23 Awesome Things to BUY in Aliexpress 2023 | Check out Aliexpress products NOT WORTH to buy

by Jon Ng on Jun 21, 2024

23 Awesome Things to BUY in Aliexpress 2023 | Check out Aliexpress products NOT WORTH to buy

Bored of gifting earrings and jewelry sets ? In the era of modernization and technology surrounded living, women require a lot of tech stuff apart from their fashion accessories. Men on the other hand want beauty products than gadgets.

In fact, deciding fashion accessories and clothing for gifting purposes is pretty tough making one confused about what they would like and what not. If you plan to gift something unique for him or her, it has to be useful and affordable.

What amazing products can you buy at AliExpress? This question pops up frequently, and it’s understandable, especially for an online platform that evolves constantly. More and more online shoppers worldwide are getting curious about Aliexpress, the Chinese counterpart of Amazon. If you are one of these people who wants to give it a try but is not fully aware of what you can get, this post is for you. 

Let's look into these best selling things to buy from Aliexpress this 2023

But first, let us discuss the product categories that most appeal to the general public.

As we are gearing up for the new year, we are here again to push you the best products and stuffs to buy. You can check our post on TOP BRANDS on Aliexpress too.

Oh and if you are a new buyer of Aliexpress, click below to purchase items as low as $0.01! Yes just 1 cent!.

Enjoy shopping on Aliexpress. :)

What are the top products on AliExpress that can easily prick your interest?

Top Things to Buy on AliExpress Best Price to Get (USD)

Xiaomi Phones (Global version)
Click here

Anker Speaker
Visit Anker official store

Airpod clone
Check here


Wireless Gamepad

Cordless Appliances Air Duster

SQ12 Mini IP Camera

Diamond Coated Knife Sharpener

Portable Pet Cage

Home Facial Mask Machine

1. Xiaomi Redmi Smartphones (Global Version)

xiaomi singles day sale

Is Xiaomi conquering the world with its budget phones? Oh yes! Every time the launch of these new phones wow people all over the world. Now all these phones are on global version shipping worldwide.

2023 Latest Xiaomi Phones

Check the latest phones out

These new smartphones are now available on Aliexpress with this particular store we have curated selling these budget smartphone at awesome prices.

The popular version is the Redmi Note 10 and Note 9 Pro! The Camera Beast! Costing around 200usd! You can check up latest Xiaomi Phones here.

Warranty of Xiaomi Smartphone on Aliexpress

Now we all know your concern. - What happens next after purchase?

These phones come with 1-2 years of warranty depending on where you stay. Warranty applies to countries like Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, UK and EU countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Poland). Turkey is included too.

If the countries are not covered by Xiaomi Global Warranty, the phones come with 1 year seller warranty. We recommend you to check directly with the seller on this as this is what it is stated on their store FAQs.

oh check out What are the Latest Xiaomi Smartwatches too.

Here is the STORE we recommended with worldwide shipping.

Check it out

2. Anker Sound Core 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $39.43

These novelty style portable speaker by BestAliProducts is no2 for a reason - Anker is one of the good brand in China you shouldn't miss. They manufacture speakers, headphone, cables and charger. One of the best Chinese brand this 2020!

amazing product on aliexpress

Visit Anker official store

This typical speaker we are putting as the top spot is a lightweight wireless Bluetooth accessory must have. Imagine waking up every day with your favorite music played in the room. This is done simply by a tap on your smartphone.

How simple!

I've used both Soundcore 1st gen & Soundcore boost previously and this Soundcore 2 is great for the price! It doesn't have deep bass as in the Soundcore boost, but the bass is there. Almost no distortions in higher volumes. I tested the speaker for a week before white this and it does perform very well!

One of the best Chinese speaker brand on Aliexpress. Oh they do carry different smartphone accessories too. Quality trusted!

Visit Anker official store today

Anker Sound Core Mini

electronic gift for women

This mini, super portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is a fantastic gadget to gift women who love music or watch a lot of shows online. Connecting your phone or your laptop is easy, and all you get is an amazing voice enhancing your fun with the music. It has playback functions like MP3 and radio. Charge it for a while and use it for long. It is an apt choice to make if you wonder what the best tech gift for a woman would be.

