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Types of Budget Air Fryers for your Home and Kitchen in UK

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

Best Air Fryers in the UK

Air fryers are fantastic devices that can cut calories from your favourites food and dishes without having sacrifice flavour and taste. More importantly, fried food can now be considered healthier as air fryers cut down on fat content. Check out these Budget Air Fryers UK for all the details.

It’s an amazing device that works on the power of convection, circulating hot air around to expose every surface of your food to heat and oil. The beauty of it is that it only needs a tiny dollop of oil. The texture and the flavour you get from fried food is created via the “Maillard reaction”.

With it being a pretty amazing kitchen gadget, it comes as no surprise that everyone wants it. There are a significant number of air fryers out there, but finding and choosing the right one can be daunting. Luckily, we’ve compiled some of the Best Air Fryers in the UK market below.

After reviewing 50 Air Fryers based on various factors like design, capacity, function, features, performance and price; my team and I zeroed in on 10 that stood out. These 10 were further put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The budget Air Fryer in the UK to buy now is the Tower T17022 Vortx. This device comes with a 4.3L capacity that can easily feed a 3 member family. It also has a built-in dial controller to adjust the timer and temperature of the air fryer. Most Importantly, it only costs under £50.

Which is the best air fryer to buy?

The best air fryer would have to be Power Air Fryer XL, this is the best value air fryer in the market. It has seven preset functions, namely roast, prawns, chicken, steak, fish, fries, and bake. The best part is that the dishes prepared by this air fryer is 70% healthier than the traditional method of frying.

But, of course, there are other amazing air fryers out there. Check out our list of the Best Air Fryers in the UK for all the details.

Most importantly, you need to know how to choose the right air fryer. So peruse through the information below to help you make the right decision.

Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Not everyone likes to wash things by hand, especially with an air fryer.

  • Some air fryer presents some difficulty when it comes to hand washing so it can be bothersome.
  • That's where dishwasher-safe parts come in. It's excellent when parts of the air fryer can be chucked into the dishwasher with you having to worry if it'll be okay or not.

Manual Timers and Digital Timers

Some air fryer users will argue that they prefer a manual timer while others would opt for digital ones. Both do have its advantages and disadvantages.

  • For one,  a manual timer is pretty easy and straightforward to use. A digital timer might be harder to operate mainly for those who aren't used to having their kitchen item digitised.
  • Then again, for some, a digital timer allows them to move around the kitchen to do other things and simply glance at the timer to know how much time is left. It all comes down to preference.

Stirring Paddle

A pretty nifty feature, some air fryers come with a stirring paddle that moves the food around automatically while it cooks.

  • The stirring paddle was primarily created to ensure an even cook on your food all around. It also helps that it saves you the hassle of having to watch and continuously stir.
  • It's pretty amazing what brands can come up with now to make life easier for us. But if you choose to just stir your food because you want to, most stirring paddles can be easily removed and stored in a safer place.

Smart Controls

Some people can’t live without their phone simply because of how easy it makes things.

  • Can we really blame them? And now, things are getting even more accessible in the kitchen as you can control kitchen gadgets and devices from your phone.
  • There are some air fryers on the market that have a smart control feature that lets you control your cooking from your phone. You can control things such as temperature and length of cook time. It can also alert you when you’re cooking is done.

Grilling Mode

Air fryers have gone above and beyond that to give you the option of air frying. Now, some air fryers have the grill mode option available.

  • This is perfect for those who want to cook some meat or fish but don’t want to fry it. Some air fryers will also come with two compartments.
  • These two compartments let you cook two different dishes at the same time, perfect when you’re putting together a fancy dinner or a big family meal.

Temperature Control

  • Temperature control is probably the most important feature when it comes to an air fryer. You will need a high temperature of 200 degrees to cooks nuggets and kebabs to check the technical specifications before purchasing your device.

Cooking Programs

  • Regardless of whether you want to use the air fryer to cook food according to your preference. You also have access to certain cooking programs. These programs are specifically tailored to perfectly cook one type of dish.
  • For example, there might be chips setting, fired chicken setting and much more. You can simply add the ingredients and push a button and leave the rest to the air fryer.

