaging hardware. Its photo and video cameras are well known for their crystal clear resolutions and compatibility with virtual reality technology. Furthermore, MADV cameras give users various shooting mode options, including flat, planet mode, panorama, spherical fisheye mode, split-screen for VR gears, and time-lapse mode. 

The other leading Xiaomi subsidiaries that offer products under this category are iMi and 70MAI. 

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10. Audio and Video


1More is a company that uses revolutionary technologies in promoting music and artists to people from all walks of life. As per the brand's tagline, "music and artists were meant to be heard." Notably, 1More relies on sophisticated engineering, scrupulous streamlined manufacturing, and well-rounded marketing to offer its affordable roster of music-oriented products.


Established in 2009, QCY is a subsidiary of Dongguan Hele Electronics Co., Ltd. Its diverse product portfolio boasts portable mono and sport known for its Bluetooth technology. In 2020, the company managed to position itself as the fourth most prominent provider of Bluetooth earbuds globally. Today, it has seven authorized distributors that market its products outside of China. 

If you are looking for similar products within Xiaomi's ecosystem, you can also check Inovel, XGiMI, WHALEY, Appotronics, TiinLab, and HAYLOU. 

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11. Electric Transport


QiCycle is widely known for its innovative foldable bicycles. Made from carbon fiber, the company's best selling bicycle weighs only 15 pounds! It is also equipped with the smart TMM torque-sensing technology, allowing users easy rides even on the steepest slopes. The top of the line design also allows users to carry the bicycle inside their cars with the utmost ease.


Headquartered in Beijing, China, Ninebot is famous for its autopilot transportation products, including electric and eco-friendly self-balancing vehicles. Notably, the company caters to consumers who deal with short-range commuting every day. Ninebot has retail and distributor points not only in China but worldwide. 

The other brands known for similar products are Yunmake and UMA. 

12. Chargers and Batteries


Founded in 2019, Kingmi is a worldwide distributor of accessories for smart devices. It is one of the few subsidiaries of Xiaomi Corporation, whose main markets are Europe and America. This company boasts various partnerships with e-tailers, retailers, corporations, and wholesalers to distribute its impressive roster of smartphone accessories, particularly batteries and chargers. 

13. Car Electronics


ROIDMI is a company that specializes in creating, developing, and producing high-quality cleaning appliances for both domestic and international customers. With the fundamental advantage of 180 technical patents and six design honors, its devices have expanded and become highly popular in over 103 countries worldwide as part of the Xiaomi ecosystem. The company has already sold its products to over 65 nations outside of the Chinese market.

The other notable brands where you can access the same products are Zaopeng and ZMi. 

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14. Lifestyle


Shanghai QiMian Industrial Co., Ltd is a Shanghai-based company that manufactures and sells daily cleaning items, hotel kitchen supplies, and hardware. The products are marketed in the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Pakistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and The United Arab Emirates, among other countries.

Kiss Kiss Fish 

Founded in 2015, Kiss Kiss Fish is a company that creates high-quality, unique home-based things for everyday use. The brand has already won many prestigious design awards. Notably, its vision is to become a happy and infectious design brand in China and worldwide.

The other companies that offer lifestyle-oriented products within Xiaomi's ecosystem are Fiu, Popuband, Royal Cicadas, HuoHou, Purely, 365WEAR, Turok Steinhardt (TS), ZaxArt, OneCloud, Pomelo, Bu-ye, and U-REVO. 

 15. Homeware


Tongshifu is a private company adept in online copper crafts platforms located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Founded in 2013 with 424 employees, it reached its $45.4M latest deal amount with six investors. The company mainly offers an online copper crafts platform intended to design and manufacture original brass crafts. It also creates brass and copper products with gold-process, painting, clay sculpture, and other techniques.

Zen's Bamboo

Zen Bamboo is a Chinese company that specializes in the production of bamboo veneer and bamboo plywood. It was formed in 2001. The city of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, is where its factory is conveniently located. In the last 15 years, the company's goods have been distributed in Japan, Australia, Europe, and North America. It's also rapidly gaining popularity in Europe and the United States. Today, Zen Bamboo continues to collaborate with its clients to grow the global bamboo markets further.

You can reach out to companies such as Yuansu, XiaoXian, Yi Wu Yi Shi, 8H, Fine Mading, Jolie Home, Tonight, 77+, Bedding+, COTTONSMITH, Fucha Qingyun, ZSH, Thinkskey, Wowtation, IdeeBank, Like Some, Nature Household, Momoda, HALOS, Loock, Zelkova, Wiha, 17PIN, and Happy Life for similar or related homeware products.   

