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Top British Pottery Ceramic Brands UK 2024

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

Top British Ceramic Brands

I love hosting tea parties for all my friends. And I’ve come to learn the hard way the essentials of having the right ceramics homeware. They hold and add elegance class and most important of all your tea. Check out our list of the Top British Ceramic Brands for all the details.

Some of the Top Britsh Ceramic Brands have developed a cult following due to their art and quality. However, they also tend to be extremely expensive. After all, these artists use the finest clay and methods of glaze to create amazing pottery that will blow your mind.

After having reviewed 100 ceramic brands in the UK based on various factors like design, build quality, materials, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 8 brands that really stood out. These 8 were then subjected to a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The top British Ceramic Brand is Burleigh Pottery. This legacy brand has been crafting beautiful ceramics for almost 160 years. Their know for their amazing quality and Blue-White patterns. The craftsmanship is absolutely brilliant.

Top British Ceramic Brands

Burleigh Pottery

The Burleigh Pottery brand has been crafting top-quality ceramics for 160 years in the heart of England. Well known for their attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship while still maintaining their traditional way of manufacturing. It's one of the Top British Ceramic Brands.

  • Their unique color patterns of blue and white ceramics make them easily stand out among other pottery brands.
  • Their traditional skills of underglaze tissue printing date back over 200 years giving them the most timeless feel and elegance
  • Each pot is meticulously hand-finished and crafted by the best craftsmen in the whole of England. 
  • Their unique color code of blue and white makes them stand as one of the best ceramics over 200 years.

All of the pottery and ceramics made by Burleigh Pottery are handcrafted and follow traditional methods dating back over decades with their unique underglaze tissue printing making them timeless. 


  • Burleigh Pottery has been providing England and the world since 1889 with some of the best ceramics that follow the traditional methods of pottery that go back over 200 years.
  • They’re known for their unique underglaze tissue printing that brings life to their unique blue and white design.


Denby is known over the years for its excellent durability and known as the stuff of legends because it is made from the strongest Derbyshire clay. Their craftsmanship has stood out for over 200 years and has been known for their quality stoneware ever since.

  • All their ceramics are hand finished and they have put out over 5000 glazes with their distinctive colors, patterns, and shapes, giving each piece a unique identity never exactly the same.
  • Each piece must pass 25 crafting hands before getting the final seal of approval by Denby so you are sure to get nothing but the best
  • They have put out over five thousand glazers with their unique and distinctive shapes, colors, and patterns.
  • All pieces have to pass twenty-five hands before getting the seal of approval by Denby.

All of Denby’s ceramics are handcrafted and are made from the strongest Derbyshire clay giving them the title stuff of the legends. 


  • Denby has been providing the most durable and distinctive work for over 200 years. It's one of the Top British Ceramic Brands.
  • All their pottery and ceramics are handcrafted with the strongest Derbyshire clay and have to go through 25 hands of craftsmen before getting approval by Denby, ensuring each piece is unique and one of a kind. 


When you think about ceramic sculpture art for your home, one of the first few you would think about is Carolyn Clayton who is based out of Shropshire, England. Who is an expert in creating “flower people” sculptures with Porcelain or Parian clay.

  • Cazamic made its way to public eyes in 2013 and has been wowing people with her figurines with curly heads.
  • If you’re looking for floral sculptures for your home, Cazamic has some of the finest ceramic art in the UK. 
  • Based out of Shropshire, England but available for purchase worldwide in local art stores.
  • They also make figurines with curly heads and floral wall art that has also made its mark. 

All of Cazamic’s ceramic work is made from high-quality parain or porcelain clay that gives their sculptures an amazing afterglow and finish. 


  • Cazamic was founded by Carolyn Clayton in 2013 and is based out of Shropshire, England but has its ceramic work available worldwide.
  • They stand out for their unique flower people art and also the floral wall art that has made them a successful business today.

Elizabeth Renton

Elizabeth Renton is a well-known ceramic artist and brand based out of west London, they make their ceramic wheel-thrown Tableware from stoneware and porcelain. It's one of the Top British Ceramic Brands.

