Super Cheap Wedding Favors in Bulk

by Shopify API on Dec 14, 2020

cheap wedding favors

We are all working on a budget and love saving wherever we can. However, when we think of wedding favors, we worry about getting way past our decided budget to get items that are dazzling and exquisite. There are tons of super cheap elegant and magnificent wedding favors available that do not cost us a fortune.

Even though they are less expensive, they are super adorable and gorgeous. To help you remain within your budget, but at the same time find adorable wedding favors, we have compiled this list.

Scroll down to find our greatest picks.

Bulk Wedding Favors that leave the best impressions!

#1 - Paper fan for those hot days

wedding gifts aliexpress

Not only is this floral fan exquisite, but it is also quite functional. The fan is a super cheap wedding favor that is perfect for those wedding venues that turned out to be hotter than you anticipated.

The guests are going to love this, which can also double up as a lovely photo prop. The floral design is also great because it compliments all types of clothes.

Price: $1.11

#2 - Compact Mirror for those pretty faces

cheap wedding favors

Compact mirrors are great wedding favors. These elegant compact mirrors with floral casings are going to be loved by the guests, especially the ladies. Get these super cheap gifts to adorn the tables.

Your guests (especially all the elegant lovely ladies) will always have this magnificent gift in their purses. This wedding favor will help remind them of you each time they take a peek inside this lovely piece.

Elegant, light and well designed pieces not to be missed.

Buy it here.

Price: $1.79

#3 - Happy Bubbles in the Air

wedding favors aliexpress

We all have little kids inside of us; they are waiting to burst out with joy and laughter. Why not bring out the inner child when giving out wedding favors?

Although quite a simple gift, soap bubbles are great fun and are loved by everyone. Use these striking customizable bottles to bring some joy and laughter in everybody’s lives. Your guests will surely have loads of fun with this after the wedding.

Buy it here

Price: $7.91/lot

#4 - Champagne Bubbles

wedding favor

If you want to be a bit fancier and glitzier, ditch those clear and customizable bottles for these stunning and chic champagne bubbles. They look gorgeous on tables and make quite an impressive décor too.

What else? Blowing out bubbles from such adorable champagne bottles is a different deal altogether. Imagine what a beautiful piece of décor will this turn out to be.

Buy it here

Price: $8.29/lot

#5 - It’s a match!

affordable wedding gifts

What better way to give a shoutout to your love and to scream that your match was made in heaven than by giving out these adorable matchboxes. Personalize these boxes to your liking by adding in decorative pictures and names to the cover.

It is a great way to keep your wedding and your love etched in your guests’ memory. Choose designs that are important to you and what describes you. Wrap it up using a ribbon and hand out one of the most adorable wedding favors of all time.

Buy it here.

Price: $1.07

#6 - Personalized Coasters

Coasters are items that decorate our tables and look absolutely attractive. They are also great wedding favors when customized and designed. Use stunning designs and words to add some personal touch to this gift. Your guests will take back memories that they will remind them of you always. These customizable paper coasters are simply amazing!

Buy it here.

Price: $2.33/lot

#7 - Let the music seep in

wedding favors earphones

Music seeps into the soul and merges with it in the most blissful way. Hand out earphones as wedding favors to your guests.

Not only are they super affordable, but they are also quite functional and will be absolutely loved by all. They get to take home with them a gift that they will be using for a long, long time.

Buy it here.

Price: $13.12

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#8 - ‘It’s a Spade’ Bottle Opener

creative wedding gift

A bottle opener is a classic wedding favor that is well-appreciated by the guests. This pleasing spade bottle opener looks absolutely classy and is the perfect size to fit inside wallets or purses.

The polished look and brilliant finish of this gift is surely going to make your guests remember you each time they open their chilled bottles. Imagine what fun they will have using this to open their bottles.

Buy it here.

Price: $2.05

#9 - A Royal Affair

Who said you had to be a real princess to feel like one? These fascinating charms in the shape of crowns are excellent wedding favors. These pretty crowns are going to make sure that your wedding is nothing less than a royal affair.

Feel like a princess while picking out the best crown designs for your guests. Let nothing dim your shine. These lovely charms are going to make your guests feel like a part of the royal extravaganza too.

Buy it here.

Price: $2.71/lot

#10 - Wooden Magnets

wedding door gift

Fridge magnets are a great way to make sure that your guests remember your wedding. Get these stunning wooden fridge magnets as wedding favors. They are totally customizable; choose your design and voila! A wonderful wedding favor is ready to enthrall your guests and to keep you in their memories always. Every time your guests look at these eye-catching pieces, they are going to think of you.

Buy it here.

Price: $4.99

#11 - The Perfect Pointer

best wedding door gifts

If you are not into crowns, this compass charm is the perfect wedding favor for you. A compass is symbolic of being on the right path. A real compass always points you in the right direction, so keeping in line with this thought, hand out these gorgeous charms for your guests. These charms are always going to keep your guests on the right path and to help them shine always.

Buy it here.

Price: $1.19/lot

#12 - Vintage Cameras

small wedding favors

Looking for other options? Why not go for camera charms? A camera helps preserve the most pristine and memorable moments of our life. Just like your perfect pictures, these charms are going to remind your guests of the perfect moments in life that need to be enjoyed and preserved.

