Is Shapiro MD Shampoo Worth it? My 2 Cents

by Shopify API on Jul 06, 2024

Shapiro MD Shampoo

Are you looking for a shampoo that will help to improve the health of your hair? Shapiro MD may be the perfect choice for you.

This shampoo is designed to help strengthen hair, reduce breakage, and add shine. It is also free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Read our Shapiro MD Shampoo Review to know more details.

Is Shapiro MD Shampoo a Scam?

Yes, that's right. You don't need a fluffy answer when it comes to hair loss. You want a straight answer! Many Shapiro MD reviews rave about how the shampoo magically grows hair. This is something I doubt any other shampoo can do. 6.8 million Americans are still affected by Alopecia Areata, regardless of what shampoo they use.

Alopecia can be triggered by many factors, including hormones, genetics, and stress. Therefore, it is more than just a topical treatment that will provide long-term results. Minoxidil is not recommended for long-term use. It only addresses the symptoms and not the root cause.

The good news is that you can improve your scalp health and hair health with the right combination of ingredients. It's also less likely to break down and fall out. The right shampoo can also help with bald patches.

LA Says: Shapiro nurtures the scalp, maintains healthy hair, and encourages new growth. It's not a scam. It promises to do exactly what it says: "Helps maintain your hair and make your hair thicker and fuller". It would help if you were cautious about where you purchase it. Learn more about Shapiro MD and how it works to treat hair loss. Also, how to avoid shipping scams by not buying directly!

What is Shapiro MD Shampoo and Conditioner?

This hair-thinning shampoo is a top pick on many best hair loss shampoos lists. It's not something I have paid much attention to. I was able to use Nioxin, which worked well for me. However, after reading a lot about Shapiro, I can see why all the fuss.

Shapiro MD was established in 2011 by Dr. Steven Shapiro and Dr. Michael Bornenstein. Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Bornenstein, and Dr. Shapiro studied the effects of DHT in hair follicles for five years and then created a triple action hair care formula that they patented to prevent hair loss.

What did you get? The result? Shapiro is one of the best shampoos and conditioners that focuses on thinning hair. However, it can be used for any hair type.

5 Benefits of Shapiro Shampoo

You might ask, What's the point? Great question. This post isn't about how intelligent dermatologists in lab coats can be. It's about whether or not shampoos can help with hair loss.

First, I will outline five reasons it is a great product. Then I'll show you how it works.

  1. Shapiro MD is an effective natural DHT blocker. (And, as we'll soon see, blocking DHT can be linked to hair loss.
  2. It rejuvenates hair follicles and promotes thicker, longer, fuller hair.
  3. Each hair loss treatment includes FDA-approved, clinically proven hair-loss ingredients that are NATURAL!
  4. One of these all-natural ingredients stimulates the growth of stem cells, even though the hair follicle may be "dying".
  5. The antioxidants in Shapiro MD's products help maintain a healthier scalp and overall hair health.

Science Bit: How Shapiro MD Works

Let me give you some science. DHT is dihydrotestosterone, which is a metabolite. This is the fancy name for what testosterone is broken down into. While some DHT is necessary for promoting hair regrowth and development, too much is not good.

Why? When it reaches hair follicles, DHT attaches to your receptors (which act as sensors). The receptor tells the hair to protect itself and to shrink or retreat. It then sends the hair a message, telling it to go away.

This causes the hair follicle to weaken more and more until it shrinks to the point that it (and the visible portion of the strand, the hair shaft) are no longer viable. It might not be able to grow back due to various autoimmune conditions.

Too much DHT can lead to:

  • Reduce hair follicles
  • Reduce their hair growth cycle
  • You will have brittle hair that falls out
  • Make it difficult for your hair follicles to grow new inches.

Yikes! DHT can lead to fast-track male-pattern hair loss.

What can Shapiro do to help? It works as a DHT-blocking Shampoo. Therefore, it can stop the DHT from attaching to the receptor by prohibiting DHT.

What Makes Shapiro MD So Unique?

Many shampoos block DHT (but not Nioxin). The following is what sets Shapiro apart.

1. Natural Ingredients

Shampoos used to thin hair contain harsh chemicals, which inhibit DHT production. These chemicals can cause itchiness, irritation, headaches, or dizziness.

Shapiro MD uses only three naturally occurring DHT inhibitors: green tea, caffeine, and saw palmetto. This proprietary triple-action formula gives the hair a new message: You shouldn't go away, you should stay!

These natural ingredients are:

  • Block DHT
  • Send a positive message to the receiver
  • Help repair the damage already done

These active ingredients stimulate the growth of new hair stem cells, even if they have been damaged by too much testosterone or its bi-products (i.e., DHT). It is a natural way to grow hair than harsh chemicals like minoxidil.

Shapiro is also paraben-free, sulfate-free, and animal-friendly. It's a good thing to know.

What Makes Shapiro MD So Unique

2. Experts make it happen

Shapiro is also unique to other hair-thinning shampoos, as it was developed by dermatologists and not canny marketing types like Keranique. Customers and medical professionals alike have positive Shapiro MD reviews.

