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Where to Buy Garden Shredder in UK

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

Best Garden Shredder UK

Ever since I took up gardening this pandemic. I've been going at it like a maniac. From pruning bushes to shaping hedges, I've pretty much done it all. And the last thing you really need once you're done grooming your garden is the garden waste. It's a major pain. How do you get rid of the heaps of branches? It took me a while to find a solution: Garden Shredder. But once I started using it. I never looked back. Check out our list of the Best Garden Shredder UK for all the details.

A Garden Shredder is basically like a large paper shredder except that it's meant for branches and twigs. These device's shred and chip the branches down to minute pieces that can be discarded much easily. The best part is that most of these are powerful and automatic.

However, obviously, not all Garden Shredders are worth the money. So, I decided to review and compile a list of the best of the best for your convenience. Here's our list of the Best Garden Shredder UK.

After reviewing close to 75 garden shredders based on performance, power, capacity, design and price, my team and I at Discount Age zeroed in on 5 That really stood out. These 5 were further put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

Best Garden Shredder UK

The best garden shredder in the UK is Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Garden Shredder. Not only does it have an extremely powerful motor that saves the user time but it also has a brilliant design that can store a large amount of fill. Additionally, this garden shredder emits very little noise and is quite affordable.

Top 7 Best Garden Shredder UK Features Best For
Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Garden Shredder 2500W Quiet motor;
4100 RPM;
250kg/h throughput;
4.5cm maximum branch diameter
Best Overall Garden Shredder
Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder 2500W motor;
4.0cm maximum branch diameter
Best Quiet Garden Shredder
Makita UD2500/2 Electric Garden Shredder 2500W motor;
Heavy-duty blades
Best Efficient Garden Shredder
Ryobi Garden Shredder 2500W motor;
2" maximum branch diameter;
large carry bin;
Safety features
Best Safe Garden Shredder
Tacklife Garden Shredder 2500W motor;
40mm maximum branch diameter;
20L collection bin;
Low noise 92dB
Best Durable Garden Shredder
Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 2200W PowerDrive motor;
40mm blade length;
4cm maximum branch diameter;
Throughput 90kg/h
Best Compact Garden Shredder
Einhell GC-KS 2540 2500W motor;
4cm maximum branch diameter;
106dB noise level
Best Budget Garden Shredder

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#1 -- Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Garden Shredder

The Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Garden Shredder is unrivalled in the garden shredder segment. This machine dominates every aspect like design, portability, power, and price making it the Best Garden Shredder UK. Most importantly, it is equipped with a unique blade called turbine cut system which can shredder both hard and soft materials with speed and ease.

  • It comes with a 2500 W that offers speeds of 4100 reps per minute that can essentially cut branches to provide 250 kg of debris in less than an hour. As mentioned earlier this motor coupled with the blades can chop and crush both hard wood and soft leaves.
  • It can easily cut branches of up to 4.5 cm in diameter. This is 0.5 cm more than any other garden shredder out there. Bosch also claims that this shredder will never jam. And so far it seems to be true.

It comes with an easy to use control pad and handlebars to keep it stable. It also comes with a variety of safety feature that makes this machine a no brainer.

#2 -- Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder

The Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder is one of the most underrated garden shredders in the market. Not only is it quiet it's also one of the most powerful shredders as it can cut branches that are 40 cm in diameter. Most importantly, it's the perfect garden shredder for those on a tight budget.

  • Although doesn't have an extremely appealing build and design, it is functionally sound as it can withstand heavy impacts. In addition to the sturdy build, this garden shredder can also be moved around the garden easily thanks to its wheels.
  • With a 2500 w motor powering this machine it can achieve cutting speeds of up to 4040 reps per minute. This factor in addition to the budget-friendly price makes it one of the best shredders in the market.

While it is a considerably cheap shredder it is also one of the best when it comes to noise emission. It emits a maximum of 92 which is perfect if you live in a closely packed community.

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#3 -- Makita UD2500/2 Electric Garden Shredder

This Makita Electric Garden Shredder is hands down one of the best garden shredders in the market. Not only is the build decent, but the powerful motor is also powerful enough to cut down a pile of massive branches in under 5 minutes. Most importantly, it comes with an easy-to-use control panel a control switch and automatic safety functions.

  • The build is strong enough to deal with heavy branches. However, you should make use of the handles on both sides and keep it stable and firm lest it runs around the garden.
  • The powerful 2,500-watt motor offers speeds of up to 40 rpm. However, the real champ is the blade. It not only cuts the braches it also crushes it to speed up the process. This in turn also products minute sized debris. So, it one of the more efficient shredders in the market.

