Is Unice Hair Worth It?

by Shopify API on May 13, 2023

unice hair review

As women, we love to forgo all rules and go experimental with our hair. From leaving it open to going ahead with different styles of hairdos, we never hesitate when it comes to introducing varieties in our looks.

However, there is only so much that we can do. We often find ourselves unable to change the color of our hair or the type of hair we are born with. We also hesitate from using too many heating tools on our hair lest we damage it.

So, what do you do when you have a certain type of hair, but want to shake up the look without working on your real hair? The answer is pretty simple - we go for the amazing UNice hair that has tons of varieties to catch our fancy and help us achieve the hair of our dreams.

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What is UNice?

unice hair

UNice is one of the leading names in the hair industry that is known for its human hair products? The hair products are high in quality and will not disappoint you in any aspect. With UNice hair, you can step out of the house in a different yet stylish avatar, every single time. And if your concern is hair loss, due to whatever reasons, investing in a magnificent wig or extension can surely come to the rescue.

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Unice Hair Aliexpress Review

unice best hiar wig
  • This hair is absolutely gorgeous, a quick style, no lace mess it’s amazing it’s soft and it gives me that summertime beach vibe!!! PLUS it came within a WEEK . I am so impressed and I will definitely recommend!!
  • i’ve had this hair for coming to a month now and it’s still in great quality. The hair was accurate to length and i’ve experienced minimal shedding. This is great for wig beginners! Its really easy to put on and take off 
  • Absolutely LOVE IT !! So soft and easy to put on !! I’m never going back to lace !! Looks so natural !! It took about a week to come , and came with BEAUTIFUL lashes, 2 head bands, wig cap, nail wraps and a silk scarf !! Such good value for money!!!
  • Love love this hair! It's so soft and the perfect density.... I saw a lot of great reviews about Unice Hair and they surely lived up to the hype and I've already gotten so many compliments!!! I'd definitely be recommending to anyone looking for great quality
  • This hair is BETTER THAN I EXPECTED!!! Ordered 4/27 received 5/03. 13x4 180% density, 22 inches, from China. I ordered this hair because one of my clients had it and it was so cute on her. I knew I had to get it. I love the highlights, the hair is sooooo soft and bouncy. It’s literally immaculate. I wish the lace wasn’t already brown, it’s kinda weird but it worked really well for me. My hairstylist just bleached my knots and I think she plucked some more, she didn’t have to tint the lace or put makeup on the part, just on my wig cap. I misunderstood what type of wig it would be because the title says 13x4 and for some reason, my brain processed that as 4x4, like a closure. It’s definitely a frontal wig, keyword lace front lol. I had a moment y’all. Anywho, I ordered some bundles from UNice in 2016 and they lasted a lonnnng time so I knew I could trust them. I’m very happy their quality hasn’t decreased.

2-5days of shipping, you can access their Aliexpress store prices HERE.

So, without further ado, let us look at what UNice Hair has to offer.

UNice Hair Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Weave

unice hair reviews

This Brazilian bundle is probably one of the best natural hair extensions for you, which has gone through rigorous processing standards and is chemically unprocessed. This virgin human hair has an intact cuticle layer with the cuticles facing the same direction. The bundle is not permed, dyed, or bleached. Also, it is completely tangle-free.

This bundle has been designed to be non-shedding and no lice. Moreover, you can easily bleach, curl, straighten, or style it as per your liking, without worrying about damaging the quality. It is just like your natural hair, and so can be worked on just like you do with your hair.

UNice Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Curly Hair

unice hair wigs

If you are looking for curly hair bundles that are both comfortable and look natural, this hair bundle from UNice is the perfect option for you. This incredible hair is perfect for any occasion, whether for a party, wedding, shopping or even for everyday hair styling. The material used to make this bundle comes from high-quality human hair.

The bundle is soft and bouncy. The pre-plucked hairline gives the bundle a natural finish and looks quite excellent. This feature makes you look simply gorgeous and it looks pretty real. This Brazilian virgin human hair wig is not chemically processed, is free of smell. It is also healthy and safe to use. As a result of all this, the bundle is safe to be used by pregnant women and women with sensitive scalp too.

The cap is designed creatively to make your appearance look naturally curly and chic. The wig also remains firmly in place, thanks to the four combs and straps that come with it.

UNice Malaysian Straight Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair

unice wig review

If you need something that makes you sparkle and shine, you would love this straight Malaysian virgin human hair. UNice is a trusted and reputed brand, so you can be sure that this bundle is made of best-quality human hair.

