How do I stop my hair from smelling burnt after straightening it?

by Shopify API on Jul 06, 2024


You must be wondering why my hair stinks after being straightened.

Because you've been using your iron on wet hair, it can smell. As a result, the hair burns and releases an odor. Or perhaps you've neglected to clean the iron for a while. Remainder and hair products burn because of this. There are still a few other straightener-related topics to cover.

Therefore, don't be misled by these two arguments because there are many more on the list. But to see them all, you must scroll down.

Let's go to those reasons right away:

Why Do My Hair After Straightening Smell Bad?

Your hair may smell terrible for a variety of reasons. The majority of the causes are simple errors I commit when using our straighteners.

why my hair smells bad after straightening

However, there are other elements that could cause the straightened hair to smell.

It's time to quickly review what they are:

Burning Hair Product on the Iron's Edges

I generally apply hair treatments before straightening, though. For instance, you may have used a gel or serum on your hair.

Most likely, you'll plug in your hair straightener next. You then began straightening your hair. Your hair may eventually begin to smell terrible. When you straighten your hair, smoking is the predominant odor.

And the reason why is because the flatiron has some of your hair product stuck inside. So that stuff heats up when the straightener does. It then starts to burn after that. Your hair also picks up that smokey burning fragrance.

This smell doesn’t stick all day though. It will disappear after an hour or so. But it sure can make you concerned.

Not Cleaning Iron After Use

Your straightener is unclean, which is an another explanation. When I mention hair products becoming trapped in the iron, a clean iron would have prevented this.

You neglected to clean the iron after using it, which is why your hair stinks. As a result, occasionally dust, debris, and short, frizzy hair get caught in it. These particles begin to burn as soon as the iron is turned on.

When you use this straightener to straighten your hair, the stench gets into your hair. Then the hair starts to smell burnt or like it was flat ironed.

Utilizing Iron on Wet Hair

hair straightener

You're frequently advised not to straighten wet hair. However, whether intentionally or unintentionally, we have all made this error at some point. Let me explain what happens to wet hair when it is straightened.

Remaining water or moisture in the hair evaporates. But the water is being held by the hair. Thus, the hair is burned first during the process.

We all know that straightening wet or damp hair is impossible.

Therefore, it just harms the hair. Your hair also has a burnt or weed-like odor. Sometimes, even after two or three washing, the stench persists.

However, the fragrance tends to lessen after each wash. till it vanishes entirely.

The temperature of the flat iron is too high.

You might, for instance, set the iron's temperature too high. Perhaps you set it to 200 Celsius. You might have acted in a haste when you did it. And you aimed to straighten the hair as quickly as possible.

Just believe me; I've been there. Additionally, if you have curly hair, this may be a frequent issue for you. So you'll notice the smoke whenever the temperature is set too high. And as a result, your hair smells skunky and smokey.

The Hair is Smelling from Hair Spray

There are many different hair sprays available on the market. However, some of them do smell bad. It's not necessarily a good thing. So if your hair smells unpleasant after straightening and you're trying a new hairspray, it might be the cause.

On occasion, the iron smell and the spray fragrance are combined. They combine to leave a bad fragrance in your hair.

Iron's ceramic plate or protective layer is flaking off.

You might have been using iron for a while now. We therefore assume that you are aware of the ceramic plate that is attached to the iron.

Actually, that is the iron's outer layer of defense. It helps shield the hair from being damaged by heat. But it also has a lifespan. The layer may fall off if you've been using the same iron for a while.

Your hair is exposed to direct heat when the ceramic plate or layer is removed. As a result, your hair burns and has a sulfurous aftertaste after using the flatiron.

Iron Has Been Electrically Connected for a Very Long Time Without Use

To turn on the straightener, I simply plug it to any electrical grid. After that, I wait for the straightener to heat up for a while.

I begin ironing out our hair as soon as it reaches the proper temperature. However, there is a set amount of time that must pass before straightening it. The iron won't function if you start straightening too quickly. because the heat is insufficient to straighten your hair.

The straightener may occasionally become overheated. as a result of the prolonged warmth. And in this instance, the ceramic plate begins to burn.

It doesn't heat up the hair, which is why it burns the plate. However, the heat is still more than sufficient. As a result, it burns itself without spreading the heat. The plate consequently burns off.

Therefore, the fragrance of straightened hair is terrible.

Hair Straightening for A Longer Time than Usual

We occasionally have a tendency to straighten our hair for longer. But sometimes it's not necessary.

It's possible that you have a date or a busy day. So you aim to have absolutely straight hair. In light of this, you have been straightening your hair for a while.

But the reality is that things only grow worse. because doing too much harm can result in hair. The hair will also smell bad.

