Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboards on AliExpress 2024

by Shopify API on Feb 03, 2023

Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboards

The better feel of the keys while typing, the sweet sound of the clicks and the unmatched performance that a mechanical keyboard can deliver is definitely worth spending the few extra dollars. The keyboards listed here, their layout and style, all suit the Mac well.

The ones that have been listed here are some of the best out there and are worth considering if you want to switch to a mechanical keyboard for your Mac. The information provided here is to make your task easier. If you are going to use it particularly for programming or gaming mechanicals are the best.

Take your game to the next level, and experience the best with these cheap gaming mechanical keyboards we have curated for you!

Leading online retail store AliExpress takes pride in offering a wide range of mechanical keyboards from the best Chinese brands. Here you can purchase cheap gaming mechanical keyboards at a fraction of the retail shop price.

Of all its collections, here are some of the best ones you can give a try. These prices are REALLY very affordable.

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7 Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboards found on AliExpress

Best Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Brands Price
Renault 104/87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard $21.46
Motospeed Wired LED Backlit RGB $45.49
One-Up G300 87-Key Blacklit Mechanical Keyboard $32.89
ANNE Pro2 Mini Portable Wireless Gaming Keyboard $71.89
Gaming Mechanical Keyboard $34.87
Metoo Zero Gaming Mechanical Keyboard $21.46
Ajazz AK33 Mechanical Keyboard $29.25

1. Renault 104/87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard

Renault’s blue switch rainbow keyboard is the first preference of all gamers. With a specialised LED backlight and customised mechanical switches, it enhances the gaming experience. Its LED backlight consists of 6 different colours. Backlight is highly flexible allowing users to adjust the lighting according to their convenience.

The keyboard also has a gold-plated USB connector, which has been specifically designed for hardcore gamers.

There are 4 variants, which are priced between US $26-$52.

Review by other Buyers

I'm very pleased. For such a price fantastic! Analogs with world recognized logo ~ 70... 80 euros. The son is delighted. I recommend. The seller sent the goods right away. 2 weeks to Lithuania (Vilnius). The product corresponds to the description. All the claimed functions work.

Very good packaging, the keyboard came in excellent condition, despite the fact that our post office long kept the parcel unclear where. The product corresponds to the description. The keyboard is not noiseless, of course, knocks medium, that's what they wanted. The child chose himself for games, very satisfied, especially with different backlight modes.

2. Motospeed Wired LED Backlit RGB

Backlit metal panels and Russian stickers are the key features of this special backlit keyboard model. The standard and multifunctional keyboard specifically targets the enthusiastic gamers and revolutionizes their overall gaming experience.

It has 2 switches- blue switch for crisp and clear paragraphs whereas black switch for linear actions along with strong user control on input shafts. The keyboard comes with a professional gaming chip, which further enhances the efficiency.

Above all, there are 11 types of lighting. Motospeed offers quite a number of variants of this keyboard with the price ranging between US$45.49 to 55.57.

Reviews by Other Buyers

To put it mildly surprised by the quality of the keyboard. Looks expensive, pressing clear, without extraneous sounds, illumination for every taste. There are only questions to the font, but here for an amateur. Definitely worth your money.

Perfect. THE color scheme is very beautiful. The keys are as I wanted, very sensitive. Arrived very fast, out 18/arrived 11 Nov/Dec. 

I'm delighted with the keyboard. Delivered in 5 days. Seller recommend. There is no key to remove the keys, but this is not critical. I took it as a gift. Illumination modes are many, taste and color

3. One-Up G300 87-Key Blacklit Mechanical Keyboard

best cheap gaming mechanical keyboards on AliExpress

Another excellent mechanical keyboard model, the One-Up G300 mesmerises users with its anti-ghosting keys, blue switch and full N-key rollover. Its standard style and good multimedia support makes it among the first choices of every professional gamer.

The anti-ghosting 87 keys work simultaneously. The specialized blue switches offer wide compatibility and high durability; thus making it a concrete structure.

With two variants, the keyboard price ranges between US$32.89 to 37.22.

4. ANNE Pro2 Mini Portable Wireless Gaming Keyboard

cheap gaming mechanical keyboards on AliExpress

With minimal and simple design, the ANNE Pro 2 keyboard is best suited for tablet desktops. Its professional gaming chip, sleek and minimal keypad design and the its wireless style makes it a flexible, comfortable and user-friendly keyboard especially for the gamers. The keyboard is small enough to fit your desktop setup, yet it is easy to play games with.


