Latest Aliexpress 11.11 Coupons - Updated Nov 2023

by Shopify API on Nov 10, 2023

aliexpress coupons

We know how AliExpress is popular all around the world for its affordable but decent quality Chinese products. As a lover of online shopping, I have already purchased hundreds of useful items from AliExpress! Most of those purchases are made with coupons or codes, or I simply search for the sale dates of this awesome e-commerce site.

If you are one frugal and a penny-pinching person who loves to get as much as he can when it comes to buying things, this article is perfect for you! We will give you a list of all the Best AliExpress Coupons, and not just that! You will also see the big sale dates of AliExpress for the whole of 2023!

Are you ready? Because I am so let’s dig in!

11.11-11.17 11.11 Sale-Main venue-Global

11.11 Sale 2023

- Codes: valid from Nov. 11th - 17th, 2023 PST
1. Codes for all products Except orders to RU, AE, UZ, BH, KR, AM, KW, FR, ES, SA, KZ, QA, BR, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, OM, US
US $15 off $100 Code: 11SALE15
US $30 off $200 Code: 11SALE30
US $50 off $300 Code: 11SALE50
US $100 off $500 Code: 11SALE100
US $8 off $50 Code: 11SALE8
US $40 off $250 Code: 11SALE40

11.11-11.17 11.11 Sale-Main venue-Global

  2. US 11.11 SALE codes
  - US 11.11 SALE codes
  US $8 off $50 Code: AEUS8
  US $15 off $100 Code: US15
  US $30 off $200 Code: US30
  US $40 off $250 Code: AEUS40
  US $60 off $300 Code: US60

- US Codes for New Customers Only
US $6 off $20 Code: NEWUS6OFF
US $8 off $40 Code: NEWUS8OFF
US $12 off $80 Code: NEWUS12OFF
US $25 off $150 Code: NEWUS25OFF

11.11-11.17 11.11 Sale-Main venue-Global

3. BR Codes for All products
* The promo codes are valid for all products from Nov 11, 05:00:00 BRT to Nov 18, 04:59:59 BRT
R$ 25 off R$250 with code: PROMOAFF25
R$ 75 off R$500 with code: PROMOAFF75
R$ 150 off R$1000 with code: PROMOAFF150
R$ 500 off R$2500 with code: PROMOAFF500

11.11-11.17 11.11 Sale-Main venue-Global

4. FR Codes for All products
€15 off €100 with code: FR15
€30 off €200 with code: FR30
€50 off €300 with code: FR50
€100 off €500 with code: FR100
€8 off €50 with code: D11FR08
€40 off €250 with code: D11FR40

11.11-11.17 11.11 Sale-Main venue-Global

5. ES Códigos promocionales:
-ES15: 15€ dto en compra minima de 100€
-ES30: 30€ dto en compra minima de 200€
-ES50: 50€ dto en compra minima de 300€
-ES100: 100€ dto en compra minima de 500€
-D11ES08: 8€ dto en compra minima de 50€
-D11ES40: 40€ dto en compra minima de 250€
otros codigos disponibles: Centro de cupón
>>>Terminos y condiciones:
-Los códigos son válidos para todos los productos de la Promoción “11.11” de AliExpress del 11/11/2023 09:00 - 18/11/2023 08:59:59
-Cada código SÓLO se puede utilizar una vez por cada usuario y aplica a TODOS los pedidos y categorias enviados a España.
-Los códigos no son validos con productos en super ofertas y productos virtual.

11.11-11.17 11.11 Sale-Main venue-Global

6. KR Codes
US $15 off $100 Code: 23AE1114
US $30 off $200 Code: 23AE1130
US $50 off $300 Code: 23AE1150
US $100 off $500 Code: AE1818
US $8 off $50 Code: 23AE1108
US $40 off $250 Code: 23AE1140

11.11-11.17 11.11 Sale-Main venue-Global

7. Codes for SA, AE, KW, OM, BH, QA
US $15 off $100 Code: GCC55
US $50 off $300 Code: GCC190
US $100 off $500 Code: GCC385
US $8 off $50 Code: GCC30
US $40 off $250 Code: GCC150

11.11-11.17 11.11 Sale-Main venue-Global


ANNIVERNEW4 - $4 discount for order over $5 for New buyers.

