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Top Rated Electronics Online Shopping Sites in the UK 2024

by Jon Ng on Jun 11, 2024

Top Rated Electronics Online Shopping Sites in the UK 2024

E-commerce electronics sites are popping up like mushrooms after torrential rain. While they are in abundance its no denying that most sites are super convenient and useful with their variety of products and offers. But unfortunately, some can be landmines where you get substandard products or where they downright scam you. Check out our list of the most trustworthy and Top Rated Electronics Online Shopping Sites in the UK for all the details.

These websites are trusted by millions of people due to the quality, durable, and even classy electronic products they sell. You can easily find some amazing gadgets and unique must-have products that you don't find at any retail store.

Anyway, let's get to it, shall we?

After having reviewed all the online shopping sites in UK for electronics based on various factors; my team and I zeroed in on 16 that really stood out. These 16 were further tested and we found that:

The safest online shopping site in UK for Electronics is Amazon UK. Amazon not only has a massive range of products but is also extremely versatile when it comes to the type of electronics. Additionally, all the sellers are reliable and the platform has great customer service.

Here are some of the most popular electronics online shopping sites in the UK

Top Rated Electronics Online Shopping Sites in the UK Check out the website here!
Amazon UK View store
Maplin View store
Zavvi View store
CeX View store
Currys View store
John Lewis & Partners View store
Argos View store
Very View store
Debenhams View store
AliExpress View store
Littlewoods View store
Novatech View store
B&H Photo Video View store
Newegg View store
TechBargains View store
Costco UK View store

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Top Rated Electronics Online Shopping Sites in the UK

#1 -- Amazon

Top Rated Online Electronics Shopping Sites in the UK

Exotic and unique - that’s Amazon’s inspiration for selling lot’s of good stuff online. The online shop started in 1994 and was first known as Founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon was created to be “the biggest” online shopping site around the world. And is definitely one of the Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK.

  • Amazon was the first online shopping website that manufactured their very own electronic virtual assistant which is famously known as Alexa.
  • But aside from this astounding invention, Amazon delivers other electronic devices and accessories worldwide.
Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • This virtual shopping platform is a giant that is known for a massive array of tech products. Additionally, you can also expect these products at low prices. If you can't find a product in any other platforms, then Amazon UK would be your best bet.
  • Most importantly, all the transactions are safe and secure and come with excellent customer service. Even the delivery tends to happen fast and without any hassle.

The shopping site is by far the most trusted and number one leading selling platform around the world, and this is a good reason why you should buy not only electronic products from them, but other sorts that you need at home as well.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1994

Location: Seattle, Washington, US

Products: E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Digital Streaming

#2 -- Maplin

Maplin is an online retailer of electronic products to the UK and Ireland exclusively. Maplin was previously known as a basic physical store that has multiple boutiques scattered throughout the UK. But in 2019, Maplin was relaunched and operated as an electronic website, as this is much more conducive to most of their customers, and people are really liking the concept of online shopping.

  • From 1976 to 2018, Maplin focused solely on selling different variants of electronic supplies, computing materials, and CCTVs. They even have the most fundamental of electronic components. Most importantly, this brilliant store assures a year's worth of guarantee on all its products.
Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • But since its relaunch, Maplin had a wider range of products which are much more essential these days. One of the most interesting things about Maplin is that it knows all the price of its products on all platforms and matches the price essentially giving you the cheapest option.
  • Known for its customer service, Maplin treats every sale with the utmost care. Which means that all deliveries are quick and all orders over 20 quid are free. The customer service is end to end. So, you can easily get in touch with them even after the sale and they'll assist you without any hassles.

You can visit Maplin on their online store and find the best electronic commodities including alarm systems, generators, and studio components.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1976

Location: Marlow, UK

Products: Electronics, Home Security, Smart Home

#3 -- Zavvi

If you are looking for online entertainment store, then you should check out Zavvi. The online shopping site produces all kinds of film and gaming merchandise which are targetted for UK and Ireland consumers. Zavvi was the first biggest entertainment retail chain back in the 80s and 90s as the Virgin Megastore owned by Richard Branson.

