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Where to Buy Nursing Chair in UK

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

Best Nursing Chair

If you are preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy and are looking forward to all the joys of motherhood, you would want to read this. I have written a few articles on babies and baby care but this one is for mothers. 

When you are a new mother, you need a place to relax and rejuvenate. It may not be possible at all times, and I speak out of experience but you certainly need your space. A nursing chair or a glider is what I mean when I say your space in the nursery at home.

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A new mom needs good lower back support while breastfeeding and a nursing chair offers that. Nursing chairs give you an opportunity to feed and bond with your baby in a comfortable position.

I have shortlisted the best nursing chairs for you so you don’t have to do all the research. You deserve all the rest and care and I’m happy to help.

  • Kub Haywood
  • Tutti Bambini
  • IKEA Poang
  • Serenity Nursing Glider
  • WOLTU Rocking Chair
  • Obaby 7 Position

Best Nursing Chair

Top 6 Best Nursing Chairs Features Best For
Kub® Haywood 7 recline positions;
56cm wide seat;
Ergonomic and comfortable;
Footstool included
Overall Best Nursing Chair
Tutti Bambini Easy to clean;
Padded arm rests with magazine holders;
Made from solid wood;
3 recline positions
Best Quiet Nursing Chair
IKEA Poang Made from bent birch;
Increased durability;
Customizable colors
Most Durable Nursing Chair
Serenity Nursing Glider Affordable and ergonomic;
7 recline positions;
Smooth rounded finish;
Footstool included
Best Value for Money Nursing Chair
WOLTU Rocking Chair Maximum load of 100kg;
Available in 3 colors;
Multi-functional design;
Padded seat
Best Nursing Chair Design
Obaby 7 Position 7 recline positions;
Made from solid wood;
Padded arm rests with magazine holders;
Footstool included
Most Adjustable Nursing Chair

Let’s check the best nursing chairs in the market, shall we?

Kub® Haywood

Best Nursing Chair

Kub’s nursing chair is one of the many beautifully crafted products from the Kub brand. They make a lot of quality products like rockers, mattresses, and cots. The Kub Haywood is on the top of my list of best nursing chairs as it is the most comfortable glider I have used.

This smooth glider comes with padded cushions for extra comfort along with storage pockets which are such a necessity. You will know what I am talking about once you use this product.

The Haywood reclining glider designed with one thing in mind, comfort. The functionality is also something that sets it apart.

Why should you buy this?

  • 7 recline positions 
  • Easy to operate and glide
  • The footstool is very comfortable
  • The positioning support is just what you and your baby need while nursing.
  • It has a 56cm wide seat. 
  • The upholstery is soft and has ergonomic cushions.

Why shouldn't you?

  • Mothers over six feet may have to slouch a bit.
  • The gliding mechanism can hurt small children if they try to operate without supervision.

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Tutti Bambini

Best Nursing Chair

The Tutti Bambini is my pick of the lot for a nursing chair that is perfect for a quiet cuddle, or for you to relax after a tiring day. The glider chair is stylish and practical and I feel every mother deserves this.

I got this as a gift when I had my second child and it is one of the strongest gliders I have used. Like I mentioned earlier, this product is designed for relaxation. It is the best a mother can get as it is ideal for feeding, cuddling, and relaxing while the baby finally sleeps. 

You can use it in the lounge or the living room as it is a beautiful piece of furniture too. It is easy to clean and comes with a padded armrest for added comfort.

Why should you buy this?

  • The cushions can be dry cleaned and the footstool comes with plastic covers that can be removed. 
  • The armrest has magazine pockets for storage
  • It is a sturdy chair with a solid wooden base and it prevents the baby from getting caught in between
  • It has a spindle effect
  • Three reclining positions for lower back support and comfort

Why shouldn't you?

  • It may be expensive for some of us at 197 pounds
  • I have seen a few complaints about the locking mechanism and some chairs cracking at parts with regular use.

IKEA Poang

Best Nursing Chair

I love IKEA products, they are simple and so elegant to look at. I had to list the IKEA Poang on my list of best nursing chairs for the durability and the material it is produced with. You must check it out if you want something minimalistic yet functional. 

The frame made of bent birch is super strong and the neck and back support are commendable too. I love the fact that the cover is removable and easy to clean.

Why should you buy this?

  • You also have the opportunity to mix and match with alternative colors to change the look of this nursing rocker.
  • The rocker is durable
  • It is easy to clean

Why shouldn't you?

  • It doesn’t come with a footstool
  • No storage pockets and extra cushioning 
  • It is pricey at 269 pounds

Serenity Nursing Glider

Best Nursing Chair

Serenity Nursing Glider is a deluxe nursing chair that is of absolute value for money for the features it offers. I was so pleasantly surprised at the luxury and comfort this product provides new mothers which they need.

