What is the Best Payment Methods on Aliexpress 2022

by Shopify API on Mar 03, 2022

payment methods on aliexpress

AliExpress is an eCommerce giant that brings to us every item we may ever need. It is a platform where the sellers can meet the buyers. The wide number of sellers on the platform means that you can almost always find what you are looking for at amazing prices.

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However, there is one question that comes in everyone’s mind when shopping from AliExpress - what are the different payment methods on AliExpress and which one is the best mode of payment?

In this article, you will find everything about the various payment methods on AliExpress.

Benefits of The Different Payment Options on Aliexpress

Having different payment methods on AliExpress has its own advantages.

  • You can compare between the options available to choose the one that suits you.
  • You can choose the safest mode of transaction.
  • You have many options, so if you cannot use one particular method, there is always another back up.

Is it safe to pay on Aliexpress?

best way to pay on aliexpress

It is quite normal to be insecure about online transactions, especially as we hear so much about online frauds. However, AliExpress is a renowned eCommerce site that has millions of buyers buying from the platform.

When paying to AliExpress, you can relax as the site uses an Escrow system.

What is it?

It is a system under which your payment details and money will not reach the seller until you confirm that you have received the order safely. Only then does AliExpress forward the money to the seller.

is aliexpress safe

In addition to the Escrow system, AliExpress also uses the latest encryption systems from Visa, Mastercard, and VerisignSSL to protect your payments.

AliExpress also uses the HTTPS protocol on its website, which encrypts the data you exchange, and so it can never be stolen by third parties.

So, you can sit back and relax as making payments on AliExpress stay totally safe.

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Best Way to Pay on Aliexpress

Now that you know you can safely carry out transactions on AliExpress, let us look at the various ways in which you can make payments -

payment methods aliexpress

Thing to note: Note all Aliexpress sellers accept Paypal.

Debit and Credit Cards

It is the most common payment method used by buyers when purchasing from AliExpress. This is so because banks have now made it extremely easy to get cards at no extra cost. AliExpress supports different types of cards. You can use Visa debit/credit cards, MasterCard credit cards, Maestro debit cards, and American Express cards.

This method is extremely easy and hassle-free. You can quickly pay for your orders and not worry about extra charges.

You also have the option of using prepaid cards/virtual cards. These have the advantage of being comparatively safer as you can only spend the money you have deposited.


You can use PayPal for your transactions in some of the stores on AliExpress. There is a great advantage in using this method of payment. You can associate your bank account to your PayPal account and use it for transactions, even if you do not have a credit or debit card.

However, the one disadvantage this payment method has is that not all sellers accept payment through PayPal. And if you find sellers accepting PayPal payments, you may have to pay a small extra fee if you are choosing PayPal as your method of payment.

Apart from that, it is a very convenient method of paying on AliExpress that is gaining a lot of popularity.

Mercado Pago

This payment method is available only to Mexican buyers, and has a ton of advantages that give it an upper hand. With this payment method, you can use up to 5 different means of payment - bank transfer, credit or debit card, OXXO, bank deposit or payment with your Mercado Pago balance.

If you are in Mexico, Mercado Pago is a great option to use when making payments on AliExpress.

Western Union

Western Union is not well known and is not often used to make payments on AliExpress. However, yes, AliExpress does give you an option to pay using Western Union. However, there is a slight disadvantage. You can only use this payment method for purchases over $20. Also, processing payment using this method is much slower than the other payment methods.

To use Western Union, you have to go to an office, fill out a form, and wait for up to 3 days for your payment to be verified.

The high extra fee and the long time it takes to transfer the money make paying through Western Union a less favorable option.

Bank Transfer

We do not recommend using Bank Transfers for your payment on AliExpress as you can use this method only if you are purchasing over $20. In addition to that, you have to pay the money in dollars and make an international transaction. Most banks charge you for making international payments, and this extra cost is to be borne by the buyer. So, keeping this disadvantage in mind, it is better if you choose other methods of payment.

Other Payment Methods

Apart from these common payment methods, AliExpress also gives you other lesser known options for making payments. There are options such as Webmoney, Yandex money (for Russian buyers), QIWI, DOKU, Ticket, and Ideal, among others. These payment methods are not commonly used by buyers, and so if possible, it is better to steer clear of these methods and choose one from the ones mentioned above.

These were the payment methods on AliExpress that you can use. Now, let us look at some more queries you may get when making payments.

Can You Pay in Your Local Currency?

When paying on AliExpress, you must choose the currency of your country before making the payment. This way, you will be able to avoid surprises that come in the form fees for additional conversions, as you will not know the exact amount of the fee in advance.

Almost all world currencies are available on AliExpress. However, if your local currency is not available, your bank will take care of the currency exchange (from US dollars to your local currency).

aliexpress payment ways

When buying, we also recommend that you choose your country to know the shipment cost, as well as to be able to see special offers available for your country.

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How Will You Receive Refunds in Case of Cancellation?

If you have cancelled your order or have opened a dispute as you are not satisfied with the product you have received, you may wonder how you will get your refund. There’s nothing to be worried about, as your money will reach you through the same payment method you used when paying for the products.

So for example, if you used your debit or credit card to pay for the items, the money will be refunded in your bank account that is linked to that card. The case is similar with other payment methods. If you used Mercado Pago, the money will come back to your wallet, except if you used a card for the payment. In that case, the money will reach your bank account.

How To Change AliExpress Currency?

  • Open the AliExpress website.
  • Click on the currency symbol on the top right corner.
  • Click on the currency tab. A drop down menu will appear.
  • Choose the currency you would like to use.
  • Click save and there you have it. You can now check out all the products in your currency.

So, What is The Best Payment Method on AliExpress?

We have looked at all the different payment methods available on AliExpress. However, there is no best method as what might work for me, may not work for you. However, looking at the ease of transaction and safety, you may want to use debit/credit cards of PayPal.

These are the most common methods of transaction used for payment. However, since PayPal is not accepted in all the stores, you may well have to use your debit or credit cards. These are the simplest and the easiest to use.

The least recommended options are Western Union and Bank Transfer because of the hassle you will have to go through. The extra costs and slowness make these two options the least favorite ones.

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Ready to get your favorite products from Aliexpress?

In this article, you got all the information regarding the payment methods available on AliExpress. You can choose the payment method that suits you the best and get your favorite products without worrying about losing your money.

The payment methods are safe, thanks to the Escrow system used by the platform. You can pay for your orders without worrying about where it will end up. AliExpress takes the security of its buyers and their money seriously and so, it does everything it can to ensure that your money stays safe. Refunds are also easy and will come back through the same channel you used for payment.

The favorite options among buyers remain debit/credit cards and PayPal. These are the most reliable sources that are safe and super quick.

So now that you know all about the payment methods, are you ready to grab those wonderful products you saw?


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