Why AliExpress Order Closed

by Shopify API on Mar 09, 2022

Why AliExpress Order Closed

Have you experienced an "Order Closed" status even though the products are not yet delivered? Maybe you are wondering why this happened and what you can do to lessen this kind of experience. In this article, we will be talking about why your order has been closed and what you can do to prevent the closed status of your order.

If you haven't known about AliExpress, it is one of the leading online shopping platforms worldwide. Currently, its website stands in the Top 7 of the list of most visited e-commerce and shopping websites globally. It had an average of 473.2M visits for the past three months, and most of those visits have sales transactions, which is one of the critical parts of an online shopping platform.

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As a trusted online shopping platform by many, Aliexpress makes sure that its consumers are safe and protected from any fraudulent activities while they are using its platform. Aliexpress makes sure that they have established and performed preventive measures to prevent this from happening.

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How does Aliexpress Protect Consumers?

Aliexpress established a policy called Buyer Protection Program. It is a policy that helps consumers secure their transactions during and after sales. It is made to lessen the risk of encountering fraudulent activities while shopping at their website.

Buyer Protection Program has a lot to offer. One of its features is the Buyer Protection Period. It functions as a deadline for the sellers to ship and deliver their orders. As a buyer, you can check the "My order" page to monitor the status of your order and check the Buyer Protection Period.

If you are new to Aliexpress, you can find the "My orders" page by going on your account in the upper right corner of the page and then clicking "My Orders."

aliexpress order closed 2022

On the "My orders" page, you can see the status of your order. You will be able to identify if your order is placed, your payment was successful, your order was shipped, and if it is completed.

dealing with order closed on aliexpress

Buyer Protection Period

This feature applies once you have settled your payment. After paying the price, you will be able to see in your "My Orders" page that there is a countdown. The countdown indicates the time for the seller to prepare and ship your order. If the seller fails to ship your order within the specified time, then AliExpress will close the order and send you a refund within 3 to 20 business days.

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Once the order is shipped, the Buyer Protection Period is still active. Unlike the shipment that has 3 to 10 days of processing, the Buyer Protection Period for the delivery of your order will be dependent on the time and distance of the delivery. 

You can always check the progress of your order by going to the "My Orders" page

dealing with aliexpress closed order

You can also click the "View detail" link to see a detailed view of your order. On this page, you will be able to see the status of your order, the estimated time of arrival, and the exact date when the order should be delivered.

what to do if aliexpress order is closed

What if the seller failed to deliver your ordered products or services within the Buyer Protection Period?

Suppose the seller failed to comply with the delivery of your goods on the expected arrival date. You can apply for a refund by opening a dispute. You can also extend the Buyer Protection Period.

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How to open a dispute?

Before opening a dispute, we should learn about the things that can trigger to open a dispute.

  1. If you have not received your order
    1. Over the delivery time
    2. There is no Tracking information.
    3. Your order was returned to the seller by the shipment company.
    4. Your order was held in customs.
    5. Your order was shipped to the wrong address.
  2. You received the order, but the seller does not want to or cannot help you resolve the issue with the ordered goods or services. (You may contact the seller first before filing a dispute)
    1. Goods with quality issues
    2. Item is not as described.
    3. Goods are damaged in transit.
    4. Other things that you are not satisfied with are your ordered goods or services.

The best time for you to process your dispute is the 11th day after the shipment until 15 days after the good was confirmed received.

how to deal with closed order on aliexpress

However, if your order is still in transit and the logistics are constantly updating, you can only open a dispute 15 days after receiving the goods. After 15 days, your protection period will be over, and you cannot file disputes anymore.

To open disputes, you need to go to the" My Orders" page, and under "All Orders," you will be able to see the tabs awaiting payment, awaiting shipment, awaiting delivery, and disputes. Locate your order that needs to be disputed and click the "View Detail" link.

what to do if order is closed on aliexpress

Click the “Open Dispute”

how to check if order is closed on aliexpress

Take note that if you have already received and confirmed the delivery of your order, the "Open Dispute" button will be available at the "Product Details," which is located at the bottom of the "Order Detail" page.

aliexpress order closed

You will be prompted to choose between return goods and refund only.

If you choose to return goods, you are trying to return the item and want to get a full refund. Else, if you decided refund only, meaning you may not receive the item and wants to get a full refund, or you have received the item and wants to get a partial refund without returning the item.

order closed aliexpress 2022

After choosing between refund only and return goods, you will be asked a few questions about the reasons why you want to file a dispute, the amount that you wish to be refunded, some details about it, and some photos or videos for proof.

why is order closed on aliexpress

While AliExpress is validating your dispute, you can still contact the seller and negotiate with them. This time they might be able to help you resolve your issues with your ordered goods or services.

Also, take note that if you paid your order through Paypal, you could file in both AliExpress and Paypal. However, Paypal and AliExpress have different protection times in opening a dispute.

Always remember that in Paypal, you can file a dispute within 180 days after the payment, while on AliExpress, you can start filing a dispute as early as 11 days after the shipment until 15 days once the ordered goods or services are received.

Other Reasons Why Your Order is Closed

Cancellation of Order

If you have filed a cancellation of your order and the seller agrees with the cancellation or the seller failed to reply with the cancellation after three days, your order will be closed.

Do remember that you can only send your cancellation request before the seller starts shipping your order.

order closed on aliexpress

Security Reasons

AliExpress always takes precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its consumer's payments. To do that, they are validating every order that you make, and some charges might be closed due to some security reasons.

  1. Discount or coupon was already used by the same account. Please take note of exclusive deals or coupons for reordering.
  2. Incomplete information. Please do not include your complete name for reordering.

You will be refunded for the closed order within 20 days business days. However, some banks might want to hold your payment for security reasons. The best thing to do for this kind of situation is to contact your bank.

Things To Do When Your Aliexpress Order Was Closed

Monitor your Order

Closed orders do not have any notifications. So the first thing that you should do is monitor the status of your order. Always go to the "My Orders" page to watch your charges.


Once your order is closed, you cannot reopen it. So the better way to handle this kind of issue is to reorder your goods or services.

Contact Customer Support

Sometimes the best way to handle issues is to contact customer support.

You can get a live agent by going to "Help" then click "Customer Support," scroll down to find "Online Service," then type "appeal," select "Payment failure," then "Appeal (Card Verification)," after that select "I cannot submit a document." After that, you can click "Chat with an agent now."

Some ways to lessen or remove the risk of having a closed Order

Do not use Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN can hide your actual IP address. With that being said, AliExpress can be suspicious of your account when this happens.

Use the same IP address all the time.

If hiding your IP address is suspicious, having multiple IP addresses link into your account can also be questionable. So it is better to use one device for all your orders in AliExpress. This way, you will be able to lessen the risk of having a closed order.

Get to know the seller.

Always remember to check the credibility of your seller. Check the rating of the goods and the overall satisfaction of customers. This is the best way to lessen the risk of encountering fraudulent activities in AliExpress.

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