It is a multipurpose chair too, my partner uses it to just relax. I personally love the cream color and its seven recline positions. The size of the recliner is 72 x 68 x 103cm (D x W x H), Footstool 40 x 50 x 38cm. 

Why should you buy this? 

  • Safe for pre and post-natal babies and moms with a smooth gliding motion
  • Luxury nursing chair with 40 x 50 x 38cm footstool
  • Spindle back style
  • Value for money at 166 pounds for the package is impressive
  • Ergonomic design
  • Safe, rounded edges
  • Easy to adjust the backrest and armrest

Why shouldn't you?

  • A few people complained about the fabric
  • I had a problem with it squeaking after a while

WOLTU Rocking Chair

Best Nursing Chair

I have listed this particular rocking chair as one of the best nursing chairs for the way it is designed. I love the color and the material. It is unlike any nursing chair but it makes up for it by being really durable.

The material is a breathable velvet with a solid steel outer structure that will last a long time. The size of the rocking chair is as follows - Height ca.80cm; Seat height ca.48cm; Seat area(WxD) ca.40x40cm; Backrest height ca.42.5cmm; 

Why should you buy this?

  • It can take a load of 100kg
  • It comes in 3 different colors. All three look attractive.
  • The sturdiness
  • Well-padded seat
  • Ergonomic design for lower back 
  • Pricing
  • Multi-functional

Why shouldn't you?

  • It is not your usual rockers if you expect it to rock a lot. It has a limited swing
  • A few complaints I read were about the return policy

Obaby 7 Position

Best Nursing Chair

If you are looking for a nursing chair that you would love to spend time in. Look no further than the Obaby 7. I loved owning and using this product. The comfort level is amazing and both you and your baby are sure to enjoy this.

You can simply use this to rest, read a book or just put your feet up and sleep. The Obaby 7 has a gentle gliding motion which is smooth and won't give you or your baby a jolt like some of the nursing chairs.

Why should you buy this?

  • You can easily adjust the seven positions by lifting the arm ends.
  • The gliding movement mimics the motion of the chair so there no sudden jolts
  • Comfortable padded seat and armrests
  • Solid wooden frame
  • Storage packets
  • Traditional Design

Why shouldn't you?

  • A friend of mine got a damaged product. You might want to check the package as soon as it arrives. 

Buyers Guide

Now that you know the pick for the best nursing chairs and why you should or shouldn't buy them. Here's everything you need to know before buying a nursing chair.. 

Why do you need a nursing chair?

New mothers hardly get rest, but they deserve it the most. When a baby comes home, everyone is so busy with the bundle of energy, a few forget to tend to the mother. I would advise planning and getting a nursing bed beforehand so when the baby and the mother get back home they get the comfort they need. 

How to pick the right nursing chair?

So how did I pick the best among all the choices in the market, you may ask? I chose them based on the following factors:

  • Comfort - The most important factor to consider before buying a nursing chair is to see how comfortable it is. This is because, as a mother, you will be seated in the nursing chair for quite some time and if you happen to sit on one that's not comfortable enough, you'd definitely get back pain.
  • Type - There are different types of nursing chairs available such as, Gliders, Rocking Chair, Ottoman's and so on. Pick one that will best suit your nursing needs.
  • Construction - It's ideal to find something that's sturdy and is built using high-quality materials. Since the chair is going to be used frequently, you'd want something that won't break easily.
  • Functionality - Keep in mind that since you're going to be seated, you will need something that either rocks or has an adjustable back rest. This will prove beneficial when you're nursing your baby or putting them to sleep.
  • Maintenance - Another thing to consider is the maintenance of the nursing chair. The more complicated the chair is, t he more maintenance it will require. Find something that does not require you to regularly maintain it as you would be in quite a pickle then.
  • Safety - One of the key factors to consider before buying a nursing chair is whether it's safe for you and the baby or not. To know how safe a nursing chair is, you will need to figure out the type, construction and functionality.
  • The noise factor - Some of the nursing chairs that are made of wood and leather tend to be noisy either while adjusting the backrest or while rocking your baby to sleep. You will want to pick something that does not make much noise while you're nursing your baby.

What are the benefits of owning a nursing chair?

  • Helps mom's breastfeed or cuddle the child in comfortable positions
  • It is a beautiful piece of furniture to have in any house
  • A nursing chair offers a comfortable space so the mother and baby are not stuck in one room all the time
  • The rocking motion helps soothe babies and puts them to sleep
  • Nursing chairs have storage which is really helpful for new moms especially in the first year
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • The multi-purpose chair can be used as a reading chair, relaxing chair or even space for the child to play in once he/she grows up. 


I really hope you guys can make the right choice taking into consideration all the above factors. I really wish you a wonderful time raising your little baby.

It is truly a wonderful feeling and I really hope you cherish it all your life.

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