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Best British Coat Brands 2024

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

Best British Coat Brand

Have you ever been in a situation where you have only one or two jackets that you’ve worn too many times and don't go with office attire? I’m sure you have, as I've been going through this issue as well I have to wear business formals to my workplace. Check out our list of the Best British Coat Brands.

My personal favourite brand that suited my work and home lifestyle was wood and meadow for their wide range of casual work coats that add style to work. Like their gardening coat helps me stay warm in the winters when I have to clear the driveway to get my car out or their casual coat that has a suede finish that adds contrast to most of your business casuals allowing it to blend in seamlessly.

I love UK tailoring and craftsmanship so I went around and found these amazing clothing brands that are locally made of good luxury quality to the work environment and gardening. I've listed down the best British coat brands to help you make your next coat buying decision.

After having reviewed 100 British Coat brands based on various factors like materials, design, style, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 8 brands that really stood out. These 8 were further put through a series of test to determine the best. We found that:

The best British Coat Brands is Blackshore. This timeless brand from Suffolk takes inspiration from their coasts and sailor to create knitwear and coats that are extremely popular with both men and women. These casual coats are not only comfortable but also highly effective against nature.

Best British Coat Brands


This award-winning coat brand stands out for its excellent quality luxury child clothing. Their coats are tailored in the centre of London with nothing but the best material and cloth with excellent craftsmanship. It's one of the Best British Coat Brands.

  • Their line of coats are for both girls and boys up to eight years of age, they combine Britain’s traditional heritage with modern style to create these amazing ethical coats.
  • They provide customized service and free personalizing of your coat with your full name.
  • If you place orders over £200 your coats are delivered free of charge in their unique beautiful packaging.

What’s in it for you

Customized size and personalization with your name embroidered are provided for free by the brand.

Key Features 

  • Britannical is a brand that focuses on customized luxury children’s coats with excellent material and personalization options.
  • They operate from the heart of London and are made with the highest level of craftsmanship.


Blackshore is known all around the UK for its definitive casual clothing collection for modern-day women and men. They get their inspiration from the fisherman and boat builders for whom Blackshore is their lifeblood.

  • Blackshore apart from their coats stands out for their coastal clothing which is handmade, premium clothing with timeless style.
  • All the coats made by Blackshore are handmade in SOUTHWOLD, SUFFOLK with time and effort.
  • Blackshore also provides knitwear made with the same quality and care standards as their sewn garments.

What’s in it for you

If you like handmade coats with inspiration taken from the British coastline this brand focuses on just that.

Key Features 

  • Blackshore is based out of Southwold, Suffolk where they create handmade coats inspired by fishermen and boat builders on Britain's coastline.
  • They are also known for their knitwear which is also handmade with the same care and quality as their sewn garments.


Maquien is known for its practical garments made in the East Riding of Yorkshire and was founded by Vonny Law. The Independent brand gained its inspiration from the riverbanks of Scotland where the brand aimed to provide unique clothing and brilliant personal service that is what they are known for even to date. 

  • They provide clothing from sizes ranging from UK 8 – 18.

What’s in it for you

They provide excellent customer service and are available on the phone for you to ensure your order is given the utmost priority.

Key Features

  • Maquien is located in the East Riding of Yorkshire and specializes in modern casual clothing for men and women.
  • They provide clothing for sizes UK 8-18 with excellent finishing and customer service to ensure your coat is nothing short of amazing.

Teddy Edward of Wysall Ltd

Here is another coat brand from Sufflock that guarantees 100 percent British hand-crafted clothing. They have another division that is based out of Birmingham that focuses only on jackets which are quite popular too.

  • Their clothing is made with excellent quality material from their buttons to their fabric which is committed to British standards and design.
  • Teddy Edward collection is designed to be distinctively British whilst providing you with that fresh, contemporary modern edge.
  • All of their clothing is hand-crafted from the button to the fabric is chosen and made unique to leave a lasting impression.

What’s in it for you

The brand makes no more than 200 pieces of each design, so you are guaranteed to be wearing something really exclusive.

Key Features

  • Teddy Edward collection is designed and hand-made in Suffolk, they provide 200 pieces of each design making it a luxury and exclusive clothing brand.
  • They also make jackets that are quite popular that are again handmade in Birmingham.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Here is an international brand is known and sold over forty countries for its luxury clothes for ladies, men, and children. They provide high-quality products that include coats, jackets, shirts, chinos, and underarm garments.

  • The brand has established itself in the year 2009 and has become a winter favourite for most of the UK and the world.
  • They provide the option to design your own coat and clothing on their website giving freedom to your imagination.
  • All their products are sold and shipped to over 40 countries worldwide and have proven the same quality as well.

What’s in it for you

Their collection uses 100% Egyptian cotton fabrics and each design was finished with a contrast coloured ribbon inside the collar stand to set it apart from the competition.

Key Features

  • Wolf in sheep's clothing is an international brand based in Suffolk and makes premium luxury clothing.
  • They take custom orders for all their clothing and all their products are made with the highest quality material in the UK.

Wood & Meadow

If you’re a business professional who requires the right coat to fit your everyday attire there is no better place to choose from than Wood and Meadows. They specialize in work-wear clothing and are made in Blackburn, Lancashire with affordable and fair pricing.

  • Winter is coming and now you know where to get those overcoats for the evenings.
  • The fair pricing and high-quality work make this brand stand out and have become the most preferred working attire.
  • Their coats are meant for the outdoors in style, their gardening collection will not only keep you comforted and warm, but they are also easy to move around with.

What’s in it for you

They work with one garment at a time making sure all the work on your jacket is on point, leaving you with the best customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Wood and meadow are known for the high-quality fair-priced collection of everyday and outdoor coats.
  • All coats are made in the UK with 2-3x as their mark up making this one of the top affordable designer work coats in the market.

Celtic & Co

Celtic and co made it to my list for their exclusive sheepskin coats made in the UK. They’re a luxury brand that makes 100 percent sheepskin material which is light in weight but is warmer than most of the other jackets.

  • If you’re into sheepskin clothing trust it doesn’t get better than this.
  • They’re experts in crafting sheepskin and have been making sheepskin slippers, boots, and accessories in Cornwall for over 30 years.

What’s in it for you

If you’re looking for light material but yet warmer than thicker coats, that's what Celtic and Co jackets are all about. Perfect for mobility during winters.

Key Features

  • Celtic & Co is an international UK luxury clothing brand that specializes in 100 per cent of sheepskin products.
  • They are based out of Cornwall for over 30 years and have gained fame around the world for their light but yet warm quality clothing.

David Nieper

David Nieper is one of the largest British fashion house designers and manufacturing luxury women’s clothing brands, which are based out of Derbyshire.

  • I’ve been making amazing coats and knitwear for over fifty years now and are a go-to by most women.
  • Every set of the manufacturing process their own label garments takes place at their studio and workrooms in Alfreton.
  • They work closely with British designers and manufacturers and expertise for sourcing the best natural materials.

What’s in it for you

Their timeless classic collections are something you must check out. They combine the best of British design with excellent quality workmanship to ensure timeless International appeal.

Key Features

  • David Neiper is a luxury women’s clothing brand that is based out of Derbyshire and has been in business for over 50 years with timeless quality work.
  • All their coats are hand finished with the most authentic feel and attention to detail.

Which British brand has the best coats?

Blackshore has the best coats in the UK. This Suffolk brand is extremely popular for it's causal wear, knitwear and most importantly coats. Not only is it comfortable but it also helps combat both rain and the cold. All of Blackshore's style take inspiration from their coasts and sailors.

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