Best Nail Polygel and Gel Nail Polish on Aliexpress we found 2024

by Shopify API on Oct 18, 2022

best poly gel nails on aliexpress

Getting nails done is one of the most popular ways that a woman can pamper herself. You might be seeing tons of nail salons around your town and this type of business has been booming lately.

If you’re looking forward to getting your very own nail art salon, then we have created this article to list down the best AliExpress poly gel products that you can use to start your business.

If you don’t have much information about poly gels yet, that’s okay! This product is just new to the nail industry. Polygels can be added to your natural nails as an overlay, or as a nail enhancement.

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You will still be using UV light to cure it, but it is much lighter than using acrylic or gel nail polishes.

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Top 10 Polygels on AliExpress - Nail Gel Kit

Let’s get our list started!

#1 - IBCCCNDC Poly Nail Gel

best aliexpress poly gel

Price: $2.94

If you want a stable build for your nails, then the IBCCCNDC 3Poly Nail Gel should be a staple in your nail art salon. It comes in various colors like Coffee, Jelly Red, Pink, Skin Color, Transparent, and White. This poly nail gel looks very natural and stunning.

What’s great about using poly nail gels like this brand is that it perfectly fits any nail size and shape. It is also very safe in the water, so if you want to have that great nail look in summers, you can flaunt your poly gel cured nails at the beach without any worries!

Other Features:

  • 30 mL capacity
  • Colors: Coffee, Jelly Red, Pink, Skin Color, Transparent, and White

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#2 - Mobray Poly Gel Nails

best aliexpress polygel 2021

Price: $2.25

All girls would go crazy with the Mobray Poly Gel Nails! It is because it offers a more flexible body than acrylic even if it's stronger and harder than hard gel. The best thing about using this poly gel nail is that it feels very light, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing one.

It comes with an advanced formula with SPF50+ to ensure that your nails get the maximum protection against the harsh rays of the sun. It is also enriched with nourishing ingredients that will make your nails maintain their healthy state.

Other Features:

  • 15 mL capacity
  • Helps heal and improve skin tone
  • Not self-leveling, but easy to build
  • Colors: Clear, White, Pink, Nude Pink, Milk White, Nude, Rose Pink, Natural Pink, Clear Nude, Coffee

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#3 - Misscheering Polygel for Nails

poly gel nails on aliexpress

Price: $6.48

If you want to practice your poly gel application skills, then you have to use a high-quality poly gel-like the Misscheering Polygel for Nails. They give out a very strong and stable nail extension, and you can even try to mold it into any shape you want to.

However, this brand only has two colors: transparent and white, unlike other brands where you can choose tons of color options. There is nothing to worry about, this poly gel will never fail to amaze you every time you apply it to your nails!

Other Features:

  • 8mL capacity
  • Comes in an easy-to-use jar

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#4 - Major Dijit Poly Extension Gel

polygel nails on aliexpress 2021

Price: $8.65

The Major Dijit Poly Extension Gel is the perfect poly gel kit that you can ever have if you’re just a newbie. The set comes with a 15mL poly gel color of your choice, a double-end pusher, a nail brush, and 100 pieces of nail molds.

What we have observed when using this poly gel is that it cures so quickly under the UV lamp, unlike other regular brands. It is also perfect for professional and personal use, so you can have salon-like nails right in the comfort of your own homes.

Strengthen your nails using this extension gel, and never worry about your nails getting damaged.

Other Features:

  • 15mL capacity
  • Colors: White, Clear, Pink
  • With a durable glossy coat

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#5 - ROSALIND Glitter Poly Nail Gel Extension

top poly gel nails on aliexpress 2021

Price: $2.22

Step out of the ordinary and say goodbye to boring poly gel nails! Use the Rosalind Glitter Poly Gel Nail Extension and have shining and shimmering nails every day. The best thing about this product is that it is made from 100% plant-based ingredients to keep your nails out of any damage.