The fill level can be seen from the sides due to the transparent level. It also comes with wheels to help transport the debris.

#4 -- Ryobi Garden Shredder

This Heavy-Duty tool is one of the best garden shredders in the market. Equipped with a brilliant set of features this shredder can cut pretty much all kinds of branches with ease. It can accept branches up 2" in diameter.

  • The Ryobi has a sturdy build and decent sized storage box. It's a great solution to those who want to store their debris for later disposal. The storage unit functions as a carry bin.
  • While the body is sturdy enough to handle the powerful motor the blades on the other hand are relatively weak. It cannot handle a massive load a given point of time. This shredder is also known to suck electricity.

Unlike the majority of the garden shredders out there this one comes with wheels. This portable aspect is one of the reasons behind this shredders popularity. Additionally, it also comes with various safety features. For example, it comes with a feature to keep your hands safe from the blades.

#5 -- TACKLIFE Garden Shredder

Tacklife Garden Shredder is a new brand in the gardening space. However, this machine is a true value for money. Not only does it have a large capacity to store the chips but it also equipped with a powerful motor that can save you a tone of time. Most importantly, it extremely affordable.

  • While the design looks kinda amateur, the build is actually quite sturdy. It's made from really tough ABS plastic that can take more than a few punches.
  • This garden shredder is equipped with the best of the best steel blades. The blades are powered by a high speed 2500W motor that can cut branches into toothpicks in seconds. The motor also has overload protection to prevent it from breaking.

The TACKLIFE Garden Shredder is one of the few machines that emit very little noise. Although that's relative to gardening tools. It's still quiet enough to not annoy the neighbourhood. It emits a maximum of 92db's.

#6 -- Bosch AXT Rapid 2200

Best Garden Trimmer

The Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 is considered to be the best compact garden shredder available today. It's built to handle larger branches and more foliage by pulling them inward and splitting them into strips and bits. Running on a 2,200W motor, this bad boy can handle branches up to 40mm with ease.

  • This lightweight shredder can shred up to 90kg per hour. At 11.5kg, it's extremely lightweight and can easily be moved.
  • It comes equipped with an extremely powerful 2200W Bosch PowerDrive motor that is attached to 40mm high-precision laser-cut twin edged blades that let you get through your work in a short span of time.

Considered to be the best and most efficient compact garden shredder, the AXT Rapid 2200 from Bosch is perfect if you're looking to turn garden waste into a size that you can easily stuff in compost.

#7 -- Einhell GC-KS 2540

Best Garden Trimmer

Another brilliant budget-friendly garden shredder is the Einhell GC-KS 2540 which makes trimming your hedges a piece of cake. It's lightweight, easy to store and can easily be carried even when it's full of trimmed bits and pieces.

  • The GC-KS 2540 comes with a 40mm maximum branch capacity, but i'd say take that figure with a pinch of salt. Remember it's budget friendly, so don't expect high-performance on chunkier branches.
  • It's equipped with long-lasting, reversible blades that are driven by a powerful 2,500W motor.

This garden shredder may not be the quietest on the list as it makes around 106dB of noise. But it's a really good option if you're on a budget and are tight on space.

Types of Garden Shredders

Impact Shredders

  • Impact shredders are the most common type of garden shredders. These beasts rotate at high speeds chopping branches into tiny pieces. This type of shredder also comes with powerful 2500 W motors that offer rotations of up to 4000 times per minute.

Roller Shredders

  • Roller Shredders are not common. This type of shredder crushes it's contents rather than chip away at it. It is equipped with a singular rolling drum which is quite heavy. This drum that crushes branches and other debris. Unlike other types of shredders, it emits the least amount of noise.

Turbine Cutter Shredders

  • Turbine Cutter Shredders are the most powerful garden shredders. These chop and crush at the same time making it one of the most efficient kinds of shredders. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive.

What is the difference between a garden shredder and a wood chipper?

A garden shredder is a miniature version of a chipper. neither the blades nor the body of a garden shredder even comes close to that of the chipper. Garden shredders are most commonly used to get rid of garden waste in homes. While Chippers are used to shred down trees on an industrial level. anything beyond 5 cm in diameter is usually sent to a chipper.

Can garden shredder shred leaves?

A garden shredder can easily shred leaves provided the leaves are dry. If the leaves are wet or full of moisture then it'll just stick to the blades. The shredded leaves are perfect of you have a pet such as a rabbit or if you own a compost pit.

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