Best Car Accessories on Aliexpress 2024

by Shopify API on May 19, 2021

best car accessories aliexpress

The car accessory market provides you with a plethora of options, ranging from GPS trackers to phone holders and heated seat covers. While some of these accessories are purely for aesthetic purposes, others not only improve the look of your car but also help in organizing your car and making your car ride comfortable.

And what better place to look for super fun, affordable car accessories than Aliexpress. This Chinese website is known for its catalogue of innovative, quirky products that are hard to find anywhere else.

How can I improve the decor of my car?

There are many different ways to decorate your car, without going broke. The smallest of things can change the way your car looks and the way you feel inside it. One of the simplest ways that let you add a nice touch to your car are LED strips for your car’s headlights. It adds a nice touch to your car while also serving a practical purpose. Yet another way to subtly add some beauty to your car is by getting fancy hanging car perfume. 

Adding accessories to your car is a great way to personalize your car. It is one of the best ways to customize your car as per your likings. I love adding little touches to my car to make it look cozy.

However, the accessories I choose for my car are not just decorative pieces; they also serve practical purposes. They make my time in the car pleasant and comfortable. If you too are looking for awesome accessories for your car, you have reached the right place. I find all my cool and wonderful accessories on AliExpress, which truly is an excellent website to find the best items at extremely affordable prices. So today, I bring to you the best AliExpress car accessories that you can check out to add a personal touch to your car. 

Top Car gadgets and accessories on Aliexpress

If you are a fan of accessorizing your car and owning the latest car gadgets as much we do, you are in luck. We have curated for you a list of the best car accessories that you can find on Aliexpress, and that too without burning a hole in your pockets.

#1-- Anti-fog Mirror Film

car accessories aliexpress

Accessorize your car with this anti-fog mirror film to get a clear view and avoid accidental situations. This is one of the most useful ways to avoid uncomfortable driving, especially on a rainy day. Get this anti-fog film that keeps the mirror clear on foggy and rainy days so you always have a clear view of what is happening behind you. Other than giving a clear view, it also protects the mirror from unwanted scratches and dusty surfaces. It ensures safety along with clarity.

This film comes in one size which you can shape as per your vehicle’s mirror. Installation of the film is not complicated, all you have to do is clear the mirror, remove the first protection layer, and paste this film firmly to avoid bubbles. And there you have it! The clearest mirror that you can get!

You can get it here

#2-- Car Dash Cam

top car dash cam aliexpress

Well, people love to keep their automobiles up to date. Car accessories are not just to decorate your car but are also meant to help with security issues. For your security purposes, you can get this super useful dash camera. One of the best advantages of having a dash camera is that you can record all the evidence in case of unfortunate incidents. With this amazing dash camera, you can get monitoring of parking, motion, etc.

It comes with an in-built battery that lasts for quite a long time. Other than that, the screen size is enough for perfect visibility and night vision, while giving you a recording facility. With this camera, you get a charger, bracket, and a manual for accurate guidance.

You can get it here

#3-- Hanging Perfume For Car

car perfume aliexpress

Car fresheners have now come a long way. From just getting tiny perfume bottles with a strong fragrance, this trend has now come to a point where car perfumes are more than just accessories to add fragrance. These perfumes also make a stunning decor piece for your car. These glass bottles decorate the car most beautifully and subtly. With these perfume bottles, the advantage is that you do not get any random fragrance.

You can fill these with the essential oils or scents of your preference. The material is made of glass with a classic wooden cap that makes it look more appealing. You can hang these bottles in the mirror, which will also keep them safe. You must get these right away if you love little things that add a nice touch of decor.

You can get it here

#4-- Car Seat Hook Hanger

car accessory aliexpress

Nobody likes a messy and grubby car! Keep your car completely organized and maintained with these hook hangers that can keep your essential things safe and secure, while eliminating the mess on the seats. You can simply hang it on the top of the seats in a second. Just hang the straps of your bags, poly bags, or bottles to keep the area neat and clean.

