Top 7 Chinese Projectors on Aliexpress 2023

by Shopify API on Oct 25, 2023

Top Chinese Projectors on AliExpress

Watch your favorite movies at home or anywhere with the top Chinese projectors on AliExpress. We have reviewed the best ones for you!

Do you think of a projector as something that is only to be used in business meetings and presentations? It is time to reconsider. There are several benefits of a projector, with the biggest benefit being that it saves you a ton of space. How? If you live in a confined area where you cannot add a television screen, a projector can help you get entertainment without dominating your space. Also, projectors these days are not bulky and heavy. They come in portable sizes and designs, ensuring that you can carry them everywhere with you.

This article talks about the top 7 Chinese projectors on AliExpress and the most popular budget projectors in great detail, with all its features and significance discussed briefly. The guide will help you make the choice and most ship out from either US or Europe. No custom tax!

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7 Best Cheap Chinese Projectors on AliExpress

Best Chinese Projectors on AliExpress Price
Byintek Sky K20 New HD 1080p Mini Projector $240.13
Thundeal TD90 Android Mini Projector $78.70
BYINTEK K9 Mini Portable Projector $147.63
Salange YG320 $41.68
Crenova X2 $295.11
WZATCO C3 LED Projector Android $243.80
AUN MINI Projector $74.56

#1 - Byintek Sky K20 New HD 1080p Mini Projector

top Chinese mini projector on AliExpress

With the X7 Proyector Beamer, it is the right choice to make if you are looking out for a projector. The device is available to be shipped all around the world at a price ranging from USD $89.99 to 109.99.

The product is one of its kinds and will be shipped to you within 18 days. Small in size with dimensions 210mm (L)*145mm (H)*89mm it can be projected on any device or surface including the walls. Also, you are given the connectivity with play stations, laptops, smartphones, tablets, DVD and USB devices.

This energy efficient device provides a maximum of the 120-inch display with a 1800 Lumens brightness and 4:3/16:9 screen scale. The display is high resolution and a maximum resolution of 1920*1080.

K version allows you to connect with your iPhone and Android devices. Sit at the comfort of your home watching your favourite show now!

Product is available for sale and to be ship from China, US, UK, Germany, Spain, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, France and Italy.

What we like about this seller: The shipment has been fast, it came to me in 3days. I am very satisfied with the projector, I have already recommended it to many people who have seen it. Very compact, simple to use and with very good quality at very good price. I leave pictures of the projector in broad daylight and in the dark. Very happy with the purchase and the seller. 

Oh, check this out, too! Top Products by BYINTEK.

If projector only had higher resolution, it would be 1st class. Brightness is good, build quality is good, accessories are good, tripod a lil confusing but good, sellers communication is good as well.

I would recommend you to save a bit more money to get a higher resolution one, but this one does the job as well if you are watching from a greater distance.

#2 - Thundeal TD90 Android Mini Projector - Most Preferred Projector

best Chinese projector on AliExpress

Available at a price of less than US$100, this is the one to be brought this holiday season. The device provides a max 120inch display with a brightness of 1988 Lumens.

All the electronic gadgets can be connected and provide a high-resolution display. The product will be delivered to you within 9 to 18 days under the buyer protection. The lens uses manual focus and manual correction method for the keystone correction.

Additionally, the projector is a home theatre one and mostly used in the cinema 3D Business. With a contrast ratio 1000:1-2000:1 and screen scale 4:3/16:9 the device provides you an optical resolution of 854 x 480 dpi and works well in a100 inch projection size distance and consumes 60W power.

I am happy with the projector. Nice and bright. Cannot focus on all parts of the projected screen, but that's the same with more expensive models as well. A bit loud, need external speaker if you want to hear properly. Easy to connect via every channel, bt, hdmi/VGA, USB... runs Android with a set of specific apps you can install.

Easy to use. I like it a lot. Bought one more as a present. Both came within the 7 days from EU to EU

#3 - BYINTEK K9 Mini Portable Projector

best projector on AliExpress

Available at a cost of USD $100+, the product is ideally portable HDMI USB LCD DLP Movie Pico LED Mini Projector. You can buy the products and avail your way to the high definition display of resolution 1920*1080. The lens available is manual and uses a projection distance of 0.8-4.3M. The device has a brightness f 1800 Lumens and contrast ratio of 1000:1-2000:2.

The projector support multimedia system and a screen scale of 4:3 to 16:9. You can easily carry the projector anywhere as it is a portable one and requires just 50W power to work.

It is available to ship from countries like US, UK, Germany, Spain, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, France and Italy.

What we like about this product: The image is clear. The device itself is compact. The remote is still on the shelf, it is not necessary at all. But we bought HDMI wire, optional. Shipping is just space fast for AliExpress.

Fast delivery within Europe. Plug, set up WiFi and cast your screen. Works really well. It has a good quality. I recommend this model and the seller is good.

#4 - Salange YG320

top projector on AliExpress

The Salange YG320 Mini Projector is another top Chinese projector on AliExpress. This must-buy supports a 1080p resolution with about 600 Lumens. Moreover, it can display 80 inches playback and 2 meters distance of projection. Aside from that, it is also HDMI, VGA, AV, and SD card-ready, and it is user-friendly.

This mini projector is perfect for movies at home or for work and educational purposes. 

What we like about this product: It playbacks an HD video with excellent quality, plus its picture resolution can be adjusted. The buttons are easy to operate, making them user-friendly. Also, we love the built-in speakers. They are clear and of good quality.