Shapiro MD Ingredients

We now know the basics of DHT. Let's dive in deeper to learn about natural ingredients that can block it.

Side note: Shapiro MD may include oral Finasteride and minoxidil depending on the treatment chosen. These things are not my favorite, so I will focus on the natural products, Shapiro shampoo, conditioner, and foam.

Shapiro MD has 3 natural DHT-blockers in its triple-action formula.


Although it may not be suitable for your adrenals, caffeine effectively boosts blood flow and encourages new hair growth when applied topically. It is absorbed super fast into the skin and deposited in hair follicles.

Studies have shown that even low levels of caffeine are as adequate as topical minoxidil for the 6-month mark. Caffeine helps blood flow and can help nutrients-starved cells replenish. It's not a bad cup of coffee.

Green Tea Polyphenols, (EGCG).

Green tea may be used to increase your energy levels. It can be applied topically to extend the anagen phase. It's a good thing since the anegan phase of hair growth is when it happens.

Shapiro MD Ingredients

Oh, and EGCG is also capable of preventing DHT from ever forming. It can also inhibit the receptor that it must bind to perform its evil deeds. Go green! Green tea is the best!

Saw Palmetto Berry Extract (SPBE)

You're probably familiar with saw palmetto, a hair loss shampoo that can be used to reduce hair fall. Although it has been used in folk medicine for centuries, its anti-androgenetic properties have made it a household favorite in recent years. (FYI: Androgens refer to male sex hormones, including testosterone and DHT.

It inhibits the 5-alpha enzyme, which helps to produce DHT. Saw palmetto contains powerful antioxidants that protect hair follicles and repair the damage. Berry is delicious.

Does Shapiro MD Work?

What Dermatologists Have to Say

What are the results of Shapiro MD? Dr. Nicole claims that customers will notice the difference in just one month.

  • Thicker hair
  • Fuller hair
  • Less hair loss

Dr. Michael Borenstein is the co-creator and inventor of the patented formula. He says that Shapiro MD's ingredients provide accurate, positive results for patients.

Does Shapiro MD Work

Then there's Dr. Steven Shapiro, the man behind the shampoo. He loves his name so much that he even put it on the label. Dr. Shapiro is a dermatologist with more than 25 years of experience treating skin, hair, and nail conditions.

While I doubt he is an expert in dermatology, I have seen many trichologists and dermatologists who do not know the subject. However, this gives him credibility over other hair loss shampoo brands. (Such as Nioxin now manufactured by P&G).

Dr. Shapiro is so optimistic and excited about his product that it's difficult not to believe its potential.

What Customer Reviews Said

All board-certified dermatologists can be great. Their opinions are weighty, and Shapiro MD shampoos for thin hair are a top pick. These Shapiro MD shampoo reviews may be biased, but they are the ones who make it!

What do customers think? Shapiro's formula is what they use to slay their heads.

The first is the user in the video. (This isn't very objective again.) However, I loved the comments of the older gentleman about very unusual hairs popping out...with no color, they were all very white.

These vellus hairs, a classic sign of regrowing hair, can be found in my post about alopecia regrowth. These hairs don't always stay around, but they indicate that your follicles can still produce new hair.

shapiro md hair growth shampoo review

Shapiro dermatologists claim that the three-action shampoo/conditioner results in thicker and fuller hair within a matter of a month. Is this too good to be true, Perhaps? These claims are supported by many customer reviews on Amazon, YouTube, and other sites.

LA Says: These reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt. It is possible to fake reviews and gets people to do favors - one Shapiro MD review claims that people are given a free supply and can leave glowing testimonials. Although some complain that it is a waste of time, the worst side effect is that they don't report it working. What are you going to lose? It works! There are positive reviews that it has performed fast, so it might be worth trying.

How to Use Shapiro MD For Hair Loss

Shapiro shampoos and conditioners are gentle and contain only natural ingredients. You can use them all day. You will notice the results if you use the set for at least one month.

Some customers leave the products on for three minutes before washing off. Others noticed too much buildup and decided to rinse the product for only one minute. Find what works for you.

There are many more products, but they don't always exist. The cleanser and conditioner should be enough to see results. You could also try Shapiro, which can be used with a Folexin hair growth supplement. Could you read my review of that brand here?

If you are interested, you can also check out Shapiro's other products like natural supplements or less-than-natural growth pills. The Natural Kit includes shampoo, conditioner, and foam. The foam can be used by pumping the bottle twice and applying it to your hair every day. You don't need to rinse.

Most Popular Products: Shapiro Shampoo & Conditioner

I have already spoken about the benefits of Shapiro, but the main product, the shampoo, and the conditioner are the best products to purchase if you are new to the brand.

Both men and women can use both to prevent excessive DHT from entering the body. Experts agree that this is what can cause hair loss. More than 95% of hair fall in men is due to male pattern baldness or androgenetic hair loss. Two-thirds of American men will experience hair loss before the age of 35. Around 8 million women in the UK suffer from hair loss. It's not surprising that they would appreciate some help to stop it!

