Is Shein Good Quality? My thoughts after buying 101 times from them

by Shopify API on Jul 28, 2023

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When you browse the internet, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you may have come across some advertisements, particularly about a fashion store named SHEIN. It mainly shows trendy, Korean-inspired outfits that will surely catch everyone’s attention.

With the popularity of Korean pop culture, SHEIN has targeted a great number of consumers that take interest in the wide range of fashion products they are offering, may it be for women, men, teens, or children, the choices are limitless.

shein good quality

Some of you might think, “is it worth buying, knowing that I won’t be seeing the products personally”, and more as some of us are used to the traditional shopping, going to a local store, looking up with all the displayed clothes, have the liberty to try some of the clothes to see if they fit, then buying whichever you picked.

As years pass by, SHEIN has built enough credibility and quality with their products that they became one of the trusted and most visited shopping sites particularly by women, regardless of their age. 

What is Shein Apparel?

SHEIN is a Business-to-Consumer type of E-Commerce that is based in China, and has a wide selection of new and trendy fashion that suits the taste of every person, with different gender, ages, fashion preferences, and even financial capability, and has a worldwide presence. They mainly focus on women’s apparel, but they also have men’s and children’s apparel, accessories, shoes, luggage, and other fashion items.

SHEIN mainly offers on-trend styles that match the taste of young women and teenagers at an affordable price. They maintain their market with its wide selection of products and the convenience of shopping terms of selecting desired products, the payment, and its delivery options. It serves as an easy way to shop for new clothes without jeopardizing someone’s safety, especially during the pandemic season.

is shein clothes good?

What makes Shein famous?

SHEIN gained its popularity by bringing clothes that will bring out the inner fashionista in you. With the site easy to navigate, you can freely choose clothes that suit your taste, your needs, and your budget. Their availability worldwide gives them an edge over other fashion companies by bringing the best and the beauty of every wearer of their products. 

The brand established its popularity on social media because it advertised its products to Instagram influencers, giving them free items of clothing to review via paid advertisements. Their sponsored advertisements are in every social media you can think of, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the top three most used social media worldwide. 

With the power and influence of media and its users, SHEIN has become one of the well-known fashion companies.

shein good quality

What does Shein have to offer?

With their motto “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion”, SHEIN has a wide variety of clothing and apparel to choose from. They mostly sell women’s apparel, but they also have curve + plus apparel, kids apparel, men’s apparel, and beauty products and accessories. Let’s know more about each of SHEIN’s apparels.


SHEIN’s women’s apparel has a lot of categories to browse and choose from. From tops to dresses, to denim jeans, cardigans, jumpsuits, jackets and sweatshirts, and many more, any woman can never be happier with what SHEIN has to offer. The amount of the clothes available on their website is overwhelming, the choices are limitless and it will take you some time before finding the “perfect” clothes you want to check out, satisfying your inner fashionista

Curve + Plus

Are you having a hard time looking for a shopping store online that offers clothes for bigger bodies? Well, say no more, as SHEIN has got you covered. With its affordable price, you can choose thousands of trendy clothes, with a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. Considering people that have bigger bodies, SHEIN never disappoints their markets making them a one-stop-shop of people, regardless of their size.


The kids’ section of the SHEIN website has a lot of clothes for stylish kids to look at. They have so many amazing clothes at a great price point that makes it affordable even for single moms who want to buy clothes for their children. They make it to a point that the designs for the kids’ apparel are playful, cheerful yet fashionable, matching the usual qualities of the target market.


Thinking of Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend, or husband, or a Father’s day gift for your father or brother, that is good quality and will fit on your budget? SHEIN also has a men's section for new and trendy clothes for men. If you want to widen your choice for what to wear to a cocktail party, or a business trip, or a romantic date, without spending so much money, you are on the right online shopping site.


