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by Shopify API on Oct 14, 2021

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A home without home furnishings is not complete. In order to call your house a HOME SWEET HOME, you need to spend time to think of the designs, the layout and of course the decorations. Should your home be scandinavian style, minimalist design, or even oriental look and feel, you will need exquisite home decors to make your home stand out.

Here we curate a list of modern home decorations that might fit your style.

Affordable Modern Home Decors on Aliexpress

#1 - Artificial Plants as Home Decor

home decor artificial plant

This product is made of high quality plastic and it is very hardy.
Suitable for display near the window or in balcony without the worry that the plant will die.

Size: whole length about 32-49 cm

Material:silk flower, plastic leaf
Color: Purple/Red/Yellow/White\Red

Price: From $1.84

#2 - Marvel Comics Super Hero Cushion Cover

cushion cover aliexpress

25 different comic characters to choose from. The material is made of Linen Cotton. Best part is its hidden zipper that allow easy insert of cushion. An awesome choice if you are a fan of Marvel Comics. Great to complement your sofa.

Price: $3.39

#3 - Minimalist Nordic Wall Clock

home clock aliexpress

This clock symbolize a "Simple Yet Modern Home" concept. Weighing 1.2kg, this clock is made of wood and metal. 30x30cm size with no second hand. For us as curator, we fall in love with it on first sight. If your home goes with white and grey theme, this clock fits perfectly.

Price: $65.46

#4 - Abstract Canvas Painting

Living Room Marvel Nordic Wall Art Pictures

Cavas sold at less than $5. You will need your own frame. Comes in different sizes, the golden color make your living room brighter. If you are on a scandinavian theme, your living room will look fabulous with these words and images. The gold will be the attraction of your house.

Price: From $3.33

#5 - Cross Stich 3D Diamond Embroidery Painting

This needed to DIY. Not for lazy person. This will make your living absolutely stunning with the 3D effects.

Instructions of DIY Diamond Painting 

1. Open the packaging and take out of the canvas, diamond and tools; 

2. Check the code number of diamonds and the corresponding symbol; 

3. Put the diamonds into the plastic case. Only uncover the needed area of the adhesive tape to avoid dust onto other glue parts; 

4. Stick the diamonds on the corresponding symbol of the canvas by the tweezers; 

5. After all symbol areas are sticked with diamonds, adjust the edge of diamonds by the ruler to regulate diamonds neatly; then press diamonds properly to make it firm;

Price: $31.25

#6 - Hexagon Iron Wall Mounted Rack

best home decor aliexpress

Nordic style Iron Wall Decor. This is a complete turn on for the empty wall. You can place hydroponics, dried flowers, candle sticks and even cool medicine bottles like above. Let your creativity fill these spaces. Best for living room area.

Price: $9.16

#7 - Fluffy Carpets for Living Room

Made from synthetic material. The Carpets are of different sizes. Easy clean and maintain with a soft touch, these carpets will make your empty living room more cosy and comfy. 9 different colors for you to match your beloved sofa, these carpets are a must get for any owners who would love to place their asses on the ground.

Price: From $4.13

#8 - Cute Money Box Metal Owl

This is a handmade owl-shaped metal sculpture. The environmental paint keeps it stainless. The grid shape made the product with the sense of modern design. It can be used to contain coins or small changes. Practical and artistic, looks charmingly naive. Best for gift or as a home decor.

Metal sculpture, handmade, mesh design.
Practical sculpture can be used to contain small changes and coins.
Perfect for interior decoration: Bars, dining tables, bars.

Price: $8.80

#9 - Black Vintage Industrial Pendant Light

best home lighting aliexpress
light bulb

This remains one of our top picks among the list we presented. We love the vintage look and the black design. Coupled with the bright yellow Edison Bulb, it creates an atmospheric design that none can describe. Only those who enter your dining area can have that feeling.

This item clearly depicts the Nordic theme. A must get lighting for those who are designing their home with the Industrial feel.

Price: $16.33 (Bulb purchased separately)

#10 - Rope Pendant Lamp (Double Head)

home decor aliexpress
best lighting aliexpress

This is one of most unique light we have seen. The image above depicts 2 head light holder in rope like. This translates into a vintage industrial style. This fits well if you have a dark wall. The light decor speaks a special dining experience. No more candle lights, these lightings are perfect match to a romantic scene.

Price: $7.01 (without bulb)

Buying Modern Home Decors from Aliexpress

Above are some great products we have reviewed and find them come from good sources. In order to manage expectation, it is best to check with the sellers about the size before placing an order. You gotta make sure the delivery is Free shipping.

Here is one Top Lighting Shop we recommend.



Sunmeiyi is another top brand on AliExpress that has been selling on the platform for 6 years and has positive feedback of 97.3 percent.

For the brand, innovation is key and they are aimed towards creating products that leads the modern art lightning company. They take special care of their design and innovation to bring us products that are modern but that also take care of the environment.

best lighting seller aliexpress
lightings aliexpress

You can find everything from chandeliers and ceiling lights to pendant lights and wall lamps. They have a plethora of lighting options that will light up your house and give it the coziness and love it deserves.

seller on home lighting aliexpress

You can check out the store here.

Interior Design Tips for Home Decors

I'm gonna give you six different tips but I do have a total of 16 mistakes that we make around our house when it comes to decorating your room or house.

Tip 1

First tip hands down is definitely to accessorize your home to go with large accessories and few accessories is really a great trick no one wants a cluttered house so try not to buy a lot of small things just a few statement pieces can really change a space. Product - Pineapple Shaped Figurine Gold Black Pineapple Crafts Miniatures Gift For Office Home Decoration Pineapple Product - Animal Figurines Home Decoration Accessories Nordic Vintage Home Decor Crafts Ornament Product - Modern Iron Feather Wooden Base Decorations Simple Miniature Figurines for Living Room Table Office Home Decoration Accessories

These small accessories doesn't have to cost you a lot of money.

Tip 2

Next tip is all about texture texture texture. Honestly it's on trend right now everyone's doing it people are putting it over couches on chairs. You can apply rugs on the floor too. Product - sofa towel Product - Dream NS 15 Color Square Carpet Home Rug For Warm Plush Floor Rugs Fluffy Mats Kids Room Area Rug Faux Fur Bedroom Living Room

Texture changes a room just like accessories.

Tip 3

Flowers can really change a room add color more again that oversized elements we love. Product - 25 Heads 8CM New Colorful Artificial PE Foam Rose Flowers Bride Bouquet Home Wedding Decor Scrapbooking DIY Supplies Product - 30cm Rose Pink Silk Peony Artificial Flowers Bouquet 5 Big Head and 4 Bud Cheap Fake Flowers for Home Wedding Decoration indoor

Putting these amazing colored items into your living room add a vibrant vibe to your living room or room.

Aliexpress Home Decors for the Best You

We hope you are able to find good stuffs to decorate your modern home. Above are some of the items we think will help to bring out the best living environment. Get a relaxed life!

Home Sweet Home awaits.

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