The hair bundle comes with a natural luster that ranges from high to medium. The hair feels natural, also because of the natural shine that it has. It is also highly economical if we look at the price and the quality we receive. The hair comes in a natural black shade, so you can bleach and dye it as per your liking. The hair that is used to make this bundle comes from 100 percent Malaysian unprocessed virgin human hair. As a result, the bundle is tangle-free, non-shedding, and has no lice.

The hair is also bouncy and soft, so you do not have to worry about split ends and damage. The texture is quite smooth, as opposed to the rough and dry feeling you get with other wigs. The double weft design helps the wig to fit nicely and snugly.

UNice Body Wave Lace Front Brazilian Remy Hair

unice remy hair review

Do you need something that instantly transforms your look and makes you look ravishing? If so, then this body wave hair wig is for you. It is a glamorous wig that can be used both for everyday styling and for special occasions. The hair comes from premium quality human hair materials.

The wig is exceptionally soft, bouncy, and comfortable. It has been crafted with a lot of specialization, and so the final product that you get is indeed extraordinary and remarkable. It comes with a pre-plucked hairline that makes the hair look natural and gorgeous when you put it on.

The hair is free of chemical processing, smell, and is quite safe to use by pregnant women too. It fits snugly on your head and does not fall off. The texture is amazing and the hair is naturally thick.

UNice 8a Remy Brazilian Natural Wave Hair

unice remy hair

Do you need hair that you can customize the length of as per your liking? This Remy Brazilian Natural hair is exceptionally crafted to enable you to stretch it to the length and straightness that you want. The hair comes in a natural black color so you can bleach and dye it to the color that you want.

With this bundle, you will not experience lice, tangles, or shedding. The premium quality material used to make these bundles also prevent split ends. The hair cuticle is designed in such a way that it faces the same direction, giving you a natural effect. With this, you will also not experience matting of hair.

The hair has a natural shine and a pleasant smell that makes it comfortable to wear it. The hair is also quite soft, giving you an incredible feeling.

UNice Lace Front Human Hair Bob Wig

unice human hair review

Are you craving short hair but do not want to commit to it by cutting your natural hair? This is the ideal option if that is the case. This bob-length hair wig is made of premium Brazilian virgin human hair. It comes in a natural shade, allowing you to bleach, dye, highlight, and style as per your wishes. You can also perm and curl it without worrying about it getting damaged.

The hairline is pre-plucked to give it a natural finish. The hair has not undergone any chemical processing and so you do not have to worry about tangles and shedding. It is also free of smell and split ends. The hair is comfortable and safe to wear; it can be worn even by pregnant women.

UNice Short Lime Green Bob Wig

bob wig unice

Do you want colored hair without the commitment? This is the perfect option for you. This gorgeous bob-length hair comes in a pretty and soothing lime green shade that looks attractive and mesmerizing. The hair comes with its cuticles well-aligned to give you a natural look. The pre-plucked baby hair also adds on to the natural look of this wig. It blends perfectly well to give you a gorgeous look.

It has a medium cap size with adjustable straps and combs, making it suitable for any head size. Once put on, it does not slide off.

The hair is bouncy, soft, and smooth with high elasticity. It can easily be curled or permed, as per your liking. You also do not have to worry about tangles or shedding.

Does UNICE Hair Last?

Taking Care of UNice Hair

If it is your first time using 100 percent human hair wig, you should know that keeping it clean is essential. It doesn’t matter whether you wear your UNice hair every day or occasionally, you cannot ignore the cleaning and prepping process, especially if you want it to last for a long time. Taking care of your UNice hair does not just mean washing it. You need to be aware of the whole process of preparing, washing, conditioning, drying, and styling. By following these steps, you give your UNice hair a long life.


Human Hair can last you pretty well up to one year or more, provided you take pretty good care of it. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, lasts anywhere from one month to three months, depending on how well you care for it.

Hair Styling

Human hair wigs are 100 perfect heat-friendly, meaning that you can use heating tools to style it. Go ahead and curl, straighten, or perm to your liking without worrying about damaging the wig.

Is UNice hair Good Quality!

No matter what kind of hair bundles, wigs, or extensions you are looking for - UNice hair has them all for you, as per your preferences. In this article, we brought to you some of the best hair from UNice. After all, why stay with unkempt hair when we can get gorgeous and striking hair every single day? Go get your favorite today!


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