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Types of Bladeless Fans in UK for Hot and Cold weather

by Jon Ng on Jun 11, 2024

Types of Bladeless Fans in UK for Hot and Cold weather

Looking for a bladeless fan? We curated a list of the best bladeless fans for you. Check it out!

With summer looming over our heads and the choppy ceiling fan in the bedroom not cutting it, an electric bladeless fan is a good decision. However, most electric fans are going obsolete due to safety hazard regulations. Check our list of Best Bladeless Fans UK 2021 for all the details.

Luckily for all of us, James Dyson revolutionized electric fans by unveiling the Dyson Air Multiplier. Though these fans can be a bit expensive, remember your paying for quality, the amazing features and most importantly the safety. The features can range from directional control of air to even heating functions.

Bladeless fans have no choppy distribution of air, unlike the regular fans. Majority of bladeless fans these days have a ton of amazing features that can be a bit overwhelming or useless. Refer to our list of the Best Bladeless Fans UK so you can be assured you didn't go making the wrong choice.

Best Hot and Cold Bladeless Fans -- Quick Summary

Best Bladeless Fans Best Feature
Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater Also functions as a heater
Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Sleep timer and oscillation control
Dyson Cool AM06 Bladeless Desk Fan Compact size, 10 airflow settings
Silentnight 38009 Oscillating Bladeless Fan 50 m3/hrs air volume
Honeywell Quietset Tower Fan 5 light options, 8 speed options
Dyson Pure Cool TP01 Asthma & Allergy Certified
RevoPow Portable Fan Lightweight, portable and stylish
Alfawise Bladeless Fan Low power consumption 
Klarstein Sahara Storm Heat Fan  Quiet and allergy free
Homepro Platinum Bladeless Fan 90 degree oscillation 
Dreo Tower Fan 6 speeds and 3 operating modes
ULTTY Bladeless Fan Cleans the air
GreenTech Environmental Fan 12 speed settings
CONBOLA Desk Fan LED light options and portable

After reviewing 50 bladeless fans in the UK based on various types of factors like design, function, performance, features, effectiveness, and price; My team and I zeroed in on 11 that really stood out. These 11 were further put through a series of stress tests. We found that:

The best bladeless fan in the UK is the Dyson AM09. It functions as both a cooling fan and as a heater making it relavent even in the winter. It comes with various modes to control the direction of the airflow and has temperature control of 33-99 degrees. This bladless fan comes with a magnetic remote and helps save a tremendous amount of energy with it's intelligent thermostat feature.

Best Bladeless Fans UK 2022

Bladeless fans are known to be a lot easier to clean and lighter than conventional fans. Some also have functions that help oscillate and purify the air, while some can help you control the temperature of the room. Needless to say, bladeless fans are a great addition to any household.

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

The Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater is one of the best bladeless fans in the UK. Not only is it effective in the summer but this beauty is perfect for the winter as well. It can be quite difficult to find bladeless fans that are suitable year-round. Which is why this device is so rare. It has a dual fan-and-heater feature in addition to other intelligent features. It's one of the Best Bladeless Fans UK.

  • This amazing gadget has no blades and you won't even find any of the cooling or heating elements sticking out like a sore thumb. Although it is a bit bigger than the Dyson AM07, It is still relatively sleeker and takes up little space. This device is also extremely light at about 2.6Kg and is great for living rooms or even dorm rooms. Of course, since it's a bladeless, it won't hurt children or animals.
  • The AM09 uses Dyson's patented Air Multiplier technology to generate an uninterrupted flow of air. This can be targeted in a jet-like fashion or even diffused or wide spread. It has multiple modes to suit your various needs. Additionally, it lets you control the temperature. You can change the temperature from 33 to 99 degrees.
  • It also happens to be really quiet. In fact it's quiet enough to have been awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation. After having used it for a while, I can certainly state that although it's not absolutely quiet, it won't bother your when your sleeping. It also has a sleep timer and oscillation control that lets your customize your settings.

This baldelss fan is quite energy efficient. It has an intelligent thermostat feature that monitors each room and automatically maintains the perfect temperature by activating the heater function.

Key Features:

  • Safety Features: Automatic shut off if it tips over
  • Intelligent thermostat
  • Temperature settings from 33 to 99 degree
  • Air Multiplier technology for uninterrupted flow of air
  • Various modes
  • Functions as a heater
  • Quiet Mark accreditation


  • Inteligent thermostat
  • Safety features
  • Remote
  • The various directional modes


  • Quite expensive
  • Not as quiet as advertised
  • There's no balance between the heating and cooling features. It's functions better as a heater.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07

Dyson completely changed the game when they unveiled their Dyson Air Multiplier AM07. It held a spot as Time Magazines 50 Best Inventions in 2009 because of its revolutionary technology. And because of this technology, it is one of the Best Bladeless Fans UK 2021.

