Top Anklet Trends

by Shopify API on Oct 19, 2020

top anklet trends

Anklets have made a huge comeback, and I am quite ecstatic about it. I am sure many of you agree with me that this is one trend that needs to stay and help us slay our looks every day. But for those of you who are skeptical about wearing these cute accessories, do not fret. The top anklet trends of today do not just have seashells. There are a plethora of options that will surely make you fall in love with anklets.


So, today I have brought to you the top anklet trends that will make you want to grab your hands on them today!

#1—Metal Bohemian Anklets

Anklets have been trendy for a very long time. Metal anklets are one of them. These anklets are very light and look stylish with almost all of the outfits. The anklet is flexible and absolutely safe for your skin. You do not have to worry about rashes or irritation of any sort. You can wear these trendy metal anklets as a daily accessory to up your style game. This simple accessory can really make a huge difference.

You may want to consider these options:

anklet trends 2020

This Bohemian style ankle is gold plated and comes in six different patterns. You can wear this with ankle-length jeans and create a statement look. They also look uber cool with dresses, skirts, and shorts. These are extremely light weighted and can be added to your daily outfit.

ankle bracelets in style

I love this anklet with star charms. It looks fabulous with everything and can be coordinated with your wardrobe style easily. It instantly enhances your style.

Buy the items here:

Bohemian Set of 6 Anklet

Gold Plated Metal Anklet

#2—Shell Anklet

Anklets with shells are quite unique and colorful. To have that beachy vibe and to make your feet look beautiful, you must try these. They are made with different types of shells and the quality is durable and sturdy.

You may want to consider these options:

trendy anklets

This shell anklet brings together the daintiness of metal with the beauty of shell in one. It comes with a long chain which has an adjustable hook that lets it fit all ankle sizes. The shell creates a statement look when worn with stylish footwear.

teenage anklets fashion

I love this fun-looking anklet that brings out such chill vibes. This one is quite amazing as it is made of colorful threads and the shells are attached to it to give a funky and cool look. I love how the shell brings out the entire ocean and beach feels to our feet. This is an excellent choice if you are going to hit the beach soon. In fact, it would look extremely stylish if you are attending a beach party or a fun festival.

Buy the item here:

Shell Metal Anklet

Beachy Shell Anklet

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#3—Beaded Anklet

Beaded anklets look extremely graceful and elegant. You can find both colored and simple beads, as per your wish and taste. If you love the Boho trend, I am sure you will fall in love with these uber cool anklets.

You may want to consider these options:

fashionable anklet

Do you see how colorful, yet dainty this beaded anklet looks? It is the perfect companion for summers when we are all ready to hit the beach. The shell charm hanging on it truly brings out the beauty of this anklet without going overboard.

chic anklets in fashion

A very pretty chained anklet with a single white bead is what we love for days when we want to go pretty basic. This pretty anklet looks very elegant and charismatic when worn. It does not require a special occasion; you can walk around with this every day and garner compliments.

Buy the items here:

Colorful Bead Anklet

Single White Bead Anklet

#4—Snake Chain Anklets

While there may be hundreds of anklets out there, nothing compares to an exquisite and dainty snake chain anklet. It instantly upgrades your look and becomes the perfect accessory to go with all kinds of outfits and for all types of occasions.

You may want to consider these options:

are ankle bracelet in style

I am in absolute awe of this rose gold anklet that is super shiny and extremely gorgeous. It may look quite simple, but trust me, it looks beautiful. Imagine how pretty it would look when paired with high heels and a knee-length dress. It elevates your beauty instantly and also makes you feel good.

elegant ankle bracelet

Here is another snake chain anklet which is three-layered and again looks very elegant with a light-colored dress.

Buy the items her:

Simple Snake Chain Anklet

Three Chain Anklet

#5—Rhinestone Anklet

Rhinestones are crystals made up of rock crystal and crystal glass. It has wide usage in many types of jewelry and is also used to make anklets. It looks like a diamond and so gives your ankles a royal feel.

