Ion vs Wella Hair Color - My Choice 2024

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Is Ion Better than Wella?|||||

Hair coloring can be perilous, especially if you're unsure of whether your new style will suit you.

You must choose the hue that complements your skin tone and a high-quality brand. Maintaining your new look is a significant commitment if your color fades quickly.

Find a color that complements your style, stays in your hair for a long time, and also takes good care of your hair, avoiding breakage or damage to leave a healthy and natural look.

Aspect Ion Wella
Product Range Offers a diverse range of hair color products, including permanent, semi-permanent, and demi-permanent options Provides a comprehensive line of professional hair color products, including permanent and demi-permanent options
Color Options Features a wide variety of shades and tones for different hair coloring needs Offers a range of rich and vibrant color options, with a focus on professional-grade formulations
Target Audience Targets individuals seeking at-home hair coloring solutions with a variety of color choices Caters to professional stylists and salons, as well as individuals looking for high-quality hair color
Application Designed for at-home use, providing user-friendly application and convenience Geared towards professional use, offering precise application and customizable color results
Pricing Positioned as an affordable and accessible brand Positioned as a premium, high-quality hair color brand
Popular Products Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Color, Ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Hair Color Wella Koleston Perfect Permanent Hair Color, Wella Color Touch Demi-Permanent Hair Color
Marketing Approach Emphasizes a wide range of color options and at-home convenience Focuses on professional-grade formulations and customizable color results
Availability Widely available through beauty supply stores, drugstores, and online platforms Available through professional beauty supply stores, salons, and authorized retailers

When it comes to keeping your hair looking young and healthy, stylists highly recommend Ion and Wella.

But which one should you go for?

Wella & Ion History

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ion hair color

When it comes to hair coloring, Ion is one of the top brands. Currently, Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc., which provides goods to more than 5,000 stores globally, owns them.

In Louisiana, the inaugural business venture was launched in 1964. The company first produced hair care items, then expanded into skincare and nail care.

Because they are renowned for taking into account both your skin and hair, they continue to generate the majority of their income from hair coloring.

They firmly think that the scalp plays a significant role in maintaining the health and naturalness of your color as well as the health of your hair.

To offer you a confident, long-lasting natural look, they work hard to provide a color that precisely matches your skin tone. Even an app exists to match your skin tone to colors.

Ion differs from the majority of other hair color brands because to this idea.


wella hair color

Wella was founded in 1880, making it one of the oldest cosmetics companies in existence. Franz Stoher, a hairstylist and wig maker headquartered in Rothenkirchen, Germany, is where it all started.

However, the German word "wella" served as the inspiration for the Wella brand name, which wasn't created until 1924.

The company initially focused on perming and cleaning soaps for hair before expanding into bleaching and hair coloring later.

In 1974, Wella acquired the German hair coloring company Kadus and simultaneously introduced their System Professional line of scalp care products into high-end salons as a result of the company's rising popularity.

Even now, some of these items are used in the workplace.

Ion Vs Wella General

  • While operating under its own name, the Wella corporation also owns or holds stock in numerous other well-known hair care businesses, including Londa, Kadus, SebMan, weDO, Clairol, and GHD.
  • Wella today employs over 6,000 people and does business in more than 100 nations.
  • Ion offers 120 color choices to complement every skin tone or haircut.

How Good is Ion Hair Color

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Finding the best, long-lasting color is crucial to maintaining the youthful, organic, and healthy appearance of your hair.

When it comes to touch-ups, a high-quality color will also save you plenty of time. When it comes to permanent hair coloring, Ion and Wella are both top manufacturers. Which, though, is best for you?

Ion provides the Permanent Color Crème line, which is intended to both color and revitalize the hair's makeup, locking in the color and reducing breakage.

The Koleston Perfect Permanent Hair Color line from Wella is designed to conceal gray hair, last longer, and hydrate and elevate dry hair.


For conditioning and bleaching the hair, both brands call for a 50/50 mixture of developer and hair color.

The hair won't absorb as much color without the developer, and the color can be more prone to fading.

It certainly depends on what level "up to" covers as both products claim "up to 100% gray hair covering."

Although both brands are well-known for conditioning hair to give it more body and shine, they also have excellent recommendations for working with gray or white hair.