  • The Air Multiplier draws air and projects high-velocity, smooth, and powerful airflow without the need for blades.
  • Because of its streamlined channels, it is 60% quieter than conventional electric fans and consumes 10% less power.
  • Since it has no need for spinning blades it a lot easier to clean and safer for homes with children and pets.

To top things off the Air Multiplier AM07 comes with a magnetized remote control, sleep timer, and oscillation control. 

Key Features:

  • 1007mm in height
  • 6.2lbs in weight
  • 60% quieter, 10% less power consumption
  • Includes a magnetized remote control
  • Sleep timer and oscillation control


  • Quiet
  • Performance


  • Expensive

Dyson Cool AM06 Bladeless Desk Fan

This Dyson was specially created for smaller spaces, the Dyson Cool AM06 is the best bladeless desk fan for your home. It's one of the Best Bladeless Fans UK.

  • Dyson Cool does not utilize any spinning blades ensuring you of your family safety. Especially, since this is a desk fan.
  • The Dyson Cool AM06 creates smooth oscillation with 10 control settings for the desired airflow.
  • Like its stand fan counterparts, the Dyson Cool has a sleep timer feature that can be programmed for 15 minutes to 9 hours intervals. 
  • Sporting a sleek, stylish, and contemporary design the Dyson Cool AM06 is far less quiet than conventional fans. It is easy to clean and tilt making it the perfect addition to your desk.

Key Features:

  • 56dB noise levels
  • Weighs 4 lbs.
  • Airflow settings: 10
  • Soft-touch LED display
  • Magnetized remote control
  • 15 minutes to 9 hours of sleep intervals


  • Does the job if you consider its small size


  • Expensive
  • Plastic feel
  • A little noisy

Silentnight 38009 Oscillating Bladeless Tower Fan

For some people having an ideal temperature helps us sleep better at night. Luckily, Silentnight 38009 Oscillating Bladeless Tower Fan is here to make you feel comfortable with its powerful airflow and sleek design.

  • Its slim design takes up a minimal amount of floor space than conventional electric fans.
  • The oscillating tower fan has 3 fan modes and 3-speed settings to get your preference in airflow.

Equipped with a sleep timer you can increase the intervals from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours for optimal cooling in your room. 

Key Features:

  • Oscillating rotation: 60 degrees
  • speed settings Low, medium, high 
  • Sleep, normal, and natural modes
  • 50 m3/hrs air volume
  • Remote control included
  • Weights 8.5lbs


  • Looks elegant
  • Performance


  • Can get noisy

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

Looking for a room-wide oscillating tower fan that gives you precise and powerful airflow? Honeywell has got you covered.

  • Honeywell’s QuietSet Tower Fan has 8-speed settings to get your exact preference for sound and cooling.
  • Easily adjust the sleep timer option from 1 hour to 8 hours at a time.

For added comfort easily select QuietSet controls with a touch button or use the remote control included with the tower fan.

Key Features:

  • 1, 2, 4, 8, and off timer options
  • 5 light options
  • Remote control included
  • 8-speed settings
  • Eco-friendly packaging


  • Non- intrusive lights
  • Performance


  • The noise from the gears can get rather annoying

Dyson Pure Cool TP01

Much like the Dyson AM07 the Dyson Pure Cool TP01 is a powerful oscillating fan, the upside is that this model also acts as an air purifier. It's one of the Best Bladeless Fans UK

  • The Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants while you use it.
  • It easily projects smooth purified air from the cooling tower. With dual functionality, you can use it as just an air purifier during colder months and as a fan and purifier for the summer season.
  • Cool yourself through the summer with Dyson Pure Cool TP01 tower fan and air purifier today.

The second-generation air filter captures particles from every angle removing pet dander, bacteria, and even pollen.

Key Features:

  • Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America certified
  • Magnetized remote control included
  • Weights 8.4lbs
  • 114.6 Gal/s maximum airflow
  • 40 inches in height


  • Does the job beautifully


  • Software is bad.

REVOPOW 2019 Portable Bladeless Fan

With the summer months closing in getting yourself a portable bladeless fan would be perfect for combating the vicious heat. Revopow has just come out with a portable and USB compatible bladeless fan you can easily take with you.

  • Its the perfect light and portable bladeless fan to take with you whether you’re at school, the office, or on commute.
  • With its NO Leaf Fan technology, you can stay stylish and refreshed without fear of fragile blades.

It has a 3-speed setting that can last up to 5 hours when fully charged say goodby to the harsh heat. 

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, portable, and stylish design
  • 3-speed settings
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life when fully charged


  • Long battery life


  • Very loud

Alfawise Bladeless Fan

A minimalist design that gives you great oscillating power, expect nothing but the best from Alfawise Bladeless Fan. 