Visit Anker official store today

3. TWS Airpod Clone $15.98 (Launched December 2019)

Follow our article - Fake airpods to buy for more choices.

i9000 tws review
best airpods aliexpress

The newest version of fake airpod on Aliexpress. This wireless piece enabled am awesome sound experience, long time sound and an 5.0 Bluetooth enabled feature. As compared to i12, 13, i20, i30, i80 or even i100 TWS has all the features you need.

Newest features are GPS + Rename. Awesome features for that price.

best fake airpods 2019

This is one of the hottest item you should get yourself this 2020. i9000 Max TWS was rolled out in late November 2019 with the combination of

1. Name Change + GPS Positioning; 

2. Support a variety of wireless charging

3. In-ear Detection Smart Sensor - music will stop when take out from ear

4. Support pop-up window(IOS) when open the lid

5. 3 x Batteries display that works

6. Latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, with 12 meters connectivity

7. Left and right ears/single ears can be switched easily, earphone can be used separately, and 2 earphones can be connected to 2 different mobile phones at the same time

8. One-button smart tap with binaural call

9. Call to listen to songs for 3-4 hours

10. Out of the box automatic boot / automatic pairing

11. Perfectly compatible with iOS/Android mobile phones

12. Metal Hinge

13. Reverse Hinge

14. φ 14.2 High Quality Speaker

15. HIFI Super Sound Quality

best aliexpress airpods

I love it due to the flexibility it gives me, especially when working. I do not have to constantly battle with the wires now. I think this would be a great buy for you too. Why don’t you give it a try?

The Airpods pro earbuds were not so stable. So I do not recommend a buy. The Airpods 2 clone however is cheap and good.

4. 1100ml Air Humidifier $11.39

We like the design of this humidifier. Fits your living room and study room perfectly. The large size 900ml enable you enjoy more than 18 hours of hydrating and moisturing. Another awesome feature is its 9 hour automatic power off protection.

Watch this video to see how this awesome product works.

best selling humidifier 2019

Put on the workplace-a feeling, as if at sea). I liked everything, a column of a pair about 20 cm-you bring your hand and it seems to be covered with a morning dew). The parcel came complete instruction and in a nondescript cardboard package. There is this top cover on the thread, i think it's good, if accidentally tilted, then the water will not flow much. It's good that there is a level. By turning on the backlight, you can always determine how much water is left. I thought it was a button, but it was better-a touch button. 

Purchase here for $12.39

5. Wireless GamePad for iPhone/Android: $13.70

Wireless or Joystick? Why not both? We bring you the most interesting product that can blow up your mind. This gamepad is one of the hottest must get item on Aliexpress this year!

Equipped with wireless Bluetooth tech, this can support Android 3.2 and above. iOS 7-9.2.

wireless gamepad

Games supported include:  

1) App store: Such as for Gunman Clive,for Helium Boy, for League of Evil League of Evil 2,or Muffin Knight Free Stardash, for Temple the Run, and so on.

2) Android: for Wild blood, for Dungeon Hunter, for Zombie, for FC simulator, for Shadow gun, for Riptide GP, etc.

This is something very unique.

Check it out

6. Robotime DIY Action and Toy Figure + Clockwork Music Box (Perfect Gift) - $28

robotime gift music box

Can't take my eyes off you - That is the music play for this DIY Wooden Robot. This is the perfect gift for anyone this Christmas.

This store that retails this amazing DIY gift set is able to ship product from US and UK. So it means you get to get your package less than a week if you are from the states.

Very high quality details - Laser cutting wood without defects. Until the end is not assembled, there are differences in the size of the parts, and the fit, but this is not critical. Included glue, screwdriver, sandpaper, but there are no batteries for illumination. Definitely, the assembly process brings pleasure and joy.

Oh this is their latest toy! TOY GUN!

Awesome isn't it?

Check out the store now!

7. IWO 13 Smartwatch

I have always had such a hard time measuring the workouts I did. I have been chided often for my forgetfulness. I have tried a number of things in the past, including mobile phone applications and reminders.

However, due to some reason or the other, it still skips my mind. Now this cheap version of apple watch clone, I can get things easily done.

Read also our review on latest apple watch clones.


