Top 17 Budget Chinese Fitness Tracker 2024 (under $50)

by Shopify API on Sep 03, 2021

best budget fitness trackers

Staying fit and healthy was a big challenge even before the pandemic, but with quarantine protocols and most of us spending more time sitting at home than ever before, getting in shape can be downright impossible. Throw work, school, business, and other stressors into the mix and you might as well throw your hands in the air and give up on those six-pack abs now.

Fortunately, we don't have to take on the challenge of health and wellness all on our own - with the help of modern technology, we can make sure we're responding properly to our bodies and sticking to our fitness plans. How, you ask? Well, there are a bunch of great options out there to help you tap into the power of modern technology to stay in shape, but one of the most convenient and most popular ones is getting yourself your very own fitness tracker.

Where to buy cheap fitness tracker?

You don't have to spend a small fortune just to stay on top of your health. With these affordable Chinese fitness trackers, you can get started on the best, healthiest version of you today. We've taken the liberty of finding the best Chinese fitness trackers you can get right now on AliExpress. Read on to find out more:

In today’s fast paced world, it is highly required that you keep track of your health. Getting yourself a fitness tracker will help boost your health. From pedometer to different types of activity tracker, these fitness gears are designed to help you stay healthy. Aliexpress offers the best cheap fitness trackers in the market with features that will not disappoint. Oh most important of all - they are cheap and good!

Best Cheap Chinese Fitness Trackers on Aliexpress (Most under $50) 2021

Fitness trackers are a great way to stay on top of your health in the 21st Century. While some fitness trackers have more features and are better made than others, you definitely don't have to spend big money on big brands to start tracking your health. Some of the best fitness trackers in the market today are more affordable and more accessible than ever before, and you can find a handful of them right here on our list of the best Chinese fitness trackers.

#1 - XIAOMI Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker

xiaomi band 6 fitness tracker

When it comes to affordable Chinese fitness trackers, XIAOMI stands at the top of the industry with their latest Mi Band 6. The 6th generation XIAOMI Mi Band 6 continues the tradition of affordable, effective, and high-quality fitness trackers, but is packed with all-new features to satisfy even the most discerning fitness buffs and help you stay on top of your health.

Thanks to the 1.56” AMOLED screen, you’re getting vibrant colors and energy-efficient performance, especially when you consider the retina display for accurate visuals in any environment.

As a fitness tracker, the XIAOMI Mi Band 6 offers best-in-class fitness tracking that can contend with much more expensive brands on the market today. It comes with 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring. It’s also capable of performing accurate blood oxygen testing. For sports enthusiasts, the XIAOMI Mi Band 6 can accurately track your performance across 30 different sports modes, and has enough battery to last through 14 days of non-stop use. It even comes with convenient and powerful magnetic charging capabilities to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Available in Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Olive, and Ivory variants, there’s a Mi Band 6 to suit every style and personality.

Get the XIAOMI Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker now on AliExpress.

Price: $46.22

#2 - OEM Bluetooth Smart Fitness Tracker

cheap fitness tracker

The XIAOMI Mi Band line of products may be available at just a fraction of the price of its competitors (the highest-end Apple Watch currently sits at $1,499 SRP), but even the Mi Band 6 isn’t the best value for money option available. If all you need is a high-quality, reliable fitness tracker and you couldn’t care less about brands, then check out this OEM Bluetooth Smart Fitness Tracker available on AliExpress.

Despite its low price, this fitness tracker boasts easy USB charging, long-lasting battery life, and even IP67 water resistance for comfortable, confident wear in any condition. As a fitness tracker, it comes with the standard features that most people have come to expect from a full-fledged fitness device: heart rate monitoring, pedometer, blood pressure monitor and blood oxygen testing capability.

The OEM Bluetooth Smart Fitness Tracker is available in Blue, Black, as well as two limited edition colors: National Red and Purple Charm.

Get the OEM Bluetooth Smart Fitness Tracker now on AliExpress.

Price: $7.04

#3 - FUNASERA Smart Fitness Tracker

china fitness tracker

For a simple, cheap, no-frills option, we recommend the FUNASERA Smart Fitness Tracker. Its low-profile aesthetic comes off sleek and minimalist, but when it comes to functionality, this fitness tracker can keep up with the best of them - all for a much lower price.

The 0.9inch OLED screen is easily visible in different environments, and the touch control button is intuitive and versatile. This fitness tracker comes with real-time heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring and analysis. For sports and other fitness activities, the FUNASERA Smart Fitness Tracker measures distance and calories, and comes with a built-in pedometer and programmable fitness goals.

Available in five different colors - Black, Green, Red, Blue, and Purple - the FUNASERA Smart Fitness Tracker is a great choice for fitness buffs of all ages. Plus, it’s IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof so you can wear it confidently in all kinds of weather.

Get the FUNASERA Smart Fitness Tracker now on AliExpress.

