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Best Electric Shoe Dryer 2022 | For All Types of Shoes and Boots

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

best electric shoe dryer

If you live in a place where the climate is cold and wet for the majority of the year then you probably have to deal with inconveniences such as wet shoes on a regular basis. It can get really tedious when you try to dry it. Which is why most people use electric shoe dryers to save time and energy. Check out our list of the Best Electric Shoe Dryer UK for all the details.

Since I live in the damp and rainy Manchester climate I've always had to deal with wet shoes and damp socks. And it can get extremely annoying when you try to dry the shoes. It takes a long time in the sun and it smells terrible if it doesn't dry right and if you try the fireplace, there is a loss in the quality of the shoes.

I constantly have to spend on new pairs of shoes. It's even worse when I get water-resistant shoes. They will inevitably get wet or dirty and it is a pain to dry these. Which is why we at Discount Age have compiled a list of the most useful and Best Electric Shoe Dryer UK.

Best Electric Shoe Dryer - Quick Summary

Best Electric Shoe Dryer Feature
MaxxDry Unisex's Heavy Duty Boot and Gloves Dryer Heats for 40.5 degrees CelsiusDries in 1 hour
LNSTUDIO Electric Shoe Dryer Automatic shut offEasy to store
Ibalody Shoe Dryer UV sanitisation modeKill odour and microorganisms
Homcom Shoe Boot Dryer Low power consumptionSet timers
JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer Silent dryerNatural drying process, no damage to the shoes
Xinlie Shoe Dryer Versatile usageEliminates moisture and bacteria
Sidas Thermic Shoe Dryer PortableCan fit on any type of shoes

After reviewing over 50 electric shoe dryers based on various factors like design, functionality, features and price, my team and I at Discount age zeroed in on 6 that really stood out. These 6 were further put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best electric shoe dryer in the UK is the MaxxDry Electric Footwear and Gloves Dryer. With a fast air technology, this electric shoe dryer is one of the best in terms of performance and functionality. It has highly effective features that can kills bacteria and prevent bad odour. Most importantly, it can dry shoes in under an hour without damaging the materials.

Best Electric Shoe Dryer UK

#1 -- MaxxDry Electric Footwear and Gloves Dryer

The MaxxDry Electric Footwear and Gloves Dryer is one of the best electric shoe dryers in the market. It's designed to be as efficient as possible without damaging the fabric of the shoes. It also uses proprietary technology to not only effectively warm the shoes and gloves but it also kills microbes. It's one of the Best Electric Shoe Dryer UK.

  • While it does have a minimalistic colour scheme, the design has been maximized to be as effective and versatile as possible. It has for protrusions to dry both shoes and gloves.
  • This electric shoe dryer uses a "Forced Air" technology to dry shoes in under an hour. Most importantly, this technology comes with a mild heat or not heat option which is highly useful it drying garments and shoes without damaging or shrinking the material.

This technology not only removes moisture but also perspiration. This effectively helps eliminate both bacteria and fungus. Most importantly, it indirectly prevents bad odour.

  • The long protrusions can effective dry all types of footwear including boots.
  • Removes moisture and perspiration
  • Prevents bad odour and microbes

#2 -- LNSTUDIO Electric Shoe Dryer

The LNStudio Electric Shoe Dryer is one of the most popular shoe dryers out there. It is suitable for all types of shoes. Especially, trainers, leather shoes, cotton and travel shoes. It is definitely one of the most versatile shoe dryers out there as it can even be used to dry gloves, hats and socks.

  • This electric shoe dryer allows you to set timers for different types of shoes. For example, if it's a leather shoe, you can set a 99-minute timer and a 10-minute timer for a cloth shoe. It also has an automatic shut-off safety feature.
  • It is has a built-in deodorizer system that helps eliminate odour caused by bacteria and sweat. It also prevents the growth of fungus.

It is lightweight and portable. You can fold it and put it away when it's not in use. The length of the shoe placeholders can be adjusted based on the type and size of the shoe.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, portable and easy to use
  • set timers up to 99 minutes
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Ozone Deodorizer System

Click here to check it out on Amazon UK! - £26.99

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#3 -- IBalody 40W Waterproof Shoes Dryer

The IBalody Shoe Dryer is a shoe dryer on the higher-end. Although it is a tad bit expensive, it does an amazing job. It also has fantastic features that make it the Best Electric Shoe Dryer UK.

  • It is one of the most effective dryers. It can dry dripping wet running shoes in about 4-6 hours. It is quite a versatile shoe dryer.
  • Kills bacteria and fungus. So you don't need to be worried about bad odour or infections.

