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Top 10 Multi Cookers to Fry, Bake, Steam and More..

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

Best Multi Cookers UK

Multicookers are a godsend as they allow you to prepare tasty meals within a single cooking pot with a press of a button. It’s a lifesaver for people who live a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to cook elaborate meals, all you have to do is put the ingredients set the timer and the multi-cooker takes care of the rest. Check out our list of the Best Multi Cookers 2021 UK for more details.

Multicookers also help you save space by combining many different kitchen equipment into one package. One of the main benefits of multicookers is that it allows you to healthy meals. That’s because most of its cooking methods don’t involve any oil or fat. Multicookers are the best way to go when you don’t have the time and energy to prepare a multi-course meal for the family. 

When choosing a multi-cooker there are certain features you should look out for like the safety lock feature. Also, since most Multicookers are electric cookers they have amazing features like temperature control, keep warm features, multi cooking options, and more.

Multi cookers are different from rice specific cookers as they allow you to also cook meat among other ingredients. While these home appliances are amazing it can be difficult to choose the best. So, we've prepared a list of the Best Multi Cookers UK for your reference.

After Reviewing over 100 multicookers in the UK based on various factors like design, capacity, function, features, performance and price, my team and I zeroed in on 9 that really stood out. These 9 were further put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The Drew & Cole CleverChef Digital Multi-Cooker. This multicooker has a 5 litre capacity which can easily feed a 5 member family. It is also extremely easy to clean and maintain as the inner lining is coated with a non-stick material. with over 17 different cooking presets to choose it one of the most versatile multicookers in the market.

Top 10 Multi Cookers Features
Drew & Cole CleverChef Digital Multi-Cooker 5L Cooking Pot;
17 Cooking Presets;
Non-Stick Lining;
Flavor-lock Technology
Ninja Foodi Electric Multi-Cooker 6L Cooking Pot;
3.6L Basket;
Non-stick Ceramic;
Detachable Lid
Pressure King pro 12-in-1 Multi-Cooker 5L Pot;
12 Cooking Presets;
24-Hour Delay Timer;
Cooking Alarm
Crock-Pot Express Pressure Cooker 5.6L Pot;
8 Cooking Presets;
Air-tight Lid;
Auto-warm Functions
Wahl James Martin Multi-Cooker 4L Pot;
6 Cooking Presets;
24-Hour Delay Timer;
Non-stick Lining;
LED Control Display
Instant Pot Duo 80 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker 8L Pot;
48 Cooking Presets;
1200W Heating Unit;
3 Temperatures;
Quick Cool Technology
Tefal Multi-Cook Advanced 45-in-1 Multi-Cooker 5L Pot;
45 Cooking Presets;
LED Control Screen
Lakeland Mini Multi-Cooker 2 Cooking Modes;
Single-touch Option;
Quick Cooking Mode
Costwar 7-in-1 Multicooker 5.6L Pot;
7 Cooking Presets;
Tempered Glass Lid;
12-Hour Delay Timer
Tefal CY505E40 All-in-One Cooker 6L Pot;
Multiple Cooking Presets;
Air-tight Lid;
24-Hour Delay Timer

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Top 10 Multi Cookers

#1 -- Drew & Cole CleverChef Digital Multi-Cooker

The Drew and Cole CleverChef 14-in-1 might look complex with all the functions it offers on its front panel. But you’ll soon come to understand how easy it is to use. There are 17 different cooking presets to choose from making it one of the most versatile multicookers on our list. It is one of the Best Multi Cookers 2021 UK.

  • Cooking for six members can easily be done with its large 5-litre cooking pot perfect for the whole family. 
  • The inner lining of the cooking pot is coated with a non-stick solution making it easy to clean by hand or in the dishwashers.
  • It has a flavour-lock technology controls moisture release keeping food tender and packed with nutrients. Whereas stovetop cooking, a movement of distraction can spoil a meal. 

What’s in it for you?

The keep-warm feature in this multi-cooker is a blessing for people who prefer home-cooked food. The cooking pot can be programmed to start cooking and once the food is ready it keeps it warm till you reach home. 

