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List of Healthiest Yogurts in the UK 2024 Version

by Jon Ng on Jun 11, 2024

List of Healthiest Yogurts in the UK 2024 Version

Yogurts are not just snacks that fitness aficionados obsess over, it can be a wonderful breakfast and nutritional post-workout snack and can offer great digestion and bone benefits. But finding a healthy one can be tricky as most products are loaded with preservatives and "natural flavoring" that are hidden from us. So, what are the healthiest yogurts in the UK?

Be it Low-fat, Greek, or Dairy-Free vegan yogurt, you need to know what you put inside your body to keep it healthy. Good yogurts can help you get the boost of protein, probiotics, calcium and elevate your overall health without putting on unnecessary calories or sugar. We have curated a list of the healthiest yogurts in the UK, Check them out!

After reviewing 100 yogurt brands based on various factors like nutritional value, components, flavor, origin, packaging and price, my team and I zeroed in on 11 that really stood out. These 11 were further put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The Healthiest Yogurt in the UK is Yeo Valley Kefir Natural Yogurt. This snack is created using an ancient fermentation method that gives rise to a blend of 14 strains of gut-friendly bacteria. These strains not only help digestion but it also helps improve metabolism and helps reduce chronic inflammation. It is also high in protein and calcium which helps bone development.

What are the Healthiest Yogurts in the UK?

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Healthy Yogurts - Buyer's Guide

Just because a product has been labeled as Yogurt doesn't necessarily mean that it's a healthy product. Some brands do add some flavoring additives and sugar which can reduce yogurt's health promoting properties. In order to find the right yogurt in the UK you will need to check a few things first.

  • Ingredients - Not all yogurt are manufactured the same, some will contain added ingredients and still be sold as all-natural. It's ideal to choose a yogurt with the least ingredients possible. Ensure it does not contain any preservatives or added sugar.
  • Check the nutrition label - Yogurt comes with a nutrition label placed on the container. This label will tell you how much nutrition the yogurt has and how many grams or sugar per serving are present in the mix. Ensure your yogurt contains an ample amount of vitamin D and Calcium that will meet the daily requirements.
  • Full fat or Low fat - The only difference between the two is the amount of calories it provides. Typically, low fat yogurt is low in calories but would contain more sugar additives than it should. Go for a full fat yogurt as dairy fat is known to be beneficial for your gut.
  • Live cultures - Healthy probiotic bacteria that's in yogurt is responsible for an improved digestive system. These beneficial cultures can improve lactose intolerance, reduce diarrhea and will stimulate the immune system.

What are the Benefits of Healthy Yogurt?

Here are some of the primary benefits of eating healthy Yogurt:

  • Yogurt is rich in nutrients and proteins
  • It is beneficial to digestive health
  • Helps in reducing blood pressure and improves your heart health
  • Can help with weight management
  • Yogurt will help improve your immune system

What are the Healthiest Yogurts in the UK?

Co Yo Organic Dairy Free Coconut Milk Yogurt

A great alternative to your typical dairy yogurt, the Co Yo yogurt is made from coconut milk and is one of the most healthiest, gluten free and vegan yogurt in the market. It not only tastes really good, but it's also keeps you refreshed and leaves you longing for more.

  • The Co Yo coconut yogurt is all natural and does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors. It has a smooth texture and comes in a nice little tub which allows for easy access.
  • Co Yo has used coconut cream which is a blend of coconut extract and water along with live culture to develop this heavenly masterpiece.

What's in it for you?

This all-natural yogurt does not contain milk or milk products and is safe for vegetarians to consume.

Key Features

  • All natural ingredients
  • Contains coconut cream and live cultures
  • 0% fat and cholesterol
  • serves 2 people

Fage Total 0% Fat Free Greek Natural Yogurt

The Fage Total 0% Fat Free Greek Natural Yogurt is one of the Best Healthy Yogurts UK. Not only does it have an amazingly rich and creamy texture but it is also completely non-fat. It's one of the few fat-free yogurts that taste really good. It also happens to be filled with calcium, Vitamin B and Vitamin E.

