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There is one thing that is never going to change, and that is the passion and love women feel for nice dresses. Dresses are the life and soul in the world of clothes; the sheer variety, style, and material make dresses one of the most versatile clothing items. You can wear them to work, at a party, a meeting, or a brunch. You name an occasion and you will find a dress to match the event perfectly well.

Each country in the world has its own set of traditional dresses, which is a very distinctive way of segregating one country from another. The same is true for China. Chinese traditional dresses are a very appropriate reflection of their aesthetics, philosophy, social values, and history. The dresses also show you the way China has changed and evolved over 3000 years of history.

Knowing the top traditional Chinese dress can give you the most fascinating story that marks the development in human history. Just like everything else in China, traditional dress and clothing also have a long history and cultural importance.

The dress has a very big role to play in the cultural heritage of the country. China is a multi-ethnic and time-honored country with several ethnic minorities who have their own indigenous culture. The influences provided by all of these different cultures have contributed to the rich textures and fabrics that we see in China.

Today I have brought you some of the top traditional Chinese dresses that you can get for yourself.

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Top Traditional Chinese Dress

#1-- Wedding Dress

chinese traditional wedding dress

Every one of us wants our weddings to be completely like a fairy tale. One thing that can definitely assure that you feel like an actual queen on your wedding day is this traditional Chinese wedding dress.

This dress comes with a retro stand collar and high-density embroideries that make the dress look extremely royal. The patterns are classy and traditional with gold and silver thread embroideries. The dress contains a blouse and a skirt suit.

The shirt is a traditional Chinese-style cheongsam shirt. The wedding dress is extremely elegant and enhances your feminine touch. This is an absolute classic that you can get for your grand day. You can also wear it on other special occasions or use it as a very royal gift.

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#2 - Hanfu

The majority of Chinese are of han ethnicity and so, from them comes the hanfu. Hanfu, when translated, literally means han clothing. Hanfu is considered to be the oldest clothing item in the history of Chinese traditional clothes.

As per legends, we can trace the origins of Hanfu to over 4,000 years ago. Throughout several dynasties, this traditional clothing item has constantly improved. During the time of the han dynasty, the hanfu was majorly worn and promoted by the ruling class.

After that, it eventually became the national clothing item of the han ethnicity. This traditional cloth has also reached neighboring Asian countries including Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

You can try out these options:

chinese tradtional dress

I love this flowing hanfu dress that comes in a very subtle color combination. The dress looks like one that was worn by ancient Chinese princesses. The subtle color combination, as well as the breathable material, makes this a very easy choice for you. It has a wrap v-neck and a drawstring closure. I also like the loose and long sleeves of this dress. If you would like to live the life of a traditional Chinese princess, try out this dress on your special occasion and you will definitely feel like one.

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amazon chinese dress

This is a very comfortable and skin-friendly hanfu dress that is made using breathable material. The dress has been made using traditional Chinese material printing technology. This is the perfect option for you if you want to get into ancient Chinese costumes. 

I love the long sleeves of this dress. It really helps to bring out the ancient Chinese feels. It also comes with an adjustable ribbon waistband, a v-neck, and a drawstring closure. This dress will literally make you feel like a traditional Chinese princess. This traditional dress is perfect for your Chinese New Year or any other special occasion.

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Hanfu for Children

chinese dress for girls

Make your little one feel like a princess with this traditional Chinese hanfu dress. This is perfect for your little princess. The dress is made using extremely soft, comfortable, and breathable fabric that will make sure that your little one remains comfortable and happy at all times. This is perfect if you want your kid to know about Chinese culture and want to introduce them to traditional Chinese clothing. This is also perfect for cosplays and fashion shows.

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#3 - Two-Piece Qipao

chinese qipao

This is a very comfortable Chinese-styled traditional dress that you can wear on formal occasions as well as other special occasions. The two-piece comes with a cheongsam-styled shirt that is made using extremely comfortable fabric. The patterns and design on the dress exuberates elegance.

If you are looking for something traditional and yet modern, this is definitely the one that you should go for.

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#4 - Black Cheongsam Qipao

Cheongsam Qipao is a traditional dress that dates back to the 17th century. It is a body-hugging dress that has distinctive Chinese features of Manchu origin. In the 20s and 30s, this dress was also known as the Mandarin gown and was most commonly worn by the upper-class women in Shanghai.

Cheongsam dress has become popular worldwide and it has also inspired many adaptations in different parts of the world simply because it looks extremely simple, minimalistic, and yet very exotic.

