13 Best Cute Messenger Bags on Aliexpress 2024

by Shopify API on Sep 30, 2021

best messenger bags for college

College is a time when we try to figure out and sort our life. Sorting cannot happen without sorting our bags and making sure that we have all the essentials that will help us go through hectic college days.

A good messenger bag makes sure that we keep ourselves organized while looking chic and classy. There are so many options to choose from that it can be quite overwhelming to choose from the whole lot. We have put together some of the most voguish messenger bags for college that will set you apart in college while making sure that you are completely organized.

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Cuter Bags MUST GET on Aliexpress

#1 - Unique Messenger Bags

This chic straw messenger bag is very unique and different in terms of its designs. Carrying this bag will surely make you stand out in the crowd and make you the center of everyone’s attention.

They are not just uniquely designed; they are also spacious and will help you carry all that you need for your college days. Not just for college, you can carry this with you anywhere to complete and upgrade your look. The strap is sturdy and will stay on your shoulder without slipping.

Price: from $6.87

#2 - A Classic and Sturdy Bag

This messenger bag is an all-purpose bag that is spacious and looks classic. The buckle makes sure all your items and important things are safe inside the bag. It also has a handle so you can carry it like a briefcase too.

The bag can hold all your important documents, phone, tablet, and all other essentials. Use the different compartments to organize your items to be ready for any situation that might arise in your college days.

Price: $19.99

#3 - Spacious Tote

This bag is very subtle but does not look boring at all. The simple design and the color combination used make the bag quite stylish trendy. The rings used to hold the straps to the bag add on to the style quotient.

The bag is large enough to help you carry all your favorite and important items. Carry your world in it so you can be ready for any situation in your life.

This is a bag all the ladies would love. It is big, which means that you can carry your world in it. You can carry it both as a shoulder bag and a crossbody bag. The side strap is removable, so if you do not wish to use it as a crossbody bag, you can simply remove it and carry it like a purse.

It will hold a lot of your things including your notepads, phone, tablet, and other essentials. It comes in several colors, so choose away!

Price: $24.40

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#4 - Beautiful Pastel Bag

This bag, although small, is perfect for all your important and most essential items. The different compartments make sure you keep yourself well-organized.

Keep your phone in the front pouch. You can also keep your cards here. The little zipper can be used to hold your change and some cash. The main compartment can hold your notepad and other items that will be essential for you. It is one of the most convenient bags that you can choose for college.

This is a lovely little messenger bag that steals the look. Soft pastels are used in the bag that makes it look very soft and pretty. However, it is not just the colors that attract eyes; although the bag looks small, it can hold all of your important items.

Also, it is quite easy to find things inside this bag. The strap is also trendy. The gold-colored chain has been used to beautify the bag even more. Choose from different combinations of pastels. This is the perfect bag to carry with you to college events.

Price: $13.76

#5 - Cloth Tote

This cloth tote is your college essential. The design is extremely appealing and looks quite stylish. This bag can fit into it everything that you may possibly need including your book, tablet, kindle, wallet, among other things. This bag goes very well with all types of clothes and is also great for your college events and parties.

Price: $17.28

#6 - Embroidered Beauty

This is quite a unique bag that has a different design from the other bags that you might own. It comes in pretty colors with a metallic finish. The bag is so stylish that you do not have to limit it to your college; this bag can be used in different places. It is small, but it can hold a lot of things. Style matched with convenience; this bag gives you a double bonus.

This messenger bag is our favorite, and it will become yours too. It has a beautiful embroidered pattern on it that makes it stand out. The embroidery is on the strap too, so your shoulder can be beautiful too.

The belt type buckle enhances the look and gives the bag a professional look. You can also use the handle to carry it in your hand, instead of using it as a crossbody or side bag.

Price: $15.19

#7 - Unisex Organized Bag

A bag can never have too many compartments, especially for a college-going lady. The different (and many) compartments of this bag are perfect for a person who loves to stay organized. You can use them to keep your items perfectly so you know where they are. Keep your books, wallet, phone, tablet, and other items here without losing any of them.

This bag is great both for boys and girls. It is perfect for college and holds your college essentials with great ease. The different compartments help you stay organized and make sure that none of your items get jumbled together. The look that this bag gives you is quite trendy. Get this bag and make yourself college-ready.

Price: $46.09

#8 - A Beautiful Cloth Bag with Embroidery

Although this bag looks very subtle, it is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself when starting school. The bag is very well organized with different compartments. The bag has a beautiful embroidery pattern that enhances the bag and does not make it look very plain.

The shoulder strap is comfortable and will not hurt your shoulder. Wear this with your casuals and rock that college look. Not just that, this bag will also look great with dresses. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

Price: $36.00

#9 - Symmetric Pattern using Color Blocking

You may wonder if this could be your regular college bag. The answer to this is a big yes! This bag can be used in different places, whether it is a day out, a night party, or your regular college day.

Even though this bag is small and may not hold your bulky textbooks, it is still a great buy to take to college on special days. The symmetric pattern makes the bag very beautiful. The strap is made using a chain that just adds on to the beauty of the bag. This bag will surely hold your most essential items.

Price: $13.39

#10 - Boho to the Rescue

female messenger bags

While you may not think this bag truly fits the raging boho trend, but it can still be categorized as one. The beautiful pattern that very subtly designs the bag takes your boho look to the next level.

The strap also has a beautiful and colorful pattern that adds a lot of color to the bag. Wearing this will plainly colored bags will definitely bring all the attention to this bag.

Price: $10.47

#11 - Stylish and Large Bag

This bag comes in several pretty colors and is one of the best choices for college. This messenger bag is pretty big and will surely hold your books, notebooks, along with all the essentials that you may need in your everyday life. The bag also has several compartments that help you in organizing your items making it easy for you to grab whatever you may need in a hurry.

This bag is almost similar to the previous one, with only one compartment different. It is a large bag that will help you carry your world in college. You can use this bag both as a crossbody bag and a shoulder bag. If you do not wish to use the side strap, you have to option of removing it. You can easily wash it.

Choose from the different colors available.

Price: $14.28

#12 - Simple yet Elegant

This bag is one of the most elegant bags that you may choose for yourself when entering college. The bag is made in one color tone. Although you may think that this is boring, however, it is this single color that makes the bag graceful and classy.

The side strap is removable and using the handle, you can simply carry it on your arm. The large tote makes it easy for you to carry all your items.

Price: $23.22

#13 - The Scribble Doodle

messenger bags special

Did you ever doodle as a young girl? This bag brings that doodled page on your bag. Not only does this look super stylish, but it also makes you remember your scribbling days.

The bag has a beautiful scribble with the background that looks like a torn page of a notebook. Imaging how tasteful and chic would you look carrying this to college! Get ready for all the compliments that are going to be showered upon you.

Price: $19.49

Cute Messenger Bags on Aliexpress

These were some of the best messenger bags available for college. Carrying these bags will add a lot of grace and style to your look. What are you waiting for? Get your favorite one today!

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