  • 17 watch faces
  • Standby time 5-7 days
  • It has 2 sizes. Both size support hand washing and walking in the rain. But you can't take it into the water to swim or dive.And you can't wear it to shower.  (We will be not responsible for problem watches due to water go inside)

This smartwatch looks elegant and packs some remarkable features and functions that are ideal for a Smartwatch. For instance, the Smartwatch supports different sports modes such as cycling, basketball, and climbing. It also has health monitoring functions, messages, and calls notifications, among other functions. However, it lacks waterproof capabilities.

Technical Features and Specifications

  • Phone search function
  • Message notifications
  • Replaceable belt
  •  Bluetooth capabilities
  • Sweatproof
  • Supports IOS 9.0 + and Android 5.0+
  • Screen size 240*240
  • Supports multiple languages

Purchase via here

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8. Ingenious Backpack for Men - $23

backpack for men aliexpress

It’s time to replace your travel bag! This smart invention allows you to put up your jacket or shirt without having fold lines. You can covert from a flat garment bag into a well travelled Duffle bag.

best bag on aliexpress

Shoutout: Functional AND Waterproof.  

fashionable bag on aliexpress

Guys can hook up these bags to look more fashionable.

Now look at the design of these. Comes in 5 different colors and designs.

Buy here for just $23

9. Tempered Glass for iPhone 13, 12, 11, XS, XR, 8, 7 , 6 - $1.07

Get Protected! This store has some of the best cheap products and now they are available on in 15 different colors. These tempered glasses have 9H scratch resistant with just 2.5D fine grinding.

Do take note these protectors are for iPhone only.

I have my glass ordered for iPhone XR. it came quite quickly, in size everything came up. It is installed without problems, the kit also has a special mini-set of napkins for screen preparation. Packed can and simple, but good.

Price: Less than $2

best selling tempered glass for iphone aliexpress
cheap tempered glass iphone aliexpress
awesome tempered glass aliexpress

If you would like a better coverage, go for the latest 10D. The price will definitely not hurt your pocket.

best tempered glass aliexpress

What others gotta say about this screen protector

  • Excellent glass, glued easily, there are no bubbles. Thank you seller for fast shipping!!! 
  • Item is exactly as shown. Shipment: very well-packaged, secure. But the seller, was immaculate. The epitome of customer service. Wonderful communication, quality products. Very pleased.
  • Delivery to Ukraine 14 days. Everything looks very decent.

Price: Less than $2

10. Android TV Box

awesome tv box aliexpress
best product to buy on aliexpress

No doubt about it when we mentioned everyone loves to watch TV shows. There are so many TV boxes and why should we select this as one of the top-selling product on Aliexpress? H96 is compact and is by far one of the better android tv box I have used.

Cost from $23.99

Fast to load and with good internet speed, you can literally watch anything and surf anything online.

Simple: the store DMYCO is one of the top sellers on the portal. Get a 4k TV Box for less than $50. Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime today!


  • Great Super Little and pretty. Shipping in 2 days was at my house cool 100% recommended 
  • Already the second I order the same prefix and very satisfied with everything. The goods this time was delivered very quickly, less than a week. I set it up very quickly, I added the programs I needed. The prefix is super. To view IPTV is the most. I recommend the goods and the seller.
  • The order arrived very quickly. Quality is excellent. The performance is also very good. As I already a Android TV box own, I was decided another for the friend to buy. All top

Cost from $23.99

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11. Cordless Appliances Air Duster

This cordless air duster might look like a toy, but you'll never know how much you needed it until you get one!

This air duster is the best on the market since it can produce a forceful air thrust of over 70m/s for deep cleaning of microscopic dust. In addition, you can charge it quickly using a 2A adaptor. Designed as a highly environmentally-friendly product, you can use this device over 5000 times, saving you a significant amount of electricity. No wires, no limits, no dust!

Get this item for only $36.52!

12. SQ12 Mini IP Camera 

aliexpress what to buy

Relive every precious moment of your life in high-quality videos with this extremely affordable waterproof Mini Camera!

This Mini Camera provides 1080P & 720P HD loop recording with up to 12M photography function. The 155-degree wide-angle full glass lens captures detailed photos and allows you to record smooth and dynamic scenes from a broader perspective. It also has infrared night vision features, which means you can still capture the precious moment even at night or when it is dark. 

