My Favorite Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors 2024

by Jon Ng on Jun 21, 2024

My Favorite Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors 2024

We know Aliexpress has tons of hair sellers and it may not easy to select the trusted Aliexpress Hair Vendors.

There are several types of wigs available, depending on your preference and needs. But we know that it is a job easier said than done. Why? Because AliExpress has a lot of options available, that can be quite overwhelming to choose from, especially if it is your first time shopping for a wig.

I wrote this Hair Review so that girls will know where to purchase the highest quality of hair wigs and extension at affordable prices at Aliexpress.

Most important of all, they come from trusted Aliexpress hair sellers.

best aliexpress hair vendor

What you should know when Buying REMY Virgin Human Hair from Aliexpress - Real truth by Bestaliproducts

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair means unprocessed hair. It has not been permed or dyed. Virgin hair usually comes from one donor.

Are Chinese Virgin Hair Good?

I have spoken to a few suppliers and the truth is most of the sellers gotten their remy hair mix from North Korean. So REAL hair you gotten from these Aliexpress Hair suppliers are usually not Chinese.

Why human hair wig will shed?

There may have some attached hair due to some processing and that results in minimal shedding.

It is quite natural to find a few strands shedding and dropping off when you wash or comb it, the same way it happens with our natural hair. 

virgin human hair aliexpress

With a specific requirement to quality virgin hair, it must be 100% PURE. It can't have experienced any sort of compound handling, so this hair when you buy it, it has not been permed, shaded treated, colored, blanched, blow-dried, steam treated or experienced some other synthetic preparing.

It's from one single contributor so each package you purchase must not be contaminated with any chemicals. In the event that these things are not real, this isn't 100% virgin hair.

So for the price you are paying, we are pretty sure you will be disappointed if you think this is a 100% virgin hair.

How I find the best hair sellers on Aliexpress (3 things)

1. How do i find reliable Aliexpress hair vendor

Are you looking for the perfect hair vendor on AliExpress? It can be daunting, with the vast selection available, but with the right research, you can be sure to find a reliable hair vendor. Here are some tips on how to find a reliable hair vendor on AliExpress.

First off, research is key. Before purchasing any hair from an AliExpress hair vendor, check their ratings and reviews. Look at the pictures they post of their products and compare the reviews they've gotten. This can give you an idea of the quality of the hair from each vendor. It's also important to look for vendors that make honest claims about their hair products. Reading customer reviews can also give you insight into their customer service, shipping time, and conditions.

Avoid vendors that make unrealistic claims about their products and those that don't respond to customer inquiries. Another great tip for finding reliable hair vendors is to look for vendors that have been on AliExpress for a while. This typically indicates that they have been around long enough to establish a good reputation and build a customer base.

Finally, once you have selected a hair vendor on AliExpress, always ask questions. Ask questions about the quality of their hair, the return policy, shipping times, and if they offer customer support. This will give you an idea of how reliable the vendor is. By following these tips, you can be sure to find a reliable AliExpress hair vendor.

2. What is the best human hair brand in china

When it comes to finding the best human hair brands in China, there are a number of factors to consider.

One of the most important is the quality of the products. Fortunately, aliexpress hair vendors provide customers with top-notch selection of human hair extensions that are made from real, high-grade human hair. The selection includes a variety of textures, lengths, and styles from silky straight to deep wave.

Additionally, these vendors ensure their products are ethically sourced from responsible sources. No matter what look you are going for, you can rest assured that the Chinese aliexpress hair vendors will have something for you. Whether you want something more subtle or something more extravagant, there will be a product to meet your needs.

Notable brands include Luxy Hair, Unice Hair, and Ali Queen Hair or ISEE hair.

These brands provide luxury, high grade human hair extensions that provide a stunning look without breaking the budget. All of these brands offer a variety of styles, textures, and colors to suit anyone’s style. Furthermore, they often offer competitive prices and discounts so you can save even more. T

3. Alibaba vs Aliexpress hair

When it comes to purchasing hair online, it's often difficult to know which online marketplace is the best. Is it Aliexpress or Alibaba? Both of these platforms offer a wide range of hair vendors from all over the world and are known for quality hair at great prices. In fact they are all sourcing from the same source. Just that they call themselves different brands.

On Aliexpress, you will find a large selection of hair vendors selling all types of hair, including wigs, weaves, and extensions. Plus, Aliexpress often has discounts and promotions that save you money on your purchase. On the other side, Alibaba is another great option for those looking to purchase hair online.