You may feel good about your hair color because the Wella product does not use animal ingredients or subject animals to animal testing.

Additionally, because it doesn't contain any radicals like superoxide anion, hydrogen peroxide, or nitric oxide, it gives the hair strength and protection, exactly like a conditioner.

This promotes color absorption and locks it in for a longer-lasting effect on the hair.

The Ployquaternium-6 and vitamin C-rich Ion product is designed to keep hair moisturized and mend cracks that develop in individual hair strands using the color formula.

This lessens static created by dry and damaged hair and prolongs the time the color will stay in place.

The Wella Koleston line is also made without harsh chemicals, making it better for persons who frequently experience skin reactions or allergies when dyeing their hair as well as friendlier to the scalp.


Here, the Ion product triumphs. It is especially made to help cure and condition dry, aging hair so that it will continue to feel silky and look sleek for a longer period of time.

Because the conditioning composition helps to hold in moisture and color, your hair will feel and look fantastic without static.

However, you might want to think about the Wella alternative if regular dying causes skin irritation for you. This is free of some of the dangerous chemicals and scents that can make sensitive skin itchy and inflamed.

Is Wella a Good Hair Color

wella products

It's a terrific company, Wella. It is the primary hue and bleach that we use at my job. It is really reasonably priced and holds up amazingly well! Wella is quite simple to use and wash off. This is not one of the items that doesn't cover gray well. It streamlines the difficult process of gray coverage as much as possible. For this brand, shine and vibrancy are no problem. It will always look fantastic, no matter what.

Can You Mix Wella and Ion

The Ion fortifies hair while lightening the tone using keratin and natural seed extracts.

The Wella was created to produce a multi-tonal, sun-kissed coloring that works best on blonde hair, especially if you prefer natural color tones than a single flat hue.

Ion vs Wella Bleach

Always combine your selected color with a developer before dyeing your hair. This lessens how harsh the dye's chemicals are, keeping your hair conditioned and silky.

It functions by producing a barrier across the hair strands to hold onto moisture and stop possible dehydration brought on by the dye.

Ion and Wella both provide hair developers that use a 50/50 solution.

When used with Koleston hair colors, Wella's Koleston Perfect 20 Volume Crème Developer amplifies the effects of color. It's simple to apply at home; a salon is not necessary.

Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Creme Developer is the Ion equivalent. Again, this is simple to use from the comfort of your home and can lighten your hair by up to three degrees.


Both items offer reasonable financial value and let you express your color for a lot longer than other common coloring goods on the market.

They are gentle on hair and aid in releasing your hair's full HDC potential, which supports the structure of your hair and gives you a gorgeous mix.

This indicates that both developers do admirably at adding highlights or hiding gray hair.


Because the Wella solution is "drip-free," you have considerably more control over how much you apply at home without worrying about unpleasant stains or ugly skin slips.

All hair types, from dry to oily, can use it. However, it advises advise using this for drier hair types for optimal results because to the thicker consistency and conditioning qualities.

Wheat germ extracts in the Ion option serve to fill up the protein voids left by hair breakages.

Additionally, it soothes the scalp and might lessen inflammation, which is beneficial if you have sensitive skin around your neck and ears.

Are Wella and Ion color brilliance dyes considered the same as box dye?

Your hair's tone and color are fantastic thanks to the color brilliance. You might need to apply a leave-in conditioner more frequently because after a few usage, it might make the hair feel dry and brittle.

The Wella color works wonders on gray hair and is made to moisturize damaged hair.

The solution is a good one if you're going to the salon for color treatment, though it can be challenging to use without producing a mess.

Ion gives hair a better, more vibrant color, but it can also harm the hair in various ways. While the Wella won't last as long, it will make your hair healthier.


Overall, Wella is more readily available throughout the world and is more frequently suggested by hairdressers for color treatment.

It has fewer dangerous chemicals, which keeps your hair moisturized and replenishes the protein lost during coloring and styling.

In order to aid in future hair development and thickness, the products also make sure the scalp is healthy and nourished.

The Ion products, however, offer a broader variety of options and come with a color chart to assist you properly match your new hairstyle with your skin tone, allowing you to look completely natural.

Additionally, they offer solutions designed especially for allergic and sensitive skin, which caters to the skin much more effectively.