But perhaps, one of the most exciting features of this product is the Motion Detection Recording. It means that when someone moves, the camera will go into standby mode and begin recording. As for water-related activities, you can take this device with you at a depth of 30 meters, allowing you to capture your underwater experiences. 

Get this item for only $9.11!

13. Diamond Coated Knife Sharpener

Enjoy easy and hassle-free cutting and cooking with this 4 in 1 Knife Sharpener! 

Knives should always be sharp and ready to use. Well, with this product's fantastic 4-slot system, sharpening kitchen knives becomes an easy peasy task! It comes with a diamond sharpening rod for coarse, ceramic sharpening rod for fine sharpening and polish, tungsten sharpening rod for blunt blades, and scissors sharpening rod. It's highly recommended for straight knives like chef knives, steak knives, steel knives, and scissors, among other things. In addition, the sharpener is safe to use –thanks to its anti-skid silicone base that gives a secure and pleasant grip. 

Get this product for $4.98!

14. Portable Pet Cage

pet supplies aliexpress

Do you want to take your pet with you on your travels? If you worry that they might not enjoy being tied or handled all the time, then you should consider getting this portable pet cage! It also serves as a safe playpen for your fur friends. 

This product allows you to keep your pet busy and in a playful mood while you are doing chores. There is enough room for them to play with their favorite toys and eat or drink from their bowls. The product is made of oxford fabric, a high-quality oxford cloth with a high level of toughness and biting resistance. It features a Skylight zipper, and the tent's top is secured with a mesh zipper. It also includes a rolling door design that allows pets to enter and exit the tent quickly. Furthermore, you and your pet would surely appreciate the eight-sided fence and skylight with breathable mesh, anti-insect, and anti-mosquito grid. 

Get this item for only $16.98!

Check out more pet supplies seller son Aliexpress here

15. Rhinowalk Running Vest Backpack 

Make sure you always have your hydration pack when you go running or biking early in the morning. Surely, this Rhinowalk Running Vest Backpack can do wonders for you! 

This backpack has nine zipper pockets and a hydration pocket for storing walkie-talkies, cell phones, earphones, gloves, energy bars, clothing, helmets, and other items. The back buckle pocket can hold a 3L water bag. The front water pipe has a fixed channel to avoid shaking and make drinking water more convenient. Through the buckle, the side can be flexibly contracted and enlarged. This design makes the vest universal for all body shapes and allows it to fit the body better. You can use it best for cycling, running, outdoor fishing, motorcycle off-road, and other outdoor activities. Furthermore, it also has a silver reflective strip that protects your safety by reflecting light at night.

Get this for only $48.31! 

16. Anti-Slip Baby Bath Seat Suction Chair

baby chair aliexpress

Having a hard time bathing your baby? Here's why parents love this Anti-Slip Baby Bath Seat!

This beneficial product features a soft, spacious seat that contours the baby for maximum comfort. There would be no issues with installing this bath seat as you can do it quickly and straightforwardly. The Suction Cups provide overall stability, and the seat's open-side design allows you to quickly clean the baby from head to toe. The high backrest also adds to the comfort and support. It's a multi-purpose seat that's ideal for bathing, feeding, getting a haircut, shampooing, and so on. It is highly recommended to be used for bathing newborn babies aged 6 to 18 months. 

Get this product for as low as $5.64!

17. OBD2 Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Tool 

Save your time and money with this Bluetooth car diagnostic tool that you can easily control using your mobile device!

This OBD scanner has three versions that you would surely find valuable. The first one is the Wifi version compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows. The next is the Bluetooth version that is compatible with Android and Windows, and the third one is the USB Version. You only need a WIFI or Bluetooth connection to diagnose automotive faults and get reliable results within seconds! 

This device can read and clear your vehicle's code fast and efficiently, allowing you to figure out what's wrong with your car and fix it. An insert is included with the device to help you in installing and updating drivers. The scanner is compatible with automobile models manufactured in 1996 and light trucks such as the Ford F150. It ensures safety and uniformity, and each product comes with a warranty. The manufacturer also supplies free software to download if you don't have a ROM.

