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Best Exterior Wood Paint UK 2024

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

best exterior wood paint

The other day when I was walking into my house, I noticed the paint from my picket fence flaking off. With no protection from the rain it had been splintering off and even the nails that held it together was rusting. This made me realize I needed more than just paint to fix this problem. That's when I stumbled on exterior wood paint. Check out our list of the Best Exterior Wood Paint UK for all the details.

Exterior wood paints are amazing products as they not only give wood a matte finish but it can also prevent rust and other forms of deterioration. The matte finish can prevent splinters. However, choosing the right one can be daunting. So, I've compiled a list of the Best Exterior Wood Paint UK.

Best exterior wood paint Features
Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry 10 years guarantee and has weather resistance capabilities
Easy to apply and dries quickly
Johnstone's - Garden Colours Affordable paintLasts 4 years
Ronseal Exterior Wood Paint Ideal for both bare or previously painted
Waterproof and dries in 1 hour
Cuprinol Garden Shades Matte colour with 6 years weather protection
Suitable for wood surfaces, terracotta, brick and stone
Ronseal Exterior Gloss Wood Paint colour retention of 10 yearsDries in 1 hour only
Everbuild Quick Drying Professional Solvent Free Satin Finish Wood Stain Weatherproof and UV resistantTouch dry in 30 mins only
Rust-Oleum Universal Paint 2 in one paint and primer2 hours drying time and comes in 20 colours
Rustins Quick Dry Paint Smooth matte finish Can be used as an indoor as well outdoor paint

Which is the best exterior wood paint? 

My team I tested 20+ exterior wood paints and rated them on the basis of durability, drying time, and protection against harmful things. We found Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry to be the best paint for exterior wood and here’s why:

Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry is an exterior wood paint that has a 10 years durable guarantee. It’s a water based formula that dries quickly and is easy to apply. This paint is long lasting and waterproof. It can be applied to both metal and wood. It’s available on Amazon for sale.

Best Exterior Wood Paint UK

#1 -- Dulux WeatherShield Exterior Wood Paint

The Dulux Weather Shield is at the top of my list for its excellent finish and durability. It offers up to 10 years of protection making it worth every pound. The paint uses a water-based formula that takes less than 2 hours to dry and is available in multiple colours.

  • If you’re looking for durability look no further Dulux weather coat will last longer than your expectations. 
  • The paint is completely rain and waterproof that always prevents rusting around benches. 
  • The chemical composition of the paint is formulated to avoid any mould from forming, extending life to the wood.

What’s in it for you

The weatherproof paint can be applied to both wood and metal. On wood, it is mould resistant to minimize staining and flexible to resist cracking. Making it last for years to come.

Key Features

  • The Dulux Weather Shield Paint is one of the most durable paints on our list that has a guarantee of 10 years.
  • It is a water-based formula that is easy to apply and dries in less than two hours.
  • The paint can be applied to both metal and wood, it prevents mould and is rainproof for long-lasting colour.

Check out the best exterior wood paint by Dulux below!

#2 -- Johnstone's Garden Colours

Johnstone’s woodcare is an affordable exterior wood paint that doesn’t compromise on its quality. It has 20 different options of colours to choose from that provide protection of a minimum of 4 years.

  • It is formulated from a water-based formula that allows the natural grain of the wood to show. It is ideal for outdoor furniture. 
  • The paint is formulated to be fade resistant providing vibrant long life to your furniture. 
  • It’s a water-based formula that allows quick drying of the paint excellent for quick touch-ups.

What’s in it for you

The dense formulation of the paint allows the natural grain texture of the wood to stand out giving your furniture a new yet rustic look.

Key Features 

  • The Johnstone woodcare paint is the right option if you’re looking for an affordable paint from a good brand.
  • It is fade-resistant and lasts a minimum of 4 years after application.
  • It is a water-based formula that allows it to dry quickly in less than 2 hours. It is ideal for outdoor furniture.

Check out the best exterior wood paint Johnstone's below!

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#3 -- Ronseal Exterior Wood Paint

Ronseal is one of the biggest British brands for exterior wood paint with a variety of options available. Their paint is weatherproof in just 1 hour from applying on exterior wood and will last for 10 years or more is the brand’s promise.

  • The paint is able to resist cracking, blistering and peeling from the heat of the sun making this one of the most durable exterior paints out there. 
  • Ronseal promises that its unique formula will be able to withstand the sun’s heat and prevent cracks and blistering with a 10-year guarantee.
  • It is a water-based formulation meaning it will dry up with an hour and last for years to come. 