It uses UV and Ozone to effectively sterilize your shoes. It has a sterilization rate of 99.9%. It also has UV sanitization modes like a freedom time mode where you use it indefinitely and a Timer mode where you can use it during the set time. This electric shoe dryer will automatically shut-off once the timer is over.

Key Features:

  • A versatile dryer that can dry shoes in less than 4-6 hours
  • Kills microorganisms and prevents both odour and infections
  • UV sanitization Modes

Check it out on Amazon UK! - £74.98

#4 -- HOMCOM Shoe Boot Dryer Electric

The HOMCOM Electric Dryer is perfect for when you've survived a bout of rain. You can simply take off your shoes and insert one of the four nozzles of the dryer. It is one of the most popular shoe dryers in the UK.

  • It made with environmentally friendly materials.
  • This electric shoe dryer is wall-mountable. It comes with the necessary hardware to make that happen.
  • This electric dryer is also versatile as you can use it to heat garments. It also prevents diseases by killing microorganisms.
  • Although the heat is high, it's thermal efficiency is rather high. So you actually save a lot of power.
  • You can set timers up to 120 minutes.

Unlike other shoe dryers, you don't have to flip it and place it on a placeholder. The HOMCOM Shoe dryer has four extensions that you can use to dry your shoes. With a 350W Heater providing 40-degree celsius hot hair, this shoe dryer can dry your boots in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Versatile as you can even heat garments
  • Low power consumption
  • Made from Environmental-friendly materials
  • Set timers
  • Mountable
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus

Check it out here on Amazon UK! - £25.99

#5 -- JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer

The JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer can be used to dryer all types of shoes, boots and even garment accessories. It is definitely one of the most versatile and Best Electric Shoe Dryer UK.

  • It is specifically meant to dry damp, cold and musty shoes and garments. It is not only meant for home use, but you can also dry work boots, hunting attire, Fishing boots, Hiking shoes and sports shoes.
  • This shoe dryer drys the shoe from the inside out with warm air. It can even reach the hard to reach places where water accumulates. For example, the tips of the shoes.

It kills bacteria and removes perspiration/odour. It's safe, easy to use and cost-effective. You can plug it in and dry your shoes overnight without worry.

Key Features:

  • Warm thermal air that drys shoes from the inside out.
  • The drying process is natural so it won't damage or shrink the shoes
  • Kills bacteria and deodorizes the shoes
  • It takes about 30 mins to warm the shoes, 8 hours to dry the shoes if its damp and 12+ hours if it's wet.
  • There is no emission of noise. It's quite silent in fact.
  • It's multipurpose and meany for all types of shoes, gloves, hats and other accessories.

Check it out here on Amazon UK! - £24.99

#6 -- Xinlie Shoe Boot Dryer

The Xinlie Shoe Boot Dryer is probable the most portable device on this list. It is made of two individual drying units (One for each shoe) and is attached together by an electric wire with a plug. This shoe dryer removes moisture in shoes and a purple lamp sterilizers the shoe preventing bacterial growth. It is definitely the Best Electric Shoe Dryer UK.

  • Made From high-quality and materials. So it has high longevity. Even the cable is sturdy as it comes with a durable cable guard.
  • This electric shoe dryer not only removes the moisture from the shoe but also kills bacteria with its purple sterilizer lamp.

It's a practical product for everyday use. It's extremely easy to use and does the job well. Skiers, fishermen and athletes would definitely benefit from this product. It can also dry leather shoes, rain boots and gloves.

Key Features:

  • Made from good quality materials
  • A purple lamp that kills bacteria
  • Versatile usage

Check it out here on Amazon UK! - £8.99

#7 -- Sidas Thermic Shoe Dryer

This is the best boot dryer in the UK because it’s extremely easy to use and is also portable. It makes no extra noise at all and is silent during your use. 

  • This Sidas thermic dryer works for all types of shoes, boots, snow boots, trainers etc.
  • This shoe dryer is travel-friendly and can be taken anywhere you wish to. The adjustable system it has is very friendly and doesn’t let fungus, bacteria or any other organism grow on the shoes. 
  • It prevents bad odour and is perfect for home as well outdoors. 

Key features:

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Fits in all types of shoes and boots

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How to choose an Electric Shoe Dryer: 

Type of dryer: It is important to understand the appearance, structure and the size of the dryer you’re going to get and for what purpose you are going to use it. 

Drying time: This is related to the power of the electric shoe dryer. Some dryers heat up quickly and keep it constant while others increase progressively with time. Some of the dryers are intense and dry things quite quickly. It’s better to get a dryer with an average drying time of 2-3 hours as they will also be budget friendly. 

Sanitization: Check if your shoe dryers have properties that can eliminate molds, bacteria or fungus which can disinfect your shoes and also remove bad odour. Look for dryers with UV lights, mild chemical sprays or ozone baths. 

