Casual Wear for Ladies 2024

by Shopify API on Jun 19, 2020

casual wear for ladies

A woman can never have too many clothes, and this is a fact that is universally acknowledged. We may have a wardrobe spilling with clothes collected over the years, but each time we sit down to get ready, we cannot see a single item that would help us win the day. It is solely for this reason that the fashion world comes up with something new to satiate our taste and mood each and every day.

There are thousands of clothes available online to help us choose whenever we need to dress up. However, there is no place better than AliExpress to shop for the trendiest casual wear for ladies. There are clothes for every occasion and the ladies collection of casual wear is extensive and fun; these items will add a lot of dimension to your wardrobe and your outfit ideas.


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Read on to find some of the best casual styles on AliExpress to make your days a lot more glamorous and trendier than they already are.

Casual Tops for Girls

#1 - The Peplum Magic

This is our absolute favorite piece; there are so many factors at play in this pretty peplum top that comes in a variety of colors. This peplum top looks extremely chic and depending on the accessories we pair up with it, it can easily transform from a day to a night look.

We love the thin shoulder straps and the off-shoulder look along with the low neckline. The ruffles that continue from the off-shoulder sleeves to the neckline create a gorgeous texture that not only adds a glamorous touch to the top, but it also helps hide any extra fat that might be bulging out.

The top cinches right below the bust line and opens up in more ruffles right beneath it. This design makes it a perfect choice for women who want to hide the bulges in their tummy area. This top is an absolute perfect choice for women with a pear-shaped body.

For a casual look, pair this up with distressed denim and a black sling bag.

Get this glamorous piece here.

#2 - Cold Shoulder Delight

Black is beautiful and is the favorite color in almost every woman’s wardrobe. The basic reason for this is that black complements all types of women and looks uber stylish and chic. There is not much you need to do to get the style right; it is very casual, but at the same time can transform the whole look to make you look like an epitome of class and panache.

We love this black t-shirt; it is solid with a tiny hint of glamor that is just the right amount for our everyday look. One side of the top goes off-the-shoulder, but that is not what adds the glam; it’s the gold straps right on the shoulder. The tiny hint of golden glimmer adds a nice elegant touch to the top.

Pair this up with a comfortable pair of jeans or shorts to get the oomph factor. You could wear boots or sneakers with this top.

Buy this piece here

#3 - Embroidered Chic Beauty

Being casual does not have to mean the same old boring plain clothes. You can wear something uber cool and make it look casual without making it look over-the-top. This beautiful white blouse is a classic example of this.

This is an embroidered blouse that adds a new meaning to the word elegance. The embroidery is done on a see-through material that adds a beautiful touch to the top portion of the blouse and the shoulders. The puffed-up sleeves add more dimensions to the top; it is a perfect choice for women who want to hide their bulges. To add more chicness, pair this up with shorts or slim fit jeans.

You could wear high-heeled sandals to make your casual look elegant and chic.

You can get this elegance here

#4 - Back to Basics

When we talk of casual wear, we just cannot let go of basic tees. These tees are a savior and help us on days when we do not want to trouble ourselves with getting ready. These tees are super easy to style and can be worn with any kind of bottom. Everyone needs at least one of these basic tees in their closet for a carefree but stylish look.

We especially love this white tee with a graphic print that adds some color and boldness to your look. This tee proves that you do not have to choose a solid colored tee to create a basic casual look; some graphic print adds more flair to the tee.

This tee can be styled in the most casual way when paired with jeans or shorts. For some fun and chicness, wear a calf-length skirt with it. You could also wear wide-legged pants and flats with it.

Go basic with this tee here

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#5 - Casual Elegance

This is the top we love for days when we want to go a little extra and add an enthusiastic vigor to our look. This is a see-through mesh casual top that comes in a shimmer of different colors that look amazing with jeans, skirts, and shorts. You can also pair this up with wide-leg pants.

We love this top on days when we do not want to look too plain and act bold, but we also love wearing this every other day. The best way to wear this top would be with a nice bralette underneath it. The sheer top does not let too much reveal underneath, but there is enough that can be seen to make you look sensuous and elegant.

This can also be a great outfit for a party. Put on a pair of jeans and ankle-length converse for the casual yet chic look.

Get this see-through top here

Bottoms for Girls

#1 - Distressed Denim

We all need distressed denim in our closet for the stylish, chic, and carefree look. You can easily up the style quotient of any outfit with a pair of these; the best part about wearing this is that you can look absolutely gorgeous without putting too much effort.

We love this pair since it looks so cool. It fits perfectly and ends a little above your ankle. You can pair this up with all the blouses we have listed above to create a unique look every time.

This pair of distressed denim would look good with sneakers, ankle-length boots, or even heels. Play around and find the style you want to go with; nothing can go wrong when creating a casual outfit with distressed jeans.

Raise your style quotient with this denim here.

#2 - Snakeskin Shorts

We love animal prints and if there was no fear of the fashion police, we would cover ourselves with every possible animal print available. However, we need to stay subtle and create a bold look with it in a way that we look glamorous yet artful at the same time. So, dear gals, instead of going overboard with all the animal print you can find, get yourself an item that becomes the centerpiece of your whole outfit and brings everything together in a stunning flow.

If you ask us, we would recommend these snakeskin shorts; it is high-waisted which gives it extra bonus points on our list. It ends at the most flattering part of your thighs and also helps hide away the bulges in your stomach if you want to hide them.

Pair this up with a black body-hugging top to create a seamless and flawless look. You could wear thigh-high boots for a striking look. You are sure to create wonders with just this one piece of clothing.

Get this wonderful piece here

#3 - Denim Jeans

One of the most basic things you can get in your wardrobe is a couple of pairs of denim jeans. Jeans help create the most casual looks while making you look put together and classy. If nothing else, you should have a pair of black and a pair of blue jeans in your closet; play around and style it up in different and unique ways to create exclusive looks each time.

When it comes to jeans, we love this. They are mid-waisted jeans that hug your curves immaculately. These pair of jeans look good with all types of tops and blouses. You can also wear all kinds of footwear. Get a pair of these in both the colors (black and blue) to create an effortless casual look.

You can get your favorite pair here

Get your CASUAL style quotient high

These were some of the most popular and latest casual wear for ladies that you need to get hold of today. Not only did this list contained the latest trend in the fashion world, but there were also some pretty basic essentials that you need in your wardrobe for days when fashion crisis hits. Get these tops and bottoms to help you create an exceptional and exclusive casual look every day.

You can style these up for a casual day out with friends or beau. Also, with the help of correct accessories and footwear, you can easily transform them into chic and elegant wear.

Now that you have found the secret to casual styling, why not give it a try?

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