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AliExpress Big Sale Dates





January 1

New Year’s Day Sale

Sitewide sale for most items


Wardrobe Reboot

Free US $6 for orders of $35 and up


Ride The Road Style

Get up to 50% off on motorcycles

January 2

This Just In

Enjoy great deals with discounts 30% off and above plus free shipping


Winter Sale

Clearance sales for up to 60% off

January 6

Big Clearance Discounts

Enjoy great finds that are over 70% off


The BestSellers

Catch the bestsellers with an additional 60% on your purchases!

January 11

Real Me

Check out the latest Realme smartphones and enjoy up to 30% off on your new phone.


Live Your Best Life

You would surely live your best life when you get up to 50% off on lifestyle essentials from AliExpress


Find Your Treasure

It’s time to hunt for jewelry shops and get great rewards once you follow these shining shops!

January 13

Super Tech Deals

Catch up with the hottest technology and get up to 50% on these tech-savvy items.

January 14

Romoss – Stay Fully Powered

Shake up to 70% off the price of Romoss powerful power banks and stay fully powered!

January 15

Basketball Merchandise

Snatch amazing deals from any of your favorite basketball merchandise sellers

January 16

Mobile Geeks

Get the latest mobile technology with awesome discounts!

January 19

Reel Deals for the Season

In love with fishing? Catch 50% off of your favorite fishing equipment and gears

January 20

Big Clearance Discount

It is almost the end of the first month of January, so score some 70% clearance discounts from your favorite shops!


Super Value Deals

The clearance sale is almost not over yet so make sure to catch up with the 70% off on the Super Value Deals


Ideas for 2020

Get fresh ideas for 2020 thorough shopping with the Global Picks and enjoy up to 50% off


Security and Protection

Stay secured and protected even while you sleep with security gadgets lowered down to 60% off

January 25

Chinese New Year 2020

Another big sale is here to celebrate the 2020 Chinese New year, so fill up your carts now!


February 1

Top Sellers for the Home

Get the best appliances for your home and top it up with discounts of up to 40% off.


You’re Invited

You’re invited to this special day and enjoy up to 50% discounts on supplies.


Embrace the Outdoors

Love the outdoors even more with the 50% off on outdoor recreation items.


Build Your Dream Car

Get up to 50% off on automobile parts, tools, and accessories.


A Brush of Perfection

Be glamorous with up to 90% off on Jessup Makeup and Brushes. Additional coupons are also available!

February 4

Safe and Sound

Shop for Boavision smart cameras that you can get for up to 50% off!

February 7

Discover Your Next Hobby

Step up with your new hobbies and save up to 50% off on hobby items


Treat Yourself to Fitness

Stay in shape as you stay at home and get up to 50% off on sports gear and equipment.

February 10

Hot Picks, Low Prices

Enjoy hot tech picks and enjoy the low prices and save up to 60% off

February 11

Valentine’s Sale

Get the perfect gift for your special someone this valentine’s day without spending so much! Add your gift on the cart with a 60% discount.

February 13

Featured Brands: Baseus

Get fast and safe chargers from Baseus. They are sold for 53%!

February 15

Featured Brands: Lenovo

The latest Lenovo smartphone is now within reach with their 40% off discount on smartphones.

MARCH 2020

March 2

Shop the Trends

Get up to 50% off on trending items!


Fastest Delivery in 7 Days

Are you from Europe? Enjoy the fastest delivery with items that are up to 70% off.


Phones and Accessories

The best deal of 60% is within your reach for phones and accessories.


Look Wow Right Now

You can get up to 30% off on 1000+ new arrivals!