16. Accessories


Offering the latest and trending ladies' fashion, RUNMI is a Chinese Lagos-based Fashion Company that supports pay on delivery to Lagos, and conditional support in Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Onitsha. The company mainly provides quality handbags, shoes, and jewelry at wholesale prices. 


BLASOUL provides quality e-sports equipment and services for gamers worldwide. One of its finest products is the BLASOUL Professional Mechanical Gaming Black Keyboard that is fast and practical and comes with a customizable backlight. Created in a slightly aggressive and very stylish high technology design, this keyboard will surely impress the users with its fantastic performance. The other gaming accessories are perfectly designed for long and active use as well.

The other brands that belong to the same product category are Jesis, Pinlo, Umbracella, Guildford, KACO, KACOGreen, DiiZiGn, SimFun, Shanghai Science and Technology Company, Yueme, and Clean-n-Fresh. 

17. Food and Beverages


PINGZE coins itself as the glory of the Eastern luxurious furniture brands in Beijing! It is devoted to producing furniture with superb designs. Notably, the company innovates the mixture of the aesthetic mystery of Western geometry and Eastern tranquility and solidarity in the development of beautiful chairs, tables, beds, and cabinets! In addition, PINGZE guarantees the most pleasing ambiance begotten by the quality and well-furnished furniture that calms the spirit and lullabies the physical environment.

Shogaya Confectionery

The best confectioner's art and business of sweets and pastries in Tokyo ‚Äďthis is what Shogaya Confectionery brags about its works. With the commendable reviews from the customers in recent years, the restaurant affirms the excellent quality of its products that make the people crave. For many people, who observe a healthy and strict diet, nuts and dried fruits like dates become the substitute for sweets. And for such a matter, Shogaya Confectionery, as a good partner of Xiaomi, created and served its mix of nuts and dried fruits that won the people's choice award nationwide.¬†

The other leading brands under this product category are OneWine, Square Shop, and Zhiwei Xuan. 

Additional Things to Know about the Rise of the Xiaomi Ecosystem

Xiaomi was first introduced as an electronics company in 2010. Its founder and CEO, Lei Jun, is also the CEO of SW development company. In just four years after the launch, Xiaomi became China's biggest smartphone company. Today, it is now on the top 5 list of most prominent smartphone vendors worldwide.

In essence, Xiaomi is an Internet company with smartphones and innovative hardware connected by an IoT platform at its core. However, the immense success didn't happen overnight, nor was it achieved with a snap of a finger. Nevertheless, Xiaomi and the people behind this ecosystem undeniably offered their blood and sweat, and now, their efforts are finally paying off.

Among the most covered products of this Chinese smartphone giant are Mi Series, Mi Max Series, Mi Note Series, Mi Mix Series, Redmi Series, Mi NoteBook Series, Pocophone, and Blackshark. As of press time, the company boasts over 290 million active users! Aside from MIUI-oriented products, Xiaomi also offers mobile apps and accessories, laptops, home appliances, smart home devices, and wearables, to name a few. In 2019, the ecosystem also started supporting satellite companies that design and manufacture bags, backpacks, caps, pillows, cups, lunch boxes, umbrellas, home appliances, and even screwdrivers!

Perhaps, one of the most notable achievements of Xiaomi Corporation to date happened in 2014. In the second quarter of this year, the company saw the least sales of its smartphone products despite a surge in global market demand. Who would have thought that in the next year, Xiaomi would record a significant comeback? From only 3.6 million smartphones sold in 2014, Xiaomi had managed to sell 15.77 million a year later!

It only goes to show that the journey of Xiaomi had not always been rainbows and butterflies. Inspired by the setbacks and challenges brought by the ever-competitive markets, the CEO and the company executives have realized they need extra support. This third leg would strengthen their business model. The solution? Offline retail stores! They have decided to establish an ecosystem that is made up of 100 promising startups. These brands were expected to provide the company with other kinds of tech products and other inter-connected materials. And based on the success that the Xiaomi ecosystem is experiencing today, you can only agree that they have thought of the best solution back then!

However, despite the unprecedented growth that had been achieved over the past years, experts believe that the Xiaomi ecosystem still needs to be vigilant against China and the world's aggressive markets, especially when it comes to financing other people's businesses.

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