These are made of extremely good quality plastic and are quite durable as well. It is not just about the appearance of these hooks, but also the capability of these hooks; these can bear weight up to 20 kgs. Now forget about messy seats with stuff lying here and there with these car seat hook hangers!

You can get it here

#5-- Wireless GPS Tracker

car tracker aliexpress

Security has become the most prioritized thing when we keep in mind the situation these days. You can also keep up with all the latest unique technology to keep your automobiles secure. Stop worrying about your car now and track it on your phone with this device installed in your car. This is a GPS tracking device that has a solid battery backup and is also waterproof in nature.

This tracker also records the history route for the last 30 days and also has a sleep mode to save the battery. You do not have to worry about the device falling off as the device will send you an alarm in case that happens. Now track your vehicle with this device and stay free of worries and concerns.

You can get it here

#6-- Car Seat Heated Cover

car seat heated cover china

Driving needs a lot of concentration and to maintain that you need a comfortable and cozy environment. In colder regions, driving becomes a bit of an issue, first because of heavy outfits and second because of the bone-chilling cold. To make your journey cozy and comfortable during those colder days, this amazing and very innovative technology is there for you. Get these heated covers installed in your car and stay warm and concentrated while driving.

These are available in three solid colors like gray, black, and brown. You get a fast and adjustable heating system that keeps the temperature constant. Also, the installation is quite easy. You just need to fix it with the help of the belt that comes with it.

You can get it here

#7-- Car Trash Can

car trash can

It is our sole responsibility to keep the environment clean and healthy. Many times, our cars become our eating spot and that is how things get dirty and messy. We also end up throwing all the trash right out of the window, polluting our environment.

It is best to get this trash can for your car to keep all the clutter away from the seats and floor right away. This is one of the best solutions if you travel with kids or pets. This is not just a trash bag but can also be used as a bag to store random stuff for your car. It can be hanged on the seats without worrying about any leakage.

You can get it here

#8-- USB Charger Adapter

usb car charger aliexpress

Technology has been improvised to a great extent now. Earlier charging mobile devices while traveling was always an issue but now that can be solved with this innovation. This one is a very important and essential accessory for your car. Get this USB adapter to charge all your smart devices with the USB cable of your preference, and travel freely now.

The battery is quite durable and it also lets you know when it needs to be changed. The outer surface stays safe and secured with multi-protection. With this, you will no longer face the issues of a draining battery.

You can get it here

#9-- LED Strips For Car Headlight

led strips for car aliexpress

Experience safe driving and clear visibility with these LED strips for car headlights. These strips fit perfectly on all types of vehicles and are known for their longevity. They are also available in different shades and are almost weightless. It assures about 30 thousand hours of life, which is a great deal at this price. This one is a great accessory for your car as it also improves safety while driving and does add beauty to your car. Get these eco-friendly lights that consume less amount of electricity.

You can get it here

#10-- Sticky Mat

car sticky mat aliexpress

If you are someone who is a pro at multi-tasking, then I believe this sticky mat is for you. This mat gets stuck to the dashboard so that you can keep your things stable, especially when you are driving on rough terrain. This product is a great accessory for you if you use GPS daily for directions. Talking about the material, the pad is made of silica gel and is non-slippery, and can be helpful for all car lovers. The black color of the mat looks amazing and also adds a luxurious touch to your car. You must get this gel pad right away to keep your things properly.

You can get it here

#11 - GPS tracker

Considering how precious our cars are to us, it's only fair we monitor them more closely. And this can be effectively done with the help of a GPS tracker. However, one of the major concerns people usually have before buying a tracker is that they think these devices are complex to use. But you don't have to worry anymore as we bring to you this Mini Intelligent GPS tracker that's extremely simple to use.