Quiet: There are many dryers that have noisy fans to dry items, this won't be ideal for overnight drying. Models that use tubes, light or silent systems are ideal if you’re looking for a silent shoe dryer.

Auto turn-off: This is an important feature to prevent accidents by overheating or damaging shoes. Auto turn-off dryers have a sensor that turns itself off when it reaches an optimum temperature. This is an essential feature especially for overnight drying. 

Capacity: This indicates the number of items that can be dried in a single time. If you’re a single person, get a small one that can dry 1 pair of shoes to avoid overcrowding. 

Optimal heating: Dryers with these features have an option where you can choose the heat that should be exerted through radiation or force. 

Control handle: Through this feature, you can have the control of the temperature level or set timer for shut down automatically for security and safety. 

Portability: Try to get a versatile, lightweight and small dryer that is easy to move and fits inside the suitcase in case you’re travelling. If you’re someone who is always on the go and seems to have had urgency to use a shoe dryer then it’s better to go with a versatile, small and portable shoe dryer. 

Easy to use: Although boot dryers aren’t as complex to use, it’s always good to have control over your machines. It is great if your machine has a heat level where you can set an optimum level and let it dry items on it’s own without damaging your stuff. Drying time is another similar feature that makes a shoe dryer easy to use. It alerts you whenever the items are dried and hence, you don’t need to continually put an alert alarm to watch the shoe dryer. Another important feature is detachable drying tube extension, although it’s not a necessity but it’s good to have it and comes handy when you need to dry shoes of different shapes and sizes. 

Safety Tips while Using the Shoe Dryer:

Use the dryer with utmost precautions as it’s a heating device: 

  • Avoid keeping the dryer near the fireplace
  • Don’t put shoes dripping in water on the dryer. First let the excess water run out only then place the shoes on the dryer. 
  • Alwaye use it in an optimum set temperature to see the maximum heat limit. 
  • Untangle and tie the laces of your shoes before putting it out on a dryer to avoid the laces blowing in the dryer.
  • Clean the air chambers frequently for an easy airflow

What is the best boot dryer on the market?

The best boot dryer on the market would be JobSite Original Shoe Boot Dryer and HOMCOM Shoe Boot Dryer Electric.

  • The best boot dryer should ideally remove moisture from the boot without damaging the material and also kill bacteria to prevent odour and infections.
  • Both these boot dryer do both those things and much more. These dryers are very versatile and are packed with a bunch of features that make it the best. Check out our review of the Best Electric Shoe Dryer UK for all the details.

Do shoe dryers kill bacteria?

Yes, shoe dryers do kill bacteria. But, it depends on the quality of the product and intensity of the heat or UV light produced by the dryer. Shoe dryer kills bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms to prevent both odour and infections.

  • The best dryers will kill bacteria with UV light. these will cost about 70 quid.
  • But, there are really good ones that are much cheaper than not only kill the bacteria with heat but also prevent the shoe from heat damage. Check out our review of the Best Electric Shoe Dryer UK for all the details.

It's definitely worth investing in a shoe dryer if you regularly lead an active life or life in a wet or humid area.

Do shoe dryers really work?

Shoe dryers work alright. the question you should be asking is how long will it take to dry your shoes? obviously, this would depend on build quality and heat dissipation.

  • Really good shoe dryers like LNSTUDIO Electric Shoe Dryer can get the job done in about 6 hours. But there is a risk of damaging the quality of the shoe. You should rather go for good quality shoe dryers that provide a low and consistent heat that helps remove moisture naturally. For example, HOMCOM Shoe Boot Dryer Electric.

Of course, there are also high-end shoe dryers like IBalody 40W Waterproof Shoes Dryer that can not only dry the shoes fast but also kill bacteria with UV light. Check out our review of the Best Electric Shoe Dryer UK for all the details.

How long can we put the shoes into the shoe dryer? 

We can put the shoes into the boot dryer for around 8-14 hours.

Does it harm our shoes if they stay too long in the dryer?

No, the shoes don't get harmed , it just gets heated up.

Does this shoe dryer work only on heating up or does it have a fan to release airflow?

The shoe dryer dries the shoes when it’s heated up and it also has UV lights and other features to eliminate bacteria, fungus, odour etc.

Is it safe to leave a boot dryer on all night?

Electric boot dryers are often left to dry overnight because of the natural thermal convection. The drying time varies from item to item as well as the moisture content in it.

How long do boot dryers take?

A boot dryer generally takes about 8-12 hours to dry wet shoes. However, there are a few electric shoe dryers that can dry in about 3-4 hours. The latter ones are very powerful with a lot of wattage. 

Are boot dryers dangerous?

The boot dryers are safe to use and rare accidents can be avoided if proper care is taken while using them. 

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