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Where to Buy Cat Deterrent For Gardens and Much More

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

Best Cat Deterrent UK

One of my favourite pastimes is to garden in my backyard, I started out with some basic gardening. However, some days when I least expect it my new saplings would be dug out. I couldn't understand what was happening, until I witnessed my neighbour’s cat treating the saplings as a scratch post. Check out our list of the Best Cat Deterrent UK for all the details.

I needed a safe solution as I didn't want to hurt the cat and I needed it fast without having to tell my neighbour about this. So, I went through Amazon UK and found some amazing deterrents. Cat deterrents are a must-have in homes plagued by felines.

Best Cat Deterrent UK Known For
PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Deterrent Best Overall
Pestbye Battery Operated Motion Activated Waterproof Cat Repellent Best Sound Based Cat Deterrent
The Cactus Fence Wall Spikes Best Budget-Friendly Cat Deterrent
Defenders Mega-Sonic Cat Deterrent Best Long Range Cat Deterrent
Zonpor Cat Deterrent Best Light Based Cat Deterrent
Defenders Pepper Dust Cat Deterrent Best Natural Deterrent
MOHOO Solar Cat Deterrent Best Solar Powered Deterrent
Silent Roar Garden Fertiliser & Cat Deterrent Long Lasting Deterrent

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I’ve curated a list of all the Best Cat Deterrent UK so you can choose the one that will ensure your backyard is cat and rodent-free. 

After I reviewed over 100 cat deterrents based on various factors, like safety, effectiveness and price point, I zeroed in on 8 that really stood out. And after putting these 8 through a series of stress tests I found that:

The best cat deterrent is PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Deterrent. This cat deterrent can last for 6 months on a single charge. Most importantly, is extremely safe for both Humans and Cats as it only shoots out a jet of water when the Cat triggers the motion sensor.

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Best Cat Deterrent UK

PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Deterrent

The first deterrent on our list is the PestBye Jet Spray This clever device scares away cats with sharp, short hits of water. It can easily be set up to your water tap in your garden. It's one of the Best Cat Deterrent UK.

  • This device uses motion detection to find cats and squirt water on them. If you are looking for a solution for a small garden in your backyard this is the most affordable and efficient option for you.
  • Provides excellent battery life from 4 AA batteries that require change once in six months. 
  • The motion detection can be easily adjusted as per the area of your garden. So it doesn’t go off unnecessarily.

What’s in it for you

The deterrent uses water to repel cats away which makes it a much safer alternative than other deterrents out there. 

Key Features

  • The Pestbye Jet Spray is one of the most affordable and efficient cat deterrents.
  • It uses motion detectors to detect the movement of selected areas in your garden.
  • If any motion is detected it sprays bursts of waters on that area chasing the cat in a safe and humane way. 

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Pestbye Battery Operated Motion Activated Waterproof Cat Repellent

Here is another effective deterrent from Pestbye, this deterrent uses ultrasonic sound waves to keep stray cats at bay. It is battery powered and uses infra-red motion sensors to detect the movement of unwanted visitors. Once triggered, it emits an ultrasonic sound that is disturbing to the cats because of their sensitive hearing but it is completely inaudible to us.

  • The product contains two units that make it easy to cover different parts of your garden. This allows you to customize the area to be covered according to you.
  • The emitting frequency of the device can be adjusted between 3-5 to have an effect on cats. It's one of the Best Cat Deterrent UK.

What’s in it for you

An added advantage of this deterrent is that it not only repels cats, it also repels foxes, stray dogs, rodents, and insects. It is truly a one-stop solution for your garden. 

Key Features

  • The Pestbye Ultrasonic is the by far the best deterrent on our list. It uses high-frequency sound waves to repel cats and rodents from entering your garden.
  • It comes with two pieces that can be set up on the entry point and exit. So there is no way anything can enter or exit.
  • If you have a custom-designed garden this is ideal for you as you can set up the unit anywhere as per the size of your garden. 

The Cactus Fence Wall Spikes

The Cactus Fence Deterrent is the one cheapest method that can be implemented if you have a large garden area to cover. It is made from low-quality plastic that is fixed on top of your fence making sure the neighbourhood cats think twice before jumping into your gardening space. 

  • Even though they might not be the best-looking deterrent, it's definitely an affordable one. 
  • The plastic spike can be installed in no time, just apply industry-standard adhesive and fix it over the fence. 
  • The cactus spikes are really sharp and sit close together, making it extremely difficult for stray cats to walk on the fence or jump on to it.

What’s in it for you

If you are planning on organic farming, you generally have a large area to protect. Cactus plastic fencing is ideal for you as it can stretch over meters and requires only industrial glue adhesive to fix. 

Key Features

  • The Cactus Fence is a low-quality plastic spiked strip that can be stuck on top of the fence.
  • These spikes make it difficult for cats to jump on top and over the fence. Making this an affordable option for a large gardens area.  

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Defenders Mega-Sonic Cat Deterrent 

The Mega Sonic deterrent is similar to an ultrasonic model of deterrents. The only difference with this model is that it can be plugged into the main power outlet of your house. Making this enter to set up at entry points of the garden. It does not require any batteries, saving you the trouble of replacing them frequently. 

  • Motion triggered PIR sensors respond to pests by setting off variable continuous sonic bursts that repel cats in a humane way.
  • This Deterrent has the longest range of detecting cats of up to 12m providing you with a safe zone of 120 sq meters. 