  • Fage has been making dairy products for almost a century and they are known to use the best milk and ingredients. However, the smooth creamy texture and the health benefits are due to the addition of Fage's own unique blend of cultures that have been passed down for years.
  • This culture blend elevates the quality of your gut bacteria helping both digestion and metabolism. This fat free yogurt also happens to have around 10.3g of protein. Since the taste is out of his world, it goes well with pretty much anything from fruits to cereals and even salads.
  • The amazing taste can be primarily attributed to the sugar. Fage contains 3 grams of sugar for every 100 grams of yogurt.

What's in it for you?

The protein content makes it an amazing treat for post or even pre-workouts. Additionally, the calcium and vitamin content helps for teeth and bone development.

Key Features

  • It helps with bone and teeth development.
  • The combination of the cultures helps develop your gut bacteria and helps with metabolism.
  • Amazing texture and taste
  • 10.3 grams of protein which makes it the perfect snack for post or pre-workouts.

Yeo Valley Kefir Natural Yogurt

Yeo Valley Kefir Natural yogurts are made from an ancient way of fermentation that has been around of ages. This creamy yogurt contains gut health-supporting live bacteria for easier digestion and by adding fruit it makes it a filling and nutritious for the whole family. It's the Best Healthy Yogurt UK.

  • The yogurt is also gluten-free to help ease the digestive system and chronic inflammation. 
  • It is high in protein making the perfect snack to have for your post or pre-workouts.
  • It is high in calcium and phosphorus that help keep your bones and teeth strong which is recommended for growing children.

What’s in it for you?

The Yeo Valley yogurt is a 100% organic yogurt that comes with the goodness of 14 different strains of live bacteria that promotes your gut health. 

Key Features 

  • Yeo Valley Kefir Yogurt is an all-organic gluten-free yogurt that is made from an ancient way of fermentation.
  • It combines fourteen different live gut health-supporting bacteria that help ease the digestive system.
  • It is high in protein and calcium that help strengthen your bones and teeth perfect for growing children.

Gogo Squeez Blueberry Yoghurt Pouches

The Gogo Squeez Blueberry Yogurt made it our list for being a hit among the kids and parents. The packaging is ideal to fit in your kids’ lunchbox and can be easily consumed in a fun squeeze pack. The yogurt is gluten-free and has no preservatives, just squeeze the pouch to enjoy yummy real yogurt & fruit on the go no spoon, no mess.

  • The active bacteria allow the yogurt to be preserved without refrigeration, perfect for people who are travelling.  
  • No artificial flavouring is added, just pure goodness of natural blueberry which makes an amazing combination with the yogurt.

What’s in it for you?

The packing of the yogurt comes in a re-closable snack pouch that is crafted with high-quality ingredients to provide wholesome goodness that you can squeeze and enjoy wherever life takes you.

Key Features

  • The Gogo Squeez Blueberry yogurt is made with 100% natural fruit with no preservatives or food color.
  • It comes in an attractive easy to consume squeeze pack that fits perfectly in your kids’ lunch box.
  • No artificial flavouring is added and the yogurt is high in calcium and vitamin for healthy bones and teeth. 

Golden Acre Thick and Creamy Mixed Yogurts 

The Golden Acre range of yogurts is known for its long life, ambient storage, and thick and creamy texture. The yogurts contain an assortment of fruit flavours like cherry, strawberry, apricot, and mango. If you are looking for a healthy mild and creamy yogurt to go with breakfast this is at the top of our list.

  • It contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives making it a healthy option for the entire family to consume.
  • The container is perfect to go along with your breakfast buffet, just rip open the top and dig in. 
  • It is gluten and gelatine free making it easy to digest. It's one of the Best Healthy Yogurts UK.

What’s in it for you?

If you like variety in yogurt, the golden acre mixed fruit pack has an excellent variety of assorted fruits. So your palette will never get bored. 

Key Features

  • The Golden Acre Thick and Creamy Mixed yogurt packs are known for a variety of flavours and thick and creamy texture.
  • If you like to have a variety of flavour the Golden Acre yogurt will leave you palette amazed. 
  • The yogurt is completely gluten and gelatine free and has no artificial colours or preservatives making it a healthy and natural option of yogurt. Traditional Bulgarian Yogurt

Best Healthy Yogurts UK has been making culture for over a couple of years and have been successful in doing so. The traditional Bulgarian starter culture has been obtained from natural lactic acid bacteria that has been sourced from Bulgaria.