Lightly mist your body and hair.

Mist spray is another quick fix for burnt-smelling hair. Grab one of your hydrating body mists. then thoroughly shake the bottle.

Now shield your eyes and face. Then immediately mist your hair with it. however while spraying, keep a 6-inch distance.

Most body mists smell lightly fruity. It diffuses a mild scent throughout the hair while lessening the scorched smell.

Put some perfume on your comb.

It is, after all, the quickest fix for your issue. Take your comb, that's what you should do. Bring your preferred perfume next.

Hold the scent 6 inches from the comb after that. And then mist the comb with it. However, take care to keep the spray away from your face and eyes.

You should wait two minutes after spraying. Then use the hairbrush to comb your hair. The unpleasant odor will go right away.

You might need to repeat the treatment if the hair smells terribly bad. In that situation, adhere to the guidance we've provided. Repetition once will be sufficient.

After, apply a little Moroccan oil or serum.

Moroccan oil is hydrating and capable of mending harm. It also smells wonderful. You will fall in love with Moroccan oil once you start using it.

The stench of charred hair will be overpowered by its aroma. Additionally, your hair will smell delicious.

Apply by drizzling 6–8 drops of oil onto your hand. Now combine the two palms of your hands. Then touch your hair with your hands. Keep in mind that you don't want the hair to become oily. All you want is for the odor to disappear. As you apply a serum, use it.

There are many different hair serums available, speaking of serum. The majority of them smell nice. Some even have Moroccan oil in them. Therefore, opt for the serum if you're worried that your hair will become oily.

I've been applying serums. These goods serve more than just pleasant smells though. Similarly, some of them also heal hair damage. They can also help you in the same way.

It's time to administer the serum once you've received it. The serum can be applied in the same way as oil.

Use a nice-smelling hair styling cream and spray.

Styling lotion is one tool you can use to get rid of the fragrance from your hair. The majority of hair creams smell chemically. That may make your hair smell worse than it already does.

However, I've discovered various fragrant products for hair styling. Even some of them are relatively light. It's crucial that you style with a light cream. If not, the leftovers will stay in your hairbrush.

Lint will accumulate in your hairbrush as a result. Look for these hairstyling creams to avoid all that.

Or, to set the hair and smell lovely, apply scented hair sprays.

How can I keep my hair from smelling bad when I straighten it?

straight hair

Preventing smelly hair after straightening is always preferable. You must therefore keep a few fundamental elements in mind. After that, you can say goodbye to straightened hair that smells.

Why wait then? Let's check it out now.

Apply Heat Protection Spray in the Correct Amount

Hairspray can make your hair smell, as you are already aware. Applying the proper amount will therefore help you avoid that.

On the spray bottle or box are instructions. How much to use is stated very clearly. But don't panic if you can't discover the specified sum.

We are also aware of how much to apply. Use just one spritz on short hair. Spray twice on medium-length to long hair. In order to use a hairspray properly, you must also follow the directions.

After use, clean the straightener.

Regular hair straightener cleaning is crucial. Any residue or hair product in it will be easier to get rid of.

Make sure the straightener is unplugged before cleaning it. Then use an alcohol swab to clean it. Then, hold off for five more minutes. Then use a moist cloth to clean the flatiron once more.

Before you plug the iron in, allow it to totally dry. Otherwise, there will be another burning odor.

Ensure that the hair is entirely dry.

Do one item each time you intend to use the iron. Check to see if your hair is entirely dry before straightening.

Blow dry it if it's not entirely dry. Blow-drying will keep the hair straight for 1-2 hours, even if you're in a rush. To achieve it, you must comb the hair from root to tip. Additionally, blow dry it while doing so.

So if you're really pressed for time, you can use it as a substitute. Nevertheless, avoid using the iron on wet hair. Use the iron if you have time after blow-drying. Moreover, straighten the hair.

You've at last discovered a method for eliminating hair straightening odor.

How frequently should a flatiron be changed?

Your flatiron has a 2.5-year lifespan. Change the ceramic plate sooner if it starts to come off before this time. Alternately, every 2.5 years.

What should I do if a layer is coming off of my hair straightener?

The ceramic plate is the layer that is flaking off. Stop using that iron if that has been peeling off on its own.

Get a new one as well.

How long can I straighten my hair before the smell of burnt hair appears?

Well, that depends on how long your hair is. For shorter hair, the time should be no longer than 5 to 10 minutes. It can take 15 minutes for medium hair, and so on.


It appears that you read this article all the way through. Now that you know why my hair smells horrible after being straightened, you can move on.

You also received some solutions with it. So immediately put those to use.