Finally, last but not the least, the beauty section of the SHEIN apparel. If you are thinking of changing your makeup with something that has a wide range of shades, colors, and types to choose from, you can try browsing at the SHEIN official website. In this section, you will find everything you need. From the face to eyes, to mouth, and lashes, surely every makeup enthusiast will be impressed. 

Is Shein Authentic?

For those who wanted to try shopping on SHEIN, you might be wondering if it is an authentic shopping site, a trustworthy one. Based on the customer’s reviews of the site and the products they had purchased, we can conclude that SHEIN is an authentic shop, and is a great go-to when looking for clothes that will fit your budget. 

Some customers bought from the site for over 7 years and they have vouched for its products and services. SHEIN, being an online shopping platform, has its previous customer’s product reviews as a reliability check for its new customers. 

All in all, SHEIN is considered a promising online shop with the possibility of becoming more and more famous worldwide in the coming years.

How good is the Quality of Shein Apparel?

When it comes to SHEIN, you are paying for a decent quality, fast fashion for an affordable price, but that does not mean that their products cannot be trusted. Usually, they take the popular, trendy high-end products and produce a lower quality version for an affordable price. 

With that being said, SHEIN always makes sure that their products are worth buying for, with its seamless stitches, good quality of the fabrics used, and its endless styles and designs. Some commented that it is not the high-end brand to guarantee an excellent quality, some were surprised as the quality of what they purchased is of good quality. 

One factor they had considered upon buying was the reviews of a certain product on the website.

is shein good quality

Pros and Cons in buying from Shein

As stated above, SHEIN apparel has its pros and cons in the quality and overall experience of its products to the customers.


With SHEIN gaining enough popularity among fashion enthusiasts, we can assess the pros of buying from them.

  • SHEIN is a great go-to if you’re aiming of having those on-trend clothing apparel and the latest modern styles.
  • It has a massive collection of everything you can think of, shoes, clothes, accessories, and makeup.
  • SHEIN is a budget-friendly shopping website, all of its products can be bought at a cheaper price compared to other online shopping platforms.
  •  The official shopping website has a good reputation and is admired by its users, it has a user-friendly interface that makes shopping easier and more convenient. 
  • SHEIN has customer service available 24/7 via live chats to attend to customer’s inquiries.


On the flip side, buying from SHEIN has its disadvantages.

  • SHEIN apparel can be made of low quality, given its cheap prices.
  • Shipping time can take forever to be processed, as well as the processing of every order.
  • SHEIN’s sizing can be a little inconsistent at times.
  • Their returns and exchange policies are still quite flawed.

Is it worth buying from Shein?

With all the reviews that SHEIN has on the internet, we can say that buying from them is worth a try, given the massive categories and selections to choose from at an affordable price. In terms of the product’s quality, we can say that it is satisfactory enough. 

Their online shopping website is convenient, especially during the pandemic. Sure it may have flaws and setbacks, but as they say, the pros outnumber the cons. We just have to be careful with certain factors, such as the product reviews, the sizing, and the shipping process. 

Shipping time can be a pain in the ass but it is a usual scenario in every online shop. All in all, always keep in mind that when buying from SHEIN, or on any online shopping site, always look for the product reviews, as one of the risks of shopping online is the fact that you can’t personally check the products.

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Is Shein a Good Brand?

In conclusion, SHEIN is a good brand, and shopping from their website can be worth giving a try, especially if you wish to add new and trendy clothes to your wardrobe. But always know that you get what you pay for, as there are some products that may not meet your fashion standards. 

Selection-wise, their site can have endless choices to shop from, with different styles, themes, and categories, even though they are mainly a women’s fashion shop, they also offer men’s clothing, kids’ clothing, plus size items of clothing, and beauty products. 

It is risky to purchase a product online, especially if it is clothes or facial products. You might wait for a long time only to receive clothes that will not be satisfactory for you. Nevertheless, SHEIN can be considered a one-stop shop for everyone worldwide.