March 9

A New Way to Clean

Coronavirus is not welcome as you shop on Cecotec deals on cleaning devices.

March 11

For the Happy Camper

Step up with your camping and enjoy up to 70% off on your gear.


Super Tech Deals

Another tech-savvy day is here as you enjoy great deals for new technology!

March 17

Brand Fest: Rebecca

Wow everyone with your new hairstyle from Rebecca, with 55% off!

March 27

AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2020

Score the best of the best deals as we celebrate AliExpress’s 10th birthday!

APRIL 2020

April 1

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Prank your friends with fun deals for this day!


Live Your Best Life

The best selling items for everyday essentials are on sale for 50%



A new carving hobby awaits you, and enjoy a 60% off on carving tools.


Hot Brands

The hottest brands with their bestsellers are on sale for up to 70% off!

April 3

Tinton Life

Tinton Life’s appliances are offered for 60% off, perfect for your happy home.

April 4

Kitchen and Bathroom Brands Week

All kitchen and bathroom essentials are on sale for up to 65% off, so shop now!

April 6

Mi Fan Festival

Are you a fan of Xiaomi RedMi phones? You can win a free Xiaomi Redmi Note 93 on this day!

April 9

Super Tech Deals

Get up to 50% off on Xiaomi Mi devices to hype up your gadget collection.

April 10

Featured Brand: ForeverLily

You can enjoy up to 60% off on beauty and health items on ForeverLily on this day!

April 12

Easter 2020

Another sitewide sale awaits you this Easter! Happy Easter sale hunting!


Fast Delivery in 3 to 7 Days

Deals directly from Europe can be yours now, with an additional sale of up to 70% off!


The BestSellers

Bring out the best on your home with 50% off on household items.


Home Sweet Home

The best home shops are here to give you 60% off!


Big Clearance Discounts

Another home shopping and saving is yours, and get up to 50% off on your purchases.

April 17

Maximum Safety, Minimum Effort

The bestsellers are yours with the lowest prices of up to 70% off

April 18

Featured Brand: BYINTEK

The new smart projector is on sale for up to 70% off!

April 19

Wedding Season is Coming

Are you getting married soon? Grab the best wedding deals with 30% off discounts.

April 20

New Routines, New Styles

Be creative with your fashion sense with great finds for new styles!


Home Haven

Make your home comfier with up to 40% off on indoor renovation plans.


Give Your Car a Makeover

Your ride gets up to 50% off, so shop for your auto now!

April 21

Fun in the Sun

Get ready for your beach outfit with up to 55% sale!

April 23

Featured Brands: Umidigi

The latest smartphone tech is now in your hands, thanks to the 40% off sale from Umidigi!

April 24

Get Ready for a Good Ramadan

A great Ramadan comes with a great sale of 50% off!

April 25

Make Your Days Cozier

Spring Sale is here! You can get your favorite items for up to 50% off!


Superheros to the Rescue!

Treat your little boy with his favorite superhero action figures with up to 30% off


Sun-sational Style

New summer looks for the whole family awaits you. Enjoy the 30% off finds!

MAY 2020

May 2

Featured Brands: Yosyo

Refresh and relax with the Multi-function massager for up to 64% off.


Fitness First

Your fit body awaits you with 50% off deals for sports gear!


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s

Win with the speed of Xiaomi RedMi Note 9s for up to 30% off!

May 6

Stay Healthy, Feel Good

Stay safe during this pandemic and get great finds for boosting up your overall health!

May 7

Super Tech Deals

Nothing will beat AliExpress’s monthly tech deals for up to 50% off!


Stay Productive

Spice up your home office and be more productive by shopping for your workspace with 80% discounts.

May 9

Keep the Fun Going

Keep the kids entertained with new scores on toys that are up to 60% off the price!

May 12

Moms Make Life Beautiful

Give your mom the perfect gift, and enjoy 40% off on shopping for her!


Featured Brands: Anker

The global leader in charging technology is now within reach with up to a 61% discount.