  • Even if it’s the biggest home entertainment retailer back in the 80s, Zavvi had its ups and downs. But this didn’t stop them from selling all kinds of electronic novelties such as films, music albums, and home video games.
Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • In fact, their list of products consists of only three categories Video games, Music and Movies. Of course, video games are where the make the most of their sales. As for movies they sell Blu-Ray and HD DVDs. When it comes to music they sell all the top albums and top 100 songs under various categories. They also sell popular music merchandise.
  • However, they still dominate the video game space with their premium collection. They also have a versatile collection of gaming equipment and peripherals.
  • Zavvi also has a cool subscription service where they deliver a bunch of cool stuff every month to those who avail it. They also have amazing deals and daily offers that make it one of the best places to buy your games and electronics.

Zavvi still managed to get along with other modern retailers and even relaunched as a shopping website. This just goes to show that Zavvi is the best electronic shopping centre in terms of home entertainment.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 2007

Location: London, UK

Products: Home Entertainment, Music, Video Games, Consoles

#4 -- CeX

Complete Entertainment Exchange or CeX is an electronic online store for new and preloved entertainment items alike. The shop offers various games, films, phones, and computing products. CeX’s first physical store was opened in 1992 in London, UK. since then, CeX became the perfect place to stop by if you want to have any electronic products under the entertainment category.

  • CeX has over 100 shops abroad and over 400 in the UK alone. Since it was founded, CeX has been the UK’s centre of electronic novelty exchange to many people.
  • This company used to be one of the first retail stores that offer a unique exchange model. You could buy and sell your tech, video games and other geek items. When it became, the company took off and really started offering more services like repair.
Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • CeX is perfect for those looking for cheap second hand electronics that are in excellent condition. If you want a PS5 for dirt cheap prices, then this is the place to go to. They also have a reduced price board of all trending electronic goods. You can even find the latest iPhone 12 Pro for around 500 quid if you're lucky.
  • This store also specializes in computers, computer peripherals and gaming gear. So, you can even build your own gaming set up at an affordable price. They, unfortunately, have a very limited inventory, so the deals are extremely hot and fluctuate constantly.

The online shopping site one of the few gateways for individuals to buy or sell their preowned items.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1992

Location: Tottenham Court Road, London, UK

Products: Electronics, Smartphones, Home Entertainment, Music, Video Games

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#5 -- Currys

Currys might be the oldest electronic shop that is still standing in the UK. Founded in 1850, the original Currys was a manufacturing store of bicycles, gramophones, toys, and radios. Through the 60s and 80s, Currys began on producing televisions and white goods like washing machines and refrigerators.

  • In 2006, Currys was merged with Dixons Electrical, expanding their retail shops to over 600 physical stores.
  • And in 2015, Currys was combined with PC World, which specialises on selling computers and other electrical and communication devices.
  • Being one of the largest retailers of electronics in the UK, this behemoth has pretty much everything under the sun when it comes to electronics. Additionally, they also offer amazing deals, sales and offers that drastically reduce the price of the product.
Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • As mentioned earlier, you can find a wide range of electronics. From simple microwave ovens to the latest VR technology. Shopping at Curry's is certainly beneficial as it will allow you to save a lot of money. Even the online discount codes can easily help you save up to 200 pounds on a large deal.
  • Most importantly, their customer service, warranty, and delivery process are all on point. Especially since it's an old trustworthy brand. They take all their feedbacks seriously and help each customer with all their issues.

Today, Currys is a one-stop online shop for all electronic devices and appliances that you need in your home.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1884

Location: London, UK

Products: Telecommunication, White Goods

#6 -- John Lewis & Partners 

If you want to take your electronic online shopping experience to the next level, then you’ll definitely love John Lewis & Partners. The online shop is a bit exclusive than any other electronic stores, as it sells more lavish products that you can’t find on an ordinary electronic store.

  • John Lewis opened its first store in 1864 as a drapery boutique. And in 1937, John Lewis acquired several supermarkets, arming itself with a wider variety of products, including electronic appliances and devices.
Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • John Lewis & Partners have numerous department stores and airport stores across the UK, and with this, they have decided to create their very own shopping website.

If you've ever wondered why John Lewis & Partners have targetted the high-street community, well aside from the fact that they have a heritage in the UK’s retailing history, the electronic store was actually awarded a Royal Warrant by the Queen, meaning that the products that you see on their online store are possibly inside the Queen’s living room, too.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1864

Location: London, UK

Products: Consumer Goods

#7 -- Argos

Argos is a British catalogue retailer that targets UK and Ireland, consumers. And pretty much like John Lewis, Argos is a high-street shop of electronic appliances and other sorts of home living products. Since it was founded in 1972, Argos expanded throughout the UK with over 900 retail shops.

