60+ Cute Kawaii Nail Designs And Nail Art Ideas

by Shopify API on Jul 06, 2024

Cute Nail Designs And Nail Art Ideas

Nail art is a creative way to express your personal style. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out resTorbio cute nail designs and nail art ideas. From simple and understated to bold and outrageous, there's something for everyone. So grab your nail polish and get started!

Cute Nail Designs And Nail Art Ideas

1. Pineapple Splash Nail Design

Pineapple Splash Nail Design

This is one of the most popular nail designs you should try if you're looking for cute designs. Tropical prints are in fashion this summer, and women love pineapple nails. This sky blues and pineapples combination makes for a fun nail design, especially if your nails are in vacation mode. This is one of the most popular summer nail designs.

2. The Night Sky - Cute Nail Design

The Night Sky - Cute Nail Design

This cute nail art shows the night sky and is perfect for those looking for creative designs. This new design is ideal for those who love constellations and the moon. To achieve a cute celestial-inspired nail, you must paint delicate stars.

You'll be the star of the evening with your pretty nails. You wouldn't mind the whole night sky shining at your fingertips. Solar nails are a great option if you're looking for something different.

3. Glitter Nails Not matched with Marble Nails

Glitter Nails Not matched with Marble Nails

Glitter nails combined with marble nails are a great way to create cute nails for short nails. Marble nail art can be pretty straightforward, even though it may seem complicated. Two contrasting colors and a dotting tool are all you need. You'll be able to create marble patterns once you master them. Glitter nails are a timeless and fashionable option for nail art.

4. Paint the Undersides

Paint the Undersides

You can paint the undersides to create elegant and simple nail designs. This is a great way to make a statement and not put in a lot of effort. It's great to keep it simple on top but make it funky on the bottom. You can use neutral nail polish on the tip and a bright shade of tangerine for your undersides.

5. You can pamper your inner traveler

You can pamper your inner traveler

You can now show your passion for travel with vintage road maps on the tips of your nails. This is one of the most popular nail designs. Although it looks complex, it is not difficult to create. To create this vibrant nail design, clear polish, rubbing alcohol, and white polish are all you need.

6. Sparkly Nails

Sparkly Nails

Shiny, cute and glamorous nail designs are a winning combination. You can create fantastic nail designs with sparkly nail polishes. Polished nails and fashion nails are always in style, no matter what color. This nail art is easy and gives you the perfect glamour look.

7. Nails with pressed flowers

Nails with pressed flowers

Pressed wildflowers on nails are vintage. You can recreate the '90s trend with tiny flowers and a strong topcoat. To flatten the flowers, press them between two pages of a book before starting the manicure. Simply place the flowers on your nails to get beautiful nails this season. For the perfect manicure, press-in flower nail art will give you a look you want.

8. Floral Cute Nail Designs

Floral Cute Nail Designs

Floral nail art is an excellent option if you're looking for simple nail designs. Floral prints are a great way to show your love for flowers. You can make adorable nail designs with lavender prints. They are perfect for spring! You can choose a pale, light purple base to match your fingertips' lavender pattern. Voila! You have cute nail art! It can be combined with other flower designs such as roses or sunflowers for pretty nails.

9. Innovative Checker Board Nail Art

Innovative Checker Board Nail Art

We have some cute ideas for nail designs if you're tired of the chessboard manicure. This is one of our favorite pink nail designs and is also one of the most popular for the year.

You can give the checkerboard a new look by using a pale pink base and topping it with black and crystal squares. It's so pretty! This nail design will give you beautiful nails no matter how fast you work.

10. Graphic Pastels Cute Nail Design

Graphic Pastels Cute Nail Design

Graphic pastels may be the right choice for you if you're looking for creative nail designs. For this mix of metallic and pastel stripes, acrylic nails are required. This is a cute idea for those who can't choose just one color and want all of them! Graphic pastels nail art is one of the most popular and attractive designs for any season.

11. Two-toned tips

Two-toned tips

This simple, split-color manicure is elegant and fun. Amy Lin, a nail artist and founder of Sundays Studio, says it can make your nails look longer. No acrylics are required.

She says that you can do this easily with a brush, but she also suggests that tape is suitable for beginners. You can also try an angular design to lengthen your nails.

