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Top 32-inch Smart TVs with DVD Player UK 2024

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

Top 32-inch Smart TVs with DVD Player UK

Smart TVs have become popular over the last few years and there’s nothing better than owning a TV that grants access to a whole range of functions and capabilities.

Nowadays, people tend to opt for larger televisions simply because the bigger the TV, the better the viewing experience. However, that’s not always the case and some might prefer to own a smaller smart TV, preferably a 32-inch smart TV because they are affordable.

With hundreds of smart TVs flooding the market every quarter, it gets a little difficult to pick the best smart TV with a built-in DVD player. 

So, to make the selection process easier for you, our team at Discount-Age have tried and tested a number of top 32-inch smart TVs with DVD players. We have found 5 products that meet our expectations and we’ll take you through why they are the best in the market at the moment.

On that note, here are the top 32-inch smart TVs with DVD players in the UK

  • Toshiba 32-inch HD Ready Smart TV
  • Sharp 1T 32-inch LED Smart TV
  • Cello ZF0223 32-inch LED TV
  • Blaupunkt BLA-32 LED Smart TV
  • Cello C3220G 32-inch Smart TV

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5 Top 32-inch Smart TVs with DVD Players in the UK

Toshiba 32-inch HD Ready Smart TV

Top 32-inch Smart TVs with DVD Player

The Toshiba 32-inch Smart TV is well known in the UK market for being the most versatile smart TVs that come with a built-in DVD player. It’s also equipped with a wide range of pre-installed OTT applications that keep you glued to your seat every time the TV is turned on.

It is equipped with a high resolution display and features a high efficiency energy saving mode which helps reduce the overall carbon footprint. The built-in DVD player is located at the side of the TV and there’s even a smart portal, pre-installed FreeviewPlay and this TV can also be voice controlled with an Alexa device.


  • 32-inch Full HD 720p Display
  • Supports Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Open Internet and HHBTV
  • RCA, Built-in DVD Player, Bluetooth, USB & HDMI Connection Ports
  • Alexa Voice Compatible (Alexa device needs to be connected)

Sharp LC 32-inch LED Smart TV

Top 32-inch Smart TVs with DVD Player

Sharp’s LC range of smart TVs are some of the finest looking televisions on the market and the LC 32-inch TV comes equipped with a HD Ready LED display and built-in DVD player to enjoy all your family movies without any external player.

This smart TV features a  slim design and an easy fit stand that’s both durable and sturdy. You also get a preinstalled version of FreeviewPlay and with that you can enjoy live TV shows without any hassle. 

Ideal for the bedroom or hall, this smart TV provides DTS TruSurround sound and is equipped with a wide variety of streaming applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and more. You should consider buying this smart TV if you’re on a budget or want something that’s equipped with multiple connection ports.


  • 32-inch 720p Full HD display
  • Pre Installed FreeviewPlay, Netflix, Youtube, BBC Network, iTV and more
  • Built-in DVD player
  • DTS TruSurround sound
  • 3xHDMI, SCART, 2xUSB, RCA, Toslink

Cello ZF0223 32-inch LED TV

Top 32-inch Smart TVs with DVD Player

Owning a smart TV has its advantages and the ZF0223 32-inch TV from Cello is probably one of the best budget-friendly TVs that comes with a built-in DVD player and supports numerous applications. 

It features a slim build and while you’re able to download multiple apps onto the TV,  we found a lag when more than 3 apps are running in the background. The Cello ZF0223 runs on Android and grants you access to the app store and even has Freeview T2 HD pre-installed  so you can watch TV shows for free in high-definition.

You can connect external devices to it via the USB ports and can take advantage of the Cello Play feature if you want to either rewind a TV program or schedule one to watch later. All-in-all, this budget friendly smart TV is one of the top 32-inch smart TVs with a DVD player that you can buy today.


  • 32-inch 720p Widescreen HD Ready LED TV
  • Pre Installed Freeview T2 HD
  • Built-in DVD player
  • 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB
  • Wall Mountable

Blaupunkt BLA-32 LED Smart TV

Top 32-inch Smart TVs with DVD Player

Blaupunkt is a brand that’s well known for their high quality sound systems and entertainment setups. Their BLA-32 LED smart TV is a brilliant choice if you’re someone looking to have an overall entertaining experience.

The TV comes equipped with performance JBL speakers, built-in Freeview HD and also includes PVR recording. It carries multiple connection ports such as HDMI, SCART, Digital and more, allowing you to connect the smart TV to a wide range of devices.

We found the PVR recording feature to be spot on as it gave us the ability to pause, fastforward and even replay shows from a week ago without any hiccups and thanks to the built-in DVD player, this TV is an all-in-one entertainment hub for motion picture fans.


  • Widescreen 32-inch 720p LED display
  • 3 x HDMI ports, 2 x USB, Digital Optical, RCA ports
  • PVR recording function - 7 day playback capabilities
  • Pre installed Freeview HD

EMtronics 32” HD Ready LED TV

Top 32-inch Smart TVs with DVD Player

One of the most affordable smart TVs with a built-in DVD player is the EMtronics LED TV. You can watch movies and TV shows from a variety of sources and has been designed to support a wide range of resolutions all the way to 1080p making it the perfect choice for your home.

The EMtronics 32-inch TV is energy efficient and helps you cut down on your electricity bill every month. With Freeview HD, you have access to over 80 different TV channels including 15 HD channels and since the TV has PV capabilities, you can record, pause, rewind or fast forward your favorite TV shows.

It is a good choice for those on a budget and certainly one to consider buying. Besides Freeview and the built-in DVD player, you can also connect an external hard disk or a gaming console such as the PS5 and grain access to even more apps and functionality.


  • 32-inch HD Ready 720p LED display
  • 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB, SCART, VGA
  • PVR recording function
  • Access to 70 TV channels and 15 HD channels for free

What to Consider when Buying a Smart TV with a DVD Player?

As you would have noticed from these products listed above, not all are the same. Some have limited functions whereas others come fully loaded. In order to get your money's worth and to pick the best 32-inch Smart TV with DVD Player, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • Screen Resolution - Firstly, you can expect to have the best experience on a 32” smart TV. Yes, there are TVs out there that offer a resolution of 4K and Ultra HD, but when it comes to a smaller screen size, 720p and 1080 are perfect. Ensure the TV offers at least a minimum of 60Hz frame rate and a basic 720p resolution if you’re looking to have a good time.
  • Connection - Another thing to consider when buying a TV is the number of ports it comes with and whether you can connect external devices such as a home theater, external HDD or even a soundbar. Some TVs even come with SCART ports that you can use to connect video equipment to them.
  • DVD Functionality - One of the most important things to look out for is the DVD read time of the TV. You will need one that offers a fast read time so you can enjoy your movie quicker. You will also need to figure out the orientation of the built-in DVD player to determine if it’s best positioned on the table or mounted on the wall.


What is a smart TV?

A smart TV is one that comes equipped with OTT applications and access to any type of streaming platform such as  Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer or Prime Video. It does not necessarily mean that a smart TV has to run on Android. As long as it supports external applications and lets you browse the web, it’s considered to be a smart TV.

Why can’t I buy a 4K 32-inch Smart TV?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that in order for you to enjoy 4K clarity, you need a TV that supports at least 3840x2160 pixels and no 32-inch smart TV supports a resolution that high. If you want to pick up a 4K smart TV, then it’s best for you to get one with a larger display size such as a 40” or higher.

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