  • This brand specializes in making some of the best in-house yogurt batches around and is completely free of stabilizers, coloring, preservatives, sugar and thickening agents.
  • The traditional Bulgarian yogurt is fresh even though you can buy the kit in a supermarket. You’re always guaranteed the best quality with
  • In order to make yogurt from this starter culture you will need to boil milk and then cool it down. You will be required to pour one sachet of the starter  culture into the milk and then mix the ingredients together. Let it sit for around 10 hours and then follow the instructions on the yogurt maker.

What’s in it for you?

The Traditional Bulgarian yogurt is all-natural with no additives or preservatives. It’s brilliant for your stomach and comes packed with Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus.

Key Features

  • Pack comes with 10 sachets allowing you to make up to 10 batches of probiotic yogurt at home
  • The starter culture is safe to use for babies as it does not contain any pigments or artificial essences.

Golden Acre Fat-Free Mixed Yogurts

Golden Acre Fat-Free yogurt made it our list for its amazing taste while still maintaining your calorie count. It comes in a sealed container that can last quite a while and can be easily carried without the worry of leakage.

  • It comes in a durable cup-shaped package that is three-layered for excellent preservation with no change of taste. 
  • The product is completely gluten and gelatine free making it easy to digest.
  • This yogurt is an all-natural supplement for maintaining your diet and makes an amazing snack after your work-out. 
  • A mild and creamy texture adds to an amazing breakfast add on. 

What’s in it for you?

The Fat-free yogurt from golden acre comes in three unique tangy flavours of strawberry, peach & passion fruit, and raspberry. 

Key Features

  • The Golden Acre Fat-free yogurt is an amazing all-natural low-calorie yogurt that makes an amazing post-workout snack.
  • It comes in a durable package for long preservation and is completely gluten and gelatine free.
  • The texture of the yogurt makes it stand out as an excellent breakfast add to keep your digestive system alive and kicking. 

Little Freddie Blueberry & Banana Greek Style Yoghurt Pouch

Little Freddie creamy organic yogurts made it to our list for being the best yogurt for infants. This award-winning yogurt is made from high-quality calcium-rich whole milk. It has a high nutritional value and is prepared in the Greek style of making yogurt to hold all the nutrition together.

  • The highest quality of fruits is used to so you can rest assured that you are getting the nothing but the best tasting, most nutritious food for your infant. It's one of the Best Healthy Yogurts UK.
  • The texture of the yogurt is delightful and creamy with natural sharp wild blueberries and mellow banana. 

What’s in it for you?

The Greek style of yogurt making is used to make Little Freddie’s yogurts, giving you the best organic quality without losing out on the nutritional value of the fruits.

Key Features

  • Little Freddie’s blueberry and banana yogurt is a greek style yogurt made for infants below two to provide calcium to strengthen their bones.
  • Its made from high-quality fruits keeping your infants in mind. If you are looking for delightful and creamy yogurt for your infant, Little Freddie is the perfect choice without compromise.

EasiYo Greek and Coconut 

The Easiyo Greek n Coconut contains real coconuts for amazing taste and makes a thick and creamy yogurt packed with flavour. It is loaded with billions of live cultures in every spoonful.

This particular pack can make up to 1 full litre of yogurt with no artificial ingredients. If you are looking for a portable option of having a healthy bowl of yogurt this one is for you.

  • The yogurt contains natural lecithin derived from soya beans and natural flavouring to ensure its organic all the way. 
  • Real coconuts pieces are added for amazing taste and flavour.
  • Each sachet of this yogurt powder can make up to 1 litre of organic yogurt that contains pasteurized while and skim milk for a creamy texture.

What’s in it for you?

There are billions of live cultures and gut strengthening bacteria that help ease digestion in every spoon. Making this a convenient travel partner to keep your health in check. 