What’s in it for you

The Ronseal Exterior Wood Paint is one of the best options for a quick touch up and weather reinforcement if you require a fast-drying and long-lasting paint.

Key Features

  • The Ronseal series of exterior paints are excellent at weatherproofing and provide amazing durability when compared to other paints.
  • Its water-based formula allows the paint to dry in just an hour and lasts for more than 10 years making it worth every pound.

Check out the best exterior wood paint RonSeal below!

#4 -- Cuprinol Garden Shades Paint For Wood

The Cuprinol Garden Shades is a series of exterior paints that are meant for garden furniture. The dense paint can be either sprayed or brushed onto the wood which will provide 6 years of weather protection in just two coats.

  • It is versatile as it can be used on different surfaces like brick, terracotta, and stones. If you’re looking to renovate your garden furniture and area it is, without a doubt, the best choice for you. 
  • For easy use and application, the formula can be sprayed to cover large areas without the stress of using a brush. 
  • The paint is water formulated making it quick to dry in just an hour and can last up to 6 years without fading or peeling. 

What’s in it for you

It has a high-performing formula that provides a slick matt finish, which allows the wood grain to absorb the paint and give a natural rustic look.

Key Features

  • The Cuprinol Garden Shades paint is the best paint for outdoor garden furniture and brick painting.
  • Its water-based formula is quick to dry and last 6 years after application.
  • It provides an excellent matt finish that sinks into the grains of the wood giving it a natural look.

Check out the best exterior wood paint by Cuprinol below!

#5 -- Ronseal Exterior Gloss Paint For Wood

Another formula of gloss paint for wood from Ronseal that provides a sleek and smooth finish. It has a 10-year weather protection guarantee and is available in multiple colours.

  • Its unique water formula allows it to dry out within an hour and give the desirable shine your garden furniture need. 
  • Ideal for both bare wood or painted wood, the paint flexes with the movement of the wood to reduce and prevent any cracking or blistering for 10 years.
  • Two coats and your wood is waterproof in only 1 hour, it is specially formulated to ensure the paintwork on your wood isn't ruined due to changing weather conditions.

What’s in it for you

The gloss paint is drip resistant and maintains longer gloss than other paints, giving you excellent coverage and protection to your garden furniture and exterior wood.

Key Features 

The Ronseal exterior gloss paint provides a shine to your exterior wood while protecting it. It can protect the wood for 10 years without the colour fading. It dries within an hour of being applied to the wood giving it the desirable shine you want.

Check out the best exterior wood paint by Ronseal below!

#6 -- Everbuild Quick Drying Professional Solvent Free Satin Finish Wood Stain

The Woodstain paint from Everbuild is an affordable option that uses a low-quality solvent wood stain that enriches and increases the natural qualities of your wood and provides the protection it needs.

  • It is resistant to water, peel, and ultraviolet rays from the sun. It takes 30 mins to dry and lasts 5 years truly it is value for money. 
  • It comes in a variety of colours that you can choose from but it's limited only to wood colours as it is a stain paint. 
  • It enhances the natural qualities of the exterior wood by maintaining the original texture and colour of the wood in the process, allowing the wood to shine with its natural beauty.

What’s in it for you

The paint is fast to dry in just 30 mins all your exterior wood is protected for the next five years from cracks and peels. 

Key Features

The Wood Stain Paint is a solvent wood stain paint that is used to enhance the natural exterior wood qualities to provide protection from water cracks and peels. It dries in 30 mins from the time it is applied and can last for 5 years minimum. If you’re looking to renovate your exterior wood this option is ideal to bring life back to it and preserve it.

Check out the best exterior wood paint by EverBuild below!

#7 -- Rust-Oleum 750ml Universal Paint

The Rust-Oleum Universal Paint is one of the most versatile exterior wood can directly be applied to wood, plastic, metal, ceramic and to cover up the rust as well. It dries up within two hours of applying the paint, you can apply a second coat for better protection after 16 hours.

  • If you’re looking for versatile paint that can be used on your steel frame and wood planks, this paint can do that and give you a smooth finish.
  • You can use the paint as a stain block for nicotine and tanning bleeds. It takes 2 hours to dry and a second coat after 16 hours will give the wood the maximum protection.

What’s in it for you

If you have an outdoor swing that needs to be renovated, this paint will be ideal as it can paint both the metal frame and parts as well as the wooden planks giving you the perfect color on the entire swing.  