While Alibaba may have a less user-friendly design and requires a bit more research to find the right hair vendors, they make up for it with their lower prices. Alibaba is also well-known for their abundance of vendors, allowing you to shop around and get the best deal. In conclusion, both Aliexpress and Alibaba are great for those looking to purchase hair online.

Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors 2024

AliExpress Vendors Store Rating Best For
UNice Hair 96.3 Deep Wave Hair
Rosa Beauty Official Store 94 Curly Hair
Ali Queen Official Store 92.7 Brazilian Virgin Hair
HJ Weave Beauty Official Store 93.9 Lace Wigs
Baisi Official Store 94.9 Peruvian Hair
ISEE Official Store 96.8 Wholesale Hair
Miss Blue Hair AliExpress 97.2 Remy Hair
Dream Diana Hair 95 Body Wave Hair
Sarla 96 Synthetic Hair

The below are reviewed based on past Feedbacks and Stars given on Aliexpress to select the TOP 10 Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors. These are the vendors who have committed to at least 1000 sales each.

There are truly good reviews of them with the flexibility of shipping direct from US.

Check this tweet and you know what I mean...

#1 - ISEE Hair Aliexpress (10 years on Aliexpress)

top aliexpress hair vendor

This store featured "Guaranteed 100% Human Hair. We put them as no#1 here for just one reason. They offer good prices with return and refund.

This vendor offers a variety of hair product line which include hair weaves, lace closures, wigs, pre-colored hair etc, with all hair textures and colors.

They ship directly to US using DHL. Shipment can take as fast as 1 week to the major cities in the US.

We particularly love their mongolian kinky curly hair series. Price starts from as low as $27.

Check the store out

isee hair vendor aliexpress

They have a 97.3% positive feedback score the last 6 months.

Real Reviews:
  • "I received my hair in three days. I ordered it Friday and it came Monday. there was also a free gift in my package. (eye lashes) . the hair is very soft and shiny. looks really good. only thing that i would complain about would be the size/weight of the bundle. it is a little thiner than expected but overall it will work since i am only doing a ponytail."
  • "The product description was very accurate, hair came in neat and nice and in about 4 days; ordered thursday and received the hair on monday. packaging was nothing special but the hair inside, so far, is soft to the touch, a slight smell nothing strong but would still recommend a wash before installing. the lace is a little light for me so i will be bleaching and tinting my closure but so far, i’m in love. will post more when i install the hair."
  • "Hair is perfect definitely ordering more and it only took three days to deliver."
  • "I am in love with this hair. I got a unit made with it. And even the stylist who does my hair wanted to know where I got it. I most definitely will be purchasing again. I received so many compliments I literally just wet it and go "
  • "Love the hair it came just in time for my prom and it doesn’t have a bad smell it was very true to length and it holds curls very well I ordered 20’ 22’ 24’ w/ 18’ closure thanks for the amazing hair"
  • The hair was really good took only 5 days to arrive in the UK. I would definitely order from ISEE again

More reviews here

review of top hair vendor aliexpress

Check the Aliexpress store out

#2 - Ali Queen Hair Products Aliexpress (13 years on Aliexpress)

Ali Queen aliexpress review

The Ali Queen Hair Products is #2 from our top picks. This store remains one of the famous stores that offer a wide variety of hair weaves, lace closures, wigs and hair clip extensions. They currently specialise in straight hairs, so if you're in for a sleek look, this store should be your top pick.

Check the vendor out HERE

straight hair seller

One of the longest serving store in Aliexpress. Since 2010!

Whatever you need to beautify yourself, this store has it all! 94.8% of positive feedback from the last 6 months!

hair review aliexpress 2020
  • Order arrived so fast am happy hair soft and looking good
  • love the hair. my stylist who sells hair even stated it was great quality. I will reorder and recommend
  • I am a loyal Ali Queen customer. Every time I order from this company, I receive my hair within 3 business day. This company has the fastest shipping that I have ever seen on Aliexpress. The quality of hair is also AMAZING. Does not shed much, I have dyed my bundles, and the hair does not have a bad smell. I would highly recommend!!!! -USA, Chicago, IL.
  • Had my first weave done with leave out and love the results with this hair!! It blends so well and feels so soft!! Couldn’t be happier with it. Also fast delivery!
  • Overall great quality however the wefts are pretty thin.
  • Yallllll the hair is so silky and bouncy. AMAZING HAIR AND FAST SHIPPING!!! Will most definitely order again