  • Since it ventured in the online shopping industry, Argos has been successful in distributing electronic products and home appliances alike.
Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • Some of the items that you can find on their website are floor cares, electronic kitchenware, lighting materials, gaming consoles, and phone variants.

Argos is the only best electronic online site that is comparable with John Lewis in terms of a classy, high-street electronic shopping.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1972

Location: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

Products: Consumer Goods

#8 -- Very

From all electronic shopping sites that you know, Very is a special one as it originated directly as an online retail website without having a single physical store. Very was created to target young-adult and teen consumers with electronic accessories and devices.

  • Very was founded in 2002 which is a little bit early for independent online store trend. But this was the single structure that brought Very first to the ever-growing industry of online shopping.
Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • Very offers its customers with a wide range of electronic supplies including smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, electronic home appliances, gaming, and home entertainment.

Even if it started as a clothing shop, Very is one of the best electronic shopping sites in the UK that is visited weekly by many people, as their online shopping integrity didn’t change through its many years of online shopping expertise.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 2009

Location: Speke, Liverpool, UK

Products: Gaming Consoles, Video Games, Home Accessories

#9 -- Debenhams

Debenhams is known as a multi-national department store that operates in the UK. It was founded as a retail store for clothing, home furniture, and appliances which grew into over 180 shops across the UK. Most of the best electronic beauty care, fitness devices, and small aesthetic appliances can be found in their online shopping site.

  • Although the department store started through clothing in the 1800s, Debenhams focused more on electronic beauty devices and gifts by 2016.
Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • With this, more and more people occasionally visit the Debenhams website to find the best electronic beauty trend.

If you are fond of modern beauty products and healthcare gadgets, visit Debenhams and find yourself lost in its unique, electronic category of products.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1813

Location: Oxford Street, London, UK

Products: Electrical, Home and Furniture, Home Appliance, Game Consoles, Fitness

#10 -- AliExpress

If Amazon is on this list, then there must be AliExpress too. AliExpress is one of the biggest online shopping websites that ships overseas, including the UK. The online shopping site is comparable with Amazon due to its wide variety of products offered. And as expected from a website that is based in Asia, AliExpress is a leading online retailer of electronic products and is best of the Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK.

  • AliExpress sells any electronic good that you have in mind. From electronic toys, phones, computers, home audio-video and appliances, AliExpress got it all for you.

And if ever that you might want a different product aside from electronic ones, the online shopping site has multiple categories that you can choose from depending on your preference.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 2010

Location: Southampton Street, London, UK

Products: B2B, Consumer-to-consumer, Payment Services, Cloud Computing

#11 -- Littlewoods

The Littlewoods Online Shopping Site is of unique origin. The original retail store was founded in 1923 and was initially a Football betting company. After a devastating loss in their first season, they transitioned into a catalogue mail-order business.

  • Over the years, the company expanded and at their height in 1982 had employed around 25,000 people. Unfortunately, the company had to wind up in 2004. They sold their catalogue business to David and Frederick Barclay and the rest of the company merged with the Shop Direct Group. Shop Direct Group also own Very.

Currently, the Littlewoods online store has become a full-fledged online store that sells pretty much everything including Electronics. One of the best things about Littlewoods is that it doesn't support individual sellers. So, it emphasises on quality and brand.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1923 (Retail Stores) 1990s (Online)

Location: Liverpool, UK

Products: B2B, B2C

#12 -- Novatech

Founded in 1993, this Southhampton based company specializes in all thing tech. While they just have one massive warehouse-like store. They have an amazing online presence. It's the go-to site for all electronics components and gadgets. They also do repairs. It's one of the Best Rated Electronics Online Shopping Sites in the UK.

Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • With over 200 employees, this company is more than just hardware. they also have IT support and provide you with comprehensive support. Especially if you don't know what you want.

This company not only sells consumer electronics but they will also build a PC for you. It doesn't matter if your a gamer and want to get a custom-built PC or If you're a school that requires PCs for your computer lab. Novatech will get it sorted for you.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 2010

Location: Harbour House, Hamilton Rd, Portsmouth PO6 4PU, United Kingdom

Products: B2B, B2C

#13 -- B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video is one of the most famous online electronic stores to buy electronic printers, cameras, and other photography related equipment. B&H is an American retailer company that was founded in 1973 and is still one of the most famous electronic online shopping stores.

Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • B&H maintained their hallmark for selling high quality products and attracted professional photography and videography professional customers easily. 
  • You can shop brand new as well as second hand equipment that can save your money. 

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1973

Location: Manhattan, NYC

Products: B2C, B2B

#14 -- Newegg

Newegg is one of the top online electronics stores to buy new brand, refurbished or used electronic goods. It was founded in 2001 in the city of Industry, California. Newegg is not only limited to selling the products but also is open to resellers who are willing to expand their market. 

Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • Newegg is amongst the top online computer sellers who also sell other electronic products. 
  • Newegg also runs “today's top deals” where you’ll find good deals to buy your products.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 2001

Location: City of Industry, California.

Products: B2C

#15 -- TechBargains

Techbargains was founded in 1999 under the parent company Ziff Davis LLC and is definitely one of the leading electronics online shopping sites. They have a huge variety of products including discount outlets, and third-party retailers. 

Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • It’s a great website to shop computing products. They have great varieties of laptops, routers, printers, desktops and so much more.
  • They also retail wearables, smart home gear, gaming consoles, and audio devices.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1999

Products: B2C

#16 -- Costco UK

Top Rated Online Electronics Shopping Sites in the UK

Though Costco is an American electronics retailer, the brand has over 29 stores in the UK as well as an online shopping site that you can buy products and household goods from. You can buy electronic devices slightly under MSRP and the brand even offers membership plans and annual subscription packages that you can avail if you're buying in bulk.

Best Electronics Online Shopping Sites UK
  • Costco is more like a department store and there are hundreds if not thousands of products to choose from. You will be able to find cameras, televisions, turntables, speakers, headphones, lighting, safes, gaming consoles, kitchen appliances and much much more.
  • The brand even offers extended warranty on electronic devices bought on their site. But what's better is that Costco UK even provides a 90-day return policy on selected products, so if you happen to receive a damaged or faulty device then send it across for a replacement or refund.

Shopping site information:

Founded: 1976

Location: Hartspring Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 8JS

Products: B2C

How to choose the right electronics online shopping sites

Here are a few steps you need to follow to find out the best online electronics store. They are: 

  • Do some research: A lot of stores online are scam. So do some quality research before you come to conclusions. Choose brands that expertise in electronics that you’re willing to buy. Online electronics shopping is beneficial only if you’ve done proper research. If you’re not familiar with electronics websites then try researching about them and find out about their authenticity before placing your order. There are many websites that are known for their cheap and short-durability electronics as well as other sites which are known to be a little expensive but worth their quality. 
  • Choose reliable websites only: Don’t fall into the trap of low prices on a website if they’re not well-known. It’s advisable to take your time, watch videos, read reviews about the sites you’re going to buy your electronics online from. For starters, pick sites that are famous and reliable and offer good customer service in case you have problems with the products in future. 
  • Read online reviews: This is one of the most essential steps you need to take before buying anything from the online electronics stores. Read reviews online to find out how long they take for delivery, about the products, services and all that you want to find out. Some websites archive bad reviews and negative comments from their customers in order to increase their goodwill so beware of that as well. 

Which is the best electronics online shopping site?

My team and I ordered electronic products from 25+ different electronics stores online and rated them on the basis of product qualities, longevity, reviews, reliability, and customer service. We found Amazon to be the best electronics store online.

Amazon is the largest online shopping site that also sells electronics. They have also manufactured their very own virtual assistant device Alexa. Amazon delivers its electronic appliances worldwide. It has amazing quality electronics of different brands at low prices. All the transactions are safe and secured. It’s one of the most trusted online electronic stores worldwide. 

Where can I buy electronics online UK?

You can buy common consumer electronics on the majority of popular sites like Amazon UK, Currys, Maplin, Argos etc. However, If you have special requirements like setting up a PC lab for your school then your best bet would be Novatech. If Your a gamer planning building custom rig then CeX or Novatech would be perfect.

If you have complex needs like specific electronic components, then the best would be Aliexpress. It's not only cheap but it also has pretty much everything under the sun. Check out our list of Electronics Online Shopping Sites for more!