12. Sweet Strawberries

Sweet Strawberries

This manicure by Amber Green is sure to lift your mood. The bright pink polish and strawberry-strewn nails evoke brighter, sunnier days. We recommend Ella+Mila's Brave nail polish, a vibrant pink that will make everyone smile.

13. The Far-From-Typical French

The Far-From-Typical French

A New York City nail artist, Mei Kawajiri, created this edgy black and neon design.

Lin says that the new French manicure is not about creating a perfect half-moon shape but making a line. Lin says, "It's about creating a line that expresses your personality and not getting the perfect shape."

You can use any high-voltage hues that you already have in your collection to create this look.

14. Bowie Lightning Bolts

Bowie Lightning Bolts

These lightning bolts are a tribute to David Bowie's musical heritage. Hannah Missen, the nail art artist behind this design, recommends that you mark each point with four tiny dots and then use a super-thin detail brush to join them. Alpine Snow by OPI is a soft white polish that looks similar.

15. Geometric Half Moons

Geometric Half Moons

This festive red manicure is not only perfect for the holiday season. This half-moon-shaped, cut-out design will get you compliments at any time of the year.

Lin explains why a negative space design such as this works well for short nails. Lin says it can last a long time and is easy to apply. She recommends tape for precise execution.

16. Floral Ombré

Floral Ombré

It's easy to make this lavender manicure with floral accents at home. Simply grab your favorite purple polishes and use a small paintbrush to add little white flowers where you want. This tutorial will show you how to create a stunning ombre effect that makes your nails look longer.

Lin's tip: Make the flowers less than half the length of your nails to create a fun, dainty effect that doesn't overwhelm short nails. She says, "I would also limit floral designs like this to a few nails to make them the main focal point."

17. Beautiful Palm trees

Beautiful Palm trees

Jennifer Petersen created this tropical-themed manicure that will take you to the beaches. She painted the rest in pastel pink and neon green to complement the pink sky and blue skies behind the palm tree accents. It's genuinely tropical!

18. Twinkling Stars

Twinkling Stars

This manicure by Daisy Tann gives your nails a subtle, chic twinkling effect. But don't be fooled by the gem-like sparkles interspersed among the stars. Tann claims that she only used a small amount of silver glitter to create the jewel-like sheen.

19. Lovely lavender

Lovely Lavender

Amber Green, a nail artist, created another serotonin-inducing look. Bridgerton's bucolic, pastoral settings inspired this design. This design is a must-have for fans of the Netflix hit series.

20. Funky Fruits

Funky fruits

This manicure by Noelle Moore combines fruit and flowers with the cool, modern aesthetic of the 1970s. Moore told Allure that the inspiration for this manicure was Marisol Muro's print.

She says that the color scheme is bright but dull, and she mixed brown with every color, including yellow, pink, and blue. To preserve the vibrancy of the original colors, I adjusted the amount of and type of brown that I used with them.

21. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This gorgeous rose quartz manicure is an excellent look for those with short nails. Mazz says that rose quartz-inspired nail art can hide imperfections in your nail plate if your nails are too short.

Mazz used Orly's polish shades Kiss Me I'm Kind and White Tips to create this stunning design.

You should also ensure that your nails are hydrated to grow them. Mazz says to use a cuticle oil with nourishing oils often to keep your nails strong and healthy.

22. Wavy Red

Wavy Red

Jordan Meade, Glamsquad's creative director, says that this look requires little effort and is very stylish. This abstract line design creates a striking effect that looks like art on your nails.

Meade gives the following tips: Apply a thin layer of base coat with a light polish and let it cure for 60 seconds. Use a fine detail brush with a color choice to create random swirl lines of different thicknesses. Remember that art is subjective and not perfect.

23. White Stripe

White Stripe

In this instance, less is more. These neutral nails have a thin white stripe running down the middle. We love their simplicity.

24. Statement Red

Statement Red

A classic red manicure is a must-have for any woman. A simple accent of a star on the ring finger elevates it to another level. This 10-piece Nail Art Brush Set (or any similar set) will help you achieve stars and many other details that you'll find here.

25. Pastel Mismatch

Pastel Mismatch

A pastel manicure is a great choice. Having multiple shades of nail colors is even better. For a professional look, mirror the order of each color on the one hand.