Key Features

  • The Drew and Cole Cheverchef is an excellent multi-cooker for the whole family as it is easy to use with its 17 cooking presets and holds a 5-litre non-stick cooking pot that can cook for all the members of the family without a problem.

#2 -- Ninja Foodi Electric Multi-Cooker

The Ninja Electic Foodi Multi-Cooker is a versatile cooking appliance, that has numerous cooking settings from cooking rice to grilling vegetables and meat it can do it all. It is one of the Best Multi Cookers 2021 UK

  • It has a large holding cooking pot of 6-litres and a cook and a crisp basket that can hold up to 3.6-litres.
  • This multi-cooker has a second detachable lid to work as pressure or slow cooker, and the main lid acts as a crisper that air fries chips to a beautiful crisp.
  • The one-pot meal feature allows you to cook both portions of meat on the top rack and vegetables at the bottom at the same time. Saving time for people on-the-go.  
  • A large cooking pot holds up to 5 cups of uncooked rice and 3.6 Litre Cook and Crisp baskets above it. It is one of the Best Multi Cookers UK.
  • The air-fryer feature allows you to retain the nutrients of the food, providing a healthy meal always. 

What’s in it for you?

The Ninja Foodi’s parts are coated with a special, non-stick ceramic which can be cleaned with ease using your hands or dishwasher.

Key Features

  • The Ninja Foodie can cook one-pot meals as it has two compartments within, a 6-litre rice cooking pot in the bottom and a 3.6-litre crisp basket that can cook meat/vegetables.
  • The air fryer prepares food while holding back all the natural nutrients making the ninja foodie a healthy cooking appliance. 

#3 -- Pressure King Pro 12-in-1 Multi-Cooker

Pressure King Pro 12-in-1 is one of the most efficient and affordable multi-cookers in the market. It can cook anything from spaghetti to steak within a few minutes perfect for a family that prefers fresh home-cooked meals.

  • It has an automatic 24-hour delay timer and a fast reheat button that are a big advantage to keep the food warm so there is never a cold meal served.
  • It has a locking lid that only opens once the pressure is released, an audible alarm is sounded off when the lid is not shut properly.
  • The Inner lining of the cooking pot is ceramic coated and holds up to 5-litre which helps retain nutrients and vitamins when compared to other cookers

What’s in it for you?

This chrome multi-cooker has 12 pre-programmed settings for cooking foods such as meat, rice, and fish. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel and the sleek metallic design will suit anywhere on your kitchen counter.

Key Features

  • Pressure King Pro is one of the most affordable multi-cookers in the market. It has a ceramic coated 5-litre cooking pot that can cook meals faster than other cookers without compromising the nutrients. It is one of the Best Multi Cookers 2021 UK
  • The locking lid is patented and proven safe with an audible alarm that goes off in case the lid is not shut properly making it safe for everyone to use.

#4 -- Crock-Pot Express Pressure Cooker

The Crock-Pot multi-cooker is known for its one-pot cooking style, the programmable multi-cook allows you to slow cook, pressure cook, saute and steam. It's definitely one of the Best Multi Cookers UK.

  • It has a one-touch digital menu with 8 cooking options simple and easy for anyone to use. Large 5.6-litre holding capacity helps cook a healthy meal for the whole family in one go.
  • A dishwasher-safe, non-stick inner pot resists stuck-on food and is easy to wash by hand or machine. 
  • Locking Lid is air-tight, keeping the pressure inside at safe levels and will not open till the pressure level is safe enough to open. 
  • The Auto keep-warm function keeps the food warm once it’s cooked ensuring a hot meal is served always.

What’s in it for you?

If you prefer a home-cooked meal rather than eating outside because of a busy schedule, the crockpot multicooker is ideal for you as you can program the delay cook time, add the ingredients and be on your way to come back to a completely self-cooked healthy meal.

Key Features

  • The Crock-Pot Express Multi-cooker can prepare an entire meal within mins.
  • It has an 8 touch button menu where you can program a delay timer for later planned meals which can be kept warm using the keep-warm function.
  • The large cooking pot is a non-stick and removable that can easily be cleaned by putting it in the dishwasher.