Preheat Settings

  • Pre-heat settings are quite different from the cooking programs. If you want to quickly prepare a dish. Then these preheat settings will come in handy. It's extremely similar to how an oven function with respect to this function.

Recipe booklet

  • Most air fryers come with a recipe booklet which can actually extremely useful if your blanking on dishes to cook using the air fryer. You can always depend on this booklet. While you obviously can Google recipes. You won't find such a comprehensive compilation of recipes like the booklet.

Budget Air Fryers in the UK

Tower T17022 Vortx

Best Budget Air Fryers UK

The Tower T17022 Vortx Air fryer is a large sized fryer that can easily prepare any type of dish thanks to the rapid air circulation built-into the fryer that can cook up to 30% faster with 99% less oil. It’s one of the best air fryers under $50 and can be used for air frying, roasting, baking or reheating food.

  • This budget air fryer is able to cook meals with only a single teaspoon of oil or low-calorie cooking spray. This makes your meals healthier than traditional cooking.
  • At the front of the cooker you will have a dial control that will easily adjust the temperature from 80-200-degree C or set the 30 minute timer.
  • It comes with a decent 4.3 L cooking bowl that can easily be cleaned and sanitized. The Vortx also produces a whopping 1500W of power to cook your food ensuring it’s well done.

The Tower Vortx 4.3L air fryer is designed to make steaks, muffins, wedges, roast, grill and more. It’s an easy to use device which is compact and lightweight so you can store it anywhere without any hassle.


Capacity 4.3L
Power 1500W
Control Dial controller
Accessories Sold separately

Instant Pot Vortex 4-in-1 Fryer

Best Budget Air Fryers UK

Quite similar to the design of the Tower Vortx, the Instant pot Vortex 4-in-1 fryer is a robust device that boasts of a large 5.7L cooking bowl that can bake, roast, air fry or simply heat up food. This device comes with a LCD display and 4 preset programs with an adjustable temperature function allowing you to cook food at up to 205-degrees C.

  • It’s equipped with a large 5.7L bowl that you can use to easily cook a full chicken or any dish that you desire. The minimal oil and grease ensures you’re eating healthy and there’s no mess while cleaning the device.
  • There’s a cooking timer that you can set and leave the food to cook for up to 1 hour. Once done,, the device will shut off the cooking mode and keep the food warm until you’re ready to eat.

The Instant Pot Vortex air fryer is a great budget fryer you can get on Amazon for under £100. It’s large, easy to use and the cooking tray can be cleaned in the dishwasher making the maintenance easy on this one.


Capacity 5.7L
Power 1700W
Control LCD display controller
Accessories Sold separately

Tower T17005 Healthier Oil Free Rapid Air Fryer

This is an extremely popular air dryer in the UK that is not only low-cost but also reliable and user-friendly. The Tower T17005 Healthier Oil Free Rapid Air Fryer is known to fry up excellent quality food. It is definitely one of the Best Budget Air Fryers UK.

  • Many have praised it for being a fantastic air fryer for family use, and how big it cuts down on fat - by nearly 80%. Additionally, this household product saves a lot of time.
  • It also has a wide range of accessories with it and some that you can buy separately, such as a divider to cook two meals simultaneously and a baking pan.
  • The Tower T17005 Air Fryer uses rapid air circulation technology and a low-calorie cooking spray to fry your food without the excess fat associated with traditional frying.

This air fryer has an adjustable dial that ranges between 80-200 Degree so you can easily cook various meals like vegetables, chips, chicken and even cake. The best part is that it has a large cooking basket with a capacity of 3.2 litres. So, you have ample space for grilling, frying, roasting and baking.

Capacity 3.2l
Power 1350W
Display Manual Timer
Accessories Sold separately

Power Air Fryer XL 

When it comes to the air fryer with the best value, it doesn’t get better than the Power Air Fryer XL, a mid-range air fryer that’s easy-to-use. You can cook non-greasy healthy food that's packed with flavour for a great price. This Affordable appliance is one of the Best Budget Air Fryers UK.