26. Teal and gold

Teal and gold

This chic design combines metallic gold and teal. This look can be recreated with Essie Go Overboard in a shade you like.

27. Graphic Neon

Graphic Neon

This manicure is worth the effort. This simple and chic style is perfect for any color combination.

28. Canary Yellow

Canary yellow

This look by Paintbox pops with the contrast between the blue dots and yellow base. The dots are 3D. However, a contrasting polish can also impact if you don't want to spend extra money on baubles.

29. Silvery-blue Stripes

Silvery-Blue Stripes

Add some metallic blue to your summery white mani. We love China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Can You See Me?

30. Stripes And Sparkles

Stripes And Sparkles

To transform dull nails with your regular neutral polishes, add a thin line of glitter to the middle of your nails. Sparkles and stripes make for a beautiful combination of cute summer nail designs. The glitter also looks great under the sun. There will be a lot more sparkles and bars in 2022.

31. Stripes and Leaves

Stripes and Leaves

This manicure is one of the most popular pink nail designs. Your nails should shout "Beach Ready!" by painting three of your nails in stripes to match your beach towel. You can add a touch of the sea to your beach vacation by painting the two remaining nails with leaf accents.

32. Cute Nail Design with Off-Center Accents

Cute Nail Design Using Off Center Accents

You can create a cute manicure with just a few simple steps. Just add one stroke of complementary or contrasting color to each side of each nail. There are endless combinations of colors that can be created.

33. Yellow Ombre Nail Art

Yellow Ombre Nail Art

It is challenging to sport ombre nails. It's possible to make cute nails by pairing yellow with neutral pinks. The combination of pink and yellow creates ombre nails with a happy, warm feeling. The neutral pink adds simple elegance to the manicure. If you're looking for trendy nail designs, this is for you.

34. Modern Art Manicure

Modern Art Manicure

This nail art is a great way to create innovative pink nails. This nail art is simple and adorable. It makes your nails look great! Mix your primary colors, such as bright yellow and cobalt blue, to create different geometric designs on your nails.

35. Flapping Flamingos

Flapping Flamingos

To create cute and refreshing nail designs, you only need leaves, cacti, and flamingos. This eclectic combination looks great on everything, from t-shirts to nails.

36. Sunset Ombre

Sunset ombre

Ombres make great nail art, and there's nothing more beautiful than tiny sunsets dancing on your fingers. You can enjoy a relaxing time watching your sunset, whether it is dawn or dusk.

37. Sunset at the Beach

Sunset at the Beach

If you don't like the look of a simple sunset, try the soft, ethereal colors of the sun touching the ocean. Your horizon is at your disposal!

38. Pastels Pieces

Pastels Pieces

Pastels are the new black, and everyone seems to love the many colors they offer. For subtlety, you can paint your nails in modern geometric designs. Use muted colors to keep it from being too loud.

39. The Evergreen French Manicure - Classic Nails

The Evergreen French Manicure - Classic Nails

We are so grateful that the French manicure is back this year. You can transform the French manicure with your creative nail designs. Use white and nude to create elegant almond-shaped nails with a high-gloss top.

40. Fading Florals Nail Art

Fading Florals Nail Art

This nail art is perfect for crafts lovers. Mix 2-3 colors with water to create a water-colored effect. Start by painting your nails white. Next, create rough blobs with different colors. After drying, apply a top coat to secure the nail polish. It's that simple!

41. Graphic Red on Pink

Graphic Red On Pink

Hot pink is the summer color. To make your manicure more unique and exciting, you can add a graphic touch of red to your feminine nail art.

42. Cute Nail Design with Bananas

Cute Nail Design With Bananas

Bold pop art is hot this year, and it makes for some cute nail designs. To get the best pop art inspiration, paint bananas on Barbie's pink nails and make Andy Warhol and Curious George proud. Go wild or go home!

43. All Woken Up

All Woken Up

This is one of those adorable nail designs that no one would expect to see, but everyone will love. Although this is a funky design, it's still a great way to showcase fun colors.

44. Tweed Manicure

Tweed Manicure

Tweed nail art, like tweed jackets, is a great way to welcome spring. You can choose a light base color, sky blue or pale pink, and let the tweed show off your incredible fashion sense.

45. Sunny Yellows

Sunny Yellows

Although loud yellow is not the best nail polish for every occasion, it's an excellent choice for those sunny days when you want to rock some quirky nail art. A canary shade might be just what you are looking for this season.

