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13 Best Baby Bike Trailers 2024

by Shopify API on Jun 11, 2024

Best Baby Bike Trailers UK

My sister is busy all the time. if she's not working, she's taking care of her babies. She barely gets any time to workout. When it started taking a toll on her health, I searched for potential solution and found the perfect piece of equipment: A baby bike trailer. Check out our list of the Best Baby Bike Trailers UK.

Bike trailers are made so that sporty parents can bring their kids with them while engaging in different sports activity, especially if your kids are not quite ready to be on their own bike yet. But not all bike trailers are good as they don't have a lot of safety features. Which is why we've compiled a list of the Best Baby Bike Trailers UK out there.

With these Bike trailers, you don’t have to worry about them missing out on family biking activities.

After reviewing more than 50 of the most popular baby buke trailers based on various factors like design, function, features, performance and price, I zeroed in on 10 that really stood out. These 10 were further put through a series of stress tests to find the best. We determined that:

The Twins Bicycle Trailer is one of the best baby bike trailers in the UK. Not only does it have two seats but it also has exceptional storage capacity. Additionaly it comes with various weather proof covers. This Twins Bicycle trailer also has a relatively sturdy frame, which can help when riding on uneven paths.

Best Baby Bike Trailers UK 2021

Double Child Bike Trailer

#1 -- Twins Bicycle Trailer

This bike trailer is perfect for two kids. Take you lovely kids with you in this durable and steady steel framed trailer that is easy to store and assemble.

  • It has two seats where you can bring your kids along, the front seat has a pedal which they can use to help their parent move along while the rear seat has a footrest which can help them to just relax and enjoy the ride.
  • It also has storage at the back which you can use to stock up supplies while on the ride. 

Key Features:

  • 2 Seats
  • The front seat has pedal and the back seat has a footrest
  • Storage space

#2 -- Bike Tandem Trailer

This trailer features a 20 inch back wheels and 12-inch front wheel that a full suspension and shock absorption system which makes it the perfect choice for uneven terrain rides. This is one of the Best Baby Bike Trailers UK

  • It has enough room for 2 kids and supports up to 88 lbs. 
  • The sling-style pocketed seat has a five-point safety harness that would ensure your children’s protection.
  • An all-weather canopy with mesh and plastic covering is also designed to help your kids be protected from both sun and rain.  

Key Features:

  • 20 inch back wheels
  • Has a 5 point safety harness
  • All-weather canopy

#3 -- 2-in-1 Jogger Trailer

The perfect trailer for the sporty parent is here. This item can be used either as a jogger or trailer. This useful trailer makes it into the list Best Baby Bike Trailers UK because of its amazing versatility.

  • Its high-quality materials can safely and comfortably transport a maximum load of 100 lb.
  • It comes with a foot bar that protects your child’s feet. It can also easily pack and stored with its foldable design.

Key Features:

  • Maximum load of 100 lbs
  • Footrest
  • Foldable design

#4 -- Wide window Trailer

Children will surely have a fun time overlooking the view while on a trip with this trailer.

  • It has a two-in-one canopy with big screen and weather shield option.
  • Its material made up of lightweight aluminium alloy makes it easier to attach to almost any bicycle. 

Key Features:

  • Two in one canopy
  • Weather shield
  • Lightweight material

#5 -- Versatile Bike Trailer

Take your kids out for a ride with this trailer designed to protect your kids from environmental elements.

  • It has a bug screen and weather shield.
  • These bike trailers are made from waterproof polyester, this trailer will certainly be helpful during the rainy season. Its foldable storage at the back fits all your kids’ needs. 

Key Features:

  • Bug screen
  • Weather shield
  • Foldable storage

#6 -- 3-in-1 trailer

This convenient trailer can be transformed as a bike trailer, stroller or jogger. It has a removable front wheel making it easier to attach to most bikes.

  • The top cover, mesh window and tinted side windows protects babies from dust particles, rain, sun and bugs.
  • Designed with comfortable seatbelts and footrest, your child will surely enjoy this ride.
  • This trailer is great for outdoor use, be it in the neighbourhood, parks or trails.

Key Features:

  • Removable front wheel
  • Weather Shield
  • Designed for comfort

#7 -- Children’s Bike Trailer/Jogger

This compact and easy to tow trailer is perfect for your family’s next cycling bonding experience.

  • This foldable framed trailer converts easily into a bike trailer, jogger or stroller.
  • It has reflectors in front and rear sides and a five-point seat belt for extra safety.   

Key Features:

  • A foldable frame that coverts into a trailer, jogger or a stroller
  • Reflectors on the sides and rear
  • Five-point seat belt

#8 -- Kids Outdoor Wagon

Parents who want to maintain their active lifestyle and influence it on their kids will certainly love this trailer.

  • It has durable inflatable wheels and a front tire that include a locking swivel and a full suspension system.
  • This outdoor wagon has a hand lock brake system to ensure your kids’ safety even when parked. 
  • With a weight limit if just 121 lbs, you can hit the open road without discomfort.

Key Features:

  • Durable and Inflatable wheels
  • Full suspension system
  • Handlock brake system

Single Child Bike Trailer

#9 -- Stroller Bicycle

This one of a kind trailer gives you an option to see your child in front while cycling. A very unique yet amazing feat of engineering. This is certainly the best of the Best Baby Bike Trailers UK.

  • It gives you the option if you want them seated or lying down. This is perfect for parents of newborn babies who cannot sit upright yet.
  • This foldable bike is more stable than a traditional bike because it has three wheels, making it sturdier and easier to control your direction; this stroller bicycle is perfect even for moms who cannot ride a normal bicycle.