#5 - Crenova X2 - BestAli Recommend

top Chinese projector on AliExpress

This Crenova X2 is a portable and convenient projector you can buy on AliExpress. It is lightweight and compact for easy carry and easy keeping. This comes with an HDMI, USB, TF, and AV card slot for you to choose any multimedia.

Crenova X2 supports 480p resolution with 2000 Lumens, and you may enjoy up to 3 hours of video playback at your home, school, or anywhere you can take this mini device with you! Plus, you can connect it with your smartphone, TV, and game consoles.

What we like about this product: It is designed with DLP technology for better image quality. No doubt it is effortless to carry by just putting it inside the bag, and we can enjoy movies anytime and anywhere. We also like its keystone correction that we can easily adjust to fit our desired angle. Plus, it has a low decibel noise for quiet viewing.

#6 - WZATCO C3 LED Projector Android

top selling projector on AliExpress

One of the top-selling projectors on AliExpress is the WZATCO C3 LED Projector Android. This features a full HD 1080p resolution with built-in Android 10.1. The projector supports both WiFi and Bluetooth for convenient movie viewing. In addition to that, it's in high contrast for clearer image details and supports 4K and 8K that makes full HD images. 

This projector can be connected to your favorite game consoles or your smartphone and TV. It has a high transmittance lens and o soft light diffuse reflection for your eye protection. 

What we love about this product: Movie viewing is totally in bright colors, and it is not too much for the eyes. The projector is easy to use and very convenient because it supports any device we have at our home. It's very innovative!

#7 - AUN MINI Projector

From the popular brand of projector, the AUN Mini projector is a good addition to your home if you want a cinema-like movie. Of course, this one is compact, so you can bring it anywhere with you. This durable projector is also lightweight, so you can easily carry it around. 

You can connect this projector to any device you have, like your smartphone or TV. This also supports USB, HD, Audio IN, and a Micro Card. Its functions or buttons are easy to control, including the focus, angle, and ratio.

most popular projector on AliExpress

Why we love this product: At a very affordable price, we can get a portable projector anywhere we go. It’s good to bring it on travels, camping or even at school or work. The colors are incredible, and it’s of great quality and high resolution. Plus, it lasts longer than other projectors.

Best Aliexpress PROJECT SCREEN

It is never a good idea to project on a wall. The image will often look blotchy, blurry or dark because of the texture of the wall. Also, the colors will be dull. The best screen for your projector is a white screen as it will reflect the light from the projector to give a vibrant and clear picture with good color. It is incredibly easy to find a white screen online or you can even paint a white wall or white board to give the same effect.

There are a lot of projector screen sizes available in market. It's a tricky decision to make because you don't want to get the screen that you cannot use. Generally, the screen size is measured in diagonal inches and it can be anywhere from 40 inches to 300 inches and even more. Sizes that fall between 40 inches and 100 inches are very common in most homes.

Video projector screen is the answer to many projection set-ups, especially when there is not enough distance from projector to display area. Typically, video projector screens are placed in front of a wall, so the audience is behind the screen. The viewing area is in front of the screen for a normal table or floor based projector, or to the side of the screen for rear-projection projectors.

Aspect ratio of video projector screen is the ration between the width and the height of the image, which is typically 4:3 (1.33:1) for NTSC and 16:9 for HDTV for the most of the cases.  When buying projector screen, you should consider your projector type, screen material, screen size, screen aspect ratio and screen color.

Buying Aliexpress Projectors for Home or Office

There is quite a different fun to watching the TV on a big screen when it is projected by a projector. With such a setting, movie nights have a whole different charm to them. Now, you can experience all of that without paying a bomb or waiting for such a show to happen with the projectors in this list. I hope you enjoyed the list of the best projectors on Aliexpress and found the information helpful for your needs.

Get one of these projectors today and change the way you view TVs. I am sure you will enjoy the fantastic experience that these projectors provide

Aliexpress provides guarantee and these top class projector sellers will provide that kind of warranty. So rest assured you are in safes hands when buying electronics like Home Projectors from these guys.

Top Chinese Projectors on AliExpress: FAQs

What is the best inexpensive mini projector?

Well, we curate the best from AliExpress so projectors from AliExpress remains the best inexpensive ones you can source for. At less than US100, these Chinese mini projectors have all the basic function to project high quality videos. Kindly check out our top 5 review for best cheap projectors. We still advice to go for $200 range Chinese projectors on AliExpress.

Which is the best projector under $100?

We have reviewed 4 cheap and good chinese projectors that wont cause you to spend an arm and a leg. Most of these projector sellers have warehouse all over Europe so rest assured you have what you need to by spending less than $100. A great home projector for you to watch your best shows online. So just add your budget by a bit to $200 range and you can get a good enough specification chinese projector.

Are cheap projectors any good?

Nike cost on average $100 a pair while a better quality pair with no brand cost less than 30usd. So this is a matter of perception. Quality is good and does it necessarily means prices are lower? No! In fact on Aliexpress, you can find cheap and good projectors like the top 5 chinese projectors we reviewed above. Not only these projectors are cheap, you will be amazed by their components and features.

Which brand projector is the best?

If you are going for inexpensive ones with not too bad features. Thunderdeal is a good Chinese projector brand. Costing an average of less than 100usd, these mini projectors are a necessity for your office presentation. Check the store out.thunderdeal projector aliexpress

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