Buy it here.

Price: $1.14/lot

#13 - Chocolate Kisses

chocolate kisses customized words

One can never go wrong with kisses, especially when those kisses include chocolates. Get chocolates to be given out as wedding favors but do not just keep them plain and boring. Get these customizable stickers for your chocolates and make them one of a kind. Your guests are surely going to love munching on them while admiring the smart stickers.

Buy it here.

Price: $16.58

#14 - A Jar for those Cookies and Candies

wedding candies box

Cookies and Candies are everybody’s favorites. But, why just hand them out just like that? Get these pretty and colorful jars that are perfect for cookies and candies. Your guests can take these jars home with them as a sweet keepsake. There are several colors to choose from. You can go with the theme or make it as colorful as you like.

Buy it here.

Price: $0.45

#15 - Bookmarks for Bookworms

wedding door gifts

Bookmarks are items that just add on to the whole reading experience. While there are readers who do not need bookmarks, but readers everywhere will agree that they still love receiving pretty bookmarks to add on to their collection.

These pretty and cheap Japanese bookmarks are very colorful and have interesting and engaging designs all over them. Even if there are not many readers in your guest list, they will not mind getting this colorful keepsake. Who knows, they might start reading after this.

Buy it here.

Price: $1.89/lot

#16 - Wedding Tissues

wedding supplies

One of the cheapest wedding favors that are not just adorable but completely usable are customized napkins, just like these. Get an image you like and get these adorable napkins to adorn the tables. These are the napkins that will be taken home and never used just because they are too pleasing and charming to be used and thrown.

Buy it here.

Price: $1.45

#17 - Fly Away

wedding toys for kids

I think you will agree that there can be dull moments in a reception. You agree, don’t you? Why not get wedding favors that will add some fun and activity during these boring moments?

This wedding favor can be great fun and your guests will love assembling all the pieces together to make this amazing airplane. If there are kids around, they will love making these little planes fly high in the sky (the adults are going to love doing this too!)

Buy it here.

Price: $1.68

#18 - Chalkboards

wedding favors that wow

A chalkboard, which is as adorable as this, is not just a great wedding favor but is also a great way to put the table numbers in. These boards are so cute, the guests will take them home and use them creatively. Instead of writing table numbers, write kind-hearted and wistful thoughts or quotes that you would like your guests to read.

Buy it here.

Price: $0.66

#19 - Love Opening Bottles

top wedding favor

If you are looking for a bottle opener that emits love, get these ‘love’ bottle openers with their own bags as wedding favors. Not only does this look super adorable, the functionality of this gift just adds on to the brilliance. The bag makes this gift portable that can be carried around.

Buy it here.

Price: $134/100pcs

#20 - Chalkboard Stickers

wedding stickers

Chalkboard stickers can be used to write table numbers or the names of the guests. These super adorable favors are going to be enjoyed a lot by the guests. They can take these stickers home to personalize them in their own ways.

Buy it here.

Price: $2.38

#21 - A black notebook for those meticulous patterns

budget wedding favor

A blank notebook is loved by all. Get this black drawing notebook as a wedding favor that will be loved by your guests. They can doodle, write thoughts, make notes, or practically do anything in this book.

Buy it here.

Price: $0.90

#22 - Get personal and creative

wedding favor on a budget

Get a bit more personal with your guests. Instead of buying readymade paintings or doodles, make them yourself. The effect that this will have on your guests is beyond anything else. Get these little drawing canvases and get drawing. Write an impressive thought or make something meaningful; your guests are going to love this special little gift. Adding your personal touch to your wedding favor can enhance its beauty so much more.

Buy it here.

Price: $1.68

#23 - Green Escorts

plants for wedding gifts

A great way to show love and kindness is by giving tiny potted succulents as wedding favors. This is a beautiful item to gift to your guests. With each passing day that they spend taking care of this tiny plant, they will remember you with kindness and love. Another great thing about succulents is that they can be taken home and adapted as per the theme. They can easily be shifted to a new pot and taking care of it is also very simple.

Buy it here.

Price: $0.33

#24 - Bottled Favors

bottled favor for wedding

If you are looking for wedding favors that your guests can carry around with them or use as a decorative item at their homes, then this is the perfect gift for them. Get this charming heart-shaped glass bottle with a cork and fill it up with little flowers or vines. The whole effect of this is going to be very calming for the nerves. To add a bit more personal touch to it, get the personalized stickers and add them on these bottles.

Buy them here and here.

#25 - Fan away with love

You may have anticipated some heat on your wedding/reception day, but it can get worse. On those days, what better wedding favor can you decide for your guests than these practical and handy customized fans? These fans are functional, not just on your special day, but on all the hot days. And, on every wave of the fan, your guest is going to remember your special day. Also, the personalization on the fan just makes it a lot more adorable.

Buy it here.

Have you decided on what Wedding Favors you are getting?

These were some of the wedding favors that you can get for your guests. These favors are super cheap and will not get out of your budget. Even though they are super affordable, they are very pretty and beautiful. Get any of these amazing wedding favors for your guests and they are sure to keep you in their happy memories and prayers forever.

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