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by Shopify API on Jan 04, 2022

best aliexpress pet supplies

Our furry friends deserve nothing but the best. To make their life super comfortable and delightful, pet-parents are always on the look out to get the most amazing products. In order to make it easier for you, here is a guide on the best pet supply stores on Aliexpress who bring for your fur babies, nothing but the best. From pet food to dog accessories, you will find all types of products that maybe required by the fur babies.

You even get to find the most amazing toys for your dogs and cats to play with. They are guaranteed to keep the pets amused and happy.

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Top 5 Affordable Pet Supplies Stores on Aliexpress (For Dogs and Cats Lovers)

The best is always the last!

Mr. Meow Store For Cats Check this store HERE.
MoePet Store Great cat accessories Check the store HERE.
Star Pet Product Workshop Small Cat Supplies Check the store HERE.
David's Mall Cat and Dog supplies Check the store HERE.
Beirui Cat and Dog supplies Check the store HERE.

1. Mr. Meow Store

cheap pet supplies

Since 2016, the opening up of this store has seen over 98% of happy customers. With a very high feedback score of 4.8, this store is determined to be simply the best. For your pets they bring to you

  • Bed and mat -They have the most adorable collection of beds and mats. Each of the options are super cute. They all are made of good quality which will give your pet the best sleep experience ever.
  • Clothes – From hoodies to dresses. You will not only find great stylish products here but also clothes for all seasons.
  • Toy – Everybody knows, how much our pets love toys. Chasing tail has become boring. Your furry friends need the most hilarious toys available.
  • Daily needs – From grooming essentials to leashes and collars. You name it, the store got it. That too in a variety of range and affordable prices.
wholsesale pet supplies

For shipping to Canada, the option of AliExpress Standard Shipping is there. For US, the options are e-packet and AliExpress Standard Shipping. For Europe, it is e-packet, AliExpress Standard Shipping and also for some areas China Post air mail is also available.

Check this store HERE.

2. MoePet Store

pet supplies store aliexpress

Launched only last year. This store has a good deal, about 98.6% happy customers. With a feedback score of about 4.8, this is a store to watch out for. They have an amazing variety of things. You can find

  • Collars, harness and leashes – Forget the boring designs. This store offers the latest in fashion. Choose the type of leash you are comfortable with most. Let your pet choose which one he would like to wear on what day. Buy as many as you want. They come at unbelievable prices.
  • Apparel – From a coat to a dress, they have it all. Do not forget to accessorize.
  • Toy – The adorable chew toys are worth every bit of it.
  • Grooming – The anti-tick shampoos work extremely well. Do give it a try.
  • Holiday supplies – The holiday season calls for special accessories for your furry friend.
cheap dog and cat accessories

For shipping to US and most destinations in Europe the e-packet option is available along with the standard Aliexpress shipping. For Canada along with standard Aliexpress shipping, other logistic partners are also available. They are also available for US and Europe. An extra fee might be incurred.

Check the store HERE.

3. Pet Artist ( Star Pet Product Workshop)

Your dog definitely loves to play in the garden even if there is snowfall or chilly winds blowing.  Buying high quality of warm jackets for your dog is a MUST. You can get the reversible winter jackets at Star Pets Product Workshop.

best dog clothes online

You can get the winter waterproof jacket in total eight sizes among which you can select the most appropriate size for your dog.

best aliexpress dog clothes

So, this winter, your dog isn’t going to feel chilled at all because you would take care of the proper warmth of your dog with these high-quality coats and jackets.

Feedbacks from Buyers

  • Astonished… Not I have more words. The order was sent in a few minutes, I thought I had sent no put the name of my dog… Pero was not well… The perfect name, as I wrote and the number of correct telephone. Happy with the purchase, 5 stars in foremost :-) 
  • Great quality. Dogs love their new beds. 
  • Very fast shipping. Track number tracked all the way. I order a second time, the first time I chose by chance none of the size, my dog 2.1 kg, the size M was great to him, reordered the size S, perfectly approached. When ordering for the first time I want to note the quality of tailoring was terrible, the seller in dispute returned some of the funds, this time the jacket came compared to the previous excellent quality. 

Check out the store HERE.

pet supplies store on aliexpress

This store came into being on 16th October 2010. With over 8 years of experience this store has 98.4% satisfied customers and a feedback score of 4.8. The products they offer are

  • Clothes -They have the cutest clothes on offer. The best thing is that the clothes come in different shapes and sizes. There is something or the other in a great stylish variety for all breeds.
  • Leash, collar and Harness – If you have a fawn lab you may prefer a bluish leash for a beagle a polka dot leash might amuse you. Whatever choice of leash, collar and harness can possibly be there, they have it all.
  • Toys – From amazing scratching posts to the most chewable chewy toys made of silicone or rubber are available in this store. They are non-toxic, so you need no worry.
  • Accessories – Most of our furry friends have an unique personality, to match their character, you can get the most suitable accessory easily on this store.
best cheap supplies for pets online

For people in Canada, this store offers shipping through Fedex IE and DHL, for United States and Europe, apart from the free shipping option through the seller’s choice and China Post, courier partners are also available. Depending on how fast you want the goods to reach you, select a shipping partner. It may cost you a little bit extra.

