30 Top Selling Toys in China

by Shopify API on Dec 12, 2021

best selling china toys

Choosing a toy might be challenging. They are very picky and choosy about the toys they play with. Making your princess happy and not spending a lump some may seem like a challenge. To help you out we have figured out the best gifts possible. However, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Before choosing toys from china, consider the following:

  • Does she already have one of the toys you are thinking of? If she does then it might not be a good idea to get her the same toy. You can get a similar gift but not the exact same one.
  • Is it a good buy? Are the parts safe? Another question to ask is the durability. Once your little girl falls in love with the toy, she will want it forever. So make sure you buy a toy that lasts.
  • Does her friends have the same toy? If her best friend has it and she still doesn’t, you are in for trouble.
  • Educational value – The toy or gift that you buy for your child must have an educational value. It is important for their development. Best from of learning can be achieved through playing and fun activities.
  • Engaging – A new toy will definitely engage your child for some time but the engagement period should be considerable. Otherwise it is not worth your money.
  • Objective – A clear objective of buying a gift will help you choose better. You can have a functional aspect or an educational or simply fun consideration on your mind.

The gifts that you choose for your child will build them memories that they will cherish forever. Even some will last well into adulthood. Do not be surprised when she leaves for college and carries her favorite plush toy from when she was just a child.

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Best Chinese Toys

Choose from the following toys recommended by moms and approved by daughters.

1. Doll House Furniture Diy Miniature

The best things about this doll house is that it is DIY. Little girls love DIY projects. It will be your fun activity time. After all the work of putting it together, she will cherish it all the more. The doll house is intricately detailed making it very lovely.

best gift for 6 year old

Price: $10.88

2. Magnetic Drawing Board Sketch Pad Doodle 

Drawing is perhaps one of the most fun activities that all 6-year-old children enjoy. Your little girl can create mess free drawings whenever she wants. Erase and draw again. There are fun stamps for creating exciting doodles. It is made of high quality plastic and is durable for any long trip.

gift set for girl

Price: $4.74

3. Diy Hands-on Toys

One of the most popular gift choice for little girls includes DIY bead jewelry. This box comes with all the necessities. There are a variety of beads to choose from. This gift is ideal for pajama parties and other occasions. Watch your little girl get creative and craft her own designs.

hands on toy for girls

Price: $6.63

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4. Snow Queen School Bags

If there is a little girl at home then Frozen, Barbie and flowers is a part of your daily life. Get your daughter this bag and she can take her favorite characters to school with her. This gift will surely make your daughter grin for a long time.

school bags for kids 6 years old

Price: $18.56

5. Family Doll Suits

Bring home this family set for your princess. It is complete with mommy, daddy and children. There are many varieties to choose from. The accessories available with this set will provide enough scope of creativity and imagination. Your daughter is sure to love this one.

play toys for little girls

Price: $10.99

6. Hello Kitty Cute Bag

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular kid’s character. A school bag in the shape of Hello Kitty will surely please your daughter. This plush bag is delightful to touch and has ample storage space. The handle is adjustable according to the height of your child.

hello kitty bag gift idea

Price: $3.99

7. Pretend Play Plastic Food Cutting Toy

A fun filled fruit and vegetable cart is an important toy for all growing toddlers. They learn a lot from these sets. They will be able to name the fruits, cut them apart and put them back together. It is a very enjoyable activity for all toddlers.

pretend play toys for girls

Price: $5.39

8. Children Kitchen Pretend Play 

If you have a budding chef at home then consider this gift. It has all the food elements from pizza to fruit and many other food items. This set is complete with a trolley at the supermarket. It even has toy stove, spatula set and other utensils.

kitchen pretend play

Price: $6.99

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9. Kitchen Home Cleaning Tool

Teaching children the importance of cleanliness is important. The most fun way to incorporate that is by including it in play activity. This cleaning set is complete with mops, buckets and other equipment. A kid easily learn and value the cleaning activity through pretend play.

kitchen pretend play for kids

Price: $5.99

10. Bebes Reborn Doll

Does your daughter pretend to be mama? Watch her imitate you and learn form you as a mom. These dolls are life like and will surely make any little girl happy beyond words. And it comes with very cute accessories.

dolls for 6 years old girls

Price: $32.40

11. Plush Doll Toys Unique Gifts

If your daughter is a frozen fan then this is a must buy. The plush dolls are considerably big at 40cm. They are soft to touch and the dresses are impressively detailed. Perfect gift choice for best friends and sisters.

unique gift for 6 years old

Price: $6.29

12. Soft Interactive Baby Dolls

These cute dolls make up the perfect gift for baby girls. No matter the occasion these dolls will put a smile on your daughter’s face. These dolls are perfect addition to any doll house.

barbie dolls gift

Less than $1

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13. New Metal House Shape Piggy Bank

It is never too early to teach the value of money. Piggy banks are perfect way for children to learn how to save money. This bank comes with a lock nd has a beautiful design on it.

gift set for girls

Price: $2.18

14. Cute Owls Soft Plush

You can hang these cute owls by the bedside of your daughter. They will make for wonderful night time companions. They not only look adorable but are soft too touch as well.