More reviews here.

hair vendor aliexpress

Check the vendor out HERE

#3 - SARLA - Aliexpress Synthetic Hair Seller (11 years on Aliexpress)

top hair extension aliexpress
SARLA (Synthetic Hair) aliexpress review

We chose SARLA as our no#3 due to its hair clip extension. For those that get tired of wearing wigs, hair extensions are the next best way. Best extensions is so flexible. If you do not like a long hair style, take it off. Wear it if you decide to put up a special style on a special occasion.

It remains so trendy that most of the buyers are below 30. 97.1% of positive feedback from the last 6 months.

This store has crazy sales volume so you know that they sell high quality extensions and wigs!

Check them out!

aliexpress hair extension supplier

Reviews by real buyers

  • Actually, it are surprised me with the quality. It's really good for synthetic clip in. It can get rough but still compared to the price. And it arrived really fast.
  • 3 weeks to Canada which is great! I’m really impressed by how nice this looks and I’ve gotten tons of compliments. I need to tighten it a bit more but I plan to wear it a lot. I recommend this seller!
  • Long shipping time but it was sooo worth it!! This is the BEST synthetic hair extensions I've ever tried! And I've tried a lot. The color is perfect. So big and beautiful curls. The hair is supersoft! Could not be better! Highly recommend! And the seller do answers questions fast, very helpful. Thank you!
  • Beautiful! It’s my first time buying synthetic hair, since I’ve always used real ones, still I was really surprised by the good quality. It’s really easy and fast to use and the effect is stunning, totally recommended!

Check the store HERE

#4 - HJ Hair Products Aliexpress (13 years on Aliexpress)

hj aliexpress hair review

This is your go-to store if you love dark wavy hair. They have a strict process to make their products better. That is their slogan too - TO MAKE IT BETTER! They also offer wigs of different lengths and colors so their customers have plenty of options to choose from.

top hair vendors 2020

Check the store HERE

They got most hairs from donor too, making the hair look more natural and pretty as you wear them.

natural hair seller

95.5% feedback score for the last 6 months.

  • I love the hair and the color is exactly what I expected it to be and I will definitely recommend and reorder again thank you so much
  • The hair colored very well. Even after toning it the texture remained soft.
  • When I first got the package it said “synthetic wig” on it. Which I was very confused about since it saids on here human hair wig which is why I ordered it. The hair is really soft but has a smell to it and sheds a lot. Curls are really pretty and I really haven’t had any problems so far since I’ve installed it. This is only my second day tho. I’ll try and leave an update after a week or two. Also shipping was pretty fast. Came within a week.
  • the hair is actually good & the lace is so THIN i'm actually in love i'm going buy another one soon from this company just cause i was in love with the lace. the hair didn't really tangle & it held curl okay
hj hair vendor aliexpress

Check the store HERE

#5 - Xuchang Longqi Beauty Hair Products (*Preferred Hair Seller on Aliexpress*) - (12 years on Aliexpress)

best hair vendor 2020 aliexpress chosen by bestaliproducts

Since 2012, this store provides quality SOFT silky hair. Whopping 98.4% of good feedback. The best part about this store is they SHIP from the United States using USPS. 4-5 working days and you will receive the goods. This store is absolutely fast!

Check the store HERE
aliexpress seller xuchang

Reviews by real buyers

  • I ordered the hair on October 29th. I received the hair on the 1st of November so very fast shipping. Hair is very soft and lace looks very good for the price. Wig came already cut into bob style which is good also. Great customer service overall just great product.
  • This is my third time ordering from this vendor. Let's just say I'm very satisfied with their products. The hair does not tangle and the curl pattern is beautiful and very minimal shedding hardly any.
  • Really great wig! I bleached the knots and tinted the lace. The hair is so soft and it really stays in shape. Very happy overall. Will be buying from this vendor again!
  • I live this hair...super soft and holds a good curl. also I had no problems with shedding and the shipping is only in 3 days.
xuchang hair store aliexpress

Check their top products here

#6 - Luvin Hair Products Aliexpress

luvin hair vendor review

Top quality REMY VIRGIN hair from Luvin! Prices are slightly higher as compared to the previous stores. The good thing about this store is that they have amazing coupons. You can get up to $50 off if you purchased $550 and above.