Price: $8.77

#4 - HONOR Band Smart Bracelet 6 Fitness Tracker

honor band 6 aliexpress

Another popular name when it comes to affordable, Chinese-made wearable tech, HONOR has been in the fitness tracker market for a while now, trying to go toe-to-toe with its much more popular competitor, XIAOMI. With the HONOR Band 6 Fitness Tracker, HONOR takes one step closer to the top of the industry with a full-fledged fitness tracker with sleek visuals, lots of functions, and a variety of features that screams ‘premium’.

Functions include blood oxygen monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and all manner of messages, alerts, and reminders to keep you on top of your health.

Outfitted with a 1.47” AMOLED touchscreen display, this fitness tracker offers a high-quality visual readout that’s both crisp and vibrant in different lighting conditions. Powered by Bluetooth 5.0, this device connects easily to your smartphone for real-time tracking and information sharing. It’s also 5ATM water resistant.

That said, the HONOR Band 6 is on the more expensive end of ‘affordable.’ Although it’s still available at a fraction of the cost of mainstream-brand fitness trackers, this fitness tracker might be a heftier investment than other options on this list, but for the quality and reliability it offers, you definitely get your money’s worth.

Get the HONOR Band Smart Bracelet 6 Fitness Tracker on AliExpress.

Price: $36.54

#5 - SHINSKLLY C5S Fitness Bracelet Fitness Tracker

where to buy budget fitness tracker

Although it's lesser known than brands like XIAOMI and HONOR, SHINSKLLY offers plenty of quality and reliability at affordable prices. Their latest fitness tracker, the SHINSKLLY CS5 Fitness Bracelet, is a multifunctional option for someone who wants a smart wearable that can do everything a fitness tracker can do, and more.

The SHINSKLLY CS5 is capable of the usual fitness tracker functions like heart rate monitoring, blood pressure checking, and sleep tracking, but it also does a handful of other things to help you get through your day more easily. It has call and message reminders that’s synced with your smartphone, caller ID, push reminders from a variety of channels (Twitter, Skype, Facebook, and more), and even comes with built-in touch controls for your music.

Available in Black, Pink, Blue, Red, and Purple.

Get the SHINSKLLY Fitness Bracelet Fitness Tracker now on AliExpress.

Price: $16.55

#6 - HELLOPODS T1S Smart Fitness Tracker

under 50 fitness tracker

Built for no-nonsense types, the HELLOPODS T1S is arguably one of the best value-for-money Chinese fitness trackers available on the market today.

The HELLOPODS T1S comes with all of the standard fitness tracker functions: heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and blood oxygen testing, but also comes with ECG monitoring - a rare feature in this price range and beyond. Fitness and sports functions are available, too, with the HELLOPODS T1S’s built-in sport record, step, calorie counter, motion tracking, and multiple sport modes.

If you have trouble staying on top of your fitness, the HELLOPODS T1S also comes with numerous reminder and alert features, including medication alerts, water reminders, sedentary reminders, alarms, and more,

With sturdy build quality and reliable performance, the HELLOPODS T1S Smart Fitness Tracker offers tremendous value for the price, and is a great choice for anyone who wants a fitness tracker with ECG capabilities for cheap.

Available in three different band colors - Red, Blue, and Black - the HELLOPODS T1S Smart Fitness Tracker is a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable daily fitness tracker that they can wear with them anywhere.

Get the HELLOPODS T1S Smart Fitness Tracker now on AliExpress.

Price: $16.25

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#8. Huawei Honor Band 5 – $28.44

This smart little bracelet is like a magic device. It is waterproof. Track your sleep or sedentary activities. It also monitors your calorie intake. With this device you are sure o get better sleep as you will be able to synchronize when you sleep on a daily basis.

The heart rate monitor gets you aware of when you should not get too anxious, it also helps keep track of your blood oxygen which promotes brain activities. We like it best as it has good battery life. It can be operated through Bluetooth. You can even control your smartphone camera with it. Other than that it supports multiple languages with some awesome features as well. Most important of all, look at the price below!

Price: $28.44

#9. COLMI M3S Smart Bracelet – $11.39

best smart bracelet fitness tracker china

It has a nice sporty look to it. The battery charges fast and lasts at least a day. It is supported by Bluetooth. This waterproof, smart bracelet offers a sport mode to keep track of your athletic activities.

cheap fitness tracker

It can monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen. It has a sleep monitor as well as heart rate tracker. This device has full font push notifications so that you do not miss out on your important tasks. You can reject or take a call as well with this device. Just to add Colmi is one of the best sports bracelet maker in China. Never go wrong sticking to them to buy a good tracker.

Price: $11.39

#10. Lerbyee Fitness Tracker M4 - $14.31

cheap fitness tracker

Don’t be fooled by taking it for just a digital watch. It has much more to offer. This smart bracelet is supported by both IOS and android devices. It is available in different shades of color as well. It provides sustained heart rate monitoring. The sleep monitor works best.

It also has features like calorie counter, pedometer and heart rate monitor. It controls your phone camera remotely and has anti-theft features as well. The sport monitor tracks your various activities while in motion.

