Do Shein clothes shrink

by Shopify API on Aug 17, 2022

do shein clothes shrink

It's customary for us to eagerly try on Shein clothing as soon as we get it. We often post a review regarding the clothing's quality on the brand's website at that point.

Few people, however, talk about their experiences after they wash their clothes, and in some clothing manufacturers, that is when the issues arise.

After the first wash, will Shein clothing shrink?

But fear not—we can attest that Shein clothing does not shrink after many years of purchasing it on Shein and other Chinese marketplaces.

Or, at the very least, it doesn't shrink merely because it's a Shein item; like any item from another brand, it can shrink if the washing instructions aren't followed.


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How to determine the fabric of the clothing and suggested washing methods

Fortunately, Shein allows us to view some information on the fabric and care of the garment before we purchase it. You can locate the textiles that were used to make it under the "Description" section of the Shein product information, which is worth a look.

You can see what cleaning techniques can be used in the "care instructions" section on some clothing items. This portion, sadly, is more constrained, does not always exist, and provides only very general information like washing in a washing machine or dry cleaning.

Do SHEIN clothes shrink

Source from Shein Website

The same advice applies to shopping on Shein as it does for any other apparel marketplace: the materials the clothing is made of are crucial.

The clothing won't fade or shrink if it's made of synthetic materials like polyester, but it won't breathe well. However, keep in mind that some man-made fibers, including viscose, a substance that resembles cotton, may shrink.

On the other hand, natural textiles like linen, wool, or cotton typically shrink. But currently, provided the care recommendations on the label are followed, the majority of clothing contains a combination of fibers in adequate proportion to prevent shrinkage.


Guide to garment care when you buy from SHEIN

You should be careful when washing your Shein item, as we described above, to avoid shrinkage. You can find all the washing instructions on the inside label.

Some of the possible symbols are listed below.

do shein clothes shrink in dryer

SHein clothes in Dryer

The way you should handle and care for Shein clothing will depend on the fabric it is made of. We may find this information on the Shein website in the product details. The type of fabric, composition, material, and cleaning instructions are all listed in this section. You should be aware that not all goods have a "Care Instructions" section, which offers extremely basic instructions like those in the picture.

In general, it is best to wash the items at a low temperature, below 30 °C, using a program for cotton, mixed, or synthetic clothing. Our clothes will come out clean if we use a good detergent without the need to use stain removers or other powerful agents that could harm the clothing.

In some circumstances, it is recommended to choose a delicate program if your clothing is made of textiles that are prone to shrinking. Although it is uncommon to find clothing in Shein that cannot be machine washed, it is advisable to be careful and double-check the label.

If you use a tumble dryer, it's also crucial to determine whether the clothing you bought can be tumble dried or if it's preferable to let it air dry. By default, it is advisable to avoid tumble drying them because the high heat employed during the procedure can cause your clothing to shrink.

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Are Shein's clothes well-made and durable?

In the end, it is up to you whether or not your Shein apparel will endure for a long time. Your clothes will last more or less depending on how you wash them and how you use them. Since most of the clothing is made of synthetic materials, washing it won't be a problem. Success is assured with the advice we've provided you, though.

After the initial wash, has Shein's size remained the same?

The first thing that typically happens upon receiving an online clothing order is to put it on. When something fits well, typically assume that it will always fit well and quickly give it a positive evaluation.

The issue arises when we decide to wash the clothing and try to wear it again after a few wears. In certain instances, we observe that what was once a size M now appears to be a size S, and that what formerly wonderfully fit our bodies is now uncomfortably tight.

How can you tell if a garment will shrink or not?

As I’ve previously mentioned, it's crucial to consider the materials used in the garment's construction in order to determine whether its size will remain the same after the first wash.

Natural materials, like wool, cotton, or linen, are likely to shrink if you purchase clothing made of them. You should be aware that most modern clothing is made of a variety of textiles combined in various ratios to prevent shrinkage.

The quality of Shein's clothing

As you can see, Shein's clothing is well-made and long-lasting, but whether this is still the case depends on how carefully you follow the care instructions.

Your clothes will last a long time if you use the advice I’ve given you, but if you want to ensure their quality, I suggest looking at Shein's premium collection of clothing.

Premium quality clothing from SHEIN

You may view Shein's catalog of luxury clothing at this link. It is geared toward customers who are willing to pay more to ensure the quality of the clothing they purchase.

The greater price is justified because this catalog includes distinctive and contemporary designs in addition to better-quality clothing.

This does not imply that you should disregard the care instructions when purchasing clothing from the premium line. To keep the garment's quality over time, this is always required.

In any situation, I want to remind you that Shein has a customer support center that always provides excellent answers to this type of problem if you have purchased clothes from Shein and they have shrunk or experienced some other type of problem during washing.

Select the mode of contact that best meets your needs, and be prepared with some images of the item. To demonstrate that the clothing has shrunk, I advise you to take measurements of the breadth, overall length, and sleeve length.

Depending on the issue, the platform will present you with the best option.

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