Check the store HERE

luvin hair seller aliexpress

Read Reviews

  • I would definitely recommend this hair my frontal came pre plucked and it took bleach very well I actually like it better bleached. It does shed when it’s bleached but after that it doesn’t really shed as much for the price I give it 5 stars. Shipping took like 5 days thats the only thing I didn’t like.
  • I just finished water coloring the hair and it came out great! The hair is extremely soft and the best 613 hair i've hair so far. The lace is even better and minimal shedding. I can't wait to make my wig!The shipping is very fast and I get it in 4 days! Amazing!!!!
  • The wig is exactly like the description, the shipping was really fast. The hair is soft, had a faint smell at first but I believe that was mainly due to packaging. Once it was aired out it was fine. All in all it's a good wig, and you can't go wrong for the price.
luvin hair store china

Check the store HERE

#7 - Rosa Hair Products Aliexpress

top hair wig vendor aliexpress

This store has a good number of influencers that talk about them. I love their packaging. Turquoise color ribbon that comes with every bunch of hair. Beautiful! Their customer support team is superb! However there were some nasty reviews recently which caused a concern.

rosa hair seller aliexpress

Recent Hair Reviews

  • I started washing this hair and it felt like it had something on it. The hair tangled so bad with just me running water it. It shed so bad. The strands of hair falling out was stretchy, like the tiny elastic in denim jeans. The hair felt either synthetic or over processed. I conditioned it like their customer service asked and it didn’t help the hair feel better at all. I wish they would’ve just let me exchange it when I asked instead of giving me the run around.
  • Really smooth, real human hair, will order again! this is a blessing
  • The hair is okay, the lace isn’t good lace because it doesn’t blend but that was my fault for not reading thoroughly. Hair gets tangled easily and sheds so bad, but the hair is soft
indian virgin hair aliexpress

Check this hair seller HERE

#8 - Top Pretty (Aliexpress Cheap Synthetic Hair Vendor)

cheap synthetic hair
aliexpress hair wig vendor china

Good thing to shout out about this store is their prices. Priced at an affordable range, this particular hair vendor knows their way to market their products. Seldom you will see coupons on this store since their hair wigs are so cheap.

Even with cheap products, feedback store receives 97.4% good rate.

Like in the picture. There is no shine at all. Very similar to real hair. On the inside could carefully fix, the ends of the strands stick out-but when the hairpiece on the head, you can't see that.

Check the store HERE

Read: Full Aliexpress Synthetic Hair Review

#9 - Queen Hair (Aliexpress Old Established Hair Seller)

queen hair aliexpress 2020 review

Oh yes, they are the TOP hair vendor on Aliexpress but we put them as #9 on their list because of the dry quality of the hair. But aside from the hairs being a little dry, you can easily fix it with some good conditioner at home.

This store offers hair that comes in a stunning volume that looks natural and real.

This store has 98.3% of good feedback score, so a lot of customers have tried and tested the wigs, and they absolutely loved it!

queen hair aliexpress review

9 years in the market, recently the store has feedbacks about improvements about its hair.

Recent Hair Reviews

  • As always, great hair from Queen Hair. their bundles can be on the thinner side so if you want voluminous hair, order at least 4 bundles, but 3 is perfect for a more natural look. Super soft and silky, may not hold a curl well until after a few washes but I personally prefer the “dropped curl” look. I swear by Queen Hair (been a customer for almost 3years, I no longer try out other AliExpress vendors) and it’s great quality and value. My hair dresser also loves it.
  • A little darker than picture shown but overall the hair is smooth no smell and seems double drawn weft. very good communication with the seller and shipping very quick!
  • Hair feels wonderful. It arrived on time. It was packaged neatly. I've used this hair before and was very impressed with how it held up to various styles.
queen hair aliexpress

Check them out HERE

#10 - Beauty Forever (UP AND Coming Aliexpress Store)

Another store that offers Shipping from the US. No additional charges if are to ship out from the States. This will save you custom tax if your city practicing that. Do check out their new BLONDE offers.