Get this product for only $6.23!

 Check out Car accessories

18. Waterproof Fiberfix Duct Tape


Make sure no water would leak during rainy seasons with this Waterproof Fiberfix Duct Tape! 

This product has a strong adhesion feature that is moisture-proof, mildew-proof, oil-proof, safe, and durable. It can seal water and air leakage in seconds, forming a super-flexible barrier. It is best used for repairing a leaking above-ground pool, a leaking water tank, a bucket, or any other storage container. The waterproof tape creates an airtight barrier. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the surface must be flat and clean, the water pressure and temperature are not too high to get the best results. 

Get this product for only $1.19! 

19. Anti-Crease Sports Shoes Shield

With this pair of shoe shields, you can say goodbye to toe box creases in your favorite shoes!

This product offers an excellent way to keep your favorite sports shoe from breaking down. Firmly attached to the top of your shoe; there's no need to be concerned about them moving while you're walking. The breathable construction keeps your shoes dry and helps extend the life of your expensive sneakers. It can also be used for both storage and transport. Furthermore, not only does it provide outstanding upper-body support, but it also does so without interfering with the support performance. You can trim the size to your needs. There is no allergic reaction to human skin, and it is nontoxic, safe, tasteless, soft, and does not hurt the foot.

Get this for an amazing price of xxx

20. Home Facial Mask Machine


We know you're tired of paying up to $20 for a single mask at the store and not even sure what's in them! So create your own with fresh fruit, veggies, oils, or anything else you want with this DIY Facial Mask Machine!


You can create a personalized face mask with fruits and vegetables depending on your needs and preferences. There are no preservatives, mercury, or other harsh chemicals, allowing women to use skincare while pregnant. The mask will be formed automatically on the mask plate. It has a single power button for easy management of all functions—press the button to switch, confirm the mask-making mode, or clean the mask. Don't worry, an easy-to-follow instruction booklet is included when you order. 

Get this item for only $9.90!

21. Travel Organiser

aliexpress gift idea

This storage allows one to store all the cosmetic stuff you may be carrying while traveling. You can also store your data cable, pens, earphones or even your keys and other small things that are likely to be mismanaged in the bag. Once you’ve inserted your stuff, you just need to roll it and put it in the bag. It is an innovative product you may want to gift women making their travels much more comfortable!

22. Laptop Carry Case

best gift for girl who loves tech

Generally, women do not prefer carrying laptop backpacks and prefer a handbag while traveling. However, holding a laptop becomes an issue since these handbags are usually small in size. AliExpress has brought you a fantastic notebook carry case handbag with robust handles. The grey color with brown handles makes this bag look a professional case apt for carrying while traveling as well as to the office. However, you can buy the pink or the blue variant per the choice of your friend. This hand case again is unique in itself that you can write down on your list for gifting purposes.

23. Bluetooth Joystick Controller

gift idea aliexpress 2020

This device is a gamepad joystick wireless Bluetooth remote control for Android as well as iPhones, tablets and PCs. It is an apt device for anyone who hates triggering the buttons and playing games using the annoying touchscreen. All you do is connect the device through Bluetooth and have a smooth game experience using this controller. Affordable in price, it is a sure choice to make for women who love gaming.

Best Selling Products of AliExpress

Get your money ready because after reading this post, you'll surely visit Aliexpress and begin adding the things we've listed to your cart.

If you’re wondering what your first product purchase would be, check out the best-selling categories and you might find it easier to decide. 


Looking for inexpensive jewelry that won't tarnish? 

You won't be disappointed by the quality of what you get if you try looking for it on AliExpress.

Spice up your outfit by stocking up on silver and gold jewelry from AliExpress.


Nowadays, many consumers are looking for cheaper product alternatives that perform and function as excellent as those manufactured by famous brands. Thanks to specialized brands, buying modern gadgets and accessories is now possible for all kinds of buyers. AliExpress hosts many consumer electronic products, including cameras, computers, mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, smart home equipment, different kinds of lifestyle accessories, and more. 

