Top Chinese Fountain Pens 2021 (Very expensive though)

by Shopify API on May 09, 2021

best chinese fountain pens

As a fountain pen aficionado, you would definitely know the pleasure of owning an exquisite looking fountain pen that is high in quality and excellent in looks. Chinese fountain pens have a different charm attached to them; they are finely and intricately designed, with every detail enhanced beautifully. One look at the best Chinese fountain pens and you lose yourself to them forever.

There are many variations and designs available, from screw-on caps, gold nib, hand-crafted design, and more. Chinese fountain pens really set the bar high. In this article, we bring to you some of the most magnificent and well-crafted best Chinese fountain pens that we are sure you would enjoy. In fact, as a fountain pen lover, we are sure you would want to get your hands on them as soon as possible.

Best Chinese Fountain Pens for you

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#1 - Chinese Dragon 12K Gold Fountain Pen Set

chinese fountain pen review

This is a pen worth gifting, thanks to its stunning and beautiful body. The pen takes inspiration from the popular Chinese Dragon. The high-quality fountain pen boasts a 12K gold head and a full metal body. The 0.5mm nib ensures fine writing, which is pleasing to the eyes. The refined model is an epitome of luxury and exquisite beauty. The intricate pattern attracts and pleases the eyes.

The pen comes with its own splendid box, making it the perfect gifting option you can get the pen in two colors - silver and gold.

You can get this marvelous fountain pen here.

Price $146

#2 - Traditional Art 18K Gold Nib Fountain Pen

best chinese fountain pen

The fountain pen has three themes - Phoenix, Red-crowned Crane, and Orioles. The posture is delicate and vivid with a composition that fills people with imagination. It is designed delicately and intricately which makes you want to appreciate it again and again. The fountain pen uses a unique Japanese skill of lacquerware known as Maki-e.

The artistic technique uses gold powder to paint on the surface of lacquerware. During the manufacturing process of this fountain pen, the gold powder was stacked and polished repeatedly. Doing this creates a three-dimensional effect that looks exquisite.

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The fountain pen comes with an 18K nib. This gives it better flexibility and a delicate sense of writing. The beauty of this pen is so marvelous that you would never want to stop writing with it.

You can get this exquisite fountain pen here.

Price: $129

#3 - Hero 100 14K Gold Fountain Pen

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Hero 100 14K gold fountain pen has an innovative design made of matte silver metal. The body of the pen is textured that gives the pen a nice look. The grip is also excellent and the pen will not slide from between your fingers while you are writing. This innovative fountain pen has abandoned the original squeeze ink absorption method. Instead, it uses a Rotary ink converter; it is quite convenient because we can use bottled ink as well as cartridges.

The pen has a 14K gold nib that makes it flexible and delicate. The 0.5 mm tip is an excellent choice for fine writing. It is also an excellent gifting option and it comes with its own beautiful gift box that looks luxurious and classy.

You can get this splendid fountain pen here.

Price: $83

#4 - Chinese Traditional Opera Face-painting 14K Gold Fountain Pen

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This luxury fountain pen has been designed with traditional Chinese Opera face - painting. The 14K gold nib makes writing with this fountain pen a pleasurable experience. We love the exquisite and intricate design on its body. It truly looks traditional and exotic. The details on the body are extremely intricate and have been made with the utmost precision.

It is easy to use the pen; the grip is excellent. It uses both the Classic Ink reservoir as well as an ink cartridge. It is easy to use both methods.

You can get this exquisite fountain pen here.

Price: $320

#5 - Duke 500 Vintage 14K Fountain Pen

chinese fountain pen review

This is truly an exquisite pen that brings forward the rich Chinese heritage and the mysterious oriental charm. The body of this fountain pen has a superb design that leaves people spellbound. It has 0.5mm nib and works well with both bottled ink and standard cartridges.

The pen also lets you enjoy a smooth writing experience. It features a 14K gold nib that creates an extraordinary writing experience. The pen is immensely comfortable to hold. The gript is great and it makes writing with this pen extremely enjoyable. It is high in quality and so it makes an ideal gift.

You can get this striking fountain pen here.

Price: $468

#6 - Luxury Fountain Pen (Cheapest)

luxury fountain pen china

This luxurious pen is made with lead-tin alloy material. What we love about this pen is that it has anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. The fountain pen nib is steady and flexible, allowing you to write with precision. Another interesting feature about the pen is its cap which has been designed in the shape of a leopard; it looks luxurious and chic.

The fountain pen has been finely crafted and has a stunning texture that looks both beautiful and vivid. You need to rotate the cab for opening and closing it. The pen has hand polish and uses multilayer plating technology, which gives the pen a bright and beautiful luster. The pen is available in 2 colors - ancient silver and golden.

You can get this majestic fountain pen here.

Price: $22

#7 - Hero 3000 Classical 18K Gold Fountain Pen

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The Hero 3000 classical 18K gold fountain pen is a limited edition fountain pen with an intricate and exquisite Chinese tie gold silk butterfly pattern. The pen comes with an 18K gold tip, which makes writing with it more flexible.

The best part about this fountain pen is that you can work with both bottled ink as well as cartridges. The pen looks ultra-luxurious and classy. It gives you a super-smooth writing experience; it is also quite comfortable to hold thanks to the wonderful grip it has. With this pen, writing becomes more than just an activity; it becomes a pleasurable experience.

You can get this marvelous fountain pen here.

Price: $790

#8 - KACO MASTER 14K Fountain Pen

aliexpress fountain pen review

The 0.5mm fine point fountain pen comes with a 14K gold nib that makes writing with this luxurious pen a flexible and enjoyable experience. The pen has been designed exquisitely, keeping in mind the intricacy of the design. It really is quite an extraordinary pen, which looks chic and classy.

The pen is comfortable to hold and has an excellent grip. It works with both bottled ink and ink cartridges. It gives you a super-smooth writing experience. The cap is a twist-type and comes with a sturdy pocket clip. It comes with a chic cylindrical box. The quality is excellent, which makes it an ideal gifting option too.

You can get this exquisite fountain here.

Price: $139.44

#9 - Fuliwen Vintage 10K Fountain Pen

vintage fountain pen review

This fountain pen has a vintage style that brings out a classic look to it. The details are intricate and unique; the inclusive patterns combine together to showcase over two thousand years of history concisely. The pen has a black and shiny body that reveals a harmonious and balanced aesthetic.

The pen has a screw-type tiny cap that looks exquisite and blends well with the rest of the body. With a 10K gold medium nib, writing becomes an experience that is unlike anything else. Whether you enjoy cartridges or traditional ink bottles, you can use both with this fountain pen.

The pen comes in an exquisite-looking wooden box that enhances the beauty of this pen.

You can get this beautiful fountain pen here.

Price: $268

#10 - Picasso 82 Napoli 10K Gold Nib Fountain Pen

top chinese fountain pens

This is an excellent pen for gifting as it comes with its own beautiful gift box. The pen brings out the vibes of the ocean and sea breeze. The iconic blue stripes look graceful and brilliant. The pen was designed using superb artistry and complicated etching techniques.

The pen has a push-type cap and a 10K gold fine nib that makes writing a pleasurable experience. You can use both bottled ink and ink cartridges with this fountain pen; there are no limitations to it.

You can get this unique fountain pen here.

Price: $109

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Writing is more than just that with these fountain is an experience!

With this, we come to an end of our exquisite journey into the world of the best Chinese fountain pens. All of these pens set the bar high and really make you want to grab them as soon as possible. We hope you enjoyed this list and have found something that you loved. Grab these pens today and enjoy a beautiful experience.


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