  • Adjusting the temperature and the cooking time can be done with the Power Air Fryer. It also has seven preset functions, namely roast; prawns; chicken; steak; fish; fries; and bake. It comes with an LED control panel which is super convenient.
  • A baking pan and a basket divider come free with the air fryer for a much-varied cooking experience. The recipe book that also comes with fryer is a great addition to have.
  • This air fryer also comes with a 3.2L capacity. So it's perfect for the entire family.
  • Power Air Fryer XL can quickly fry your food at 200°C/400°F. It is 70% faster than conventional cooking methods.

The most fantastic part about this air fryer is the clever all-in-one alternative to 5 cooking methods. Basically, you can fry, grill, bake, saute, roast and steam food with this air fryer. Also, this air fryer is extremely easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Capacity 3.2l
Power 15000W
Display Digital
Accessories None

Morphy Richards 480001 Health Air Fryer

The Morphy Richards 480001 Health Air Fryer perfect for the family. It also cooks faster than your conventional oven. You can fry, roast, bake and grill all your favourite family meals in a healthier and more convenient way. It's very similar to a multi-cooker except that it can roast and grill as well.

  • The preset functions can be found on the top of the air fryer while a nice digital display and buttons are located on the front.
  • It has a large capacity of 3 litres. And you can cook even and consistent food with just a spoonful of oil. Imagine if every single one of your french fries were perfect.

This air fryer comes with eight pre-programmed settings. You don't have to guess if the time or temperature is right. It's all taken care of. You get perfectly cooked food every time. The digital display also helps you keep track of your food.

Capacity 1.6 kg
Power 1400W
Display Digital
Accessories None

Lakeland Touchscreen Air Fryer

The Lakeland Touchscreen Air Fryer is a brilliant device where functionality and design meld seamlessly to form the perfect cooking experience. This air fryer is equipped with a clear digital display and touchscreen controls. It is definitely one of the Best Budget Air Fryers UK.

  • You can do wonders with the adjustable temperature settings and various other features.
  • It’s very user-friendly and has several features to it, such as a timer and a temperature gauge, and a cool-touch handle so that you can check the progress of your cooking without Burning yourself.
  • With just a teaspoon of oil, the Lakeland Touchscreen Air Fryer can already fry up to 500 grams of chips, and other food.

It also has an auto-stop function that many seem to love. The air fryer will automatically stop when you pull the basket out. The Lakeland Air Fryer is dishwasher safe.

Capacity 2.6l
Power 1300W
Display Digital & touchscreen
Accessories None

Philips Avance Collection Airfryer XL HD9240/90

A stellar device from Philips, this air fryer is not only highly functional but comfortable on the eyes, too. It’s sleek and attractive and blends nicely in any spacious kitchen. 

  • Its design is not only meant to be attractive but functional. It’s been designed in a way that the air circulation gives a nice crisp and even cook every time. Performance-wise, it’s a real winner.
  • The Philips HD9240 can fry, bake, grill, and roast up to a temperature of 200C. It is definitely one of the Best Budget Air Fryers UK.

You can save the settings for your favourite dishes using the pre-set feature and access it whenever you want. It's also dishwasher safe. So, you don't have o worry about cleaning it.

Capacity 3l
Power 2100W
Display Digital & touchscreen
Accessories None

Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK

The Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK promises a healthier alternative to regular frying of up to 75% less fat, possibly paving the way for you to enjoy your chips healthily and at the same, in bigger bulk; this can fry up to 900 grams of chips.

  • Versatility is a strong feature as the Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK. Frying isn’t the only thing you can do with it.
  • You can also roast your food, or get even healthier by dehydrating food like apple slices and veggies crisps for wholesome snacks. It is definitely one of the Best Budget Air Fryers UK.