  • The greatness of Alfawise bladeless fan comes from its multi-functionality as a hair humidifier, purifier and fan.
  • It is perfect for living rooms, kitchens, offices, and your child’s bedroom.
  • When it blows 100% natural air it contains oxygen ions that have a positive effect on children, pregnant women, and the elderly.
  • The remote control that comes with the bladeless fan has a 5-meter distance allowing you to easily operate your fan from across the room.

With a 170-degree horizontal rotation and 180-degree vertical adjustment, you can enjoy the 8-speed oscillation of the Alfawise Bladeless fan.

Key Features:

  • Noise Level 50dB
  • 170-degree vertical rotation, 180-degree vertical adjustment
  • Sleep timer from 30 minutes to 120 minutes
  • Lower power consumption


  • Silent
  • Can feel the air from a considerable distance


  • Some functions like the humidifier might not work as well as one would expect

Klarstein Sahara Storm Fan Heater

This Bladeless fan is quite different from the others on this list as it actually specializes in emitting hot air instead of cold air. So, the Klarstein Sahara Storm Fan Heater is ideally meant for the winter seasons. It's one of the Best Bladeless Fans UK 2021.

  • Although it's quite similar to the electriQ eiQ-AM09 2kW Bladeless Fan it is extremely different in functionality. It's extremely quiet for a heater as the hot air is emitted without any blades.
  • It has a ceramic heating element that heats the air faster than other similar brands. This bladeless fan emits a pleasant warmth without making your stuffy. It also doesn't create an unpleasant odour which is a plus.

This Bladeless fan is ideal for those who suffer from allergies as it emits air with no harmful odour or particulate matter.

Key Features

  • Unique design
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Quiet
  • No unpleasant odour
  • Allergen-free


  • It's one of the very few bladeless fans that emit hot air. So, it's ideal for winter
  • Allergen-free


  • It does make some noise when left running for a long time
  • Quite bulky


This is one of the few bladeless fans out there that's on par with the Dyson. Not only does it look good but it also elevates the air quality of the whole room by producing a soft and consistent wind. It's one of the top bladeless fans out there.

  • It certainly has a luxurious design when compared to most of the other fans in the market. It doesn't have any awkward grills/blades and can easily be cleaned.
  • The HOMEPRO PLATINIUM 16" Bladeless Fan has an annular jet and an air multiplier technology that amplifies the air by 15 times creating a powerful airflow. It's one of the Best Bladeless Fans UK
  • Most, importantly, the emitted airflow is not choppy like other types of fans. This type of smooth airflow is perfect for children and pets.
  • The air it produces is safe and healthy. It won't trouble users who are susceptible to headaches and allergies. According to manufacturers, the gentle breeze produced by this device improves the air quality of the whole room. However, if your really want to feel the air hit your face make sure there isn't too much space between you and the device.

This bladeless fan consumes only half the energy of a conventional fan. In fact, it's very energy efficient even when compared to other bladeless fans. It has a stable performance with fantastic work life.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Oscillation (90-degree rotation)
  • Staying put without clamping and it pivots on its own centre of gravity
  • Precisely adjust airflow power
  • luxurious design


  • Very effective
  • Smooth airflow


  • Regardless of the claims by the manufacturers, it actually is quite noisy.

Dreo Tower Fan

  • Dreo is most definitely one of the best bladeless fans that has a high velocity power of 24 ft per second and distributes airflow around the room.
  • It results in quick cooling because of 85 degree oscillation as compared to other 65 degree oscillation fans.
  • It has 6 speeds and 3 operating modes where you can customise the breeze.

Key features: 

  • 6 speeds and 3 operating modes
  • 24 ft/s velocity power
  • 85 degrees oscillation


  • Fast cooling
  • Can customise the breeze
  • Clear LED display

ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan

  • Ultty is one of the best bladeless fan brands. It has 9 speeds and 3 modes. It provides smooth and comfortable cooling. 
  • The airpurier bladeless fan can capture and filter upto 99.97% of dander, pollen, dust to provide you clean air. 
  • It circulates the airflow in the entire room and also helped in reducing respiratory issues

Key features: 

  • 9 speeds and 3 modes
  • 99.97% cleans the air
  • Helps in decreasing respiratory issues


  • Good airflow
  • Cleans air 


  • No value for money

GreenTech Environmental Fan

  • GreenTech environmental bladeless fan is one of the best options to go for as it has great features and is also not too pricey. 
  • It has 12 fan speeds that you can customise according to your comfort level and it’s designed to provide a powerful airflow more than traditional fans. 
  • GreenTech Environmental fan is energy efficient and consumes very low power when it's on. 