May 15

Trend Spotting

Search for trends and love them more with the 50% off discount!

May 23

Featured Brands: ILIFE

The key to a neat and tidy home is here through the biggest 59% sale of ILIFE!


Self-Care Checklist

Shopping for yourself is only best when there is up to 30% off on new items!


More Cleaning Less Fuss

The bestselling cleaning items are on sale for up to 60% off, and spotless clean homes are now possible!

May 25

Brand Fest: UMIDIGI

The Umidigi A7 Pro is now available for only $99.99!

May 26

Super Lifestyle Deals

Bring new lifestyle ideas on your home with deals that are up to 50% off.


Best of the Best

The best of the best can now be purchased for less at 60% off!


Jewelry and Watch Brands Week

The best shops for these fab accessories are on sale for up to 70% for the entire week!


Free Shipping to Brazil

Are you from Brazil? Add tech items on your cart and get free shipping!

May 28

Step Into Summer

Your summer sandals are on their way to your doorstep, with 40% off!

JUNE 2020

June 1

Little Stars

Make your little one shine so bright with a high sense of fashion, for up to 60% off.


Parents & Kids Brands Week

Baby and kids’ items are on sale, and you can save up to 70% off!

June 2

Featured Brands: West Biking

Ride on your bicycle with your new cycling must-haves that are u to 60% off!

June 4

Brand Fest: Yi

Keep your family safe with Yi’s security gadgets that are up to 82% off!


Featured Brands: Ugreen

Get yourself some quick charge technology and save 60% on 65W GaN!

June 6

Featured Brands: Leftside

Bags for all seasons are available for up to 46% off!

June 8

Featured Brands: LIECTROUX

Home cleaning robots are here to help you! Plus, you can save up to 50% off!

June 10

Summer Sale – Warm-Up

Relax under the summer heat with deals that are up to 50% off!


Big Clearance Discounts

Your favorite clearance sale is here again, and they are back with up to 70% off sales!


Save on Big Brands

Big Brands are here with big deals! They are on sale on up to 90% off!

June 15

Summer Sale

Get up to 50% this summer season, starting June 15 to June 22!


The Bestsellers

Catch the bestselling items on sale for up to 30% off.


Don’t Miss Clearance Deals

Never forget this date because you can get up to 70% on clearance items.


Coupon Center

Save more through amazing coupons for great finds today.

June 21

Father’s Day

Treat your dad with a unique gift from AliExpress for over 50,000 items to choose from!

June 24

Fabulous Style

Get fab with savings of up to 40% off on women’s fashion and beauty.


Time After Time

Score some 50% off savings from stylish Curren watches.


Phones & Accessories

Get up to 40% off on your favorite phones and accessories!

JULY 2020

July 1

Featured Brand Sale: Tigernu

Tigernu is offering its high-quality and stylish bags for up to 60% off!

July 15

Amazin’ Time Sale!

Enjoy the long sale until July 18, and shop up to 50% off!

July 17

Xiaomi – Flagship Experience for Everyone

Get real deals from Xiaomi today!

July 21

Super Tech Deals

Everything from Phones and Accessories to Car Electronics is on sale, so shop now!

July 22

Know Your Gains

Get fit as you shop with 37% off, and receive a free Xiaomi Amazfit gift!

July 23

Bring Your Home to Life

Relax as you enjoy the 40% off deals for new items on your home.


August 1

Featured Brand Sale: ASDARISB

Shop mops, scales, and other essentials from ASDARISB and get up to 60% off!

August 4

AliExpress Super Sale

A sitewide sale is again here until the 8th of the month, so mark your calendars!

August 5


Shop for the best watches from Naviforce and find great deals for your timepieces.


Warm Weather, Cool Looks

Look cool on this heat with sales from Kid’s Clothes, Kid’s Toys, Maternity Clothes, Beddings, and more!


Best Back to School Sales 2020

Get the best deal for your kiddo’s back to school items on this sitewide sale!

