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by Shopify API on Nov 06, 2021

false eyelashes for everyday use

Most of us, including me, only apply fake eyelashes on days when we need to look our best. Yes, ladies, I am talking about date nights, parties, and special events. But guess what? I recently found out that I was actually doing it wrong by saving those fake lashes for bars and birthdays. There are lashes available in the beauty world that are meant to be worn whenever and wherever we wish to. Planning a brunch or grabbing that after-work drink; whatever be it, there are lashes available for your daily use.

You only need the right kind of lash, the correct technique, and some inspiration to be able to apply fake lashes every single day. I have tried to decode the whole concept while also bringing to you some of the best false eyelashes for everyday use from my favorite e-commerce website – AliExpress. With these lashes, I am sure you will always be ready to bat that wonderful and lush eyelid.

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Keep reading on to find out more about false eyelashes for everyday use and for all the pro tips that are going to make your eyelash experience wonderful. Ready to bat those lush eyelashes?

How to apply false eyelashes perfectly?

It is actually quite easy to apply false eyelashes without making it too obvious that you have fake lashes on. Okay, okay. I agree it is not exactly very easy, but after some practice, you will definitely become an eyelash queen.

So, the first step to getting plush eyelashes is curling your natural lashes. After this, apply a layer of mascara and then finally draw a thin line of lash glue across the lash band from tip to tip. Do not immediately apply the fake eyelashes; wait for at least 30 seconds until the glue feels tacky. It should not be wet. After this, use tweezers or your fingers to press the fake eyelashes into your natural lash line. When applying, squeeze together the middle first and only then move towards the ends. And boom! You are done.

Pro tip: If you are wearing eyeliner or eyeshadow, make sure that you apply black lash glue. This will make the whole process a lot more natural. On the other hand, if you are going to keep your eyes bare, use clear glue to apply your lashes.

What kind of false eyelashes should be chosen for an everyday look?

When looking for false eyelashes for everyday use, you should look for ultra-skinny thin bands and fine, fluttery lashes. These lashes should ideally be such that you can easily count each lash.

If you think lash strips are too extra for your everyday looks, go for individual false eyelashes. These individual lashes can be spaced across your entire eyelid to merge well with your natural lashes to give a more regular effect. If this also does not work out for you, apply these individual lashes only to your outer corner to create a sassy cat-eye look.

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Pro tip: Most of the eyelashes come with some adhesive that helps them stick to the box. This is great to make sure the lashes stay put. However, it is not a good idea to stick the lashes directly to your eyelid using the adhesive that is already on the lashes. Before you start, gently remove any residue from the base of the false lashes; this will help make the application process very smooth. If you miss out on this step, you will have a problem sticking the false lashes to your eyelid and the end effect will look quite bumpy.

Best False Eyelashes on Aliexpress

Here are some of the best eyelashes that you can use on an everyday basis:

#1 - Natural long false eyelashes

best fake eyelash aliexpress

This is one of the best false eyelashes for everyday use. It blends in perfectly with your natural lashes and does not look fake at all. The pairs are made using high-quality material that is durable. It is very easy and comfortable to wear, which makes it a great option for everyday use. You can apply these lashes with precision.

It is very easy to stick and has a beautiful curl that gives your lashes a beautiful look. If you remove the lashes well, you can reuse these eyelashes with no difficulty. It is so natural and so easy to apply and remove that it does not affect your natural eyelashes in any way.

This set comes with 10 pairs of false eyelashes. If you use it properly, this one package is definitely going to last you a long time.

You can get this here.

Price: $2.00 / ten pieces

#2 - Short and thin False lash strips

high quality fake eyelashes

This is another set of false eyelashes for everyday use. The lashes are made using high-quality material that is not too harsh on your delicate eye area. Application and removal of these lashes are extremely easy.

You do not need to put in any extra effort to remove these lashes; all you need to do is remove them gently using your normal makeup remover. Ta-da! Your lashes will come off without any difficulty. You can reuse these lash strips if you handle them with care.

You can get this here.

Price: $0.60 per pair

#3 - Individual cluster false eyelashes

cluster eyelashes for everyday use

These are individual false eyelashes that are great if you want to sparsely fill out your eyelashes to make them look fuller and swankier. You can choose the length of your lashes, which is a great thing since you can choose the length that best matches your natural lashes. These lashes can be applied easily to fill out your natural lashes. You can also just apply these lashes at the outer end; this will give you a great cat-eye look that looks gorgeous.

Be careful while removing these lashes. Since this is not a strip, it is quite easy to tear apart the lashes when taking it off. Be gentle and you will be able to reuse it. This box has 60 pieces of individual lashes, which is a great deal if you ask me. Imagine how long these will last you if you are able to reuse them.

You can get this here.

Price: $1.37

#4 - Magnetic Charming cluster individual eyelashes

This is one of my favorite individual false eyelashes that can be used easily every day. These lashes are made using a synthetic material that looks and feels very much like our natural lashes. With a flesh-colored band, these lashes blend very well with your natural lashes.

You can be sure that your eyes will not look like they have false lashes on. The manufacturing method of these lashes is such that they give you the perfect curl. There are different lengths for you to choose from. This box of individual lashes come with 60 pieces of lashes.

You can get this here.

Price: $4.97

#5 - Natural and lush false eyelashes

This is another bundle of 60 individual eyelashes that are made of high-quality synthetic fibre. There are different lengths for you to choose from. The individual lashes are spread out to give you a more natural and even look. These lashes are sure to add a lot of glam to your eyes. Achieve a perfect curl with these lashes.

You can get this here.

Price: $0.90

Additional Pro-tips to help you master the eyelash game

  • There are times when we suddenly start disliking the length of the false lashes that we have. If that is the case, do not worry, simply trim the excess length to achieve your desirous length. However, make sure that the lashes on the outer edge should look longer.
  • If your makeup remover does not work on removing your false lashes, use special remover meant for false eyelashes or simply dip a cotton cloth in warm water and hold it over your false lashes. This will loosen the glue and you will be able to remove them easily.
  • If the above methods do not work, or you cannot get that special remover, you can always use the handy petroleum jelly. It dislodges the lashes. In any case, avoid pulling hard since this might pull out your natural lashes as well.
  • When reusing, make sure that you store your lashes in its original box. It should be kept in a clean and dry environment; this will make sure eye infections and other issues stay at bay.
  • Use a thin strip of glue; do not go overboard with this step. More glue means more waiting time since you need to wait for the glue to become tacky. Having more glue on your false eyelashes also means that the end result would not look as good as expected.
  • To get the best and most natural results, use clear glue. To increase the intensity, you can use eyeliner or eyeshadow.

The Final Verdict buying Aliexpress lashes

It is not very difficult to pick out the best false eyelashes for you. You just need to keep in mind your eye shape and what suits your eyes and makes you feel comfortable.

These were my favorite false eyelashes from AliExpress that can be used daily to get gorgeous eyes. Have your pick today.

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