This air fryer also allows you to reheat leftovers easily. Smooth controls, and a digital display with a customisable cooking program. It's definitely one of the Best Air Fryers in the UK

Capacity 3.8l
Power 1550W
Display Digital
Accessories Removable Crisper Plate

Tefal ActiFry Genius+ Air Fryer

The Tefal ActiFry Genius+ is a top range air fryer that's a healthy alternative to deep-frying. This appliance can cook up to six portions of food without the hassle of having to stir it or keep a close eye on the process. It has an in-built paddle that makes sure the ingredients are uniformly cooked. It's one of the Best Air Fryers in the UK.

  • With a 1.2 kg capacity, it can easily provide food for a 3-4 member household.
  • As mentioned earlier it has a 360-degree stirring paddle a ensures the food is evenly and the combination of the hot air guarantees your food is cooked consistently. It is definitely one of the Best Budget Air Fryers UK.
  • This takes a huge load off your shoulders as you just need to add the ingredients and not worry about stirring the food midway or shaking the device. This feature really separates this air fryer from the rest as it saves quite a bit of your time.
  • It has nine automatic cooking functions that can adjust the stirring speed and temperature for you. So, If you're new to cooking, you don't need to panic as this fryer can take the guesswork out of cooking.

The best part about the Genius+ is that it automatically asjusts temperature and stirring paddle so as to not overcook. So, you can essentially expect perfectly cooked food every time.

Item Weight 5.02 Kg
Product Dimensions 43.3 x 30.3 x 23.8 cm
Capacity 1.20 Kilograms
Power / Wattage 1520 watts

VonShef Air Fryer

The VonShef Air Fryer is one of the best low-budget air fryers in the UK. Not only does it come with a compact and modern design but it is also equipped with a unique air frying technology that offers the taste of deep-fried food without the un-healthy oil/fat. In fact, it can actually fry food that has 80% less fat than regular fried food. It is definitely one of the Best Budget Air Fryers UK.

  • This Air Fryer has a stylish modern design. It's completely black with copper accents. So, it looks quite elegant and can easily blend in any kitchen environment.
  • It also has a 2.5-litre capacity and can easily feed a family of 4. Additionally, the food basket is non-stick, which makes cleaning the machine an effortless job. This air fryer also has non-slip feet which prevent slips, spills and other accidents.
  • Although it looks decent, there's nothing outstanding about this device. It doesn't have a multifunctional feature or anything unique. However, it made it to this list because it simply makes the most amazing chips and chicken nuggets on the planet. While it only has a rapid air circulation function, it does a brilliant job. It beats using a deep fat fryer any day.

The taste is out of the world and you definitely know that is cooked to perfection. You can, of course, control the temperature from 80°C to 200°C. Most importantly, it comes with overheat protection to prevent accidents.

Item Weight 5.38 Kg
Product Dimensions 30 x 23 x 32 cm
Capacity 2.5 Kilograms
Power / Wattage 1300 watts

Can you cook a whole chicken in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can cook all types of fried food from chips to fried chips meat with an air fryer and it much healthier to cook meat in an air fryer than deep-frying it. It comes with useful features and functions like salters. cooking baskets and much more.

To cook a whole chicken, all you have to do is, prep the chicken and place it breast-side down in the air fryer and cook it at 350 degrees from 30 minutes. Next, remove it and place it back in breast-side up for 15-25 minutes and cook it till it the meat reaches a temperature of 165 degrees. You can check this with a cooking thermometer.

Are air fryers any good?

Air fryers are really good. The food cooked in an air fryer can be a much healthier alternative than traditional frying as it will not contain large amounts of grease and fat.

  • Choosing the perfect air fryer for you does come down to preference and knowing what you need out of your chosen air fryer. If you don’t need a whole lot of features, forgo the expensive ones and opt for the budget to mid-range air fryers that can still do the job.
  • Along with that, don’t forget to consider how this method revolutionizes the way you dine and cook your meals. Not all recipes that you’re used to cooking can be done with an air fryer, so you have to consider that.

At the end of the day, we advocate a healthy lifestyle and a better diet and an air fryer can definitely help you achieve that.

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