  • They start the process by making simple forms on the wheel merging traditional and modern methods.
  • Each piece is hand-made with the highest detail and is decorated with a variety of sgraffito, and grooves after which it is glazed and fired in an electric kiln. Leaving you with a fine detailed unique ceramic piece of art. 
  • All of their work draws its inspiration from a range of sources these include industrial and farming architecture and heritage crafts.
  • Elizabeth Renton set up her studio in West London in 2014 where she crafts contemporary and functional tableware.

All of their ceramic and clay work is made with organic quality clay with the oldest form of wheel merging and sculpting with their hands giving each piece a unique touch. 


  • Elizabeth Renton specializes in contemporary and functional tableware that is sold out of her studio in West London since 2014 and has gained recognition worldwide.
  • Each piece is handmade on a traditional wheel method giving all their tableware a unique feel.

Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater started her journey of making amazing ceramic wear trying to create a unique heartfelt birthday gift for her mum that has now captured the hearts of ceramic lovers all around the world.

  • They have provided some of the best classic modern ceramic work over three decades on glass, tins, picnicware, stationery, wallpaper, and fabrics, as well as their own collection of candles and home fragrances. 
  • All of their products are sold worldwide and have been recognized as some of the best china available. It's one of the Top British Ceramic Brands.
  • Have been providing some of the best ceramic pottery for over three decades and have branched out to unique candles and home fragrances. 

All of their work is detailed to create memorable moments making them ideal for gifting to your loved ones. 


  • Emma Bridgewater has been known around the world for her unique china which is hand-made and detailed to create amazing gifting options.
  • Their ideas are classic and modern with unique color ranges that range over their glass, tins, stationery, picnicware, and fabrics.

Emma Lacey

Emma Lacey started her journey in making some of the finest ceramic work from her university in Brighton where she went on to study her masters in ceramic design at Saint Martin that helped her break her limitations.

  • From there on in, her work is admired and has been noticed by critics for her attention to detail. 
  • Specializes in custom 3D craft and pottery that breaks the limitations of materials in both sculptural and design contexts. 

Every piece is handmade and has a unique story to tell as Emma Lacey says herself the more the look the more you will see. 


  • Emma Lacey is an exceptional ceramic artist who has done her master’s in ceramic design in Central Saint Martins and wows the world with her detailed work. It's one of the Top British Ceramic Brands.
  • Critics are initially drawn in by the shape and color of her unique pieces then continue to explore and discover details the longer they hold them for. 

Grey Suit Clay

Grey Suit Clay is based out of Sheffield and focuses on creating unique hand-crafted ceramic kitchen and homeware. Using a unique combination of Stoneware clays, stains, and glazes.

  • They use the traditional method of Wheel Thrown sculpting and are all hand decorated individually giving them a unique look and feel. 
  • Grey Suit Clay focuses on creating well-designed, well-presented, and above all, well-made products.

All their products are hand-made from wheel-thrown stoneware clay and are individually decorated to give each piece a sense of uniqueness.


  • Grey Suit Clay perfected them else in making some of the best hand-crafted ceramic homeware right out of Sheffield.
  • They use the traditional method of wheel-thrown sculpting using the finest stoneware clay and a combination of stains and glazes to create some of the most mesmerizing ceramics pieces. It's one of the Top British Ceramic Brands.

Isabellla Lepri Ceramics

Isabella Lepri Ceramics comes from the roots of Milan but has moved to the heart of London in the ’90s. Their work is hand-thrown and glazed with traditional, lead-free glazes making each piece unique and functional. 

  • Each piece is handmade and detailed ensuring the highest quality of ceramic work. It's one of the Top British Ceramic Brands.

The clay used is mixed with traditional lead-free glazes and is hand thrown adding a sense of natural imperfection to their ceramic work.


  • Isabella Lapri is a fine ceramic brand and artist based out of London from the nineties.
  • She follows the traditional method of hand-thrown clay design that gives each piece a unique look and feel. 

Is buying Ceramics worth it?

To be very honest it's a luxury and obviously not a necessity. You should only think about stuff like this once you have the money and freedom. However, it's not like all ceramics are expensive. You do get amazing looking ceramics for affordable prices. Check out our list of the Top British Ceramic Brands for all the details.

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