Review of Best Synthetic Wigs AliExpress 2023

by Shopify API on Oct 06, 2023

best synthetic wigs

There are women who prefer using wigs rather than getting hair treatments that are expensive and damaging to the hair. I am more than happy to see that women around the world are embracing the use of wigs, especially for women and men that have hair issues that can make them feel less confident about themselves. 

Today, we will be talking about the best synthetic wigs on AliExpress, and these wigs that we have handpicked will definitely make you feel more beautiful about yourself, because you are a great creation from above! Before we go over the list, let’s talk about what synthetic wigs are for, and what they are made from.


What is a Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic wigs, from the name itself, is a type of wig that is made from man-made resources. Every corner of this wig is 100% synthetically produced unlike human hair wigs. These wigs are usually made from plastic or acrylic fibers that are meant to mimic the natural look of a human hair.

They are much more affordable than human hair wigs, but that doesn’t mean that they come in a lesser quality than human hair wigs. Here are some of the benefits of wearing synthetic wigs:

  • More durable than human hair wigs
  • Has the ability to hold more style than human wigs
  • Materials used are much more easier to maintain
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Top Synthetic Hair Wigs from AliExpress

Best Synthetic Wig Price
EASIHAIR Ombre Brown Wig  $12.37
Short Hair Afro Wig $18.26
EASIHAIR Long Dark Brown Women's Wigs with Bangs $15.83
Short Hair Curly Wig With Bangs $14.26
Long Straight Black Synthetic Wig $15.69
Ombre Medium Wave Wig $14.94
kryssma Long Wavy Wig with Headband $16.91

AliExpress has recently gained popularity from selling a lot of hair wigs - may it be synthetic or human wigs. Since we are talking about the synthetic ones, check out these super affordable and best-selling hair wigs from AliExpress:

#1 - EASIHAIR Ombre Brown Wig

aliexpress top synthetic wigs 2021

For women who have their hairs rebonded or chemically straightened out, bleaching is definitely not an option. I am one of those women, so it is impossible for me to have my hair colored in vivid hues - like blonde. 

Thanks to the EASIHAIR Ombre Brown Wig, I don’t have to worry about having my hair bleached and damaged. You would immediately have the stylish ombre look that you have been dreaming of!

The wig comes with a wavy look, so you don’t need to get your curling iron just to have a ready-styled hair for your date, or prom. There are also various colors to choose from and the best part is that this wig is heat-resistant, making it less prone to heat damages from curling or straightening.

Get it now at $12.37

#2 - Short Hair Afro Wig

aliexpress top synthetic wigs

Say goodbye to perming your hair every now and then just to get that crisp and full of volume afro hair. You can try using this short hair afro wig, and the frizz from your natural hair would no longer be an issue. This wig gives out a very natural bounce, just like how human hair is supposed to look like.

It measures at about 13 to 15 inches in length and it only weighs at about 280 to 300g. It feels very light when worn, and you won’t feel too restricted when wearing it too. This wig is made from heat-resistant wire fibers making it very versatile when it comes to hair styling using an iron.

The cap size is about 22.5” in circumference which fits most head sizes. You also get to have two adjustable straps to make the wig more secure as you slay the day with your fancy wig!

Get it now at $18.26

#3 - EASIHAIR Long Dark Brown Women's Wigs with Bangs

top synthetic wig aliexpress 2021

Too afraid to impulsively cut your hair to get some bangs? Try the EASIHAIR Long Dark Brown Women's Wigs with Bangs to see if getting bangs would fit you without actually cutting your hair off. This wig has been ordered on AliExpress for over 3500 times, and most of the reviews were 5 stars.

Each strand is soft and volumized, but you might have to take extra care when maintaining this wig. It can be somehow prone to being tangled when not taken care of properly. It can look very synthetic and unnatural when not combed or moisturized. 

The wigs can offer you various colors, from natural black to ombre brown. You can also choose to get vivid colored ones like maroon or gray. There are a variety of lengths that pretty ladies like you can also choose ranging from 20 cm to 70 cm.

Get it now at $15.83

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#4 - Short Hair Curly Wig With Bangs

aliexpress best synthetic wig

Are you looking for the perfect hairstyle to match your retro-themed outfit for a party?  Worry no more because you can purchase a Short Hair Curly Wig With Bangs in AliExpress for as low as $14!

Unlike the very kinky wig that we have reviewed above, this wig gives you bigger curls and less volume. It is perfect for women who want to have that elegant and fancy look, without having to worry about spending hours using a curler.

This wig is very flexible when it comes to styling because you can cut it off, or move the hairs from different sides to make the wig look more natural. It doesn’t slip off too easily too, so you can feel confident about wearing it for an entire night, or day.

Get it now at $14.26

#5 - Long Straight Black Synthetic Wig

top synthetic wig aliexpress

Who doesn’t like to have that sleek and professional straight hair look especially when you are going for a career-changing interview? This long straight black synthetic wig will save you from all your hair woes, especially if you have curly and frizzy hair.

This is also a perfect wig for cosplayers since it comes in various colors and gradients that cosplayers definitely love. The length can vary from 20 to 70 cm, depending on your preference. It also has a lightweight and secured lace band that is elastic enough to fit most head circumferences.

There are four adjustable straps to help you get the most comfortable fit without worrying about your wig slipping off. Since it has a natural straight look, this is honestly the most convertible wig of all because you can curl and straighten it back without having to buy another wig.

Get it now at $15.69

#6 - Ombre Medium Wave Wig

best synthetic wig aliexpress 2021

Do you have very long hair and you don’t want to risk cutting it off? Then don’t! You can get another trendy and pretty look without having to cut your crowning glory short. Try using this ombre mediumwave wig and make your look stand out among the crowd.

There are a lot of color options when you look at the product link below, you would see that the seller offers only vibrant-colored selections like pink, green, blue, gray, and even two-toned blue and pink!

If you’re up for a different look without having to damage your hair through bleaching and coloring, I highly suggest that you turn to these wigs instead.

Get it now at $14.94

#7 - kryssma Long Wavy Wig with Headband

best synthetic wig aliexpress

The kryssma Long Wavy Headband Wig offers you not just a chic and pretty wig, but also a headband! Headband is gaining back its popularity this 2021, so don’t miss out on this trendy look. 

Famous influencers are also purchasing synthetic wigs from kryssma, so the quality of wigs created from this manufacturer is truly high-end. Getting back to these headband wigs, you can tie them up like a messy bun if you want a casual look. You can also pick from different headband designs and color of hair to match your style. 

Mommies who want to go out looking fresh and classy can wear this wig everyday, and you don’t even need to worry about cleaning your natural hair for the day!

Get it now at $16.91

Synthetic Wigs vs. Human Wigs

There is nothing wrong with choosing any of these wig types because it all boils down to the preference of the person wearing the wigs. If you want a more natural-looking wig, then you should go for human wigs. Human wigs look more aesthetically pleasing and easier to style since they are made from real hair.

But if you’re looking for a more durable and long-lasting set of wigs, then you should go for synthetic ones. Synthetic wigs are also more affordable than human hair since they don’t give that very natural looking hair aesthetics.

Getting the Best Synthetic Wigs from AliExpress

Choosing a brand that is well-known and had a lot of orders from various customers is your best option for getting a wig from AliExpress. You might want to check out the customer reviews and actual photos before purchasing the wig to ensure that you are getting a decent quality product.

Choosing to wear a wig doesn’t make you less beautiful, but it actually makes you standout by feeling more confident about the way you look. Synthetic wigs are one of the ways that you can experiment on your looks, so don’t hesitate to buy pretty wigs in any color from AliExpress!

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