Key Features

  • The EasiYo Greek n Coconut with real coconut bits is the latest addition to the ever-popular Greek Yoghurt range.
  • It makes a thick and creamy yogurt that is full of flavour, delectable and contains real coconut pieces for amazing taste and texture.
  • Not only is this yogurt indulgent but it's good for you too as it is packed with billions of live cultures that strengthen and ease your digestive system. 

Easiyo Low Fat Greek Yogurt

The Easiyo Low Fat Greek Yogurt is a Mediterranean style of yogurt this is forever popular in the middle east and Europe. It is a full-cream, plain yogurt and is ideal for people who prefer their yogurt thick and creamy.

  • It is known for being an amazing dip replacing mayo making it a healthy low-fat snack. If you are looking for a healthy alternative from dairy this low-fat yogurt is ideal for you.  
  • It is an excellent source of calcium, protein, and milk fat which is required to maintain strong bones and teeth. 

What’s in it for you?

The Easiyo Low Fat Greek Yogurt is an excellent replacement from fatty mayonnaise. It can be used in dressing and a great low-fat substitute for sour cream and cream cheese.

Key Features

  • The Easiyo Low Fat Greek Yogurt is a full-cream, plain yogurt and is loved by people who prefer their yogurt creamy and thick.
  • Each spoon is loaded with live cultures and bacteria that help ease digestion.
  • If you are looking for a dairy replacement in your diet this fat-free yogurt is ideal. 

Fermiere Vanilla Yogurt Terracotta Pot

The La Fermiere creamy yogurt is a thick and creamy yogurt that is made with high-quality milk from the Alps that has been infused with fresh vanilla bean pods from Madagascar.

  • The yogurt is layered to be packed with flavor where you have a thick cream on top and vanilla seeds at the bottom of the pot for intense flavor. 
  • This Fermiere Vanilla Yogurt Terracotta Pot has vanilla seeds that are layered at the bottom and is fermented with the milk within a pot to enhance and ensure rich vanilla flavour with every bite. 
  • The milk used to make the yogurt is nothing but the best high-quality milk from the Alps for exceptional flavour and creaminess. 

What’s in it for you?

The container used to make the yogurt is the same you eat out from to ensure its organic taste and texture. The pot is reusable, all you have to do is leave the vanilla seeds and add yogurt for an extra round of yogurt. 

Key Features

  • La Femiere is a creamy yogurt made with high-quality milk from the Alps infused with vanilla from Madagascar.
  • Giving you a rick thick creamy yogurt with amazing flavour.
  • The pot it comes in recyclable and can be used to make homemade yogurt. 

How Many Types of Yogurt are There?

There are numerous variants of healthy Yogurts you can try today. Some of the most popular types of Yogurts are:

  • Kefir - This is a liquid form of Yogurt that can be drank. It's loaded with Probiotics and can easily be made at home by introducing Kefir grains into a jug of milk and letting it stand anywhere between 12-24 hours.
  • Greek Yogurt - This is a creamy and well made yogurt that not only tastes splendid but can also withstand hot climates. It's basically regular Yogurt, but with the Whey stripped away.
  • Low Fat Yogurt - This style of making Yogurt involves using zero % or skimmed milk. Basically milk that does not contain any fat.
  • Frozen Yogurt - Not all Frozen Yogurt is healthy to consume. You will need to find the right Fro-Yo that comes with active live cultures and not the heat-treated Yogurt where the culture is dead.
  • Non Dairy Yogurt - This form of Yogurt does not contain any milk or dairy products, instead it's made from coconut milk or soy.
  • Skyr - Skyr is a Yogurt that's high in protein and has a creamy texture. In order to make Skyr, you will need more than 3x the normal quantity of milk. But the end result means 2-3 times more protein than you would get with other styles of making Yogurt.

What are the healthiest yogurts?

Yeo Valley Kefir Natural Yogurt, Golden Acre and EasiYo are the healthiest yogurts in the market. Not only do they taste absolutely brilliant but they also have a high nutritional value. This yoghurt helps improve bone and digestive tract health.

They contain multiple strains of beneficial bacteria that improve gut health. The Yeo Valley Yogurt, for example, is gluten-free and relieves chronic inflammation. Check out our list of the Best Healthy Yogurts UK for more details.

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