  • Dual Mode Connection .bluetooth 4.0 and Type-C USB-C dual mode connection, makes it widely compatible with multiple systems, for Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.
  • Double FN .Double FN key(FN1/FN2) that creats more possibilities for you to set the layer function.
  • Intelligent "Tap Key" and "Magic Fn" function.
  • Tap Fucntion: "Right Shift", "FN1", "FN2", "Right Ctrl" are in combination as TAP key, you could set the tap layer function, and when you click the TAP key, it will triggle this layer function. By default, they behave as arrow key when tapped.
  • Magic Fn Function: While retain the original CapsLock function, the magic key can copy the FN1 or FN2 key function that gives you quick access to media. This means magic fn can act as the FN key. You could set the fucntion layers for FN1/FN2, customize any keys or even creat a macro for keystroke combination through the Starter, and the Magic Fn function can mirror this Fn behavior.
  • Long EnduranceTime. 1900mAh large capacity battery, built-in protection circuit prevents harm to battery.
  • PBT keycaps. Doubleshot PBT keycaps, durable and not easy to shine as ABS keycaps.
  • Full RGB Backlight. Full RGB backlit, each key can been set RGB backlit independently.
  • Large Onboard Memory for Customization. All keys programmable, built-in large capacity onboard memory for TAP/Magic FN function customization, light effect setting, keyboard layout setting and marco setting.
  • Supports NKRO in wired mode: Q & A

5. Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

cheap gaming mechanical keyboards

The ergonomics mechanical keyboard with its cutting-edge technology and dynamic features takes users to an ultimate level of gaming. The high-quality aluminum alloy makes it a strong, long-lasting and highly durable keyboard. It features a cool backlight, and the build has injection key cap and strong support at the bottom. This mechanical keyboard is ergonomically designed for your comfortable gaming experience.

This cheap gaming mechanical keyboard allow multi-keys to work simultaneously with high speed. Each key is controlled by independent switch, let you enjoy high-grade games with fast response.

Reviews by Other Buyers:

Looks nice. The backlight is soft, pleasant. The keys are pressed clearly. Included stickers with Russian-language layout. They are opaque, so these buttons from the inside no longer glow.

6. Metoo Zero Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

best cheap gaming mechanical keyboards

The Metoo Zero mechanical keyboard is one of the top selling keyboards on AliExpress. The brand has three versions and all have amazing features. You can choose from monochrome, without backlighting or mixed backlighting. There are also 104 or 87 keys depending if you need the number pad. 

The keyboard has 50 million keystrokes, and has a very excellent build, designed with aluminum alloy. This makes this keyboard a great value for money and it is one of the most attractive keyboards on the market. 

Reviews by Other Buyers:

The best keyboard for its price, came whole, in good everything works, beautifully glows, has many types of illumination, in the kit there was a key remover, came a little later later. 

Excellent product quality, working all keyboard with red switches are great, soft and perfect for a good typing. To be noisy, but not as much as the switches blue. 

7. Ajazz AK33 Mechanical Keyboard

This gaming keyboard has 82 keys with black or blue switches. This wired PC gaming keyboard has an ergonomic design with cool LED backlighting. But, if you hate those RGB lighting, you can choose the no-LED version. The sounds of every click are very satisfying for the ultimate gaming experience. 

When it comes to build, it has a very impressive metal-plastic bezel that is nicely finished, perfect for minimalistic lovers. The keyboard looks compact and with backlight modes that can be switched through the Fn button.

Reviews by Other Buyers:

Very good keyboard, nice scrolls (took black), very compact and comfortable Beautiful backlight, glow each key, backlight quality.

Excellent keyboard for your money, excellent Cape material, type C connector, it's a pleasure to print, what else you want to note, excellent legs with a very strong spring for fixing, but this is nothing, the headphones do not hear, there is an indication of the caps lock

Buying Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboards

With this, these are the top 7 Chinese keyboards that you can grab from AliExpress. No more waiting to change your old and outdated keyboard. Look in to your choices, compare the features and performances and weight them against the costs to find your ideal mechanical keyboard from AliExpress.

We curated a list of the best mechanical keyboards for Mac. Check it out!

When it comes to keyboards the options available now are never ending with dozens of companies and even more models out there. So choosing the right one for you can be confusing at times.

There are two main types of keyboards right now, Membrane keyboards are the ones with the newer technology between the two and are currently installed in most laptops and general purpose keyboards.

On these keyboards, all the keys are inter connected via a unified circuit board beneath and work by passing electric signals when keys are hit. These keyboards feel more mushy and soft when pressed. These keyboards are cheaper because of the lower number of parts, they are also less noisy.

Mechanical keyboards though come with individual spring loaded keys that create a very unique click sound when pressed. Some people prefer this while others may find it a bit irritating.

If you are looking for better accuracy and more importantly key rollover then this is something only a mechanical keyboard can give you.

When using a membrane keyboard, only one keystroke at a time can be registered which sometimes means missed key presses which is a definite no when gaming.

On the other hand, a mechanical keyboard can register multiple keystrokes simultaneously as mechanical keys are individually actuated.

Cheap Gaming Mechanical Keyboards: FAQs

What is the cheapest mechanical keyboard?

On Aliexpress, you can get deals as cheap as less than USD30. Above keyboards average from $30-$50. I am pretty sure these mechanical keyboard not only serve your purpose, but it brings joy when comes to gaming.

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