beauty forever hair store
trusted aliexpress hair seller


  • Absolutely love this piece !! The service was amazing I received my frontal very fast I needed it before my birthday and I received it way before then I WILL be ordering again I also have a 16” straight transparent frontal
  • I ordered my hair on Monday & I received it on Thursday. My box came a little messed up but that’s okay because everything and even more was inside. The hair looked exactly like the picture. There was no alarming smell, it just smelled like beauty supply store hair. The hair is very soft straight out the package. There was a little shedding when washing the hair but that is normal with curly hair. After I washed the hair the curl pattern was even more beautiful. Overall, I am very pleased with my order. P.S. I ordered a 16 inch 13*6 lace frontal unit with 150 percent density. I wish I would’ve gone up to 180 percent density because it’s kind of thin for my liking.
  • Very Nice from the smell the look and I received it really fast ordered Friday received it Monday
beauty forever hair aliexpress

Check this trendy hair seller HERE

Read our full review of Beauty Forever here.

Human vs Synthetic Wigs on Aliexpress

best aliexpress hair vendors 2022

2 types hair wigs available - Synthetic and Natural (Human)

Synthetic wigs are offered in a broad range of cuts and colors, and they are sometimes bought inexpensively.

Aliexpress Synthetic hair

Although human hair is the most common way of making wigs, it is not the only one. Considering the high prices of human hair weaves, manufacturers have come up with a cheaper alternative – synthetic weaves. Synthetic weaves use materials such as Silk and Silicone, and they are made in such a manner so as to resemble real hair.

Looking at the extremely high cost of weaves made from real human hair, manufacturers devised this method to make weaves affordable for everyone.

The weaves are cheaper. They are also made of high quality. In many cases, the texture and look of the hair feels very real, and they are also easy to style.

It is also believed that horse hair is also used to make weaves, but this is not very common and there is not much evidence to prove it.

The best for natural beauty is human hair wigs. Rest assured the sources come from legit places. Even though you may wear your wig nearly every day, these natural hair wigs can last you for quite some time. Even up to 2 years if you take care of them well. Natural wigs are becoming better and better.

Aliexpress Real Human Hair

human vs synthetic hair

Now, this is not a real shocker. Hair is taken from an individual; the piece of hair taken from them gets categorized into categories such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and so on. The list is too long. The USA alone imports about 1,000 tons of human hair. Isn’t this figure good enough to tell you how vastly human hair is used to make weaves?

A majority of this hair comes from India’s Hindus (People following the Hinduism) due to the Venkateshwara Temple Celebration. Thousands of Hindus visit the temple each day in order to cut their hair for religious purposes and offer it to Lord Venkateshwara. The temple then exports this hair, which gives them a whopping USD 18 million a year.

Another source is from Chinese sellers in China who wanted to earn some quick bucks for selling their hair.

It is also believed that the best quality hair comes from Asian or Eastern European countries where poverty is very high, and any kind of work does not have a decent payment. The women in these countries often find selling their hair to be the best way to make some extra money in order to feed their families. The hair factories bind the women into strict contracts that specify the length of hair to be grown and the conditions under which the hair must grow.

Different Types of Hair Extension from Aliexpress

best aliexpress hair

You need not even hair to earn hairdos as you've got different splendid types of hairdos accessible to test out such as ponytails, braids, and a lot more.

There are several unique ways hair weaving can be carried out. Hair weaving may seem attractive to you, but managing it's a gargantuan job. Though the hair might not be from the nation of origin, this doesn't make it fake. Comparatively speaking, synthetic hair that is also tough enough aren't heated friendly

Once you're done, your extensions are set for a few months or even years. These extensions can endure for approximately 4 months until they should be redone. Tape-in extensions are among the most frequent extensions currently being used. Natural extensions are created from human hair. Selecting extremely long extensions can place extra pressure on your scalp and harm your initial hair.

You don't need to be worried about your extensions looking fake or cheap, because they are made from genuine hair. Colored extensions are at present available in colors besides the conventional black and brown.

A number of these extensions may be used for as many as 3 months with no maintenance. Braided extensions enable the hair stay braided and isn't affected by daily styling tools. There are several sorts of extensions offered on the market and you may get the one suiting your requirements.

How do you you are buying good hair on Aliexpress?

To understand how to buy good hair from Aliexpress, you must first understand where does HUMAN HAIR comes from.

