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by Shopify API on Aug 08, 2022

shein size guide

Shein is a trusted retailer for stylish and reasonably priced clothing, and ordering online is simple on their website. But as we all know, it can be difficult to locate the right size while shopping online. Fortunately, Shein has a ton of size charts for men, women, and children so you can quickly locate your accurate measurements. If you require additional sizing advice, you can respond to a few questions to determine your ideal fit.

Find your SHEIN size

For each Shein item, there are two types of measurements listed under the Size & Fit section: body measures that you can take at home and product dimensions that will differ. Grab a tape measure, use these measurement instructions, and then click on the category listed below to determine the size that fits you.

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How should measurements be taken for Shein apparel?

It's best to refrain from inventing anything; instead, simply access the link to the item you wish to purchase, click the Size Guide link, check the How to measure section, and take the required dimensions as given in the illustrations. For all Shein products, there are measurements tips and illustrations, so check them out and follow the directions.

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Is Shein's sizing accurate?

Yes, it is, as we can tell from the user reviews, but as you are aware, buying apparel online has its quirks. Additionally, sizes might change even between brands of apparel from the same nation.

The five blocks listed below should be checked, as follows:

  1. The Size Guide in case you need to take some extra measurements or check the ones you have.
  2. A size and fit chart to check the measurements of the product and the stretch and fit type.
  3. The customer reviews on the product pages.
  4. The clients' measurements. Yes, you should evaluate the customer's review and compare the customer's measurements and size to yours. They could greatly benefit you.
  5. And the pictures, of course. When you need to check the length and fit, they are crucial.

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Does Shein have small sizes?

Yes, the sizes of Shein clothing are typically smaller than those of western clothing. To avoid unexpected shocks, we advise ordering one size larger.

However, their website offers some advice on how to measure yourself with a tape measure and convert the results to your correct size if you want to know what your size is in Shein.

If there are any discrepancies with the product's size, you will typically see comments in this part urging that you buy one size up or down from what Shein advises. They always advise looking at customer reviews and ratings.

Once the item has been delivered to your home, you can upload your own photos of it using the site. There are lots of people that do it, and the truth is that it's really helpful for you to get a sense of how the neckline, size, sleeves, silhouette, etc. of the clothing feels and might appear on you.

  • Search for popular products.

It's probably good if lots of people have bought it. Customers can post photos of themselves wearing the item of clothing and talking about it in the reviews on SheIn. It displays how bloggers and other users have worn a certain item. They are located above the comments but below the piece's specifics. They are a huge aid in figuring out how well an item will fit. You will have a better understanding of fit and size the more times you view the item on other people. Since so many people have bought it and liked it enough to take a photo of themselves wearing it, they've discovered that the more photos usually indicate that the item was a good buy.

  • Read the comments.

Some comments on products are pointless, such as "I love this thing and wish to buy." Some, on the other hand, are quite useful and discuss how the item fits. Users can enter their height, weight, chest size, and other information. Check out the comments to see what size other people bought and whether or not it worked. In order to determine whether the item runs large, small, or true to size, attempt to find several persons who are similar in size.

  • Please note the model's size.

Since first posted this piece, this functionality has been added, and it is quite beneficial. Shein frequently has a model wearing the apparel, however unlike other, comparable websites, they appear to take their own images of the actual item. There may also include dimensions and the size the model is wearing. It makes an item's fit easier to see.

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  • Take a look at the images in the review section.

The pictures are frequently limited to the object. This is useful for evaluating quality and actual color, but not for sizing. But for products that a lot of people have bought, you can occasionally see pictures of consumers wearing the item. Additionally, since reviews frequently include information about body sizes, you may see how a certain size fits on a model, which might help you predict how it will appear on you.

  • One size does not imply that it will fit all people.

I discovered that Shein occasionally only carries a particular size of something. It is described as "one size." This does not imply that it is a large thing and can accommodate many people. It implies that it might be an XL or a medium size. To find out if and how it will fit you, look at the measurements. Since they seem to run a bit tiny and short, I honestly steer clear of these goods most of the time, but I did pick up a few adorable sweaters one fall that everyone adored.

  • Consider the fabric's stretchability.

To determine if an item will suit you or not, the fabric content can be important. The fabric will stretch an inch to fit you if the waist measurement is smaller than your waist but the fabric is stretchy. Although it appears more expensive than a synthetic fabric, a fabric like cotton has no give to it. Knowing the fabric content also helps you determine if an item will shrink after washing. Additionally, if you are getting a dress or skirt, check to see if the waistline is elastic.

  • Use FitFinder

To determine your size, you can also utilize the SHEIN Fitfinder tool. Simply click "Find your size," and this tool will ask you questions about your weight, age, and height to find your size. Although not all items come with this instrument, it is nevertheless interesting to measure yourself and choose your SHEIN size as we have previously discussed in order to avoid mistakes and purchasing regrets.

The more purchases you make at SHEIN, the easier it will be for you to know what your size is and how you can buy better. However, the measurements you make of yourself will always be a really good and easy guide to follow when shopping at SHEIN.

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