Most Popular Products Shapiro Shampoo & Conditioner

Shapiro's three-action hair care method to block DHT does precisely that. It even stops it completely. It can stop or slow down genetic hair loss and nourish the scalp.

Other Products Shapiro Foam and Minoxidil Serum Finasteride & Supplements

These guys are not only known for their top-selling shampoos, but they also have other products that promoting hair growth. (Like a healthy gut. As you probably know, I support this. You can also purchase hair regrowth kits, including many of these products.

  1. Shapiro Finasteride Pills - Also known as Propecia, Finasteride is FDA-approved for male-pattern hair fall and baldness. You should always consult your doctor before taking Finasteride.
  2. Leave-In Foam: Honestly? This foam is not as effective as shampoo, but it can be used in place of shampoo.
  3. Men's 5% minoxidil serum: I wouldn't say I like minoxidil. It gave me headaches and made me dizzy. Each person is different, so make sure to check with your doctor.
  4. Shapiro Hairbiotics Supplements - I'm taking other supplements, so I haven't tried these yet. These supplements contain beta-glucans, which help maintain good bacteria in your stomach. This enables you to absorb nutrients essential for hair and skin health.
  5. Laser Regrowth Cap: Shapiro offers Laser Phototherapy, a powerful method to combat hair loss. It's not something I have tried, but it seems that the iRestore one is the most popular on Amazon.

Where can you purchase additional Shapiro products? All the products mentioned above are available directly from their manufacturer. However, I don't recommend them after reading the comments. See the comment section below. Amazon has some fantastic deals on shampoo and conditioner.

Side Effects: Is Shapiro MD Safe?

The short answer is that it depends on which products you use. Harmful side effects are rare because shampoo, conditioner, and foam ingredients are naturally occurring. (As I mentioned, only one negative Amazon review said it didn't work.

I think you have nothing to lose. You can either get the Natural Kit or the shampoo and conditioner, but they aren't too expensive, so you might want to give them a try for a few months.

LA Says:Be aware that side effects can occur if you use the oral Finasteride or serum with minoxidil. If you aren't sure, consult your doctor/dermatologist. Don't use Shapiro products if you're pregnant/breastfeeding due to their hormonal imbalance.

Shapiro MD vs. Rogaine

Although some Shapiro products contain minoxidil, the shampoo and conditioner do not. They are my favorite because they don't have minoxidil.

Rogaine, a brand name for minoxidil, has never been tried by me. However, I have used the topical 5% solution. It caused me severe headaches and dizziness. Although I did see a tiny bit of fuzz (vellus hairs), they weren't lasting long and were not worth the pain.

Shapiro MD vs. Rogaine

I tried Nioxin, which I liked, but which does not block DHT. Shapiro does, however, block DHT. It does this naturally.

Shapiro Shapiro MD regrow hair shampoo is, in my opinion, a safer choice than Rogaine. You could also add a few drops of peppermint essential oils to the shampoo. This oil is as effective in animal testing as minoxidil.

A Quick Review: The Pros and Cons of Shapiro


  • Natural hair growth DHT-blockers
  • All hair types are welcome
  • Dermatologists developed this product
  • FDA-approved
  • There are no parabens or sulfates
  • Both men and women can work together
  • Rapid results: Notifiable in a month


  • The FDA has not approved this product (just some ingredients).
  • Minoxidil is found in some products, but others consider it a pro.
  • It is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing
  • It's not cheap, but it's affordable.
  • There are numerous reports of poor customer service and fraud in direct sales.


What Is The Wait Time Before I Start Seeing Results?

Although results will vary depending on each person, many Shapiro customers see a significant difference in their before and after effects after only a month.

Where Can I Purchase Shapiro MD?

The various treatments can be purchased directly from Shapiro's website. Amazon offers great deals on larger quantities. You can also buy the individual products or kits at your local Walgreens and Walmart.

Does Shapiro Contain Minoxidil?

The shampoo and conditioner are not the same. Only the Men's Minoxidil Serum 5% does this; all other products are natural.

A Quick Review The Pros and Cons of Shapiro

Can I use Shapiro if I'm Pregnant?

Unfortunately, no. Pregnant or lactating mothers should not use these products, as they can cause hormonal problems for unborn or nursing babies.

What Is The Cost of This?

A 9.5oz shampoo/conditioner set is less than $70 and can be purchased for one month. It's often cheaper to keep a few months of stockpiles.


This Shapiro MD shampoo is excellent for restoring hair health and appearance, and it will keep your hair protected from damage. Whether you want to improve the appearance of your hair or only wish to promote hair growth and healthy this shampoo is an excellent choice.

However, it is not recommended for color-treated hair. If you are looking for an effective shampoo to strengthen your hair and prevent damage, then this product may be an excellent choice for you.

Thank you for reading this resTORbio review. Please share any questions or comments with us in the comment section below if you have any questions or comments.