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by Shopify API on Jun 05, 2022

best korean stores aliexpress

Korea has taken the world by storm with its K-drama, K-pop music, and amazing korean skin products. I am a literal fan of everything Korean; their skincare and makeup routine and products are one of my absolute favorites! The catchy looks and groovy music have made me a K-pop fan as well and you will often find me swirling to a BTS song. Are you like me? Let me know!

So, when I love every single thing about Korea, how can I miss out on their remarkable fashion trends. Apart from being a cultural hub that has given so much to the world, South Korea is also a fashion central with fabulous street style trends that blow your minds.

I love how simple yet gorgeous Korean fashion trends look, without being too over the top. Most of their fashion trends are inspired by street style wear that is comfortable and looks quite chic. I adore these trends and try to follow as much as I can.

This being said, I am always looking for good Korean online stores where I can quench my thirst and satiate my hunger for Korean fashion trends. And in all these years, I have found the one place that I keep turning to for all my Korean needs – AliExpress. This e-commerce giant has practically everything under the sun, making it my go-to choice for everything. This website also stocks up on all the Korean fashion trends that you would want in your life.

Today, I bring to you some of the best Korean fashion trends that will surely change the way to style yourself. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of colors, styles, designs, and an overloaded zeal of happiness.

Here are some of the best Korean fashion trends brought specifically for you:

#1 - Ruffled Tops

Ruffles might intimidate a few, but not the chic Korean girls. Ruffle tops and blouses are one of the most famous Korean fashion trends to take over the world by storm. It has just the right amount of boldness and classiness to ump your game and get you at the top of the fashion ladder. There are so many variations to choose from when it comes to this style. You can go for looks that are just the right moderation for your formal looks, or you can go for elegant tops for those special days and casual meet-ups. The choices are just endless.

You can pair your ruffle tops with practically anything – skirt, jeans, trousers, or you can even layer this with dresses for a great street style look.

You can get this classic white piece here and the fun spring top here.

#2 - Show off those Hair Accessories

We often tend to ignore the huge impact simple accessories can have on our whole look. But trust the Koreans to know that these accessories can change your fashion game completely. The key to following this trend correctly is to be absolutely generous with all the cute hair clips that you own. Everybody has some random hair clips lying here and there; thanks to this Korean fashion trend, you can finally make use of them. Mix and match all your clips to create an adorable look.

However, if you are like me and cannot find anything, here are two of my favorite clips set from AliExpress. You can get them too and flaunt your lovely mane with these accessories.

You can get these lovely pieces here and here.

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#3 - Aviator Sunglasses

Another accessory that is loved by Korean girls is aviator sunglasses. Yes, I know we all love those circle Harry Potter glasses, but hey! Aviators are back with a bang and we just cannot say no. The aviator sunglasses are really bold and big; this helps add a statement to the overall look and outfit.

By simply adding this accessory, we can make our whole outfit look like a lot of thought went into it. However, the real truth is that a simple sunglass changed the whole game.

I love this gradient pink sunglasses. The color is super pretty and is not at all overwhelming. You can pair this one with almost every clothing item that you have. I wear a lot of blacks and greys, so this pair really compliments these colors, making me look effortlessly stylish.

You can buy this cute one here.

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#4 - Layer your camisole or slip dress

This is one fashion trend I think almost everyone knows about. All of us have at least one camisole dress that we often find ourselves wearing every now and then.

This trend is perfect to blow in a new life in our old slip dresses. Follow this trend just like those chic Korean girls and make it a fashion statement that others will look up to. This layering trend has been around for a while now, and it does not look like it is going to go away anytime soon.

The best thing about this trend is that you can mix almost anything to make it work. Take your old basic tees, or get those turtlenecks out for those cold days and voila! You have a brand new look each time. Crop tees, band tees, graphic tees, basic tees, sweaters, turtlenecks, blouses, you name it and you can make a fashion statement out of it. You can also layer this look with pants for a bold fashion statement.

I love this ankle-length camisole dress so much, I only keep changing the t-shirts inside. It looks as good as new every single time.

You can get this ankle-length slip dress here.

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#5 - Korean Style Brooches

Again, Korean fashion trends emphasize on a lot of accessories. One of the main accessories that Korean women use to enhance their fashion statement is the brooches. This is a recurring trend that will not go away anytime soon, and I am quite glad about it. Are you?

When we think of accessorizing our look, we mostly only think of scarves, sunglasses, hats, watches, and other such things. Not many of us would think of a brooch as an accessory to uplift our fashion game. But learn it from the K-girls! Brooches are all the rage in Korea and for good reason. Wearing a brooch is one of the most creative ways of styling your outfit. One single brooch can really change the whole mood and add a lot of chic vibe to your outfit.

There are innumerable elegant brooches to choose from. I have my own personal favorite. This is quite an elegant brooch that I love to put on my basic sweaters to ump the vibe of it and to add a dash of elegance to it.

You can get this uber-chic brooch here.

#6 - Oversized Korean Style Cardigans

I love oversized cardigans; I cannot emphasize the sheer comfort and style of oversized clothes. Cardigans are back on the fashion scene and there are many out there who love this comeback, including me. The oversized fit of these cardigans makes it a super comfortable choice while giving you a relaxed and casual feel.

This oversized trend is perfect for me since I am super lazy and do not like putting in a lot of effort to my everyday styles.

best korean clothing aliexpress

If you are as lazy as me, this trend is really for you. This oversized cardigan makes you look cute and adorable without coming in the way of your comfort. It keeps you warm and also makes a fashion statement. If you do not want to go overboard, pair this with skinny jeans, boots for an effortless swanky look.

You can buy this cardigan here.

Why is the Korean fashion trend on a rise?

We have seen a rise in the Korean drama series and K-Pop music all over the world. And when Korean fashion trends began to rise in popularity too, it came as no surprise. It has been quite some time since these trends have been around in the fashion industry and we love it. The major reasons for this surge in Korean fashion trends are the number of homegrown designers and fashion labels in Korea. These designers and labels have the support and infrastructure needed to start their business in fashion with zeal and motivation. They, in turn, promote the K-fashion industry with their chic, modern, and effortless fashion styles.

Not only this, thanks to the growing popularity of the internet and social media, these Korean labels have a place to promote and showcase their work. Thanks to this internet, Korean fashion enthusiasts like myself have found a window into this fabulous world.

With such street style trends satiating our soul and K-drama and K-pop making us groove, there is not much to be surprised as to why Korean fashion trends are getting so popular all over the world.

These were some of the best Korean fashion trends brought especially for the fashion diva in you. All of these trends are basically effortless. You do not have to think long and hard to put together an outfit. That’s the beauty and charm of K-fashion; it keeps in mind your comfort while making sure you always step out of the house looking like a fashion star.

Did you like these trends and have followed them? Share it with me! I would love to know.

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