You won’t experience any foul smell when using this poly gel, unlike other regular and low-quality poly gels. Plus, you’ll get more stunning nails with different varieties and glitter designs to choose from!

Other Features:

  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Made from natural resin

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#6 - Jillradia Poly UV Gel for Manicure

top 10 poly gel nails on aliexpress 2021

Price: $1.48

Get more stunning nails without feeling any heaviness using the Jillradia Poly UV Gel for Manicure. Say goodbye to short nails and say hello to pretty and colorful nails with this gel. The best thing about using this poly gel is that it builds up very fast, saving you from all the time and effort when making your nail art.

This poly gel uses no glue so you won’t feel any pain and discomfort on your pretty hands when applying this gel. It comes in 15 colors to choose from, making you have an entire selection of colors that you can mix and match as you create!

Other Features:

  • Comes in matte and clear styles
  • Sticks fast on the nails
  • Odorless

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#7 - ROHWXY UV Builder Gel

top 10 poly gel nails on aliexpress

Price: $0.01

It’s true that naturally letting your nails grow can harbor bacteria under your nails. Plus, having very long nails are prone to breakage. Protect your natural nails and use the ROHWXY UV Builder Gel instead. This gel is perfect for any nail art design that you want.

With its 8-color selection, you can have natural-looking long nails while protecting your original nails inside. You don’t need any glue for this gel, just directly apply it to your nails and build, build, build, until you achieve your desired length.

Other Features:

  • Odorless
  • Easy to use
  • No paper support needed
  • Fast drying

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#8 - PinPai Nail Gel Extension Kit

aliexpress poly gel nails

Price: $0.01

Nail Gel Extension Kits are perfect for newbie nail artists who want to venture into poly gel nail arts. The PinPai Nail Gel Extension Kit comes with a complete set for basic poly gel applications without the UV nail LED lamp.

From glitters, matte, and shiny styles, you have got everything to choose from on this poly gel kit. It dries very quickly and it also builds up without any hassle. You can also choose between 15 and 30 mL of gel capacity depending on your needs.

Other Features:

  • Odorless
  • Soft and easy to paint on

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#9 - Beautilux Poly Acryl Gel

aliexpress poly gels for nails

Price: $3.55

Enhance those boring and simple nails and try using the Beautilux Poly Acryl Gel. This gel would look like fake nails in a more natural-looking and stunning build. You don’t even have to apply nail polish on top of the gel because it gives a very natural look.

You can also add some nail polish art, sequins, glitters, and anything under the sun! If you have a UV lamp to cure your nails at home, why don’t you try doing this poly gel art by yourself? That will save you some bucks from going to a nail salon.

Other Features:

  • 6 colors to choose from
  • Odorless

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#10 - KODIES GEL Professional UV Builder Gel

best poly gel on aliexpress

Price: $4.47

Have your nails professionally done even at the comfort of your own home using the Kodies Gel Professional UV Builder Gel. This can be used for both toenails and hands, whichever you want. The gel can be built easily without any professional help!

So, whether you’re just a newbie nail artist or you’re someone who wants to skip the salon and do their own nails this poly gel has got you! As long as you have a UV LED lamp at home, you can definitely practice your nail art skills at home!

Other Features:

  • 6 colors to choose from
  • No foul odor
  • 30 mL capacity

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Getting the Best Poly Gel on AliExpress

Once you search for “poly gel” on AliExpress, the website will show you thousands of options of various poly gels sold by various sellers. The best thing to do when you don’t know which one to choose is to check for the reviews and how many people have bought the item.

Don’t get fooled by super cheap and unbranded products, because they might be manufactured inferiorly. Even though AliExpress is known for its cheap and affordable items, we still want you to get the best and safest products, especially that you are putting these poly gels on your skin and nails.

There is nothing to worry about! These items above are handpicked and well-researched so they are proven to be 100% safe and also pretty! Start doing your nails now and pamper yourself because you deserve it, girl!

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