#5 -- Wahl James Martin Multi-Cooker

The Wahl James multi-cooker was designed in collaboration with chef James Martin. It is a simple multi-cooker that can get the job done with excellent results. It has 6 presets to choose from that include stewing, steaming, cooking rice, and sauteing.

  • LED Smart Control is easy to use with 24 hrs delay timer, adjustable cooking timer, and keep warm function.
  • The 4-litre capacity cooking pot is just the right size for everyday cooking for a family of around 3 or 4. It is one of the Best Multi Cookers 2021 UK
  • A programmable timer is used to schedule cooking time. This multi-cooker is ideal for small families and is compact enough to fit anywhere. 
  • The multi-cooker is easy to clean with the non-stick cooking pot which can be removed and is dishwasher safe.

What’s in it for you?

The multi-cooker has 6 pre-programmed functions for steaming, sautéing, stewing, cooking rice making it comfortable for first-time users.

Key Features

  • The Wahl James multi-cooker is inspired and collaborated with James Martin to design an efficient everyday cooking appliance.
  • It has LED smart control with easy instructions to control the delay timer, cooking timer, and keep warm functions.
  • A 4-litre cooking pot provides ample space to cook for the entire family. 

#6 -- Instant Pot Duo 80 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker

The latest edition by Instant Pot made it to our list for its durability and variety of options as it can cook food with 48 preset functions. It can cook lamb to the point where the meat literally falls off the bone, all with a one-touch button function simple for anyone to use.

  • A large cooking pot of 8-liters is a perfect solution for cooking when having get-togethers with family and friends.
  • Quick cool technology helps reduce pressure release time which is a huge relief considering the amount of time other pressure cookers take when cooking meat.
  • It is the fastest among the lot, easy to use by new users, and the most versatile for experienced instant pot owners. 
  • 1200w heating element reduces the time required to preheat, allowing you to make meals faster for those days when your friends decide to stay for dinner.

What’s in it for you?

The easy to use control panel has 14 built-in programs that offer dual pressure setting, automatic keep-warm, and 3 temperatures for sauteing and slow cooking. Making cooking easy for almost everyone.

Key Features

  • The Instant Pot Duo 7-1 is the fastest and safest multi-cooker, it has a wide range of presets to choose from to cook your food which can be done with the one-touch button function convenient for anyone to use.
  • Quick Cool Technology reduces the risk of the pressure release, perfect for people who have never used a multi-cooker before. It is one of the Best Multi Cookers 2021 UK
  • It has a large 8-litre holding cooking pot that can easily be the star among your family and friends as it cooks for all in just one go.

#7 -- Tefal Multi-Cook Advanced 45-in-1 Multi-Cooker

The Tefal Multicook Advanced Cookers one of the most versatile multi-cookers as it can perform up to 45 programs. The Multi-cooker has a patented spherical aluminium bowl with 5 layers for slowing cooking food and amazing results every time you use this multi-cooker.

  • It has a holding capacity of 5 litres about 10 cups and a transparent lid to see the water to rice ratio. 
  • The multi-cooker has a patented spherical aluminium bowl with 5 layers for consistent and evenly cooked and does wonder when slow cooking food especially meats.
  • It can perform up to 45 programs like frying, stew, and bake to name a few. The perfect all-rounder for every home.

What’s in it for you?

This incredible multi-cooker comes with an excellent set of accessories that will help you while cooking like a steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, spoon rack, and measuring cup.

Key Feature

  • The Tefal Multi-cook advanced is a versatility multi-cooker that has a holding capacity of 5 litres and can perform up to 45 programs of cooking methods that can be controlled from its LED screen.
  • It is a patented due to its 5 layer aluminium bowl to make sure that your food is cooked evenly every time you use it, perfect for the beginner in the kitchen.

#8 -- Lakeland Mini Multi-Cooker

The Lakeland Mini Multi-Cooker is the last one our list but definitely a favourite by most for its size as everyone can use it with ease. It is light in weight and the most affordable rice cooker on our list, which will become essential if you live alone in your apartment. This multi-cooker is ideal for beginner cooks.

