7 Top Chinese Headphones Brands on Aliexpress 2024 - ANC included

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Bluetooth headphones are rapidly becoming an everyday essential for the modern man and woman. Whether it’s for work, school, leisure, or entertainment, bluetooth headphones are one of the best things to come from wireless technology, at least from the consumer perspective. Convenient, portable, and in 2023, highly affordable, bluetooth headphones are a must-have piece of tech vs wireless earbuds.

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Why Buy Chinese Bluetooth Headphones?

Why Buy Chinese Bluetooth Headphones

Still thinking if chinese headset give the best of your money?

  • Great audio without the hassle of wires.
  • Bluetooth technology has come a long way.
  • Better compatibility than wired headphones.
  • Plenty of great pairs available at affordable prices.

The latest bluetooth headphones are equipped with the best features and provide the best quality music to the users. Good headphones needs to suit the style usage of the users. Whether you used it for working, studying or exercising, Aliexpress is the platform to go to as it provides you with some of the best quality headphones and headsets. (Wired or bluetooth)

Are Chinese Headphones Safe

The safety of Chinese headphones can vary depending on the specific brand and product. It is important to do research and read reviews before purchasing any headphones, regardless of where they are made. Look for products that have been tested and certified by reputable organizations for safety and quality. Additionally, make sure to follow proper usage guidelines and take breaks to prevent hearing damage.

Chinese Headphone Brands List

Below leads to Amazon store, Aliexpress stores are cheaper though.

Downside for cheaper things on ALiexpress = longer shipping time.

Chinese Headphone Brands on Amazon Branding
Anker Today, Anker Innovations is bringing this same spirit of innovation to a number of exciting spaces including automotive, audio, entertainment, and the emerging smart home.
Edifier Established in May 1996, Edifier is brainchild of a small group of enterprising music lovers.
Baseus A great brand for all kinds of accessories
Bluedio Household name
Oneodio A slow but upcoming chinese headphone niche brand


If you’re in the market for an affordable yet high-quality pair of bluetooth headphones, AliExpress is one of the best places to find them. Here’s our take on the best bluetooth headphones you can buy right now on AliExpress.

We have picked some of the best bluetooth and wireless headphone models below. The following are some of the top variants.

#1 - Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (Best ANC Headphone Aliexpress)

A very high quality product. There are several headphones I used from bug brands like (sony, lg), but this is one Chinese brand that is superior than them. If you're not too picky and you don't need to brag about being last, they're the ideal choice. Don't expect sound 7.1, but the connectivity and distance bluetooth is amazingly good.

Battery life is as what mentioned in the product specifications. I put this as top choice as it is very good weight and comfort, soundproofing with quite good exterior and call input + micro perfectly.

Anker is not a new player in the headphone industry. Since 2004, they are very active in manufacturing accessories.

Shipping from US, China and Russia, you can lay your hands on this affordable headset that really WOW!

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Visit Anker Store on Amazon

Best Features

  1. Noise cancelling - block out external noises
  2. Rich Music - as it is noise cancelling, headset presents a best listening experience with rich music
  3. Health - Eardrums will not be affected severely due to low and rich music
  4. Best music time of 38 hours

The frequency response range of the headphone is 20 to 20000 kHz. The button can also be used to answer calls other than for basic music controls. Ear muff is extra soft for greater comfort and is made of PU material. The damping material used helps for better sound quality. Overall a good buy with that affordable price range.

Reviews by Real Buyers

  • Arrived after approximately 2 weeks to the Netherlands. The headset is extremely nice to wear. If you are not used to it, it might even be a bit tight around your head. But the sound is nice, nothing too out of the ordinary. The ANC was a big surprise for me though. I had never tried that before, but the headset already muffles out background noises, but as soon as you turn the ANC function on, you start hearing less, and only the higher and louder sounds. Others just complete fall away. It was weird to experience, but great if you are in a busy environment and want some peace. The bluetooth does not seem to love my phone very much however. The bluetooth seems to glitch out often when I put the phone in my pocket, which is annoying. Not sure what causes it. The distance? Who can say, on my laptop, I can walk to the kitchen without it losing connection. Battery and mic also good. So aside from the minor annoyance with my phone, it is a great headset overall. Works well for gaming. 
  • I had the Bose headphones (over $300) for about one year. I really like it, but sadly, it was broken on an accident two weeks ago, and my heart was broken too... So this time I decided to purchase a cheaper one with ideally no significant impairment on the sound quality. When I received this item, I tested the sound immediately. The sound is just excellent. It is really a good purchase for the money. 
  • This is clearly aiming for Bose QC35, it's not a fair comparison but for the price, it's worth it. First of all, the sound quality is, in my opinion, better than Bose QC35, when ANC is turned off. It has better highs which is great for listening to pop or classic music. Second, active noise cancelling works really well, better than I expected for such an affordable headphone. However the drawback is slightly higher background noise than Bose. Luckily it can be easily turned off by the button on the left. When I do need noise cancelling capability, the background noise is not noticeable at all. Please also note that it only connects to one device at a time and pairing is required for connecting to a previously paired device. Same as Sony. But Bose can do two at a time, remembers up to 8 devices. Overall I think it's a good value with solid build quality.

