Xiaomi Roborock vs. Roomba

by Shopify API on Dec 21, 2021

xiaomi roborock vs roomba

The need to cleanse our homes of bacteria, allergies, dust, dander, and pollen is always there, but it is extremely important in the response to the recent pandemic. Vacuuming, on the other hand, is the most thorough and efficient removal method available. They can cause serious respiratory and health problems if left unattended. Apart from the immediate satisfaction of seeing something sucked up or a matted carpet re-fluffed, keeping your house clean and tidy is wonderful for your mental health.

Even if cleaning isn't your thing, a robot vacuum is a terrific addition to any house since it frees you up to do other things. If you don't have a lot of room in your house, a robot vacuum is a terrific addition to your cleaning inventory.

Xiaomi Roborock vs. Roomba may have popped up in your search for the best robot vacuum. Both of these brands have a strong presence in the robot vacuum industry, with a wide range of models and features available.

Although Roomba is well-known, Roborock, based in China, is emerging as a viable alternative thanks to its lower pricing and comparable features and performance to Roomba. You'll learn about the differences between the two latest versions of each vacuum here, so you can decide which one is ideal for you!

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Xiaomi Roborock S5/S7 Review

xiaomi roborock review


For those looking for one of the finest robot vacuums on the market, Roborock S7 is an excellent choice: it's strong, clever, and does an excellent job of keeping your home clean and tidy.

One of the most appealing aspects of this product is the fact that it can be used as both a vacuum and a mop. You don't have to be concerned about your carpets becoming drenched when the S7 vacuum cleaner has finished cleaning the kitchen because it detected both carpet and non-carpet surfaces perfectly.

As easy as a tap on the app, the S7 is able to navigate across rooms, under chair legs, and around obstructions, making it a breeze to use. When it comes to cleaning, the S7 doesn't get too loud, and the quality of the mopping is impressive.

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Roomba Robot Cleaner Review

roomba review


The iRobot Roomba j7+, which was released in September 2021, is meant to blend in with its surroundings. An innovative new technology called PrecisionVision Navigation has been incorporated into this robot vacuum cleaner for the first time, allowing it to recognize obstacles in the home such as pet waste and charging cords.

Pet feces is one of the worst fears of any robot vacuum owner, since it might mean the demise of your gadget and the spread of a disgusting mess over your floors. New obstacle avoidance technology in the iRobot Roomba J7+ aims to put an end to that dread once and for all with its ability to steer around items such as pet waste and other debris. Robotic vacuum cleaners aren't new, but this one has a knack for avoiding dangerous obstructions thanks to the lessons it's learned through cleaning. Roomba j7 self-emptying + 's Clean Base makes it perfect for households with dogs who are prone to accidents and their owners.

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Roborock S7 vs Roomba j7 Comparison:



The Roborock S7 is a squashed cylinder with a dome housing the LiDAR scanner essential for the robot vacuum to navigate. A gadget like the Roborock S7 is all about function above design, yet it isn't completely unattractive.

You can have it in white or black, and it's 96.5 mm (3.8 inches) long with a maximum width of 353 mm (13.9 inches). This robot cleaner from Roborock includes a 470l dust container and a 300l water tank (2150 sqft).

The top has control buttons for activating and halting the unit, cleaning it, and returning it to base. The top LED light delivers a comforting glow when the device is scanning, charging, etc.

The included charging port may be placed against any wall. It's inconspicuous, but it needs a home. The sticky tape on its underside helps keep it in place, and the robot vacuum may return to its docking station after cleaning.


For the Roomba J7+, iRobot made a significant shift by relocating their navigation sensor to its front, tucked through the top of the bumper. This upgrade gives the Roomba j7superpower Plus — obstacle detection — to the robot. The sensor is more visible when illuminated by the LED headlamp.

Roomba j7+ looks remarkably identical to Roomba i3+, except for the sensor placement. Instead of basic grey, the Roomba j7+ features a classic and elegant matte black finish with a dark grey polished metallic-looking center disk. The iRobot logo has a single button for starting and stopping cleanings. The button is colored in white when cleaning, blue when returning towards the dock, and red when a problem occurs.



Battery consumption isn't a problem for robovacs because they constantly return to their charging point for a recharge when the battery runs low. This variant has a big 5200mAh Li-ion battery that could power the engine for up to three hours. And that's a fantastic statistic in its advantage.