What’s in it for you

There have been occasions where I've forgotten to charge the batteries of the deterrent and always got to know when it was too late. With this deterrent that won’t be a problem as you can directly connect it to your house power outlet and breathe easy. 

Key Features 

  • The Defender Mega-sonic uses continuous sonic bursts to repel cats and pests.
  • A wide range of 12m is covered with motion sensors to ensure nothing gets in or stays in.
  • It does not require batteries saving you the trouble of constantly replacing them. 

Zonpor Cat Deterrent 

This deterrent has been by far the most effective against cats, it repels cats by emitting a combination of LED lights mixed with bursts of ultrasonic sounds. The battery inside can be charged through a solar panel on the face of the unit or it can be charged via USB.

  • It is really easy to set-up as the stand is two pieces that can be attached to each other and then the unit. It can then be placed in the selected area.
  • The unit can be placed in front of direct sunlight, the solar panel in front absorbs the sunlight and charges the batteries.
  • The device is IP 64 waterproof, so it can be kept in the open without the worry of any water damage.  

What’s in it for you

The Zonpor Cat Repeller is a versatile deterrent that can keep away a variety of other animals, including dogs and foxes as well as rats and mice.

Key Features

  • The Zonpor Cat repeller is one of the effective deterrents in the market, it uses a combination of flashing LED lights with a small burst of sonic vibration.
  • That not only repel cats but a variety of animals that are out and about in your garden. 

Defenders Pepper Dust Cat Deterrent

If you prefer a natural way of repelling cats that wouldn’t cause any physical harm to them.The defender's pepper dust is the most value for money products to do so. You simply sprinkle it in your garden where you notice the cats fouling and digging the most.

  • It can be used at any time of the year but it's shown to be most effective during the summer. 
  • It has a shaker cap fitted on top of the bottle for even distribution and simple application.
  • The pepper dust should be sprinkled twice a week in dry weather conditions. Apply more regularly during rainy conditions or strong winds.

What’s in it for you 

One of the advantages of this deterrent is that you can use it practically anywhere outdoors, not just in your garden itself. If you’re not fond of cats entering your home, now you know a safe way. 

Key Features

  • The Defenders Pepper dust is a humane way of repelling cats and dogs from your garden.
  • It contains 300 grams of fine pepper dust that can be equally sprinkled over the garden. It repels cats from digging the ground.

MOHOO Solar Cat Deterrent

The MOOHOO Solar Cat Deterrent is similar to the Zonpar deterrent. It emits a continuous series of red and white flashes combined with an alarm sound that repels rodents from entering your garden.

  • It uses infrared to sense motion around the garden area and solar panels on top of the unit to charge the battery saving you the trouble of replacing batteries frequently. 
  • The LED lights are a combination of 12 white bulbs and 4 red bulbs that flash rapidly to repel cats.
  • The battery can be charged via USB or kept in front of direct sunlight to automatically charge the battery through the solar panel.

What’s in it for you

This unit is also versatile like the Zonpor deterrent, It keeps your garden free of other kinds of wildlife animals, like squirrels, foxes, and rats.

Key Features

  • The MOOHOO Solar Cat Deterrent is a solar-powered garden deterrent.
  • It uses a combination of rapidly flashing red and white lights along with a loud alarm siren that can be adjusted to your liking to scare away cats and other wildlife.
  • If you’re looking to stop cats from digging in your garden, then this would be a brilliant choice.

Silent Roar Garden Fertiliser & Cat Deterrent 

The Silent Roar Cat Deterrent is the last one on our list but is one of our top choices. This deterrent uses lion dung that is formulated into capsules that help fertilize your garden and keep your local community of stray cats away from your garden. 

  •  The Deterrent comes in small capsule-like pellets that are easy to spread over your garden area, natural, and 100% safe. 
  • During normal weather conditions, one spread of the capsules over the garden area can last up to two to three months. After heavy rain, it's a good idea to sprinkle a few more capsules.

What’s in it for you

Since the Capsules are made from actual lion dung it acts as a deterrent as well as a natural fertilizer. A double advantage compared to other deterrent options. 

Key Features

  • The Silent Roar Cat Deterrent is by far the most humane and beneficial deterrent.
  • Small capsule-like pellets filled with formulated lion dung are spread over the garden area that protects and enhance the growth of your garden. 

How To Stop Cats from Messing up Your Garden?

If you have an issue with one or two cats pooping in your garden then there are easier and much natural methods to get rid of the cats without harming them. For example, you could get a cat of your own. As cats are quite territorial, they wouldn't use your garden as their litter box when there's a presence of another cat.

If you don't want a cat, then you can try removing the poop. By doing this, the cat will not feel comfortable coming back to do its business. Another alternative is to use age-old solutions like a solution made of lemon and orange peels mixed with pepper corns. However, it isn't the most effective.

Now, if you have a serious cat infestation and need to get rid of them permanently, then electronic cat repellents are your best bet. Of course, if you don't want your garden to look ugly, you can always try Lion poop fertilizer. This will intimidate the cat as it can detect the presence of a much larger rival.

From experience we've found that ultrasonic cat repellents are the most effective when it comes to getting rid of cats. These devices can scare the cat into leaving your garden.

Do ultrasonic cat repellent really work?

Yes, ultrasonic cat repellent are resonably effective. Although it hasn't been proven to completely prevent cats, it has helped reduce their entry by 30%. While this number isn't a lot, you should understand that it is one of the safer methods of cat preventing. Check out our list of Best Cat Deterrent UK for more details.

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