August 21

Brands Shopping Week

Quality brands are on sale for up to 50% off! Stock up on coupons to get additional discounts.


New User Exclusives

Get as low as $0.01 on products you love and enjoy a US $3 coupon as a welcome gift!


September 1

Extended Sale

Score some of the bestselling tools on sale for up to 60% off!

September 8

Member’s Day

Get special rewards from September 8 to 9 if you are one of the VIP fans of AliExpress!

September 16

Time for a New Beginning

Are you looking for new clothes for the season? Shop now and get up to 70% off.


Shop with Select Coupons

Get your US $2 back for every purchase of $15, and get the US $6 off on every $60 spent!

September 21

Brand Fest ILife

Get robot vacuums for as low as $99 and 53% off!

September 26

The Bestsellers

Big savings are now available for you! Shop for the bestsellers and never miss anything out!


Fall and Winter Fashion

Great picks don’t have to be so high! Get up to 60% off on Fall and Winter fashion.


October 28

Hot Brands on Sale

Stock up on exclusive coupons to get additional discounts on hot brands!

October 31

Halloween Spook-tacular

Get up to 30% off on amazing deals this Halloween season!


November 8

11.11 Member’s Day

AliExpress’s VIP fans get special rewards, so stay tuned!

November 11

Global Shopping Festival

This is the biggest day for all online retail sites, so don’t miss the date! The promotion period will run-up to the 13th, so stock up your carts now.

November 13

Christmas/Smart Living

The smart home is now made affordable, with deals up to 40% off!

November 27

Black Friday is Coming

Save up to 50% off on almost everything! You can get coupons too!

November 30

Cyber Monday 2020

Hundreds of sales for electronics and technology on a Monday is truly the best!


December 9

Shop This Year’s Best of the Best!

Almost everything is on sale at the most beautiful time of the year! The official promotion period is on December 9, at 12 midnight until 12:59:59 of December 13

December 25

Christmas Day

Score electronic products on this sitewide discount and save up to 80%!

December 31

Year-End Deals

The best deals are truly caught at the end of the year, so make sure to check AliExpress before you start your 2021!

AliExpress Promo codes 2020

Once you visit the coupon center of AliExpress, here is a gist of all the coupons you can find:


Coupons are ranging from $1 to $200, of course, the $200 comes with a lot of orders before you can take advantage of it! Another thing to remember is that the clothing coupons are mostly offered for Women’s Clothing.

Toys, Babies and Kids:

Enjoy shopping for your baby with $1 to $10 worth of coupons from different stores.

Phones and Accessories:

Shop for your new smartphone with up to $50 worth of coupons!

Home and Garden:

New items for your home awaits you once you collect coupons that range from $1 to $30 under the Home and Garden category.

Sports and Outdoors:

You can enjoy working out even more with savings of up to $15 in only one store! More coupons from other stores range from $3 to $10, so collect now.


Your new gadget is on its way, as you save up to $50 off from the coupons on this category.


Up to 68% of savings await you and your auto once you collect coupons under the automobile category!

Shopping with Aliexpress

The best thing about shopping on AliExpress is that they offer a lot of sale dates! Unlike Amazon and DHGate, you would notice that every month, you can expect more than five sale dates on AliExpress. These sale dates are already packed with discounts and coupons that you no longer need to copy and paste once you checkout.

Yes, AliExpress is very affordable, but you can still score more discounts using the coupons from above. You just need to calendar all of these dates, and you are all set! You can even score up to 80% of deals in AliExpress, regardless of how cheap their items are. These significant sale discounts often happen during Clearance Sales, World-wide Celebratory Dates, and AliExpress’ Anniversary.

How Do I Redeem AliExpress Coupons?

Now that you have the year-wide coupon dates, it is time to know how can you apply these coupons! Here are some pictures directly from AliExpress to guide you:

how to redeem aliexpress coupon
use aliexpress coupon
get aliexpress coupon