The Roomba j7+ can clean a 1000sq.m room in 65-80 mins but still has enough battery to clean more spaces.



Even while it has the same suction power just like its previous model, you may now choose from four distinct settings for vacuuming, which include quiet, balanced and turbo. As you progress up the scale, its suction increases, but so would the noise, and also the battery capacity suffers.

The gadget also navigates itself around intelligently, efficiently traversing territory, identifying and avoiding any obstacles, and maneuvering into corners. You would enjoy the audio feedback, which tells you exactly when the robot vacuum is charging or has completed its laps and is returning to the port.

The biggest improvement with the S7 is superior mopping: earlier Roborock models could also mop, but this time the cleaner uses sonic scrubbing technology to deliver up to 3,000 vibrations for every minute. Another improvement is that when carpet is recognized, the mop layer instantly lifts, eliminating the need to constantly switch among two cleaning modes.

The sonic mopping performs admirably, even on dried stains – in fact, the S7 is greater at mopping than vacuuming in line with agreed results. For floors with a combination of carpets, hard floors, and tiles, simply turn on the Roborock S7 and let it figure out exactly what it is supposed to do.

All of the previous Roborock features remain included, including the option to create particular no-go zones inside the app and have select areas cleaned instead of a whole floor.


Despite having a less strong suction than the S9's, the J7 was able to catch everything in its path. With innovative twin multi-surface rubber rollers and an edge-sweeping brush, the J7's three-stage cleaning method delivers a powerful punch and is capable of removing entrenched dust and grime from carpet while sucking it into its suction funnel.

Although the lower-slung S9 tends to ruffle up rugs during its cleaning runs, the J7 performs better on hard floor rugs. With its rubber rollers deactivated, the J7 moves slowly across rugs before continuing to vacuum. This minimizes any ruffling of the rug's edges.

In terms of battery life, the Roomba J7 isn't excellent, and may have to stop in the middle of cleaning while it refuels itself. As long as you have a reasonable amount of floorspace and aren't in a rush, this shouldn't be a problem. When it comes to the Roomba S9's battery life, it's far longer than that of its predecessors.



LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is used by the Roborock S7 to find its way around a house. In a Terminator-esque way, LiDAR is a pulsing laser that maps the entire house while it cleans. You'll be able to check the results of the S7's mapping on the Roborock app after two or three cleaning sessions, including where you have carpet or rugs. If you have two adjoining open-plan rooms, you may draw a dividing line between them so that the room is divided in half automatically. Using the S7's app, it's simple to tell it to only clean the living room or kitchen. In this sense, the S9 from iRobot is extremely comparable.

When a valance or bedspread extends to the floor, the Roborock S7 can't get beneath it. This is due to the fact that the S7's LiDAR navigation system considers everything substantial to be a barrier. Despite the bot's best efforts, it will never make it past the squishy surface. Before the S7 begins its sweepy-moppy expedition, make sure all valances and bed coverings are tucked in.


The Roomba J7+, like the i7 and S9 in its series, automatically maps the house as it sweeps. The software will create a map that you can customize by adding room names and walls, as well as "no-go" areas like Fiber door mats and splashes of water around the dog's water dish. The J7 will travel around without the vacuum function if you select 'Mapping Run,' which uses less battery power and gets the job done faster.

The ability of the J7 to avoid objects like cables, toys, or even dog poop is one of the device's strongest selling qualities. Because it supposedly has a library of photos like cables and various kinds of dog poop, its Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence software likely plays a significant role in this. An alert is sent to the user, asking if the obstruction is a permanent fixture, or the product of laziness in the home's maintenance crews.


If you don't have pets and don't care about having to empty a little container by hand every time you use the system but mind the affordability of robot vacuums then Roborocks S7 should be just right for you. It's a joy to use, as well as being really effective and simple, and more than a way of maintaining both hard surfaces and carpets pristine.

But if you want a fashionable, high-end robot vacuum cleaner that handles itself and is quite effective in keeping rooms spotless on a regular basis and doesn’t mind its price then you should choose the Roomba J7+. In spite of the noise it produces when unloading its dustbin, the J7 vacuum is quite quiet and easy to operate. It also has a wide range of useful mapping capabilities. Pet owners will love it, too.

If there is the best vacuum in one the two it is the Xiaomi Roborock S7. Despite the fact that it doesn’t unload the dustbin itself, it is still better at cleaning different types of surfaces than the Roomba j7+.

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