This device might be tiny but it comes loaded with useful features. It is the world's first in-built GSM and GPS antenna tracking device that doesn't come with a power button, just plug it into the power source and you are good to go. Your car's real-time location will be sent to your phone via SMS or GPRS and you also have the option to enter dealer specified info such as the VIN number to directly view your car's location.

Price: $11.68

#12 - USB car charger

Imagine a long car ride without your phone to keep you entertained. Rough, isn't it? But long car rides also mean that your phones can go easily out of power. USB car chargers are popular and used plenty, but many people often

complain that they are odd-looking and impractical. If you are one of those dissatisfied people, we have the right product for you.

We bring to you this tiny 3.1A USB charger by ROCK that provides charging of your phone at a 40% faster speed than any normal USB car charger. Dual charging ports are provided with the device- one for iPhones and the other for Android smartphones like Samsung and Xiaomi.

Price: $11.65

#13 - Heated Car Seat Covers

heated car seat cover

Gone are the days when you had to buy high-end cars to enjoy the luxury of heated car seats. Now thanks to the rapid technological advancements, these heated covers are available for our regular cars as well.

That's why next on our list are the heated car seat covers by Rownfur that are available in three colors- red, blue and grey. The covers are made of high-quality, hand-stitched, breathable fabric and are quite affordable yet in no way look cheap. They are available in a pack of 4 pieces as well as 10 pieces so you can select the one which matches your needs the best. These covers are worth every penny you spend as they fit in most of the cars perfectly, look attractive and keep you warm during the cold dreaded winters.

Price: $11.00

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#14 - Faux Leather Car Seat Gap Pad Fillers

car seat accessories

How many times have you dropped your phone, coins, food items or wallet between the gap of your car seats.? If your answer is so many times that you don't even remember, the next car accessory we picked is definitely the right choice for you.

Made of faux leather and available in four colors- black, brown, beige and gray; these car seat pad fillers are absolutely what you need. These fillers are durable, look sophisticated and fit perfectly between the seats without drowning or looking out of place. That means no more digging between the seats to look for your important lost stuff anymore. Thanks to these car seat fillers, you can make your car more organized and tidy. These seat fillers are also easy to clean, just wipe them with a clean damp cloth and you are good to go.

Price: $7/lot

#15 - Car Anti-slip mat

ant slip car mat

If you drive around a lot and at the same time want to keep your eyes on the phone, it's time you invest your money to buy an anti-slip mat. An anti-slip mat is basically a small pad that you can stick on your dash to hold your phone in place. The adhesive used in the mat is negligible and you can easily take your phone out whenever you want. These mats are great big for people who use their phone's GPS to drive to different places. And they are definitely better than the car mount because they don't block your vision while you driving

This anti-slip mat comes in black color and has the following dimension: 18*13 cm. Not only phones, but you can also use this mat to hold various other items firmly as well such as sunglasses, pens, keys, coins and so on.

Price: $1.39

#16 - Car Tyre Pressure Monitor System

car monitor system china

The tyre pressure of your car is not constant, it is frequently changing. It's important that you keep it at an optimum level to ensure increased fuel economy, reduction of tyre wear and improved comfort while riding. To monitor your car's tyre pressure, you should own a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

This one is a wireless system that comes with an LCD display and four external sensors, one provided for each of the wheels. The alarm tool is triggered whenever the device detects any tyre pressure to be lower than the optimal level.

Price: $16.67

Buying Car Accessories from China Online

Our cars are usually one of our most treasured assets, hence, it's only fair that we buy the best quality accessories to adorn it. We reviewed 50+ car accessories on Aliexpress to short the best 6 items for you. Here's hoping that our curated list helps you make a better buying decision.

Accessorize your car the way you love!

With these car accessories, you can add a personal touch to your car that will surely be appreciated by all. Without spending a bomb, you can add a nice, practical touch to your car. So, what are you waiting for? Get these accessories today!

Happy shopping!

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