Check the store HERE.

4. David's Mall-Pet Products Supplier

This winter season, you can make your pet stylish by buying attractive waterproof jackets for them. There are warm puppy jumpsuits are also available for the little puppies who might get affected by winters more.

best pet supplies store aliexpress

You can also purchase the leather jackets for your dogs which are available in a total of five different sizes.

cheap dog clothes

With the reflective puffer jackets, your dogs can walk in style, and they would stay warm all the time during winters.

The clothes available at David’s Mall supplier store are of the awesome quality, and prices are also reasonable for every customer.

Feedbacks from Buyers

  • Very nice quality for the price! It fits my dog perfectly, I went according to the size chart. The engraving is accurate. I think it looks better in person than in their photo. My dog is about 25 lbs and the medium fits well.
  • The parcel was 24 days before the Moscow time. I took the size of M on Pugs 5.5 kg and 7.5 kg with waist 38 cm and 42 cm. Everything went well. The material of the panties is pleasant, soft, but not dense. They haven't been tried in the case yet. The seller answered all questions about the goods. I'll probably order another pair.
  • The product is very satisfied. On Chihuahua weighing in 6 kg. Approached the size L. The vest on it sits like a glove. Comfortable to wear and remove. Very comfortable clip on the back, which fixes the vest on the sand. And the dog in the vest looks pretty. I highly recommend for small dogs. They look like little gentlemen in these vests.

Check it out HERE.

wholesale pet supplies online cheap

With over seven years of experience and about 98.6% happy customers, this store can claim a feedback score of 4.8. the choices for your furry friends they offer are

  • Clothes – The clothes range from cute onesies or jumpsuits to awesome t-shirt. The variety is simply great.
  • Harness , leash ,collar and muzzle – The harness and leashes are super comfortable. All pet owners hate muzzle as much as their pets. Sometimes it becomes necessary, like for getting shot at the vet or maybe at time of grooming. This store offers very comfortable muzzle.
  • Toys – The variety is mind-blowing and sure to please.
  • Accessories – Your pets deserve as much the accessory as us to complete their look.
  • Grooming – Only quality grooming products are available.
cheap dog and cat accessories

Variety of shipping options are available for US and Europe. For Canada AliExpress Standard Shipping and Fedex IE is available.

Check the store HERE.

5. Beirui (*Preferred Pet Supplies Store)

Whether you want to buy Vest jacket or socks for your dogs, you can find everything at the Beirui Store. Here, you can find comfortable bed options for your dog along with a wide range of vest jacket sizes.

cheap chinese dog wear store

These jackets come with proper airflow so that your pet won’t feel suffocated after wearing these jackets. You can purchase the jacket according to the size of your dog, and every piece of the jacket is available at reasonable prices. You won’t regret the decision of buying clothes for your dogs.

Check this Chinese store HERE.

This store has been around for over 8 years and have 98.2% happy customers. the feedback score is no doubt about 4.8. this amazing store has to offer for your pets these wonderful things

  • Collar, leash and harness – The most comprehensive list is made available to you here
  • Accessories – You will find the best and most stylish options only
  • Clothes – These clothes are super comfortable, available in wide range of sizes for all breeds and the designs are simply awesome
  • Feeding and sleeping – The variety of bowls are astounding. The bedding sets not only looks great but being of super quality will give your pets a great sleeping experience
  • Grooming – Range of shampoos, combs and other essentials are available for you to explore
pet boutique wholesale suppliers

Shipping to Canada, US and Europe is done by partnering with a host of logistic support. Select the one that suits you the most. Free shipping is also available at many places.

Check the store HERE.

6.    Ayijia Store

Your dog loves to play with a football. Doesn’t he? If you want to make your dog best sporty pet, then you can buy t-shirts for your dog from the AYIJIA-01 Store at reasonable prices.  

dog online clothes for sale

In winters, your pet needs proper warmth to stay protected from diseases, and that’s why you can check out different colors of sweaters at this store.

For better sleeping, you can buy a house sofa for your puppy in winters. The sporty t-shirts for the dogs are available at reasonable prices which would be loved by your dog also.

Check out the store HERE.

Buying CAT and DOG Supplies on Aliexpress

Aliexpress remains one of the best portal for you to purchase direct from the Chinese sellers. Some of the clothes and coats we have seen on Aliexpress are of unmatched quality with awesome prices. It is to no surprise you may find these dog coats on other Ecommerce sites selling at 2-3x of the prices on Aliexpress. Sellers there are selling even cheaper than clearance prices in your local stores.

Best Place to buy Pet Supplies Online - Aliexpress

Things to Note

  • Most Aliexpress products are shipped via China Post. DHL or UPS can be used as shipping method with additional cost. Tracking numbers will be provided in most shipments.
  • After receive items and you found any defectives or incorrect products, kindly claim for compensation to the courier company.
  • Most sellers will exchange the products if you are not satisfied.

Aliexpress has been the most amazing platform, where so many varieties of pet supply stores can be found. They not only offer the most trending products but, these items are highly affordable as well. Most are wholesale prices! This makes Aliexpress your one-stop destination to check out all your pet supplies. Be rest assured you will get quality products that suits all types of budget.

Go ahead make your furry friend jump with joy.

Happy shopping!


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