Key Features:

  • Seated or lying down option
  • Foldable

#10 -- Kids Bicycle Trailer 

Create memorable moments with your family without fear of anyone getting left behind.

  • This trailer has a comfortable padded seat for 1 little passenger complete with a five-point harness to make sure that your rider is protected in tow or in stroller mode.
  • It has a 2-in-1 bug shield canopy to protect them on both rain and sun. A rear vent window is also designed to ensure breathability inside the trailer.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable padded seats
  • 5 point harness
  • 2 modes: tow and stroller
  • 2 in one bug shield canopy
  • reader window

#11 -- Thule Chariot Cross Trailer

  • Thule Trailers are one of the best baby bike trailers that are durable as well as comfortable for babies. 
  • It can carry upto 22 kgs and has a seatbelt for protection as well. 
  • This Thule trailer also has a handle on the back to push the trailer and also has a storage option at the back.

Key features:

  • 22 kgs weight
  • Extra storage
  • Durable
  • Push handle

#12 -- Burley Unisex MY16 Bee 2-Seater Bike

  • This Burley trailer is customised and has bolt-on wheels. It has a 2 in 1 waterproof cover made with long lasting materials.
  •  It’s a two seater that has a tinted side and a rare window.
  • It can be easily stored and transported if required as it can be folded.

Key features:

  • Easy storage
  • Two seater
  • Good ventilation

#13 -- Hamax Traveller Child Bike Trailer

  • Hamax Traveller child trailer is easy to fold, unfold and transport. It’s one of the most affordable trailers for babies.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to install. It also has a storage compartment at the back.
  • Children above 6 months of age can use this trailer. 

Key features:

  • Easy installation
  • Easy transport
  • Lightweight
  • Storage compartment

How we tested the baby bike trailers

We tested 20+ baby trailers and looked for their durability, utility and features. We also checked if they’re lightweight, easy to transport and fold for storage. We tried to avoid trailers that were low-cost unless they had extra ordinary features. We selected well established brands and tested all the features. The sturdiness of all the baby trailers were given great focus as we didn't want the trailer to topple. It was judged for a period of 10 days and then the best ones were picked.

How to Choose the best Baby Bike Trailers


There are trailers that can be used for biking, running and even skiing. Instead of purchasing separate trailers for each activity, a convertible trailer might save you the money.


You also might want to consider where you would usually use the trailer. Is it going to be mostly for paved roads? Then there would be no need for you to spend extra for suspension. On the hand, if you are going off-road, then suspension would be a great help not just for your child’s safety but also for their comfortability. 

Storage space

How long would you be out on the road? How many kids are you bringing with you? Having a toddler sometimes you need to bring a lot of stuff with such as diapers, feeding bottles, snacks, extra clothes. One thing to consider is space. You don’t want to have a cranky child, stuffed in with all those things especially if you are going out to do some grocery shopping.


Of course, this is even more fundamental than storage space. You will have to decide on a single or a double trailer depend on the number of children you have. While single trailers are light and easy to manoeuvre, double trailers can provide more space and options if your planning on having a second child. It also does offer an amazing amount of space.

Seats and Wheels

If you will be out with your kid/s for a long time you need to consider the comfortability of their seats. You need to make sure that there is enough room for leg space and their security while inside the trailer. With safety in mind, of course, you’ll have to check and have good quality wheels in order to prevent accidents from happening.


Trailers aren't extremely expensive. They can start anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds. However, the higher-end ones can go up to about a grand. This is one of those products where quality and features are directly proportional to the price. For example, The lower-end ones are enough to ride on the pavements and safe roads. However, they lack a lot of features.

The more expensive trailers come with a much sturdier build that is customizable features. For example, it can be converted to a jogger or a stroller. Most importantly, the higher-end trailers come with good safety features.

External Covers

External covers to prevent the rain and sun are extremely important as babies are sensitive to these external factors. So, it's important to invest in trailers that can guard your child when you take them outside. Ideally you should invest in zip covers as velcro covers might detach when wet.

What is the best baby bike trailer?

The Bike Tandem Trailer is one of the best baby bike trailers out there. It has a 5 point safety harness for your child and more than enough space. It also has a maximum load capacity of 88lbs so it quite sturdy.
This trailer comes with a All weather shield. So, it's definitely the best for your little one.

Are bike trailers Safe for Babies?

It is always nice to share the things that you love with your kids. Introducing an outdoor lifestyle will be great bonding experience for both parents and kids. Theses trailers give parents a chance to maintain their active lifestyle even after having kids.
So, yes. These trailers are built for safety as long as you ride responsibly. Generally, heavy traffic areas and extremely uneven mountain terrain would be a bad idea.
Check out out list of the Best Baby Bike Trailers UK for all the details.

What age can a baby go in a bike trailer?

Minimum age to go on a bike trailer is 6 months to 1 year and above. It’s advisable to check instructions of the baby bike trailers for age guidance as it varies from trailer to trailer.

Can a 6 month old go in a bike trailer?

Yes, in a few bike trailers, a 6 month old can go. However, check the instructions of the baby trailer to see if it’s okay to go for your baby’s age or not.

Should I get a single or double bike trailer?

Single bike trailer is easy as it’s lightweight, narrow, easy to fold and transport for a single child. However, go for a double one if you have two kids and it also allows for luggage.

Should babies wear helmets in bike trailers?

Yes, it’s a good habit to wear a helmet in bike trailers as it can avoid accidents and protect him as well

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