46. Graffiti nail art

Graffiti Nail Art

Simplicity is the best. This manicure is simple and doesn't require a lot of tools. To create graffiti effects, clean your brush off any excess nail paint and then apply stripes randomly to your black nails. That's it!

47. Poppy Field Manicure

Poppy Field Manicure

Green and red nail polishes don't have to be reserved for Christmas. Get them out and create a beautiful poppy look for your nails.

48. Beautiful Nail Art with Fruit Bowl

Cute Nail Design With Fruit Bowl

Fruits are not just for your diet but also your style. To bring the right vibe to the summer, paint each nail with a different color. Your cute nail designs will speak for themselves this season!

49. Ice Cream Manicure

Ice Cream Manicure

This is a great summer nail design idea. Ice cream is a must-have for summer. Pick any of these cute nail designs inspired by ice cream that are delicious as the weather warms up. Ice creams dripping off your nails are the best way to make your nails look luscious.

50. 3D Dotted and Glitter Nails

3D Dotted And Glitter Nails

Use one nail polish to elevate your polka dots manicure. To create eye-catching nail art, add holographic and polished nail glitter to your beige-painted nails.

51. 3D Accents

3D Accents

We all love glitter and confetti when it comes to the holiday season. With three-dimensional accents like crowned jewels or gems, you can add a little sparkle to the holiday season. These look so beautiful and royal that you would feel like a princess.

52. Moody Stripes Cute Nail Design

Moody Stripes Cute Nail Design

It doesn't take much to make something look simple. All you need is a steady hand and some striping tape. By changing the colors throughout the year, you can match your nails with your outfits. The mani is easy to do once you are comfortable with it. You can also swap out the colors depending on the occasion or festivals you attend.

53. Cute Nail Design with Lavender Triangles

Cute Nail Design With Lavender Triangles

You can give your lavender nails a geometric touch with triangles in all colors. This nail design is accessible and adorable. It will make you look like a true diva.

54. Gradient Glitter Nails

Glitter Nails With Gradient

This stunning nail art will grab everyone's attention. Simply paint your nails light blue, and then sprinkle blue glitter over them, creating an ombre effect. You are done!

55. Black Nails - Cute Nail Design

Black Nails - Cute Nail Design

All those who love black would love this nail art. This nail art looks powerful and confident, thanks to matte and gloss. You can unleash your inner artist by playing with any black nail paints you have. Finish it with a matte finish, and you're ready to rock the blackout!

56. Dreamcatching Nails

Dreamcatching Nails

What's better than dreamcatchers? A dreamcatcher on your nails is a great idea! You will need to be creative with the dreamcatcher manicure. It requires precision. Your accent nail should be painted in a light brown.

Your accent nail should be a golden brown. Use a black string to wrap around the lace. Add more string to the bottom. Use pastel nail polishes to decorate your dreamcatcher. Sweet dreams!

57. Checkerboard Nails

Checkerboard Nails

The trend for colorful checkerboards is hot. I can't scroll through Insta without seeing it. It makes sense that it has now been migrated to nails. It's a great way to increase the quirky factor.

58. French Manicure

French Manicure

The French manicure is still popular, but there are many ways to style it. For more inspiration, check out our guide to the best French manicures.

59. Mismatched hands

Mismatched Hands

Try different colors on each hand for a new nail design. You can make it more trendy with moss green and lilac shades. You can try Essie Expressive in Precious Car Go! and Get a Mauve. For a similar vibe, try Essie Expressive.

60. Pastel Swirls

Pastel Swirls

This ombre, metallic, pastel look makes you feel calmer. They're nail wraps so that you can replicate the look at home.

61. Graphic Edge

Graphic Edge

Negative space is the best way to nail art. We love this graphic black-and-gold take on it.

61. Use Sliced Melons to Make a Cute Nail Design

Cute Nail Design Using Sliced Melons

The sliced melons nail design is an attractive option for those looking for cute summer nail designs. These cute nail designs are a great conversation starter and look unique.


Nail art is a creative way to decorate your nails. It is a great way to express your personality and style. There are many different designs and ideas that you can choose from. You can find simple designs that are easy to do at home, or you can find more complex designs that require professional help.