The dress is extremely popular because it perfectly fits the figure, has simple lines and showcases elegance. You can wear it all year round and is suitable for both young females as well as adults.

In China, Qipao does not work as an everyday attire anymore. This dress is now worn during special occasions like weddings and formal parties. Some Chinese restaurants, hotels, and airlines also have this Qipao as their formal uniform.

In China, the most popular way of wearing Qipao is as a wedding dress in the color red. You will most often find this dress to be elaborately decorated with gold and silver embroidery designs. The most common designs that you will find include gold dragon and phoenix, which are favored by Chinese brides.

You can try out these options:

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However, I agree that it can be quite overwhelming to choose from such a variety available, which is why this article is perfect for you. In this article, I have brought to you some of the best dresses on AliExpress that you can simply not resist. So, without further ado, let us look at some of these best dresses!

Chinese Dresses from China Online

Ethnic Minorities

China is a country that has multi-ethnic people living in it. The ethnic minorities are basically the non-han Chinese population. Officially, there are 55 minority groups within China along with the Han majority. 

The ethnic groups are unique and distinct that makes them unique from each other. Some of the ethnic minorities of China include the Mongolian, Hui, Tibetan, and Die. The clothing of these ethnic minorities also varies and can be seen to be influenced by geographical, cultural, and historical factors. 

The common features that we can see in the clothing of these ethnic minorities are that the clothes are flowery, colourful, exquisite, and distinctive. Every aspect of the clothing help us understand the different characteristics of these ethnic groups. 

From raw materials, textile technology, fashion, and decoration, everything points out something unique and different about these ethnic groups.

Key variations in the traditional Chinese dresses

Traditional Chinese clothing was basically the result of the aesthetic taste and social customs of the people of China. The traditional dress differed historically, regionally, and hierarchically.


Traditional Chinese clothes had a straight cut and came with a loose shape. The major focus was on the overall harmony that was exuded by these outfits.


A very key characteristic of Chinese tradition is its long history with folk art. The Chinese tradition and crafts are inseparable from silkworm-rearing, Silk reeling, and weaving. It was because China was producing Silk thread and fabrics that Chinese embroidery became exquisitely popular. Ever since Chinese embroidery became an art, we can see the embroidered works in clothes have become very complex and elegant.


In daily life, Chinese people normally wear clothes that are light in color. Some colors were specifically reserved for the emperor and imperial family. These colors included red, bright yellow, and purple. Weddings demanded that people wore red. White clothing would normally be known to be the ideal choice for funerals.


It was very simple to know people’s rank and social status by the way they dressed up. This was especially true if you wanted to distinguish between ordinary people and the upper class. The color yellow and the Dragon Emblem on traditional Chinese imperial dress were exclusively assigned only to the emperor. This affirmed power among the upper dominating class.


The clothing items available for women were far more diverse than what was available for men. Women's clothing also had more ornaments, items, and styles.


As is common in several parts of the world, the ancient Chinese only used leaves to cover their bodies. As development happened, clothing materials started appearing. Years later, China started using linen, cotton, and silk as prominent materials to make clothes.


Almost every dynasty that lived in China has its own set of unique clothes, which were extremely exquisite and beautiful. Each of these has their own line of history and so comparing them is not really an option.

Two basic forms of traditional Chinese dresses

Two-piece clothing

The two-piece clothing came with a top part and a bottom part. The upper garment is known as Yi and the lower garment is known as Chang. If you look at the Chinese documents, we can see that these two-piece clothing was the earliest form of clothing that was introduced in China. 

The upper part is an open cross collar garment that could be worn by both sexes. The right side of the garment was wrapped over the left. The Chang was any skirt that could be worn by both sexes. This part was highlighted by a belt that used to hang from the side.

One-piece clothing

The one-piece clothing that was again the traditional cloth of China was known as a deep robe or shenyi. This was known to be the formal dress of the Han Dynasty. This has an influence even today and is known to have given birth to modern one-piece clothing.

The traditional clothes that bring you closer to Chinese culture!

These were some of the traditional clothes that are a big part of Chinese culture and traditions. These dresses are also very elegant and classy, so if you want to feel closer to Chinese culture, I highly recommend that you try out these clothes.

Chinese Dresses can be fun and do not have to cost a bomb!

These were some of the best dresses to buy online from China. They are all so versatile and would look absolutely great when styled the right way. So, what are you waiting for? Fill up your cart with all these beauties and get ready to show them off to your friends.


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