Key Features

  • The Rust-Oleum Universal Paint is the most versatile exterior wood paint that can not only be applied on wood but other surfaces like metal and plastic.
  • It can also be applied to bolts and nuts to prevent them from rusting. It dries up in 2 hours of applying the paint and it comes in 20 colours for you to choose from.

Check out the best exterior wood paint by RustOleum below!

#8 -- Rustins SATB500 500ml Quick Dry Paint

The last one on my list is the satin black paint from Rustins, it is ideal for exterior furniture both metal and wood. It has low VOC and is water-based making it easy to apply and gives you a perfect matt finish. If you are looking for an exterior paint that can be applied to metal and wood, this paint right here is an affordable option with good quality.

  •  After using the paint with your brushes you can easily clean them off with warm water and soap as it is water-based and uses low VOC. 
  • The paint gives a beautiful matt finish and texture that will breathe life into the garden fence or front porch.

What’s in it for you 

The chemical formulation of the paint is made to dry super fast so you can put the second coat in mins. Saving you time from coming back to the parts you’ve painted for a double coat. 

Key Features

  • The Satin Black Paint from Rustin is the perfect choice for interior and exterior painting work.
  • It provides a matt finish on both metal and wood making it versatile to use on all outdoor furniture.
  • It dries in mins after which you can apply the second coat and done, no need to come back later for another coat the wood is weather protected.

Check out the best exterior wood paint by Rustin's below!

How to choose the best exterior wood paint

  • Durability: Often the paints have a guarantee of years written on it. Get the one that’s most durable and would go on for several years without having to repaint again and again. 
  • Mould, mildew and algae resistant: It is important to get mould, mildew or algae resistant paint because exterior surfaces are more susceptible to these and hence protection is required.
  • 2 in 1  paint and primer: It’s good to have an outdoor wood paint with primer in it as it needs less preoperative undercoats and gets the paint job done quickly. 
  • Finish type: There are different types of exterior wood paints like oil based paints, latex paints as well as water-based paints for different types of finish like matte or shiny. Choose the one that you want. 
  • Easy to apply: Get an easy to apply paint so that you can get the job done easily. Don’t go for thick consistency paints or something that requires an extra tool. You can go for a paint that doesn’t require a second coat to get the work done quickly. 
  • UV protection and fade resistant: Make sure your paint has these properties to avoid making it look faded or dull. 
  • Weather resistant: A weather resistant paint is a good idea as it’s long lasting and gets through harsh weather conditions.
  • Type of surface for painting: It also depends on the surface you’re going to paint with your paint. So, select your paint accordingly. 

Is water based paint ok for exterior wood?

The most durable exterior wood paint is Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry. It has a guarantee of 10 years.

What kind of paint do you use on external wood?

Oil based paints give a traditional glossy finish but are time consuming to make. Premium brands like Dulux Weathershield are perfect as it’s curated for outdoor wood painting but can be costly.

What is the longest lasting exterior paint?

Acrylic paint is the longest lasting paint that doesn’t fade from sun or damage from weather changes like rain etc.

Does outdoor paint protect wood?

Yes, outdoor paint protects wood as they soak in the wood and provide protection from other elements as well.

How do you prepare exterior wood for painting?

Before painting, remove and replace all the decaying and rotten wood. Through the sand on the surface of the wood. The pealing areas should also be removed by sanding. Fill the holes or cracks and apply filler with a putty knife. After this your wood is prepared to get painted.

How do you paint bare exterior wood?

Sand the surface of the wood to smoothen it and seal the knots. Remove the peeling surfaces by sanding. Choose a tinted primer and cover your bare wood with it. Then move on to colouring your wood piece.

Is water based paint ok for exterior wood?

Water based paints are perfect for exterior woods as they’re quick drying and have a lot of other advantages as well. But if you want a glossy finish you have to go for oil based paints which are hard to beat.

Is oil or latex paint better for exterior wood?

Oil paints are better holding paints and are longer lasting which makes them great for outdoor projects. Latex paints have also been improved lately. Go for water-based paints which lasts longer on moist surfaces as it has acrylic that binds well with it.

How long does exterior paint last on wood?

Paint on wood usually last for 5 years and can even decrease to 3 based on the climate. The paint usually starts to fade by year two and can completely chip off withing 5 years. Of course, there are good quality brands that can offer a good coating of paint that can last for 10 years. Check out our list of the Best Exterior Wood Paint UK.

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