Top 10 Chinese Smartwatches under $100

Top Wireless Earbuds on Aliexpress

Top Drones from Aliexpress

Top Gaming PC on Aliexpress

Top Projectors on Aliexpress

Sports Equipment

If you have an active lifestyle and are into sports and exercising, AliExpress affordable fitness and sports equipment would surely appeal to you. From fishing products to cycling, camping, biking, and swimming equipment, you can find almost everything on this marketplace. And the good news is, they are way cheaper than those from famous labels but are equally competent. 

Best Massage Guns for your tired body

Sportswear from Aliexpress


AliExpress has a soft spot for kids and adults alike. From remote control toys to those that can be used for learning, stuffed animals, action figures, puzzles, toy collectibles –name it, and this marketplace has it. During the Christmas season, products under this category double in sales because they often make the perfect gift, particularly for kids. 

Top Girls Gift

List of cool toys for Christmas

Lego clones for star war fans!

Clothing - Dresses and Skirts

The top-selling items in every online retail shop will always be clothes. The fact that dresses and skirts are the most popular goods on AliExpress is therefore no longer surprising.

You won't have to worry about that at Aliexpress if you don't really buy many clothes online because the measurements can actually be as accurate as you want them to be. due to the fact that each Aliexpress seller provides precise measurements and sizes for the clothes they are offering.

Women, men, children - they have it all!

Again, AliExpress is one of the best places to go if you’re shopping for children’s products. You can find everything here –from diapers, beddings, strollers, teething rings, cribs, baby carriers, breast pumps, kid’s clothing for all kinds of seasons and occasions; you would surely find it hard to stop shopping!

Best Women Clothing Vendors on Aliexpress

Best Streetwear sellers on Aliexpress

Trendy Kids Clothes on Aliexpress

Baby Clothes on Aliexpress good and cheap


Quality shoes do not always have to be expensive. At AliExpress, you have a vast pool of options for high-quality yet affordable footwear for men, women, and children. These products come in various styles and are perfect for different occasions. However, aside from specialized brands, you can also buy original products from Adidas, Nike, Converse, Ralph Lauren, Polo, and more.

Nike copy shoes

Air jordan 1 replicas

Golden goose reps that wow


Looking for affordable or replica bags? Aliexpress might be the best site you should shop for a cheap bag and replica bags with a guaranteed high quality. Both men and women bags are highly sold in Aliexpress which you can consider purchasing instead of purchasing at the mall.

AliExpress bags are significantly less expensive than bags bought in actual stores. AliExpress offers a wide variety of bags for sale.

Other recommendations for Best Products on Aliexpress

Above are some of the best selling products on Aliexpress that are highly rated by the users and by me (Jessica) too. :)

I just cannot stop bragging about these products above, but there are just so many good things about them.

Do not find any great items? Fret not.

Here is other curation from us.

Top 5 Sunglasses on Aliexpress You Should BUY!

Best Stationery Stores on Aliexpress

Best Hair Vendors on Aliexpress

Oh if you are keen on Aliexpress alternative, do check out our article on

Best DHGATE Sellers

What NOT TO BUY on Aliexpress

I have assembled a list of products that you would do better than to buy. The products range from weird to disgusting, and some are not worth it for its poor quality. While some of you might regard the items as intriguing, others would agree that they are better off without them.   
Whether you want to steer clear of these products, or you wish to check them out for yourself, I have them here for you. Brace yourselves for here are the products that you should not buy from AliExpress -

#1 - Severed Arms and Legs
The first item on the list comes in the category of weird products. There was once a time when Halloween meant pulling a few tricks with innocent costumes and getting treats on the way. However, it seems like those days are long gone, and it is the time of extra scary Halloween props. 

The severed arms, feet, fingers are available on AliExpress, and they are enough to gross anyone out. I am speaking for myself here, but I am sure many of you feel the same way. Some people have ordered these severed body parts and seem to have loved them. But my question is, how can you? 
These body parts have an uncanny resemblance to real parts, and honestly, I am too creeped out to try and order them. 
For the love of sweet Halloween, you must stay away from purchasing these products. 
You can get severed arms and fingers from this store, if you are into such products.