You may want to consider these options:

gold plated anklets

This gold-plated anklet with a designed chain has small rhinestones studded into it to give an elegant yet royal look. You can upgrade the level of fashion with this incredible anklet. Do give it a try.

stylish ankle bracelet

This is an awesome anklet with detailed work in the silver-coated chain. I love how the tiny rhinestones circle the entire anklet, adding a lot of panache to it. Complete the look with this modern, stylish, and refined piece of accessory.

Buy the items here:

Gold-plated Rhinestone Anklet

Silver-plated Anklet

#6—Handmade Crochet Anklets

We have seen all types of anklets, but did you ever think you would come across crochet anklets? Yes, they really are a thing. Crochet anklets are handmade and look beautiful when worn with shorts, skirts, or dresses. With anklets in trend, this one is an amazing choice for those who want to follow the fashion, but do not want to choose metal or beaded anklets.

You may want to consider these options:

unique anke bracelet

This blue color crocheted anklet is a perfect match for a beach-side wedding. It is a great way to flaunt your beautiful feet with these sandal style anklets. It can also be paired with dance costumes to enhance their beauty.

are anklets trashy

To create a high fashion statement, these adorable anklets can be worn with heels or flats. The best look can be created with a swimsuit, short dress, or shorts to make yourself look stunning.

Buy the items here:

Yoga Anklet

Long Anklet Chain

#7—Butterfly Anklets

To glam up your feet, butterfly anklets are the best and they also offer a fun-loving look. They look cute and feminine and can be paired with pretty dresses on multiple occasions.

You may want to consider these options:

anklets for long dress

This anklet is a blend of both crystals and charms. The crystals are studded on the chain with butterfly charms attached to it. The shine and design appear to be amazing and is a perfect match for high heels and slit dress.

butterfly anklets in style

Drape this beautiful anklet with attached butterflies and flaunt it off. The gold coated chain looks flawless and comes with an adjustable hook.

Buy the items here:

Studded Butterfly Anklet

Golden-plated 3D Butterfly Anklet

#8— Coin Toe Ring Anklet

An anklet that adorns the feet completely with layered chain and coin style gives vintage feels. It looks bright and feels comfortable as well.

You may want to consider these options:

boho look for ankles

I love this extra stunning anklet that enhances the beauty of your feet. The metal chains with vintage-looking coins attached to it cover the feet and give a boho feel. It would look exquisite with almost every outfit.

chic look for ankles

This anklet with chains around the ankle and coin design all over the foot is a statement piece that elevates your look. It helps bring out a modern and chic look.

Buy the items here:

Fully Chained Anklet

Coin Pendant Anklet

#9— Casual Rope Anklets

Rope anklets are made with skin-friendly material and can be worn daily without any worries of rashes or irritation. They feel extremely soft and you also do not have to worry about them getting damaged while taking a shower. There are different variations of these that you can get and wear as per the fancy strikes.

You may want to consider these options:

zodiac anklet bracelet

This is an anklet that you can wear every day, without taking it off ever. It is quite simple and casual, which works well with your everyday looks. It has a charm with zodiac sign engraved on it. Get on in your sun sign and show it off proudly.

friend bracelet for ankles

Here is yet another piece that I love. This anklet is a set of three pieces made with braided thread with a silver-coated round shaped rind. It is designed in a way that it holds the thread together. If you are planning a fun day out in the beach, then you can pair this anklet with your beachwear.

Buy the items here:

Zodiac Sign Anklet

Three-layer Piece

#10— Alphabet Anklets

Alphabet anklets look super cute and funky. if you are somebody who wants to make a memory of someone or something, you can get one of these to keep with you forever.

You may want to consider these options:

gold anklets in style

This is a simple anklet with an alphabet charm attached to it. It comes with a long adjustable chain that lets you fit it to your ankle size. You can wear it with skirts, jeans, or slit outfits and open-toe flats.

name engrave ankle bracelet

Another way of rocking this trend is by getting an anklet that represents your personality in a single word and makes you feel good and strong. This one is just about good vibes. You can also get your own name customized in this anklet.

Buy the items here:

Gold plated A-Z Alphabetic Anklet

Name Anklet

Ankle Bracelets - Style Statement for your Feet!

I hope you loved the collection I compiled here for you. Get inspired by these top anklet trends and incorporate these into your everyday look.


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