Price: $59.99

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#2- EDIFIER W820NB ANC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

best aliexpress headphone
Aliexpress Price: $53

EDIFIER is a popular international brand, and enthusiasts love it for its quality, durability, and overall value. Sturdily built, lightweight, and packed with everything you could want from a pair of noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones, the EDIFIER W820NB is one of the best headphones you can buy on AliExpress.

It’s got a big battery that’s capable of nearly 50 hours of playback time - or nearly 30 hours with active noise cancelling on. It’s got large 40mm dynamic drivers for fantastic sound performance, and one of our favorite features of the bunch: a USB Type-C interface for fast charging (100% in just 1.5 hrs).

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Capacity:400mAh
Avg. Playback Time: 49 hrs (29hrs with ANC)
Charging Interface: USB Type-C Adapter
Driver Unit: 40mm Dynamic


  • Am already with the headphone a month ago about. Construction No is best, since it is all made of a material (plastic) that does not have much confidence in durability. Sponges are soft, you use the headphone long ears not hurt. Not sure if it will last. The experience with the cancellation of noises being great. The sound is well balanced. I like listening to music in medium volume, this headphone meets my need. Canceling noise works well in environments with noises listed as fan, motor car etc. Overall, I am very pleased with the headphone, mainly because of the price. I follow a specialist headphone recommends the Edifier W820NB.
  • Interesting sound, light enough, good noise. I like everything for now. At first I did not notice that there is no mini jack 3,5 connector for this only Bluetooth. I can not get used to the noise maker, you can just turn on the headphones and not run music and just enjoy the silence-unusual. 

Get the EDIFIER W820NB ANC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones now on AliExpress.

Price on Aliexpress: $53

#3 - Baseus D02 Pro Foldable Bluetooth Headphones

bluetooth headphone aliexpress
Price: $29

If you’re looking for a great portable option, the Baseus D02 Pro is arguably the best option for you on AliExpress. A low price point, sleek aesthetics, superb build quality, and great audio for the price combined in a foldable form factor lets you take a superior, convenient audio experience with you wherever you go.

It’s even got active noise cancellation, a decent microphone, a USB Type-C charging interface, and a veritable waterproof rating.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Capacity:450mAh
Avg. Playback Time: 40 hrs
Charging Interface: USB Type-C Adapter
Driver Unit: 40mm Dynamic

Review by real buyers

  • One of the best helmets I 've ever tasted. The truth is, they work perfectly and the sound is great. They isolate from the outside and are perfectly attached to the ears.
  • The inhaled headphones look tough and very comfortable. In the quecse area placed in the ears are very soft and the headband is adjustable.
  • Wonderful, high-quality Bluetooth headphones. Gorgeous design, easy to control. Excellent fit on the head, the headband does not press. Thanks to the closed type, external sounds are not heard, they do not press on their ears.

Get the Baseus D02 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones now on AliExpress.

Price: $29

#4 - GOLD BLUETOOTH 4.0 WIRELESS STEREO HEADPHONE – CATASSU [$12.88] (Cheapest headphone Aliexpress)

Definitely no poor sound quality! But my old Sennheiser is better. Product in itself is and remains plastic and feels somewhat cheap AA, but further rather beautiful finished. Definitely for children or if quality slightly less important is, highly recommended, definitely for the money. If you are looking for a best present for kids, this is a good buy!

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best budget wireless headphones
best headset china

This trendy headphone is available in 4 different exciting colour variants. This headphone uses Bluetooth to connect to the device which eliminates the woes of using wires. An advanced bluetooth chip ensures flawless music without hampering the quality.

This chinese headphone is compatible with almost every Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet and audio device. The CSR chip that is used provides CVC6.0 echo cancellation which is highly useful for noise cancellation during calls. The composite diaphragm, advanced speaker and the digital signal processing technology provides an awesome musical experience. The ear pads are carefully designed to provide maximum comfort to the listener.

Best part is the foldable design enables the users to carry it anywhere without hassle. Price is really attractive too! We love the gold color version the most. :)

Review by Real Buyers

  • Very fast shipment, about 10 days, the headphones for this price is just super, playing clean, the bass is good, for training itself that.
  • Excellent device, great sound. Kid loves it.
  • Very beautiful and works very well. Easy to move, connected to radio and phone quickly.

Price: $12.88

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The headset comes with a hybrid of active noise cancelling technology. It has decent bass and on-ear design can helps to isolate some ambient noise. The mid and high is good and low frequency is just good enough for you to enjoy the songs. No super or overblown bass hence this is a good headset for long time music listening and built quality is good.

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best wireless headphone aliexpress 2020

The Bluetooth connectivity helps you to fight out the woes of entangling wires and gives you a world class music experience on the go. The advanced noise cancellation technology eliminates almost every possible stray sound. The rechargeable battery stores charge for about 20 hours even when the headset is under heavy use. The volume button and the power toggle button come handy for basic music operations.

