Smart Casual Dress Code for Women

by Shopify API on Jun 21, 2020

Smart Casual Female

I know the eternal struggle of trying to put together an outfit that looks smart. You know, an outfit that is smart but not overly casual or extremely formal. Still not sure what I am rambling about? A smart dress code is an elevation to your ideal wardrobe.

This is something you would have probably never thought of doing. So for example, you most definitely keep aside your T-shirt and go-to jeans for a casual day. But you could easily turn this into a smart outfit by adding in a black blazer and ballet flats. And that is how we swerve from casual to smart in 2 seconds.

A smart outfit is something that is relaxed and comfortable, but quite polished at the same time.

How to Dress Smart for Females

Yes, that is what I am talking about. I am sure many of you find yourself at a loss when it comes to putting together an outfit that screams smart. The struggle really is real, which is why I have brought you this guide that will help you choose the most stylish dressing and put them together to create a look that surpasses all.

Scroll down and let the inspiration flow.

Dress Casual Smart For Dinner Dates

Have you been invited for dinner and asked to dress smart for it? Don’t panic. There are tons of options for you to choose from; there are outfits that will keep your glam intact and make sure you do not appear dull. The idea is to mix something simple and classy with an exciting pair. I love pairing my classic black pants with an off-the-shoulder top. These two definitely look like they are made for each other. Booties work great with this look.

Here are a few options you would fall in love with:

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Dressing Casual Smart For A Wedding

Dressing smart for a wedding can get quite tricky, but not impossible. The whole point of choosing a smart outfit when attending a wedding is to avoid looking overdressed or underdressed. You could choose a chic dress and pair it with casual accessories and low heels. If you need something different than a dress, you could try a jumpsuit or stylish pants with a top. You will definitely make a statement.

Here are a few options that are absolutely perfect:

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Dressing Casual Smart For Office

Yes, we can create a smart office look without fretting about looking too casual. The workplace today has changed; offices are opting for a more smart-casual dress code. This gives you the perfect option to choose outfits that are versatile, and yet quite professional. There is no reason to not make your office wear smart and stylish.

One of the things I like to do is swap my regular pants for a skirt. This instantly changes the game. You could also try out a stylish suit that is both comfortable and perfect for your meetings. Do not go overboard, keep things simple yet stylish. You could add in accessories with a pop of color to complete the look.

Here are a few options you may want to consider -

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Dress Smart For Casual Day Events

You may think that a casual day event, such as a brunch date or an informal meeting with clients, requires no thinking. But that is where you are wrong. Ditch your regular T-shirt and jeans and opt for more stylish and smart-casual options. Choosing smart outfits for a casual day event gives you a lot of flexibility. The options and pairings are limitless. You could opt for a combination of midi skirt and sweater to pants and a chic top - there is no stopping you. Make the most of the options.

Here are a few options worth considering -

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Our Top Picks for Smart Casual Outfits

Now, let us look at a few smart casual outfit options. When creating a smart casual look, you need to build the outfit from scratch. No, I do not mean getting down to stitching your outfit, but what I mean is that you have to build your outfit one piece at a time. All you have to do is follow some pretty simple rules and you will have a perfectly nailed smart casual outfit in no time.

Here are the things you need to consider -


Do you want to wear a dress in a smart casual event? If yes, then you must choose something that looks polished. For such events, a wrap dress or a shirt dress looks completely appropriate. However, make sure to choose a neutral color such as black or white. Also, make sure that the cuts in the dress do not reveal too much of your legs and chest.

Here are a few options you will probably end up buying -

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A pair of jeans is our ultimate favorite piece of an outfit. Now, we are not talking about ripped or frayed jeans. When working with jeans to create a smart casual outfit, you need to choose a polished pair and then pair them with the right items. Choose a slim or skinny pair of jeans in a darker hue; you could choose the classic black or indigo. When that is done, the next step is to find a suitable pair. A sophisticated shirt, blazer, and heels are the perfect items to compliment your jeans.

Here are a few options that you may want to check out -

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Finding a smart and stylish top is not a difficult job. However, the real problem arrives when it is time to decide which tops will make it to your wardrobe. For a summer option, nothing beats a classic white button-up shirt. For winters, you can go for chic turtlenecks and a long-sleeved stylish top. You can pair these with tailored pants or skirts.

Here are some of my absolute favorites that you may like -

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You can get this classy white button-up shirt here.

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I can never seem to get over turtlenecks. There are several color options too. Check it out here.


You do not have to restrict yourself to only pants and skirts. Shorts are an option for dressing smart too. You may not want to believe it, but it is an excellent choice. And when I say shorts, I do not mean your regular denim shorts or those frayed ones. I am talking about tailored shorts that can make your whole outfit look polished and stylish, making you look smart.

Here are some options you will love adding to your wardrobe -

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A nice, sophisticated jacket is the perfect item to turn your casual look into a smart one. There are so many chic options available when it comes to jackets. You can always resort to a standard blazer, which by the way, is an excellent choice. But you could also opt for longline blazers and sleeveless ones for a stylish and chic twist. A bomber jacket is also a great option if you want to do something different. It does look pretty sleek when paired right.

You must absolutely check out the following options -

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There is something magical about wearing sleeveless blazers. You can get it here.

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No look is complete without a bag; it plays a vital role in bringing together your outfit. So, when dressing smart, do not forget to choose the right bag. There are tons of options - a simple clutch, a bucket bag, a body bag, a tote, and so much more. You should, however, leave the overly structured office bag and casual backpacks at home.

Here are a few bags that I can simply not take my eyes off from -

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I love everything about this bag. The color block, the size, and the look. But what I love the most is the way it lets you hold it. There are also other color options for you. You can get it here.

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Just like bags, shoes also play an important role in bringing together an outfit. It is important to pick a pair that complements the smart outfit you have put together. Block heels, kitten heels, mules, and loafers are the perfect options to go with your smart-casual outfits.

Here are a few options that are too perfect to avoid -

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Tips you can follow to dress smart for women of all ages

  • When putting together an outfit, choose items that are polished and yet quite relaxed. The items you choose must be both elegant and comfortable.
  • Depending on the occasion you are dressing up for, tailor your smart casual look.
  • For the bottoms, choose between a skirt, pants, tailored shorts, or jeans.
  • For summers, a white button-up shirt works the best. You can opt for a stylish sweater during the winter months.
  • If you are wearing a smart casual dress, opt for a classic one. A dress with a wrap or shirt design is perfect. Be sure to choose neutral colors.
  • Do not forget to complete your look with a blazer and chic accessories.

And there you have it. Now you know how to perfectly dress smart, so why not grab those items and fill your wardrobe with all the comfortable and stylish outfits. You are sure to shine like a star wherever you decide to wear them.


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