#2 - Batteries
Batteries are something that I would recommend you not to buy from AliExpress. The possibility of the described capacity being true is well, too true to be true. In most cases, the batteries do not stand up to the mark. There is also the possibility that the thermal sensor is not installed correctly or is missing altogether. 
The missing or improperly installed thermal sensor does not detect overheating in the batteries that can cause problems. It is not worth putting you and your house at risk by buying these batteries. Instead, add a few more bucks and get reliable batteries from your local shop. 
You can check it out here.

#3 - Flash Memory
When buying flash memories, you must run a thorough check on the store selling them. If you have to buy, buy only from stores that have good ratings and feedback. The reason? Knock off flash memories often do not have the capacity endorsed in the description. There are also chances of facing missing data, which none of us want to go through. 
flash memory.JPG
If you do want to get flash memories, you can check out the Kingston Store. 
You should avoid this.

#4 - Cables
Just like with flash memories, you must only buy cables from recognized stores. The best way to know if the cable is worth it is by checking out the feedback left by other customers. You should not purchase from stores with low ratings. You will not receive the cables you were hoping to get. 
Look for resistance tests that you can see are measured in A or Ampere; this will be able to tell you if the cables are worth buying. Or, stick to known brands like UGreen and Baseus. 
You should avoid buying this.
Here’s what the customer had to say -

#5 - Things that are way too cheap
Have you ever come across a product on AliExpress that usually costs a bomb but is available at dirt cheap rates? Yes, I see those all the time. In most cases, such too-cheap-to-be-true items are not good finds. You will most often than not receive products that are low in quality and unusable. 
You may seem like you are saving a ton by choosing these products, but that is not the case. Cheap cables take a lot of time to transmit data or charge your phone. Also, they are not like the original cables; they tend to break easily. 
Cheap cables are bad for the environment as well; they create more trash. Instead, invest in a cable that will last you a long time. 

Also, micro SD cards that are sold in bulk must be avoided, like this one. It says you get 100 pieces of micro SD cards. Isn’t it too good to be true, especially when you look at the price?

Also, sneakers that look pretty and are cheap make them desirable. But do not go just by the cheapness and good looks. Avoid buying this one. As per the customers, the quality is terrible and will not last you long.

#6 - LED eyelashes
I honestly see no point in LED eyelashes. Like, what purpose do they solve? They will not even help you look for your phone inside your purse in a dark lane. Also, the risk of having LEDs in the most delicate area of your face is unnerving. Why would you want to expose your eyes to these LED eyelashes that may not be safe? Even though there are claims that it is medically safe, would you still want to try?
LED eyelashes.JPG
If you wish to buy the LED eyelashes, you can get them here.
I think the only time you may want to try out these LED eyelashes is when you go to concerts and festivals. Otherwise, it is pointless to expose the delicate eye area to it. Stick to the good old eyelashes.

#7 - Very cheap titanium items
Titanium does not come cheap, and you probably know this. So, when you come across an item on AliExpress that is dirt cheap and is made of Titanium, does it not seem strange to you? Chances are that the product does not have real Titanium. Avoid buying anything that says it is made of Titanium. Go ahead with the purchase only if you do not care whether you are getting real Titanium or not. 
Avoid this titanium hair straightener; you would not want to damage your hair.

#8 - Replacement Razor Heads
Razors are an essential part of our lives, and for that role, they need to be the best. However, the cheap replacement razor heads on AliExpress are just not worth it. Their blades are dull, and would probably only last you for about two to three times. 
Take a look at this razor head. You must avoid it. The quality is pretty bad and will hardly last you a couple of shaves.

This one disappoints us too.

#9 - Motorcycle Helmets 
Helmets are meant to save you during crucial and life-threatening situations. And helmets, no matter where they are sold, must follow safety standards like DOT in North America and ECE in Europe. You may come across a very cheap motorcycle helmet, or you think it is durable by looking at the pictures, but steer clear of it. Do not buy such knock off helmets, if nothing, then for your safety. 
You should avoid buying this helmet.

#10 - Safety equipment
Just like motorcycle helmets, safety equipment is meant for your safety. Things like harnesses should be strong and trustworthy. You must not buy them from AliExpress because there is no way of knowing whether they will keep you protected in a dire situation. It is better to visit your local store and look for safety equipment there.
safety equipment.JPG

You must avoid buying this rope. Also, I would not trust any safety equipment case either. Like this one, which looks fragile and is not made of good quality material.