  • The Lakeland Mini Multicooker has multi-cooker programs, that have slow and quick-cooking options that can make soup, stews, and curries in a matter of mins. 
  • Designed to be light in weight it can easily be placed on your kitchen table and wouldn’t occupy much space perfect for a small home.
  • The one-touch cooking option allows you to cook food with the press of a button, set the time accordingly, and presto the food is ready without your supervision. It is one of the Best Multi Cookers 2021 UK

What’s in it for you?

The One-touch cooking option can cook a variety of foods with the press of a button without the need of you being around. An inbuilt digital timer helps set the cooking duration so the food is cooked perfectly every time removing the chance of the food getting overcooked, ideal for beginner cooks. 

Key Features

  • It can cook food within minutes with its one-touch cooking option for a variety of foods.
  • The Lakeland Mini Multicooker is a lightweight and easy to use multipurpose rice cooker that can fit perfectly on your kitchen counter.
  • It has a carry handle for easy portability and can even keep on the dinner table and serve right out it. 

#9 -- Costway 7-in-1 Multicooker

When it comes to slow cooking your food to perfection there isn't a better kitchen appliance than the Costway 7-in-1 Multicooker. Unlike the majority of the multicookers out there, this device doesn't have a two-part body. It has a transparent lid that allows you to keep a track of your food. It is one of the Best Multi Cookers 2021 UK.

  • This multicooker is quite robust and can easily take up to 5.6L of ingredients. It has a stainless steel casing and a knob to control various functions. While it doesn't have amazing features, it is fantastic when it comes to cooking simple dishes like a roast or a hot pot.
  • The Costway 7-in-1 Multicooker has a base plate that heats up evenly, which makes it perfect for slow roasts. This machine can not only roast and slow cook but it can also bake and steam. The only thing it can't do is pressure cook your food, which is a little disappointing.
  • However, it is extremely easy to maintain and clean. You just have to throw it in the dishwasher. It also has a pretty cool feature like a 12-hour timer. Basically, you can set it to cook up to 12 hours after which is will automatically keep the food warm.

This muitcooker has a tremendous range when it comes to temperature. You can fry 4 pounds of meat or slow cook 6 pounds of beef for 6 hours without any issue.

Key Features:

  • Tempered glass lid
  • 12-hour timer
  • Even heat distribution
  • Can run 7 functions like steam, bake, slow cook, roast, fry and much more.
  • 5.6L capacity

#10 -- Tefal CY505E40 All-in-One Cooker

Best Multi Cookers

The Tefal All-in-One cooker is quite similar to the Crock-Pot cooker we covered on this list. It is a multi-functional cooker that is extremely affordable and will be something everyone can buy. This cooker features pressure cooking and steaming capabilities including slow cooking, making rice and even baking. It is one of the best multi cookers in the UK and one you should most certainly consider buying.

  • The cooker is equipped with 24-hour delay controls which is far more than any other pressure cooker in the market. You can make a range of dishes with minimal effort at the press of a button.
  • It has a 6L cooking capacity which is more than enough for 6 people in a household and with a one button steam release feature, you don’t have to worry about burning your hands.
  • This device is easy to clean and the cooking bowl, accessories and everything that comes with the cooker are dishwasher safe so cleaning up the mess is a piece of cake.

What’s in it for you?

The cooker comes with a 24-hour delay function so you can program when to start cooking. It even comes with a recipe book that highlights some of the best recipes to make using the Tefal All-in-One cooker.

Key Features

  • The lid features a locking system that prevents wet rings from forming on your countertop and is designed to keep the food warm long after it has been cooked.

Which multi-cooker is the best?

Multi cookers are convenient home appliances that can not only help you save time but also help you prepare healthy meals. Some amazing brands like Ninja Foodi Electric Multi-Cooker, Instant Pot Duo 80 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker and Tefal Multi-Cook Advanced 45-in-1 Multi-Cooker have fantastic features like temperature control among other things. Check out our list of the Best Multi Cookers UK for more details.

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