Their cheaper "brother" is listed as no1. This is a better option compared to the earlier model.

Price: $13.99

#11. Xiaomi Miband 4 Fitness Tracker – $27.99

xiaomi mi band 3 aliexpress

This stylish, smart wristband has a big screen. It is waterproof and the standby time is of about 20 days. It is compatible with both android and ios devices. It comes a s wireless Bluetooth supported device. It has features such as pedometer, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor. It displays real time activity and duration. Product - Original Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet Fitness Bands XMSH05HM OLED Touch Screen 0.78" Message Display Weather Forecast Watch

The reminder function will not let you fall back on your activities. It also gets you alert if you have been sedentary for longer duration. This wristband comes in various color options.

Trust Xiaomi products, trust Aliexpress. Below link is a good seller ships worldwide.

Price: $27.99

#12. FROMPRO 18 Color Screen – $10.86

cheap fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

It comes in various wristband color options. It has a very fine finishing and looks very elegant. It also supports multiple languages. It monitors Blood Pressure,Passometer,Sleep Tracker among others. It acts like a digital clock. The sport reminder keeps track of your activities. Product - FROMPRO 18 Color Screen Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker Band Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Wristbands

There is even a sedentary reminder. It is waterproof, so your swimming activities will also get accounted for. It is compatible with both IOS and android devices.

Price: $10.86

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#13. Kids Smartwatch

This is one of the best fitness tracker for kids. It is primarily a sleep, heart rate monitor. It is a waterproof device. The silica and plastic combination gives is a superb finishing. Its features include Calories, Steps, Distance, Pace, Even recognize Swimming Posture. It is specially programmed to monitor your sleeping patterns.

kids fitness tracker

It has an amazing ability to detect stroke possibility. It has very special sensors such as 6-Axis Inertial Sensor, Separate PPG Sensor, Infrared Detect Sensor. The pulse monitor gives accurate pulse in real time.

Price: $13.99

#14. Lenovo Smart Watch - $29.47

lenovo smartwatch aliexpress

This unique watch comes in the analog design. The glass and the number settings makes the watch extremely stylish. It is available in two colors. It can very well be controlled through the app. It has special functions to monitor your sleep patterns and keep you updated on sleep needs.

It has a sedentary reminder as well. It is waterproof. It has an alarm reminder. Unlike other smart watches which comes in rectangular or elongated screens, this one has a round dial which looks simply amazing.

Price: $29.47

#15. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Smart Watch – $59.99

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Smart Watch

A very sturdy looking sports watch which is also a smart watch, the distinctive feature is its band. The standby time would be around 45 days. It has heart rate, sleep monitor. It has features like call and message reminders. Product - Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Smart Watch [English Version]Huami Amazfit GPS Smartwatch with IP68 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate 45 Days Battery

The GPS and Glonass lets it record all your activities, places even altitudes. The data can help you improve your health condition. It is compatible with Bluetooth devices of android and IOS variety.

Price: $59.99

#16. LEMFO Bluetooth Smart Watch – $13.50

cheap smartwatch with fitness tracker for men

It comes in an elongated dial making it look more attractive. It can have a SIM card which would support calls and texts. You can synchronize it with your phones to call. The music player, remote camera and sound recorder are amazing. Product - LEMFO Bluetooth Smart Watch Men Q18 With Touch Screen Big Battery Support TF Sim Card Camera for Android Phone Smartwatch

This smart watch monitors all your health needs from your heart rate to sleep patterns and hours. The sedentary reminder will remind you to change posture as according to need. it comes in three color options of black, silver and gold. The band is super stylish and comfortable to wear for longer duration. This is one of the most affordable fitness tracker watch in 2019 on Aliexpress.

Price: $13.50

#17. Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Stratos 3 – $219

amazfit stratos 2 aliexpress

This smart watch has rubber band and comes in round dial. Being waterproof, you can wear it even when you go for swimming. It recognizes 11 kinds of sports pattern and records your activities accordingly. It also records your heart rate and oxygen level. Product - Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Stratos 2 English Version Smart Watch With GPS PPG Heart Rate Monitor 5ATM Waterproof Sports Smartwatch

You can even enjoy phone-free music on this watch. This Bluetooth smartwatch is compatible with both android and IOS devices. The glass on the watch is anti-reflective giving you easier sight on the dial. One of the best fitness tracker in 2020.

Price: $219

Buying Good and Cheap Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers aren't a new idea - they've been around decades - but thanks to tech advancements in recent years, fitness trackers are more affordable and accessible now than ever before. Popular brands like Amazfit may still set you back hundreds of dollars for your fitness tracker, but there are some great, low-cost options out there that are nearly if not just as good. Where can you find these affordable fitness trackers? Well, China's been coming out with some great options over the past few years.

These Chinese fitness trackers and smartwatches from Aliexpress are the best accessories that can help you live a much required healthier lifestyle. Being super-affordable and having a variety of functions to monitor your health, these fitness trackers are an investment that definitely fits your budget.

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