Key Features: 

  • 12 speed settings
  • Energy efficient 
  • 90 degree horizontal oscillation 
  • Safety-first design 


  • Affordable 
  • Portable size
  • Quiet 


  • Conbola is another portable desk bladeless fan that’s worth buying for home or office. 
  • It has touch control with 3 speeds and also a natural wind mode. 
  • It also has LED decorative light that can be left open the entire night for easy sleep and comfort if you’re afraid of darkness. 
  • It generates powerful wind but is conscious about safety for kids and pets. 

Key Features: 

  • Fully charged fan lasts upto 3-6 hours
  •  Has 5 LED light options
  •  Touch control 
  • 3 speed modes 


  • Affordable 
  • Safety design 
  • Compact size, portable


  • Need to charge it often

How To Choose The Best UK Bladeless Fan

Indoor comfort is becoming more of the need than a want. Especially, during the summer months, air conditioners have become essential home appliances that can actually prevent heat strokes and dehydration.

However, air conditioners are extremely expensive. Bladeless fans, on the other hand, can be a great alternative not just in terms of cost but also in terms of performance. Bladeless Fans, unlike air conditioners, can actually give your targeted burst of cold air.

Important Features To Consider When Investing in a Bladeless Fan


  • Design is quite important. Not only do you have to choose a bladeless fan that blends seamlessly into you home environment. You also need to choose a design based on your needs. For example, a large cylindrical Dyson is perfect for a mid-size family whereas a small spherical REVOPOW is suitable for an Individual desk.

Power and Energy

  • The Power consumed by the appliance is equivalent to the intensity of the air generated. So if you're in an extremely warm climate go for the higher-powered bladeless fans. Fortunately, they are energy efficient so you don't need to overly cautious regarding electricity bills.

Speed Settings

  • While most bladeless fans offer only one speed, it would be in your best interest to buy a device with varying speeds as you can adjust it based on the weather.
  • In fact, this is one of the most important factors when choosing a bladeless fan as it can offer up to 12 speeds that can be controlled through a remote. Of course, it also comes with heating and cooling functions depending on the brand. So speed settings are one of the most important factors when it comes to investing in a bladeless fan.
  • You'd definitely want a huge range of speed especially if your in a place where the weather is at extremes throughout the year.

Timer Function

  • These days bladeless fans are equipped with timer functions. This is a programmable feature and can be set to in intervals that can range from 10 minutes to eight hours. How is this useful? Let say you got to sleep but don't want the bladeless fan on through the night. You can set a sleep timer which will make sure the fan will automatically switch off when after the set time.

Noise Level

  • Bladeless fan are not as noisy as regular ceiling fans. This is probably one of the biggest advantages as it'll let you keep the bladeless fan in your child's room or in a noise-sensitive environment. So, it is quite important to choose a bladeless fan that is relatively quiet.

Air Quality

  • I cannot stress the importance of air quality. Ceiling fans tend tp circulate the same air in a room. Which is only offset by an open window. However, bladeless fan compresses the air and actually helps improve the quality. Especially, if it's equipped with an air purifier.

Other Features

  • Bladeless fans these days can also purify the air and even generate hot air for the winter seasons. So, these features are worth looking at. Especially, since this appliance should be a one-time investment.

What Is a Bladeless Fan?

As the name implies, Bladeless Fans are appliances that don't depend on blades to generate and circulate air in a room. Bladeless fans use a unique technology that produces air from a hollow ring-like structure.
Basically Bladeless Fans have blades in the base of the fan. These ladies produce air and the structure of the appliance creates which essentially becomes a tunnel generates an impressive airflow.
Generally, there are two types of bladeless fans: Cylindrical Bladeless Fans and Spherical Bladeless Fans.

How Do Bladeless Fans Work?

Bladeless Fans use an Air Multiplier technology comprising of hidden blades and an air compressor to generate air from the fan. Using Physics and Aerodynamics, external air first enters the slits that are located at the bottom of the appliance.
A compressor like structure and the blades then push the air into a tube at the top of the fan. Then the compressed and multiplied air is limited through a narrow slit and targeted to the user using the cylindrical/spherical shape.
This technology is safer, energy-efficient and most importantly, it emits relatively zero noise.

Which bladeless fan is best?

The best bladeless fans in the UK are great investments. No matter how much you want to spend on your bladeless fans there’s something perfect for you. Bear in mind that some bladeless fans work better in different environments.

A bigger more powerful fan would be more suited for a larger room while a slimmer fan might be best to be portable or a smaller room. As for the best Brands, Dyson is the best hands down.

If the price is not an issue go for a Dyson because it has amazing features and is of high quality. Check our list of Best Bladeless Fans UK 2021 for all the details.

Is a bladeless fan better?

Bladeless fans are an innovation that we should all take advantage of. They are safer, more powerful, and easier to clean than the conventional electric fan. These fans are able to cool or warm a room in a few seconds while cleaning the air.

They are quieter than your typical fan which makes them perfect for your child’s bedroom and office. Check our list of Best Bladeless Fans UK 2021 for all the details.

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