The human hair industry is one of the most profitable industries
In fact, the human hair industry is a multibillion-dollar market. Human hair is extremely prized, so much that there has been an extreme case of a woman’s hair being literally cut off by a gang. The hair on a human’s head goes toward the making of wigs, hair extensions, as well as fake eyelashes. If it was not known to you, it is also used to make fertilizers and amino acids used to make dough for pizzas and bagels.
Most of the hair that goes into making weaves come from India and China
As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of religious Hindu pilgrims who travel to Venkateshwara Temple in Tirumala, India to shave off their heads. This is a part of a ritual that shows their devotion. Hundred of barbers shave a new person’s head every five minutes. The temple takes these strands of hair and sells them at an auction, making almost a whopping USD 18 million.
The process of making high-end weaves from hair takes days
First, when human hair arrives, it does not look very appealing and requires treatment before it can be shaped up. It is first untangled and sorted. Then, if there are any lice, it needs to be picked out of the hair very carefully so as not to leave any chance of it infecting the hair any further. After this process comes washing, drying, and dyeing. Once all of this gets done, it finally gets made into a wig.
You cannot untangle the history
It is quite evident from history that the movement of hair always goes from the poor to the rich. The strata have remained the same and even today, we can see this movement happening. The poor in certain nations have found that selling their hair is one of the best ways to earn money and feed their families. So, hair from these women is taken and sold to the United States, Europe, as well as Africa.
Certain types of hair get paid more than the rest
If you have hair that is naturally blonde and luscious, you can get a very good price on selling it. The wig made from these types of hair is extremely expensive.
Short hair also gets collected and sold
Short hair is not as in-demand as long hair and is also not very pricey or desirable, however, they too are collected and sold for industrial purposes.

In short, ping the Aliexpress seller, ask them to show you the hair they are selling and shipping to you. Big Aliexpress sellers do not have time to entertain you so try to get hold of each and every new hair seller on Aliexpress. This is the best tip on how to get good hair from Aliexpress.

Can you trust Aliexpress WIGS?

Yes, it is highly advisable to get your wigs from AliExpress. The platform has tons of high-rated sellers who bring the best-quality hair wigs in different styles and textures. There are also advantages of buying from this eCommerce platform -
Buyer Protection
Free Shipping (on maximum orders)
Fast Shipping
For years, women have enjoyed their freedom of styling their hair endlessly, all thanks to wigs. This hair product is an excellent choice if you want to change your hair color instantly, its length, and even its thickness.
Wigs are a great way to get a new hairstyle instantly. However, choosing the best one can be difficult as there are a lot of choices out there. Fortunately, AliExpress has some of the best faux hair wigs for every woman.
Why are there grey hairs?
Donor may have grey hair too. Since this is all natural unprocessed hair, there exists grey hair.
Can we return the hair if they are unsatisfied?
Different sellers have different return policy. It is best to chat with their support team so they can guide you accordingly.
All hair wigs we have mentioned can be dyed and bleached to any color of your choice. However, you should not dye and bleach it too much.
Choose from good quality sellers is what matters!

Why human hair wig keeps on tangling?

As this is 100% human virgin hair, there have curls in the hair wigs and it may tangle as a result.
Hair wigs tangle because of dryness, oil, and dirt buildup. It is important to take care of and maintain your wigs the same way you do your natural hair. Make sure to shampoo and deep-condition your hair wig at least twice a week. 

How long it takes for Aliexpress to ship my hair wigs?

If I say it is faster than Amazon! Would you believe?
We suggest Aliexpress as sellers above are established and reliable. Most ship to US and Europe fast. If you purchased a good amount, they can ship via DHL or Fedex which takes less than 2 weeks to arrive.
Yes it as fast as Amazon, if not faster!
Hair wigs arrive in a number of colors and lengths. Human hair wigs take equally as much work to keep and style for an individual's own hair. Your wig ought to be worn on your normal hairline, approximately four fingers over the eyebrows.
If you are in need of a good wig since you're handling hair loss, go with a monofilament cap.
Don't cut in the wig itself or it will start to tear. Because of this, the wig shouldn't be washed more than is needed. These natural wigs provide you with gorgeous style without all the hassle.

Buying Hair Wigs from these Aliexpress Hair Vendors

There are lots of different kinds of hair extensions. They are a big investment and should be treated like so. The various kinds of hair extensions have their own benefits and disadvantages. They come in different types and need different processes for attaching to the hair.

There are a number of other kinds of hair extensions but the above mentioned are definitely the most well-known ones. We sought to provide sellers who are legit and reliable.

One important tip is to browse through their feedback section. Here you can gather the best feedbacks and see you should go ahead to purchase from these sellers.

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