What shoes to wear with a black dress?

by Shopify API on Apr 14, 2020

shoes for black dresses

Black dress is an eternal fashion symbol that is revered and admired for its ability to be chic and versatile. A black dress is what we run to when we are running late or when a sudden plan crops up. It is every woman's go-to dress. It has the power to wrap and suit itself on any occasion. 

You also do not need to walk into different seasons and see yourself buying a new black dress. You may think you will get tired of the black dresses you have, but grab a pair of shoes and voila! It looks stunning all over again. 

While it is true that almost every pair of shoes look striking with a black dress, there is a time and occasion for them to make their entry. And trust me, none of them will cause a disaster. Some shoes look like they and black dresses go hand in hand, and I cannot disagree with that. 

Shoes for Black Dresses

Do you want to know the shoes you can pair with your black dress to make your ensemble look remarkable? 

Read on to find some of the pairs I would always trust to go with my black dresses to make me look stunning - 

 #1 - Sneakers

When opting for a casual look, nothing works better than the good old sneakers. On most days, you will see me out and about in a black dress paired with white sneakers. They make the whole vibe seem carefree and relaxed, and not to mention the joy of comfortably trotting around in sneakers. And you do not have to stick to whites. As we know, black complements all the colors of the rainbow. Be creative and choose a sneaker that suits your mood or occasion.

I love wearing plain whites, but I would not say no to silver and red, either.

platform sneakers

You can check out these platform sneakers HERE.

canvas sneakers

Check out these canvas sneakers with a twist HERE.

white sneakers for black dress

Nothing better than plain white sneakers. Get them HERE.

#2 - Ankle-length Boots

Another pair that I enjoy wearing is ankle-length boots. They add a chic touch to the black dress. It is casual and is the easiest way to make your black dress look fancy. Also, there is no better and glamorous option than this during the Fall. You can choose the rock n' roll vibe with boots that have buckles or with fringes for a Boho vibe. If you have a sudden Brunch plan with your girlfriends, think no more and grab your black dress and a pair of ankle-length boots. You are sure to rock the day. 

Ankle length boots also work great for the office. Black, polished, and with block heels, a pair of it will make your black dress a hit in the office.

ankle booties for black dress

Get this lovely bootie HERE.

ankle boots for black dress

You can buy the ankle boots from HERE.

booties for black dress

Check out the price for this ankle boot perfect for office HERE.

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#3 - Knee-high and Over the Knee Boots

Knee-high and over the knee boots look fantastic with LBDs (Little Black Dresses). They add an element of chicness and charm to your outfit. An LBD paired with an over the knee or higher boots look stunning. While this may not (obviously!) be your choice for the work environment, you can make it work. When you pair this combination with stockings, it can work in the corporate world too. You only need to be subtle about the pairing. 

Knee-high boots look great with a dress that stays slightly above the knee and shorter dresses alike. It is easier to style than over the knee boots and work great for the office.

over the knee boots for black dress

I love this boot. Get it here.

black knee high boots for dress

Check out the price here.

#4 - Classic Black Heels

There is no doubt that heels go well with black dresses. They make you look elegant and classy. Pairing your dress with classic black heels is one way of ensuring that your ensemble never goes wrong. It is the first choice of women for office. Black heels are well-suited for formal events, office, as well as parties. You can even wear it when going out with your friends for brunches and lunches. 

black heels for black dress

Check out my favorite pair here.

heels for black dress

You can get this one from here.

#5 - Gladiators

High Gladiator sandals look uber chic with black dresses. Gladiators shine on magazine covers, but not many people experiment with this look. The gladiators with black dresses help you start a trend. If you are new to these sandals, stick to black ones. If you would love to experiment, you can choose gladiators in different colors. 

gladiator sandals for black dress

Check out this one from here.

gold shoes for black dress

You can check out the price here.

#6 - Pointed Toe Flats and Pumps

If you are looking for more shoe ideas that will rock your formal attire, look no further than pointed toe flats and pumps. There is something very classy about pointed toes. They make you look polished and refined without any effort on your part. While pointed toe flats are comfortable for long hours, pumps add glamour to the look. Classic black ones look great, but you can experiment every once a while with bold colors and prints too. Animal prints are all the rage these days, and they go exceptionally well with black dresses. 

pointed toe flats

The perfect pointed toe flats can be found HERE.

pointed heels for black dresses

Check out this stunning pair of pumps HERE.

#7 - Loafers and Brogues

Another pair that makes your formal black dress an instant success are loafers and brogues. They add a touch of androgynous chicness to your attire and make you look and own the part of a girl boss. Pair your black dresses with loafers and brogues and show the world that you are here to conquer. However, you do not have to limit yourself only to the office when wearing brogues and loafers. They are great for outings and weekends with friends too. 

loafers for black dresses

The perfect loafers for your day out is HERE.

brogues shoes for dresses

Check out the brogues HERE for the perfect look.

#8 - Strapped Heels 

Again, heels take away people's breath with its elegance and classiness. Instead of going for pumps and stilettoes, choose heels that have straps. Laces and straps up the black dress game and kick it up a notch. Straps and laces add a glamorous touch to the heels, and there is no way no one will notice the brilliance. Classic black strapped heels stand out (even though it is black) and will look stunning against your skin. You can also go for heels with colored straps to raise the bar higher (and if you are feeling particularly bold and brave to experiment!).   

black strapped heels for dress

Check out the price for these strapped heels HERE.

silver heels with black dress

Find the perfect pair for yourself HERE.

black straps

You can check out the price HERE.

#9 - Bold colored booties

Do you love experimenting with your looks and love adding bold colors to the black backdrop of the dress? In that case, nothing is better than booties that come in every color of the rainbow. Red, Neon Pink, Green, Blue - choose whatever catches your fancy and makes you feel like a style icon walking the street. I love wearing bold booties when out with friends or for a party. They speak out a lot, in contrast to the simplicity of the black dress. 

red boots with black dresses

The perfect bootie for you is HERE.

pink boots with black dress

Check the price of this colored bootie HERE.

#10 - Statement Heels

When you are wearing black, it is a good idea to make your shoes pop out to give you a star look. If you want to stand out from the rest and make a statement, go for heels that are jazzy and sassy. I love black booties with statement heels that add just the right amount of color to go with the ensemble. For a bit more glamour, you can wear heels with ankle chains. With statement heels, your black dress is going to look fabulous. 

colored heels with black dresses

I love these with colored block heels. Check it out here.

statement heels with black dresses

The perfect statement shoe for the fashionista in you from HERE.

#11 - Yellow/Mustard for the win

Yellow or mustard shoes are my favorite pairs to wear with a black dress. There is something magical about this pairing. The yellow or mustard brings together the look and makes the black stand out. While yellow can be striking and catches the eye in an instant, mustard is a subtler version of it. I love mustard heels the most because it adds a pop of color while not being too bright. You can never go wrong with this combination. 

mustard loafers for black dress

You can check out my favorite pair of mustard shoes here.

yellow pumps for black dress

Check out the price here.

Are you ready to walk the street in style?

With this guide, I hope you were able to find inspiration for your next outfit. These shoes look trendy and fabulous that will make you the star of the day. Try out these shoes and walk the street in style. I have tried to put together a list of all types of shoes that look remarkable with any black dress that you have. These shoes can transform any dress and make it look extraordinary.

Happy pairing these stunning shoes with your black dresses!


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