How to search for best selling products on Aliexpress?

Are you a casual buyer looking for tips on how to narrow down your best options on AliExpress? Or, are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for the best and cheapest products to list and sell in your online or physical stores?
Regardless of the purpose, the following tips below are proven effective for both situations. 
On the homepage, click the section for “Top Ranking” products. 
Needless to say, AliExpress is a shopaholic’s hub. Its official website is easily accessible either on the web or mobile application. And arguably, one of the factors that makes this platform a magnet for shoppers is the pocket-friendly price of its products. 
Now, when you go shopping without a particular brand in mind, there is an easy way to find the best items under different product categories. On the homepage, find the “Top Ranking” button and click it. In an instant, the trending products will appear on the page, along with categories and related sub-categories. 
From the bestselling electronics, stationery, apparel, lifestyle products, and more, you can find the leading products that make most AliExpress shoppers go crazy. You can also find how many searches the products got over the past weeks, as well as how many orders had been placed. 
Use the search box to find specific products. 
Let’s say you open AliExpress to find a particular product. Perhaps, you already have a specific brand in mind. If that’s the case, save yourself plenty of time by taking advantage of the search box—key in the product name, either the general or related keywords. Within seconds (depending on how fast your Internet connection is), you’ll find a number of the most-searched products. While most of them are similar, you will notice that they are available from different shops and suppliers. The prices vary as well. 
The good thing is, you can streamline a product search based on different factors such as materials, colors, sizes, ratings, shipping fees, and prices, among others. Once you have set up these filters, AliExpress will display narrowed alternatives that can help you pick the best product in the least amount of time. 
Check the details of the products, customer reviews, and overall ratings. 
AliExpress is undoubtedly an authentic e-commerce platform. However, since thousands of businesses compete against each other in terms of quality and price, it is worth noting that not everything you’ll find is credible. It is why it is crucial to read the product’s specifications, the reviews posted by previous buyers, and the ratings left by community members. 
Perhaps, you’ll notice that most of the trending products on the platform are those that come at extremely low prices. Usually, you will find tons of reviews about such products. Once you see more negative comments than positive, you might want to move to those that are more expensive but have few but satisfying customer reviews. 
Check the shipping policy.
Most companies on AliExpress offer free shipping on their products, even if the destination is overseas. However, the standard shipping timeframe can take up to 45 days on average from the time you have placed and confirmed your order. If you have a business to run, this option might not sound friendly at all. So, it is essential to find out whether the products you desire from a certain supplier can be delivered in a rush. But be prepared to throw some extra bucks down the road. The good thing is, AliExpress’ product packaging deserves some recognition: they have a strict requirement for durable packaging. 
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What is Aliexpress Protection Programme?

As with any other leading e-commerce platform, AliExpress cares about the safety of its customers. Most of the products are protected by a policy that runs for 60 days from the date you placed your orders. This feature is particularly valuable if you plan to order products in bulk and order from an international supplier.
Find out if your desired supplier allows an extension for this Buyers’ Protection Policy. Also, make sure they are open for disputes if you are not satisfied with what you’ve received. However, you must also be honest with your intentions, as AliExpress might interfere when there are discrepancies in the dispute claim. 
A key takeaway –AliExpress works almost the same as Amazon. This platform supports different sellers, and the range of products can be described as "anything under the sun." However, since AliExpress’s vendors are from China, you can expect that the items for sale have meager prices. And this aspect is one cool thing that makes it a more attractive online marketplace than Amazon. And perhaps, you'll find yourself placing your first order after reading this review. 

What are Trending Gift Ideas on Aliexpress

The vastly risen technology has become an excellent gifting option. While in the olden times, it is tough to decide what fashion stuff you could gift women along with no assurance if the size would fit them or not, the tech gifts have evaded these hassles. Choose one for your loved ones. Make their day a special one!

So, are you ready to SHOP ON ALIEXPRESS?

I know it is difficult (near impossible) to stop yourself from buying most of the products mentioned above. However, it is of utmost importance that you tear your eyes away from these products and instead, buy things on AliExpress that are amazing. There are tons of products on AliExpress that are worth every penny you spend on them.

So, with your newly gained knowledge, are you ready to steer clear of these products?