plush toy for 6 years old girl

Price: $1.28

15. HOT Kids Girls Mermaid Tails 

If your daughter loves Ariel and is obsessed with mermaids then this will be ideal gift for her. This set is complete with all mermaid essentials. Made of high quality fabric, your little girl will have a gala time pretending to be mermaid in one of these outfits.

mermaid tail as gifts for girls

Price: $13.10

16. Portable Children's Tent Toy

It is no secret that every little girl wants to be a princess. And this castle tent is fit for a queen. It is very easy to install. You can choose from a variety of color. And yes, it comes in pink as well. Made of high quality fabric, it is durable enough to last years.

children tent toy

Price: $29.49

17. Cute Peppa Pig Plush

If your daughter is obsessed with Peppa and family, then bring home this plush toy set. Choose from a range of sizes. The cute toys will become your daughter’s new favorite toys.

plush toy for girls

From $3.50

18. Mix Color Barrette Baby Hair

This hair clip set is the perfect accessory for your little daughter’s hair. You can braid her hair into a mermaid style or a simple pony style, these clips will match every updo. There are 10 choices to match her every mood.

hair accessory for girls

Price: $0.39

19. Kawaii Pencil Case 

This pencil bag set is a must have for all school girls. The stationary set contains a bag, a pencil case, eraser, sharpener, ruler and stickers. There are a variety of choices for your little one to chooe from. With this pencil case, going to school will be more fun.

pencil case for girls

Price: $1.55

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20. Washable Princess Cosmetic Set

This stylish pretend play make up kit is ideal for your little princess. She will thoroughly enjoy looking at herself in the mirror and using the pretend makeup. The sparkly, pretty, pink case is very attractive and your little girl can carry it wherever she would like.

makeup play for girls

Price: $6.59

21. Kids Travel Trolley Suitcase 

Are you planning a holiday with your little one? Does she have a travel trolley suitcase? Take your pick from these suitcases. They are statement pieces to choose from for your little diva. The popular Disney characters will make travelling more fun. Size of the suitcase is perfect for a 6 year old.

kids gift luggage bag

Price: $31.50

22. Handmade Barbie Doll Suits

Dressing up is one of the most favorite play activity for any little girl. Gift her these accessory set so she can dress her Barbie up in multiple number of styles. She will develop a good taste in fashion and will be able to form her own personal style in the process of dressing up.

best barbie doll dress

Price: $2.50

23. New Lovely Mickey and Minnie Mouse

If your girl enjoys Minnie Mouse cartoons then this is a must buy for her. This snuggly, plush toy will make her very happy. She will be able to cuddle as much as she likes. It is soft and washable.

plush toy for children

Price: $6.60

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24. Kids Shower Duck Waterwheel Dolphin

If your daughter refuses bath time, get this cute little dolphin. This adorable toy will make her look forward to bath time. The toy is made up of high-grade material, it is waterproof and non-toxic. The attractive color combination makes the toy a fun accessory for bath time.

gift for 6 year old children

Price: from $3.82

25. Water Blowing Toys Bubble Soap Bubble Blower

Bubbles make children very happy. If your daughter’s birthday party is coming up, this bubble blower can be an ideal return gift for all her guests. A bubble blowing competition at the party itself will make her birthday memorable for years to come.

Random Color Water Blowing Toys Bubble Soap Bubble Blower Outdoor Kids Toys Parent-child Exchange interactive toy wholesale JE06 (1)

Price: $1.30

26. Teen Kids Girls Dance Wear

A budding ballerina will surely appreciate this tutu dress for her upcoming recital. Get the color and design of your choice. This dress is available in a wide range of sizes. It has a U-neck line with a bow at the front. The back of the dress has crisscross patterns.

kids ballet dress

Price: $7.55

27. Pretty Headbands

Encourage your little ballerina to take her passion for dance. Gift her this elegant hair accessory. She will feel like a princess and will want to show it off at her next dance performance. This accessory is also perfect for a flower girl at a wedding.

kids headband

Price: $3.64

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28. Flower Pony Unicorn Tutu Dress

For any upcoming event in your family, consider getting this beautiful dress for your pretty little girl. The tutu bottom makes is very stylish. There is a unicorn headgear which comes with the dress. Your daughter will look the cutest in this adorable number.

Baby Girl Flower Pony Unicorn Tutu Dress Extra Fluffy Kids Fairy Wedding Birthday Party Dresses with Hair Hoop for Cosplay (1)

Price: $10.13

29. Awesome Cape Dress 

Has she been asking for an Anna/ Elsa dress? This dress has great finishing. The detailed snowflakes and the net work make it a gorgeous ensemble. Each dree has amazing detail which makes it an unique piece.Get this dress for your snow princess for her next big day.

Elsa Dress kids gift

Price: $7.66

30. Soft Cotton Summer Baby Sun Hat

Your little fashionista will want to step out in style. This adorable hat will add a wow factor to het outfit. The hats look super cute and cool.

best gift for 6 years old girl

Price: $2.79

Choosing TOYS to resell from China

Whenever you choose a gift for your little girl, take her counsel. At 6 year old she sure knows what she wants. If it is a surprise gift then ask her indirectly or look for hints as to what she might need or want.

A gift that she truly desires will make her feel very happy. The joy in her will also fill you with contentment. Whichever gift you choose the purpose is to make your little one happy. The above list provides you with ample choices to get the best gift for your darling daughter.

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