The advanced quality microphone and the extremely light body weight are some of the additional features that make the headset worth an investment. The headset is available in 1 colour variant which is black. The classy design of the headset goes well with almost every style of the user. An additional data line ensures an uninterrupted musical experience even when the device is out of power.

Reviews by Real Buyers

  • Arrived well packed. Nice design. Everything functioning properly - wired audio, noise cancelling, Bluetooth. At this price, excellent value.
  • Quick delivery ahead of plan. Good quality materials. Comfortable even for a big head. Nice case. Simple controls. Folds easily.
  • Wauw, a very good first impression! Verry nice looking headphone. Connects really well, music sounds great! Bought it on singles day, recieved it 11 days later (NL).. fast delivery!! Thank you! 
  • The more I use it, the happier I become. This is one of the best headphones I have. I have had several headphones with ANC, but none even comes close to the Noise Canceling this one provides. Its quality is in the range of a Bose or Sony, for a fraction of the price.
  • The product is really good, feels sturdy. Noise cancelling is really good though it does change the sound slightly. Super comfortable, great ergonomics. Very good soundstage, the treble is a bit bright and sharp but it's perfect for everything, including connecting it to my Nintendo Switch and enjoying some quiet gaming time while travelling.

Price: $64.99

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#6 - OKCSC HIFI VINTAGE WOOD HEADPHONE [$59.99] - Price dropped!

Headphone received in good condition. The quality looks cheap but give you an old fashion design feel. Sounds was good. The original ear form get a bit warm after a while. Overall a decent headphone.

best chinese headphone 2020
china made wood headphone hifi

This attractive and high quality headphone is one of the most exquisite variant we found on Aliexpress. HIFI means this headset is reproducing music with high fidelity. The material of the earphone is made of olive wood. Jack is a 3.5mm audio plug with open voice HIFI WIRED headphone.

Their user review were great even though they have less than 100 purchases made for such a unique headset. Buyers claim the clear and a nice bass is a major pull for this well designed Chinese headphone. They don just come as a headset, they come as a full set with

  • 1* OKCSC M2 wooden headphone
  • 1* 5N OCC 3.5mm silver plated headphone cable
  • 1* High quality protect bag

Price: $59.90

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Headphones are incredibly good. I have Bluedio T2s, i use them for 3 years, they like the sound quality, volume, ergonomics of controls and autonomy of work. When I decided to buy something new, thought T7, but learned about the week of brands and at a discount bought t6s. The quality of materials and assembly is excellent. Sounds not louder than t2s, but cleaner, more saturated in bass.

I liked that now you can listen quieter to get a similar bass level. A lot more pleasant on the head, cups of headphones are larger in size and surround the ears without pressing or touching them.

best bluedio headphone
good sound bass headphone

The trendy new device from the house of Bluedio is an apt device for video games, mobile phones, personal computers and even tablets. The 3D stereo sound effect provides the users one of the best musical experiences. The alloyed body is strongly built. The design of the headphone is inspired from the turbine of an aircraft.

The strong battery provides 1100 hours standby time and 20 hours of music time. Currently they have releases T5, T6S. However we still prefer the T3 as one of the top choice headphone of Bluedio.

We all know Bluedio remains one of the strong brand for ear wear in China. Their operations went so huge that they are shipping from warehouses for the below countries. (Good to skip taxes)

  • US

Review by Real Buyers

  • The headphones look good, the sound is clear but the volume of the sound is not the one I expected! The volume seems to be about 50% compared to most headsets. At such a small volume of sound I think that even the cheapest headphones do not distort the sound. For those who want a stronger sound, I do not recommend these headphones.
  • Good sound and very comfortable. They also auto pause music when you take them off the head, very nice feature. 
  • Bluedio t6s headphones are great the best I've had so far and headphones from various well-known and expensive brands I had a lot these are in my opinion the best sound is deep vocal is clear clear bass is good but not eclipse the whole songs are very good very long battery life I use their after 6-7 hours a day last for almost two weeks I highly recommend them which seller of headphones very well packaged in Poland no customs and any fees

Price: $34.99

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FAQs on Buying Headphones from Aliexpress

Is shipping of these chinese headphones safe?

Most sellers will use anti-vibration package, in order to ensure that your package can be safely delivered to you.

How long does it take for me to receive the Headphones from Aliexpress?

Most sellers use AliExpress Standard Shipping with promised delivery time is 15-30 days.

Do headphone Sellers on aliexpress provide warranty?

Most sellers will provide 6-12 months warranty upon date of purchase.

Is Bluedio a good brand?

Absolutely! Bluedio is a very established headphone producer in China. Their sound bass may not be the best but they provide the most affordable price range of headphones and shipping worldwide.

Are the reviews above real?

Yes we believe the reviews we put up above is MORE REAL than those posted on REDDIT forum.

Should you buy Bluetooth Headphones from Aliexpress

We have curated the best headphones and headsets available on Aliexpress. These headphones are used personally by our team and we deem fit based on our user experiences as well as real reviews that are show on the product description. Most sellers will provide warranty and make your shipping experience a breeze! Yes as compared to some of the BIG US brands, these chinese headphones are definitely a good buy this 2020.

Hope you all like our selection.


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